Newair AD-40A Dehumidifier- Quiet and Compact - FREE GROUND SHIPPING

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Our Price: $169.95

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Product Description

Don?t let the humidity dampen your spirits! The NewAir AD-40A Dehumidifier removes excess atmospheric moisture from any room, creating a comfortable environment and protecting your furniture and electronic devices from water damage. Not only will your air be free of damp, muggy air, but it will be cleaner and healthier as well. Humidity can contribute to the growth of mold spores and other contaminants, but this versatile unit comes prepared to fight airborne impurities! As it works, it filters your air, removing particles including mold, dust, and allergens. The NewAir AD-40A is our choice for best value in a dehumidifier. The lightest, most compact dehumidifier available, the AD-40A is easy to move and store, and its compact size allows versatile placement in any room. Keep your home or office environment comfortable and your furnishings safe with this energy-efficient space-saving unit.

  • Filters the air to provide a clean, dry atmosphere
  • Maintains a comfortable humidity level
  • Protects household furnishings (fabric, wood, etc.) from moisture-related damage
  • Automatic on/off intelligent control
  • Power: 115V/60Hz
  • Capacity: 40 Pints/Day (86F /80%)
  • Working temperature range: 41F-95F
  • Power Consumption: 340 W
  • Water Tank Capacity: 5.0 L (Automatic shut off about 4.5L)
  • Room Temperature: 5C-35
  • Net Weight: 28.7 lb.
  • Gross Weight: 33.1 lb.
  • Features:
    • Free Ground Shipping in the Continental United States
    • Adjustable comfort levels
    • Automatic dehumidification and defrosting
    • Dimensions: 22? x 15? x 11?
    • Lightweight, quiet, and compact!
    Customer Reviews:
    • no good
      do not buy rate o no good no good...more info
    • Average
      Doesn't perform as well as advertised - average dehumidifier with no extras - better deals are available at the local hardware store....more info
    • Defective unit
      I received this dehumidifier from Air & Water. They shipped it with only a piece of styrofoam at the top and bottom and no protective packing on the sides of the unit. The box was crushed on one side. Sure enough, it was probably damaged since I couldn't get it to work. I've been trying for almost a month to get them to give me a "return authorization number". They don't answer emails, and if you phone them, all you get is voice mail without ever having an opportunity to speak to anyone. I've had to open a dispute with American Express with the hopes of resolving this. ...more info
    • Awesome Dehumidifier
      I bought the unit to control the humidity problems we were having in our home. The musty smell in the room is gone now. All we need to do is empty the water that collects every once in while. ...more info