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MODEL- XJ-1000 VENDOR- SURROUND AIR FEATURES- Virtually Silent Filter-less Ionic Air Purifier The Surround Air XJ-1000 ionic air purifier can remove just about any type of airborne particle or pollutant including allergens

 Customer Reviews:

  • Great to do business with
    I had a problem with this machine, and Allego Medical resolved the issue in a matter of days. They are great to do business with....more info
  • Good
    Product arrived well on time & has been working without any problem. It is a good product...more info
  • Quiet purifier
    This ionizer is super quiet with a little high pitch to it for such a small unit. Works great in the bathroom, however, does give off a little odor in a small room....more info
  • negative ionizer
    So far liked it a lot. Got three. One by wood stove. Helps a lot....more info
  • A Great and Cheap Air Purifier
    I have used several air purifiers in the past and this is one of the very few best air purifiers that really work. It is very small and very light, but powerful. I can smell the refreshing negative ions when I walked into my room. It is almost without noise even on high. I could only hear its fan humming quietly when held the unit next to my ear. I have Rabbit Air for my downstair and one of this for each of our upstair rooms. The downstair one works great but will require purchasing and changing of filter. This one doesn't. I just brough this unit and I hope it will last for a long time, becaus it is so cheap and works so well and I doubt if I could find another one works at least as well at such price....more info
  • I Love This It Works
    This small unit really works well in my bedroom . I find this one easy to clean I just use alcohol and qtips and thats it. I have a dog with severe allergies and this works well. I use this with an air purifier and it is amazing the difference. the only thing is: if you burn a scented candle you will not smell it, that proves that it works, no odors and clean air!...more info