The Amazing AirFlow Breeze Home Heating and Cooling System (Almond) (Fits 4"W x 10"L opening)

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Product Description

Give Your Heating and Cooling System a Boost! The Amazing AirFlow Breeze works with your existing central heating and cooling system, drawing additional air to the problem areas in your home. Once you set your target comfort level, the built-in temperature sensor takes over! It will direct the powerful, yet quiet fan to pull extra warm or cool air out of weak registers, increasing air flow, and delivering the comfort you demand. By improving the air flow from your existing central heating and cooling system, the AirFlow Breeze provides an affordable alternative to window air conditioners, space heaters, costly attic fans and complex zoning systems. That's right! Increase your comfort, and save money too! To get technical for a moment, your furnace and air conditioner bring comfort to your home by moving air through ducts to each room in your house. When the fan from the main system cycles off there is still conditioned air lingering in ducts and crawl spaces. The AirFlow Breeze pulls this conditioned air to your rooms, keeping them more comfortable longer, so your furnace or air conditioner will run less often, lowering your utility bills! It's easy to install, with no tools necessary, fitting into most standard vent openings. Best of all, it's safe for children and pets due to low voltage operation. And don't worry, the stylish AirFlow Breeze blends into any room d®¶cor. Available in Almond or Brown. Fits into most standard 4 x 10 vent openings. Please see the"

  • Color: Almond
  • Size: Fits 4"W x 10"L opening
  • Easy to install - no tools necessary
  • Fits into most standard 4 x 10 vent openings
  • Safe for children and pets due to low voltage operation
Customer Reviews:
  • COOL baby!! BEST purchase I've made all year!
    Ok, so I live in a typical small, 3BR, midwest split level home built in the 70's. Probably everyone who's ever lived in one of these (LOTS of you)will probably agree that the upstairs is ALWAYS hotter in summer and cooler in winter - especially the smallest BR - am I right?

    In the past 4 years, we've spent TONS of $ installing a new furnace, a new air conditioner and a whole house fan in the attic, trying to improve the circulation.

    While all of these helped (& of course have lowered my energy costs), NOT ONE made such a marked drastic improvement in the room temp as this little gem.

    I love it, my baby who sleeps in that room loves it - it works great and I think the peeps who disagree might have unrealistic expectations of it.

    I do have one concern about the safety of it - the fan is recessed down into the vent, but I still think my son could reach his fingers down to it - he's shown an interest. Babies are very curious and not too smart. When he's playing on the floor in his room, I always make sure its turned off....more info
  • Excellent Improvement
    I installed these in my up stairs rooms that were poorly heated/ac and it made a big difference. It also helps to close off or reduce air volume on other vents where you have rooms you don't use as much....more info
  • It doesn't produce the boost
    First it took longer to receive the item than expected from the seller. Then it does not produce the boost which the product description promised. ...more info
  • Not what I thought
    Although this product works, it takes a lot of "fiddling with" to reach the right temperature to kick it on. A lot of trouble for such little results....more info
  • Totally Useless
    Small ineffective fans. After installation, there was less cold air flowing from the a/c duct than before. The only reason I awarded it 1 star, was because Amazon doesn't give you a ZERO star option....more info
  • It can't hurt
    I believe this is helping with the airflow. But it doesn't make a huge change in the temperature in our room....more info