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Editorial Review For the baby who has everything... The Floppy Seat at first glance might seem like baby gear marketing gone wild. But once the savvy (and health-conscious) parent takes a look at the seats purpose, it begins to make perfect sense. Its a bright, cushy seat cover that fits over shopping cart seating areas and public highchairs. Not only is this a comfortable spot for baby to hang out while Mom or Dad is shopping or dining, the 360-degree fabric coverage also protects that orally fixated tot from the millions of germs on handles, sides, and backs of seats. The elastic perimeter expands to snugly fit any cart or seatand can even be installed with one hand. The Floppy Seat has its own safety belt that can be attached to the shopping cart to keep baby safe. When not in use, the seat folds into a built-in bag with convenient handles. Theres even a toy and bottle pocket! The whole shebang is machine washable, of course. --Emilie Coulter

Customer Reviews:

  • Floppy Seat comfy, easy to use, durable
    We used the Floppy Seat for a couple of years when our daughter was young. It was extremely easy to use. No, I didn't usually install it with one hand while holding my daughter (although I did a few times - it's not that hard); I normally parked near a cart, put the cover on & ran the belt through, THEN took my daughter out of her car seat & placed her in the shopping cart. (Why carry your baby & heavy diaper bag through the parking lot if you don't need to! :-) )

    It was a bit stiff to get into the stuff sack at first, but after one or two washings, it was a cinch to put it in the stuff sack when we were finished using it.

    It fit all the shopping carts we used, including the oversized ones at Costco. It's held up well to repeated washings - a bit faded, but still looking fairly bright.

    There was hardly a time that we went shopping that someone didn't come over & say "Oh! I wish we'd had one of those when my children were small". Overall, we were very pleased with this product....more info
  • I love the Floppy!
    The floppy seat is great! I can hold my baby in one arm and put the floppy on with the other. It is fairly easy to use. I like that it has its own seatbelt strap so I don't have to use the cart's. The floppy seat ensures that if the baby falls over she doesn't bump anything on the metal seat! It is very plush, much more than a lot of other brands....more info
  • Wouldn't be without it!
    My daughter raised two babies with one of these - they called it their "shopping buddy" and it was just wonderful. We've since purchased two as new baby gifts! Wonderful idea!...more info
  • Hard to use....
    I found this product extremely difficult to use. The elastic makes it difficult to place in the cart. I could not do it with one hand. Good idea, poor design....more info
  • Floppy is right! a flopping, fumbling mess!
    One reviewer, though she raves about it, admits its flaw: it cant be put back into its carrying form. Indeed, it's a floppy, illconceived mess. It basically works but there is a much better option out there: the BuggyBag.

    This "floppy" is not an easy one hand install, it doesnt TOTALLY protect the child as A) one belt feeds through to hold baby and cart allowing unnecessary contact (not ALL covers do that as one reviewer proposes) and B)because it doesnt install in one clean drop and doesnt fold into the carrying shape neatly you and baby are in contact with both floppy sides of this floppy mess as you try to flop it in and out of the cart and your car.

    After trying the Floppy mess and a MISERABLE seat called the Shop'n'Dine, I've found the BuggyBag to be the perfect solution: Truly a neat one hand install; easy zip back into its carrying shape; 2 belts (one for baby, one for cart) neat and simply storage options. (Read my AMApedia article)

    Dont take my word for it, go to a big Baby store and try out both. Just standing there you'll see that there's no comparison. I'm... shocked that there are people who liked the Floppy, but SURE they never tried the BuggyBag.

    ...more info
  • Great Invention
    Great concept - Sent it to my sister in South Africa - she loves the idea...more info
  • Great product, but do your homework!
    I bought a red Floppy Seat for my son four years ago and got LOTS of use out of it. Hands down one of the best baby items I've purchased. Sure it fits over the shopping cart so the germs stay away from your precious cargo, it's versatile so it can be used for the various sizes of carts and types of highchairs, and it's soft so your baby will be comfortable. These are facts. I used mine almost every day. It was great when we were first using a highchair when we needed the extra 'fluff' to help him stay upright. In the grocery store we never had to worry about the hard plastic or metal bars being uncomfortable, or even too hot when we'd get a cart that had been out in the sun. People would stop me in the stores and ask where I got it. I'd tell them then go on and on as to why it is so great and how easy it is to use and store.

    I gave away (though at the time I think I was using the term 'let someone borrow') my old Floppy a couple of years ago. I now have a six month-old and it's time for her to start using a Floppy. I got this one and with pure delight I whipped it out of the bag, so excited to use it. Only this time something was different. It looked like the same thing, but there was a major difference. There was no easy storage! I had not done my homework!

    See, my first Floppy had this neat pocket in it that is actually a bag that the whole rest of the Floppy can get stuffed into. There was no thinking involved, just stuff it and it all stays inside. I had no problem holding my kid with one arm and using that hand to steady the bag as I stuffed away the rest. No part of the fabric that touches your kid is exposed to whatever else happens to be rolling around in the back of your car. Brilliant! If I were reviewing that one I'd be giving it five stars!

    Now I know (and will let you know) that there are four different styles (and 11 patterns) of Floppy Seats, all called a Floppy Seat. There's a Floppy Seat that you roll-up and a Floppy Seat that you fold-up and velcro it together so it can be carried over your shoulder. The roll-up one has a separate bag that it's supposed to fit in. Now I'm not that coordinated as it is, so those options aren't going to work for me.

    Then there's this one, the one being sold on Amazon. There's no storage option, just the plastic bag that it comes in. Now there is an additional item inside, which I'm still trying to figure out, which is a small pillow with a velcro that can somehow be latched on to the loops meant for you to hook toys to so your kid will be entertained with familiar toys... My question is why would someone want there to be no storage option? Sure, there may be people out there who wouldn't store it no matter what, but who wouldn't want the option available to them?

    The Floppy seat really is a good product, I'd say much better than the others out there, if not for just the price, versatility and comfort, but please, look at all the options of styles before selecting the one that's right for you. Do your homework. Figure out which is best for you. The company's website does not have all the differences listed so pay attention to the product descriptions to make sure you get the one you want. I'll be getting that same one for my daughter as soon as I return this one. ...more info


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