Farouk CHI Pro GF 1505 1300 Watt Ceramic Anion Infared Low EMF Professional Hair Dryer

List Price: $219.95

Our Price: $64.95

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Product Description

Using the technologies of Ceramic and Ionic this dryer has infrared heating to dry the hair faster with less damage. With a cold shot button, 2 speed settings, low EMF and a quiet motor. One of the better dryers on the market today.

  • Cool shot button
  • Far Infared Heat dries hair from the inside and locks in moisture and dries hair 50% faster than traditional dryers
  • Flash heating heats up in seconds. All ceramic plates are great for heat distribution
  • Long cord is nice for any application + FREE finger diffuser attachment and concentrator nozzle
  • 1 Year Warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Dryer is lightweight and dries hair quickly
    I really like this hairdryer since it is so lightweight and it dries quickly without feeling too hot. I don't notice my hair to be any shinier than my last hairdryer made my hair, like some reviews have claimed. I did get a really good price on amazon, so I feel good about my purchase....more info
  • chi pro
    Drys my hair in minutes.... best hair dryer I have ever owned. I love it!...more info
    I am sold. I have the Chi straightener, and loved it. My Conair blew out and I needed a new one. I realized the new dryer I purchased was very loud and whipped my waist-length hair all over the place. I decided to try the CHI and LOVE it. It is so quiet (honeslty quite, not the "quiet" Hot Heads brand pretends to have). Plus it was such a great price I had to purchase it from Amazon!...more info
  • works well
    I like that it is quiet but it seems to make my hair freezy, which is unfortunate....more info
  • Great product
    I never understood why people would spend more than 15 bucks on a hair dryer...now I have my answer. My hair, which is fairly thick, dries in less than 10 minutes with this dryer. With my old dryer, I had to dry my hair in shifts or it would just get too hot. The Chi Pro solves this problem. My hair is dried in one short session. Highly recommended!...more info
  • works well
    I like that it is quiet but it seems to make my hair freezy, which is unfortunate....more info
  • Love it!
    I was very hesitant to go from my $20 Revlon hairdryer to this more expensive model, but my hair is thanking me for it! What a difference this dryer made to my hair... I no longer have to use my flat iron after blow drying. Well worth the $$. The attachments that come with are great too!...more info
  • Great Product
    I would recommend this product. It is worth the price. It gives me more volume and shine. I love it! ...more info
  • Great Pro Dryer
    I have heavy hair, so I've always purchased pro hairdryers, and am really happy with this one. It's actually a bit lighter than the last unit I owned, and it drys well. I have no trouble getting the defuser on the end and feel that the design, while not as deep as my old defuser, is still good.

    My only comment is for Amazon. Please consider packaging the dryer more carefully when shipping it, and please mark the outside packaging as "Fragile.". Mine arrived packaged within a larger box with no protective cushioning between the boxes. I've read quite a few customer reviews that complain about the unit's short life and voided warranty. All of my past dryers have failed when the internal housing came loose, and receiving a unit that's been banged around during shipping with no protection gives me pause for thought: How long will the unit now last?

    Buyers: this really is a great unit. I can't recall if the shopping cart section allows users to make comments, but if it does, be sure to ask Amazon to pad the internal box thoroughly - top, bottom and sides, and mark the package "Fragile." That will do the trick....more info
  • Exceptional and Saves (a bit) on Electricity Costs
    I was skeptical that this 1300 watt dryer would do the job of typical 1850 watt models but the CHI does an excellent job -- even with the heat setting switched off. Although this is the most expensive hair dryer I've purchased, I'm totally satisfied with the results so far. Excellent build quality and perfect size makes it well worth the money....more info
  • Great Dryer - won't ever go back to the ordinary stuff
    Having never splurged more than $20 on a dryer, buying this one was a big leap of faith. Based on the good reviews, I built up the courage to splurge. 3 months later I can say that it's worth every single penny.
    My hair dries fast, without appearing damaged or feeling fried. Since it's only 1300 watts I was worried it would take longer than my older, higher wattage, ionic dryer. It doesn't; on the contrary it's much faster. My hair turns out softer and shinier than I remember. It even seems to eliminates the frizz-factor - much appreciated! The whole hair-drying experience is a bit more civilized than before. Welcome to the dryer of the 21st century....more info
  • works great
    I like this hair dryer. It seems to dry hair faster than others. Got my daughter the pink special version one a while ago and then my Hot Tools, which I also liked, broke and I decided to buy the Chi...more info
    Love it! It dries my hair fast, and doesn't damage it as much as my past hair dryer! Defiantly worth the money!...more info
  • Love my CHI
    This is a great hairdryer. It is very solid, quiet, dries and styles my hair quickly and easily. I had used my Daughter-in-laws and had to have one. Very thankful to find it at such a great value here. Worth every penny! ...more info
  • Exceptional hairdryer
    I purchased a considerably less expensive hairdryer and my hair knew it. This dryer is the exact reason people say you get what you pay for. My hair looks amazing, smooth, shiny, and healthy. I love this product....more info
  • Works Well
    Works well on my thick hair. Blow dryer cuts down on blow drying time by at least five minutes but not sure if it is worth the price for five minutes....more info
  • Much better than a standard blow dryer
    This blow dryer was well worth the extra money, which was only about $50 more than a standard dryer. It puts out good heat and does everything the product claims. The best feature, in my opinion, is how quiet this dryer is. My wife uses a dryer every morning and the hearing loss this saves her is well worth the extra money. I expect it to last longer as well, but that remains to be seen. I have seen lower cost dryers that "burn up" after a few years so if this lasts longer, it may actually average out to lower cost. I noticed the power is only 1300 watts, which may help to keep it quiet, but it dries hair just as quickly, if not quicker. I tried several other dryers, including the popular Babyliss, but I found this Chi dryer to be the quietest by far. ...more info
  • Worth the money
    I compared several dryers when I shopped, and this one had the best combination of features I wanted - lightweight, quiet, powerful, and with temperature and speed settings.

    I have been using it for over a month now and I love it. It really delivers - it is very light to hold in your hand, extremely quiet, and it dries my hair well. I don't know how to describe the drying...it's very, very hot, and the air flow is really directed. My hair looks great. It comes with a diffuser and a director. I have only used the diffuser to dry my hair wavy, and it's a great diffusor. After I bought it and had been enjoying it for a few weeks, I went to get a haircut and saw that my stylist uses the same dryer. She loves it, too, and she uses hers all day long. Overall, the product is definitely worth the money to me....more info
  • Big hair no more
    The dryer seems to really cut down drying time and really smooths down my coarse hair ...more info
  • Fabulous hair dryer
    I've heard that a good hair dryer makes a big difference but never really believed it. Found the Farouk CHI 1300 on sale and decided to try it. My hair dries faster, is smoother, shinier, and I really can notice the difference over my old Conair and Revlon driers. If you can find it on sale, definitely buy it!...more info
  • Good product, but only lasted a year.
    This was my second Chi dryer to stop working in under a year's time, which is really disapointing considering how much they cost. This dryer worked really well until recently, when it started blowing occasional bursts of cold air. The other day it started shooting sparks (!) and then stopped blowing hot air completely. My mother-in-law bought the same hair dryer 6 months ago, and hers did the same exact thing. Farouk only offers a year warranty, so I suppose I'm out of luck. My next hair dryer will be a T3 dryer, which offers a 4 year warranty....more info
  • Farouk CHI Professional 1300 Watt Ionic Hair Dryer
    The hairdryer is a little on the heavy side but it does work well. I have had as good a result from cheaper dryers and probably would not spend the extra for a similar dryer next time....more info
  • Worth the Investment!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was skeptical about spending this much money on a blow dryer, BUT it is worth every dime. I have very thick, very curly, just below the chin length hair. I literally dried my mop in ONLY 9 minutes! That's unheard of for my hair. I'm usually drying for at least 30 minutes. I use the dryer with the CHI 1 inch flat-iron and my hair looks incredible. Don't hestiate to buy it! ...more info
  • CHI hair drayer
    This hair dryer is the best I have ever used. It gives my fine hair extra voloume....more info
  • arrived quick for Christmas
    My daughter was very happy with this gift, and I was happy that it arrived before Christmas....more info
  • Okay
    I thought this hair dryer would have dried my hair faster but it didn't. It actually takes longer then my other hair dryer I had....more info
  • Soft and Efficient
    This hair product is nothing like I have used before and I am a hair crazy person. It is sioft on the hair yet it dries it most quickly. I purchased this item because it is eady on the hair and I have mid-back length hair as I grow it long and then cut it and donate it to locks of love. Now, the hair will be in better shape for those cancer patients in need of wigs. Try it and think of donating you hair too...more info
  • Worth the money
    I purchased this dryer a month ago and was struggling with the idea of spending this much money on a hair dryer. With the low wattage I was also worried it would take longer to dry my hair. My hair dries faster with this dryer than my previous 1875 watt dryer and is worth the money. I'm even considering buying a 2nd one for my teenage daughters. My only complaint is minor. Due to the structure/location of the high/off/low switch, my hand sometimes triggers the switch when I'm drying my hair. However, overall this dryer is comfortable in my hand....more info
  • Not for fine hair
    I really like this dryer,..it's quiet, fit's in my hand comfortably, w/good switch locations. It's a great quality dryer,.HOWEVER, if you have baby fine hair, forget it! I read somewhere that ionic dryers are not good for fine hair because it makes the hair more limp. So true. I wish I would have remembered that. Everyone wants shiny, sleek hair, & that's ok if yours isn't stick straight and baby fine. It seems 99.9% of dryers now are ionic. So I am on here today to buy a normal, non-ionic dryer. Like the one I had. So if you have a lot of hair,.this is a sensational dryer....more info
  • Quick dry
    I was dubious about paying this much for a hair dryer, but it is worth it. My hair--short but very thick--dries in about a minute and has a great shine.

    ...more info
  • terrific hairdryer
    This is a super fast drying hairdryer; I enjoy very much. A bit expensive....more info
  • Worked great for 15 months!
    I was very happy with this purchase. I got it on a gold box deal and paid only $79.99. Even that, I considered expensive, but I thought I'd splurge and see what all the CHI fuss was about. It worked quickly, was light and my hair looked great. Unfortuntely, when I got out of the shower this morning and plugged it in, it was dead. I bought it in late April 2007 and this is mid July 2008, so I got 15 months of daily use out of it, but I will have to think long and hard about buying another hair dryer with only a 1 year warranty. I am very disappointed. I rationalized the cost by thinking I would use it for 5+ years....more info
  • Greatest Blow Dryer
    I am an avid user of Chi products. This blowdryer did not change my attitude at all. On the contrary, it is so quiet and dries very fast. I would and do suggest this product to anyone I talk to. And btw, this is a really good price for the dryer because I am a hairdresser and connot find it for a lower price anywhere. LOVE IT!...more info
  • Best hairdryer ever
    Fastest drying hair dryer I have ever had. I bought another one for my son's girlfriend. ...more info
  • Chi Dryer Smooths and Softens Hair
    My stylist uses this Chi dryer at the salon, and I always attributed my end results there to her skill, and not the hair dryer. However, she encouraged me to try a Chi dryer, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The Chi dryer smooths out split ends and damage and gives the hair a softer appearance. Amazon's price with free shipping can't be beat!...more info
  • Great product
    Great product. Dries fast and is very quiet. Nothing bad to say about this product....more info
  • good hair days
    I have coarse, thick hair, it gets frizzy easily and coloring for the past 15 years doesn't help. I have noticed since using the Chi dryer, my hair doesn't frizz easily ( I live in the Florida, the humidity is a nightmare for my hair) and my hair is a lot smoother. Since it is only 1300 watt, the dryer is not too noisy and my hair doesn't seem as damaged as it used to be. Even though it is a 1300 watt dryer, it does dry your hair quickly and makes it shiney. ...more info
  • No more bad hair days!
    I have only used cheap $20 hairdryers. I have been having so many bad hair days. I thought it must be my hair [getting older], or maybe it's the cut, or maybe the product I put on my thick curly hair. I would dry my hair & then have to wet down the ends so they weren't frizzy. Crazy!
    I read the reviews of this hairdryer & decided to spend the money. Wow, I Am Happy! LOVE IT. My hair is softer & fuller not fried & frizzy. It is quiet & dries my long hair amazingly fast. It's the best!
    I recommend this to everyone. You will not be sorry....more info
  • What a difference!
    I love this hair dryer. I have fine, loose curly hair that is prone to frizz - easily created with my old coiled wire style of hair dryer. This hair dryer does not create as much frizz. I was a little concerned about the lack of heat control but have not found this a problem. The only con I have found so far is that the diffuser gets too hot to remove immediately after use - but this is not a big deal for me....more info
  • Expensive but is it that different? I don't think so?
    I ordered this thinking that possibly it had a bigger motor (like the ones in the Salons that I go to). With the larger motors my hair dries quicker. I like this dryer but the only real difference I can actually tell is that it is quiter than most hair dryers I have used. Hopefully, this dryer will last a long while so that financially I'll feel better about the purchase . . . time will tell....more info
  • Farouk CHI Pro GF 1505 1300 Watt Ceramic Anion Infared Low EMF Professional Hair Dryer
    It's very quiet and light.*****
    It emitted odor.*
    It didn't make my hair look shiner.***

    ...more info
  • Silent
    It dries hair well but not faster as the manufacturer claims it does. This drier is very quiet so noise wise it's pleasant to use. Amazon does not honor the manufacturer's warranty which is void if the drier is purchased at any place that is not a salon. So far so good, only l0 days using it. Consumer Reports gives it a good rating. However, they do not justify the suggested retail price of 135.00 for what it does. I got it for 40.00 through Amazon.com because I took advantage of the credit card offer: 30.00 off my first purchase. I only did it because it ended up being a good deal for me. Bottom line: if one wants healthy looking hair a hair dryer is not going to do it. The best thing to do is avoid using it as much as possible. It just doesn't make any sense to use a hair drier and expect its outcome to be healthy looking hair. To me that is just an oxymoron. Marketing can say anything to sell stuff....more info
  • Quietest drier I've ever used
    We've had a lot of hair driers over the years. Most of them work OK, but are noisy. The Chi Pro was recommended to us by our hairdresser. We bought one several years ago. It's amazingly quiet and does an excellent job of drying hair. After three years, it's still running fine, although it has gotten a little noisier. But it's still better than the $19.95 ones you get at department stores. I'm ordering another one to use after the current one dies....more info
  • No more friz!
    I thought $80 was a lot to spend on a dryer, but after reading other reviews I thought maybe it would be worth it. And it is! The dryer is lightweight and super quiet. I didn't have any problems with the attachments either. The best part is that my hair doesn't look like I dried it with a flame-thrower. It's shiny and soft with no friz and my hair is rather wavy and thick, plus is regularly colored. I'd definitely suggest you buy this!...more info
  • Great -- quiet, and quick
    Great hair dryer. Works in much less time than my older noisier models...more info
  • Best. Dryer. EVER.
    I read all the reviews before purchasing this dryer. I kept my expectations in check, not wanting to be disappointed when it performed like every other hair dryer I've ever had. Then when it arrived, I saw that I couldn't control the speed and the heat separately, which is my preference and is usually a big deciding factor in my choice of dryer. That made me even more skeptical that I would be satisfied with it. I decided to give it one try before I sent it back. Boy, was I ever in for a surprise.

    I have very long, thick, wavy/curly hair that I dry straight most of the year (not summer, too hot). My husband says that I go through more hair dryers than any other person on earth. It could be true - I could be too hard on them or I just have bad hair dryer mojo, either way they usually last me about a year before something breaks or it burns out. So the fact that people said this one only lasts a year didn't phase me all that much, it would be business as ususal.

    If this lasts a year, it will be worth every cent. In fact, I'm considering buying another one at this price to have on-hand for that inevitable day.

    It normally takes me 10-15 minutes to dry my hair straight and this dryer did it in half the time. My hair was smooth, shiny, soft to the touch and had a great moveable quality to it. I used the same shampoo and straightening lotion I always do, so that wasn't it. AND, I didn't have to use any spray or finishing creme, which is incredibly unusual for me. It stayed that way all day, even through drizzle.

    I LOVE my hair and it's been ages since I could say that, and I never thought it would be a hair dryer that made me say it.

    As far as the expense, I've easily wasted $70 on hair products that didn't work in an attempt to get my hair to exhibit the characteristics it had today after one use of this dryer.

    Bonus - it's very, very quiet compared to any other dryer I've used. That's not a deal-breaker for me, but it's sure nice to have.

    Best. Dryer. EVER. Buy it today (but wait until I buy my reserve unit - I don't want Amazon to run out!)....more info
    I'm a professional hair stylist and use a CHI dryer, flat iron, and curl iron in the salon every day. My fellow stylist and myself have found that the QUALITY of the CHI products is not at all what we have come to expect form professional tools. There are MORE REALIABLE choices out there! Save your receipt and original packaging, if yours brakes you'll need it to get warranty service....more info
  • CHI Pro GF 1505
    This item was a long awaited purchase and I'm very happy with the product. It arrived on time and works like a dream. It doesn't get too hot and isn't loud. I would definitely recommend this product. ...more info
  • hair dryer
    After purchasing numerous dryers and returning them for various reasons, my hairdresser recommended this one as she bought one. I love it. It is low on noise. Others I tried were so loud they hurt my ears while I was drying my hair. It does not blow too hard, blowing your hair all over the place. It seems to dry it faster and reduces the frizziness. The heat is hot enough but not so hot it burns your face or scalp. Lastly, it is not too heavy. I bought one for my daugher also, and she really likes it. Hopefully it will last a long time....more info
  • Best Dryer Ever
    This blow dryer is the best I've ever had or tried. It dries my hair quickly and with a smooth finish. Highly recommended...more info
  • Best hair dryer ever!!
    Worth every penny! I've only ever used hair dryers that cost between $20 and $30 and there is NO comparison to the CHI. This is the BEST one I've ever used. It's quiet and dries hair really fast! My hair feels so much healthier and shinier when I'm done drying it, not frizzy and fly away like it normally does with the cheap dryers. I bought the CHI flat iron first and LOVED it. That's what prompted me to try the hair dryer and I'm so glad I did. I will never use those cheap hair dryers again! ...more info
  • Quick, Quiet, Great investment.
    I am very pleased with this hairdryer. My hair is long and I was thinking about cutting it until I got this hairdryer, it makes my hair feel softer and look healthier and the best thing is how much faster it drys my hair. With my old dryer I never finished drying my hair, it just took too long.
    My daughter has thick shoulder length hair, this hairdryer makes her hair much easier to manage. I highly recommend this hair dryer....more info


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