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Vogue (2-year)

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Vogue is the fashion authority. Setting the standard for over 100 years has made Vogue the best selling fashion magazine in the world. Each issue delivers the latest in beauty, style, health, fitness and celebrities and your subscription will include the must-have Spring and Fall Fashion editions. Before it's in fashion, it's in Vogue!

Customer Reviews:

  • Love the magazine, hate the delivery through amazon!
    The magazine is Vogue, you know what you're getting into there and you either love it or hate it. Personally I love it!

    My issue is that when I ordered it through Amazon, it took FOREVER to get my first copy! I got the last month's issue...the current month's issue came in the middle of the month! I still havent received THIS month's issue, which is very annoying. I could've just continued buying my Vogue off the newsstand and gotten it earlier! They really need to fix their delivery times, as its extremely frustrating.
    ...more info
  • All about the fashion in ads
    People are always complaining about the ads. Well guess what, vogue is not a magazine to READ. It's a magazine to LOOK at. And that is my reason for being such a loyal subscriber.

    I love fashion, and I love looking at the ads, judging outfits and models, comparing and contrastiong. I am an aspiring fashion designer (among many other talents) and Vogue is my key source to what goes into my portfolio. So Many ads with high fashion, cut out what you like, arrange, and paste it to show your creativity.

    It's all about the clothing. Though it sure is a bit degrading. Media image portrayal on women is depicting; models typically being emanciated and tall symbolize beauty and everything else. Being all fashion, Vogue surrounds this world of the impossible "ideal", from a cover with the ghastly yoga super model Chrity turlington (who was featured bent in all abnormal ways wearing a skimpy yoga thong thing. *intense therepy*) to ads with the new "it models". So be carefull not to get sucked into the "ideal" vogue and fashion promotes.

    In conclusion. if you just want literature, invest your money in the new yorker....more info

  • Best diet ever...
    Keep a copy of Vogue in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. One critique though, the pages retain puke and gastric juices and begin to smell a little funny after a while. You would think that the sample of Aqua di Gio would cover it up, but no....more info
  • Ripped covergirl
    Good magazine, but my complaint is that when I received it, part of the cover was ripped and crinkled. They should put some kind of protective cover like other magazines when they mail it....more info
  • Read it for the interviews
    The clothes are fun to look at too - even though most of us can't even dream about buying stuff by Prada or Carolina Herrera. Maybe that's WHY Vogue is so much fun. This mag evades the snob category by covering very serious subjects in its articles and interviews, and they do slip in affordable fashions for the average woman. Fun, so it rates a five for me...more info
  • Customer Service does nothing for the customer yet again!
    I was a 10+ year Vogue subscriber but this past Fall my subscription lapsed. I did call to have it re-instated but never received another issue. Upon calling customer service, I was advised that a payment was needed prior to a subscription being sent out. I reminded her that I had been a customer for 10 years and that there might be "trust issues" Vogue was having these days. What has happened to Customer Service departments lately? They did not service nor assist me in any way!InStyle [1-year subscription]...more info
  • Mass with Class
    How can you not love Vogue? In this day in age of reality tv, do it your self magazines, and everything banal that Americans love so much, it's really quite wonderful to have a fantasy. Who wants to read about themselves? Certainly not me. I love Vogue's photography and I really like the fact that they often publish photos that push the envelope, then someone will write a letter to the editor in a fury, and Vogue will publish the photo again - little tiny this time - right by their little letter. But c'mon now- what other fashion magazine can you read that also talks art, politics, and food? Yes, even people who can keep their food down like this magazine. Jeffery Steingarten is informative and entertaining, Irving Penn is a genius, the art direction is chic and smart, and the editors do a great job keeping an instituion alive and modern....more info
  • #1 for fashion
    Not for the interviews. Vogue is about fashion. I read it to stay up with what's what....more info
  • If you're a fashion enthusiast...
    ...then you will love Vogue! Vogue is THE fashion magazine -- the competition pales in comparison. This gem does not only supply beauty and fashion advice, it breathes it. I love the articles on the latest fashions, love the profiles on the latest designers and I absolutely love the layouts taken from runway shows in London, Paris, Milan, New York, etc. I shall continue to renew my subscription as long as Vogue continues to maintain my healthy diet of Valentino and Prada....more info
  • Great magazine that can shape your life, or give you the apperciate for fashion
    When I was a little girl I always tried to steal my friend mother's "Cosmopolitan". I didn't really understand what Cosmo really was, but at the time I truly believed that was what every women read. My mother found me reading it with my friend and almost lost her mind, when I came back from school a vogue was waiting for me in the mailbox. I thought it was my mother's but she told me if I was going to idolize a women's magazine and wouldn't stick to my Highlights or American Girl, I would idolize something sensible. I was just a little girl glancing at the glossy pages of high end clothing from Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, loving each beautiful model, amazed by the greatest photos ever taken for a fashion magazine (Annie Leibovitz has become the most used and artistically drawn photographer used by Vogue), and the best articles that can be used for brainless reading material or important advice.

    Six years later I'm still reading Vogue (and can use the advice more productively than I could have when I was twelve.) I sort of matured faster than other girls, while they were talking about who were they taking for the dance, I was discussing why the price of silk and taffeta were lowering due to China's economy expansion and about Tom Ford designing for the retired Yves Saint Laurent....well not exactly but you get my point.

    One down side is I've gotten addicted to the evils the Vogue brings. From it's amazing ads, I've come to love the more expensive things in life, like designer handbags and beautiful coats. I've even gone on more diets I can count (but this comes from Anna Wintour, who even told Oprah "I would love to be on our cover--but you have to loose 30", the woman is persistant about thinness in her magazine.) However, I truly feel that I have become the woman I am today instead of boxer wearing tomboy with no manners at all, because of Vogue.

    The reason I gave only four stars is because I'm truly starting to apperciate W Magazine. It has the need to know gossip, the longer pages, and more of a down to earth approach for those who really don't associate, or can stand, the socialite world. ...more info
  • A Highly Sought After Collectible
    If it is in Vogue, it IS in fashion! This magazine, which has existed since 1892, is one of the premier magazines for women. It is an American magazine, but also has Australian, Brazilian, British, French, German, Italian, and Spanish Editions. It covers fashion, beauty, health, fitness, celebrities, movies, art, and other topics of interest to women. Vogue is mainly directed at the Jet-Set, but anyone will find its pages both entertaining, and informative. I have a subscription to it, and I collect it on the basis of its collectibility. Mine arrive in clear plastic bags, which are never opened (unless of course one of my favorite celebritie's is on the cover). I wish all magazine publishers used the clear bag method of shipping, because an subscription label directly on the cover of a magazine is frowned upon by most collectors. So unless you buy it right off the shelf, or it is bagged, most collectors will not be interested in it. Getting back to Vogue, if you want to keep up with what is IN in fashion, this is the magazine to have. You know those $1,000 dresses you've heard about? You'll find many of them modeled in here! Fashions photographed by some of the world's most renowned photographers, are featured in the magazine. If you're someone who enjoys reading about the Elite in women's topics, you'll want to subscribe to VOGUE....more info
  • Hum....
    I've got only 2 vogue magazines sine last 2 monthes... December and Januarly issues... Both of them I've got at the end of Januarly. I wonder
    when can I get February issue.... at the end of March? Its cheap... Hum......more info
  • Great Savings!
    I would not have thought originally about Amazon providing such a great savings on such a popular magazine. I purchased this for my daughter for Christmas and with all of the sales I tried to catch for clothing and other things, this was an added bonus of savings by ordering through Amazon. Vogue is a great magazine for the latest fashion!...more info
  • Vogue Paris -- Paris free
    If you're into fashion, but prefer getting it without a daily dose of whats happening in the lives of nyc socialities, then opt for Vogue Paris. Its in french of course, but who 'reads' vogue. Its also much pricer ($15), but if i wanted to see what Paris Hilton was doing, I'd buy YM. Shockingly enough, Vogue Paris is actually about fashion, not about what fashionable celebrities are wearing....more info
  • THE magazine to read!
    Vogue has been the top fashion magazine for decades. If you want to know upcoming fashion designs from the world's greatest designers, you will want to read Vogue. Always a thick, lushly photographed production, you always get more than your money's worth subscribing to Vogue....more info
  • THE BEST!!!!!!
    If your a woman and you love designer fashion this magizine is for you. I love the photolayouts of the clothing and the smell of the mag(sounds wierd). Good magizine for you fashionestas...more info
  • Boring!
    Yes, I'm a fashionista & this is supposedly the bible of the fashion industry! However, I find this magazine to be really dull. It has too many pages, too many advertisements & they show nothing but the most expensive designer clothes worn by the usual anorexic stick figure models who really need to eat! The articles are also very boring. They write about alot of really rich sociallites & high-society lifestyles. There's really nothing in this magazine I can use that relates to me. You'd have to be Paris Hilton to be entertained by this publication. If I want a great fashion magazine, I get ELLE because at least the clothing they show is a liitle more affordable & they have some great articles!...more info
  • Jejune.
    Does anybody really read this? Or, do file clerks just carry it around on the subway to impress each other?

    It takes Vogue 500 pages to say nothing about people and things of no significance in the real world. Innocent trees are being slaughtered to provide endless advertisements.

    It's the narcissist's bible.

    I like to imagine that the editorial staff really sits around laughing every month about the worthless stuff they churn out -- just waiting for people to realize that this is a hoax. I pray that Vogue is the publishing industry's War Of The Worlds!

    But then, I've always been an optomist....more info
  • Sent old issues!
    I received the May issue on June 16 - they should be mailing the July issue! That means that I have lost the value of two issues since they are starting with out of date issues. Save you money!...more info
  • It's Great If...
    Vogue is one of those magazines that I'm sure I'll subscribe to for the rest of my life whether or not I'm disgusted by it. Vogue is so much more than a magazine; it's an ideal. But I digress.

    Vogue has huge high points. It's fashion spreads are gorgeous. The clothers, however, are sometimes odd or ugly, and most of the time expensive. The food column is amazing, and the movie and book reviews are informative and fun.

    But it sometimes reeks of bad taste, whether talking about $2,000 lingerie or whether 11 year olds should carry Chanel purses. It gives off a whole 'richer-than-thou' vibe which is vile. I always feel guilty after reading the latest issue.

    It all comes down to this: if you're into fashion and expensive things in general, it's impossible to dislike Vogue. But if you're the crusading type, it's impossible not to find it excessive and crass....more info
  • My wife seems to like it
    I bought it for my wife and she seems to like it though I am not sure whether or not she reads through all the texts may be she just focus on the pictures to get a idea of current fashion trend to give her some guidance in shopping....more info
  • Too thick like Huge Catalog or phone book
    This magazine is full of the company's advertisement. The magazine is too thick and like phone book. unless reader is interested to go thru all the company's catalog, this is perfect for them. The only reason i am subscribe this magazine is their free gift. After all, their free gift is not so good after all, and one time they did not send my free gift. I can't wait to end my subscription. I subscribe this magazine for 2 times, and every time was hoping to read something more "educational". But, I am disappointed. ...more info
  • Pleased with Vogue Subscription
    My granddaughter was very pleased with her Christmas gift subscription to Vogue Magazine that I gave her. She has already received her first issue of Vogue. We are both very happy with the service of the Vogue Subscription department. They processed our gift subscription quickly and accurately.

    Thank you....more info
  • Very Good Fashion Magazone
    High fashion has become an art form, and Vogue is excellent in its presentation of the latest in women's clothes. What disappoints me is that like every women's magazine now, Vogue has mostly gone to having actresses and other entertainers on its covers. For that reason alone, I cannot give it 5 stars.

    I wish these publications would be honest about what kinds of deals are cut to get the people they have on their covers. ...more info
  • Good for examples of haute-couture
    If you love fashion, you need to get Vogue. Vogue will familiarize you with designers, classic style and the fancy-schmancy side of fashion that most other magazines will not get as deep into. However, most of what is in Vogue is way out of the average person's reach. I, for one, could very likely not afford one thing that has ever been in a single copy of Vogue. However, for whatever reason, the Vogue empire continues to publish this fashion tome and sell the subs for a VERY low price (usually $12 for 12 issues). Now THAT I can afford. It is an unbeatable deal. Will you glean anything from it? Yes. You will see how the other side lives and you will see some really wonderful photography and fashion at its best. Is it practical? Not really but it is fun and well worth the very low price. ...more info
  • a noticeable drop in quality over the years
    This month's issue of Vogue (July 2008, with Nicole Kidman on the cover) clarified for me the significant drop in quality at American Vogue over the years. The magazine has reduced in size, now smaller than US letter paper. The spine measures less than 1/4 inch. The printing and paper quality are low. The content of the July issue, in particular was watery. Vogue used to contain expansive descriptions of trends and details, but if the last few issues are an indicator, they must have fired a lot of writers. What exists now is not much more than product placement ads. The photo pages are few in number as well. I know that there is much more to fashion now that what was in Vogue lately. What's going on? Maybe there needs to be a change in editorial leadership. In the meanwhile, sadly I probably won't renew. ...more info
  • Not as Good as it Once Was
    Vogue used to be my favorite fashion mag out there, but today the advertisements are simply ridiculous. I think the ad to editorial ratio must by 90:10. It still has wonderful fashion tips, but the ads are becoming burdonsome. In Style has replaced Vogue as my #1 fashion mag, but I'll always be a Vogue reader....more info
  • Still My Favorite Magazine
    I 'discovered' fashion magazines at age 12 and, more than 20 years later, Vogue has remained my favorite. It exposed me to the glamour and lifestyle that up until that point I did not know existed - the fashion spreads and even the advertisements made (and still make) quite an impression on me. I especially enjoy reading Andre Leon Tally's Style Fax every month, in addition to "People Are Talking About," and of course the fasion layouts never fail to disappoint me.
    Keep up the good work....more info
  • What in the world has happened to Vogue magazine??
    I originally reviewed this magazine in 2004 and at that time I gave it four stars. Since that time, the magazine has deteriorated to the point that it's a toss-up whether to give it one star, or be generous and give it two.

    Vogue used to be America's premier fashion periodical. Back in the day, when Diana Vreeland, and Jessica Daves before her, had the top editorial spot, the magazine was a byword for class and elegance. The covers were works of art -- some of them were so good that they were suitable for framing. The models actually looked like models. And the clothes exuded taste and style.

    Enter Anna Wintour, and exit class, elegance and everything else that made Vogue special. The magazine started to skid straight down the tubes and, sad to say, the slide has accelerated. The covers have become just plain awful. I've seen classier, more artistic covers on Women's Day. The September 2008 cover was particularly dreadful. Keira Knightley, a lovely young woman, was shown with a hairstyle looking like a five year old had taken a blunt weed whacker to her head, wearing something that looked like Grandma's old curtains cinched by a cheap patent leather belt. The clothes in recent issues look like something you would wear to a bad Halloween party, at astronomical prices. And the models look like eastern European zombies. If Vogue is trying to sell clothes, they should start featuring clothes you can actually wear, and put them on somebody who doesn't look like the walking dead.

    Vogue used to have pretty good articles, but recently they have deteriorated as well. They did run a very good, well-written, thoughtful piece in July 2008 on racism in the fashion industry in which they focused on the dearth of non-white models. Great piece, I thought as I read it, now maybe Vogue will take a look at the endless bland parade of European models in their own pages and start practicing what they preach. Yeah right. In every succeeding issue it was back to normal -- the same pale, empty-looking faces staring vapidly at the cameras. Not that a black model would mean a drop in sales. In July 2008, Italian Vogue dedicated the whole issue to black models and sold out its entire print run. They actually had to go into reprints. That issue has become a collectors' item.

    The final nail in Vogue's coffin, as far as I am concerned, was their December 2008 issue featuring Jennifer Aniston looking luscious in a long red dress with the caption (on the cover, yet) "Jennifer Aniston: I think what Angelina did was very uncool". My eyes almost fell out of my head. Is Vogue trying to reinvent itself as a celebrity tabloid? If I want to read about the Pitt/Aniston/Jolie triangle for the umpteen-thousandth time, I'll pick up Life & Style or In Touch or something of that ilk. This is nothing more than the cheapest kind of pandering to the fans of the trash tabloids to sell their magazine.

    Vogue does have good photography, I'll give them that much, but nothing that isn't presented better in Harper's Bazaar. And their layout is quite good; in fact, better than Bazaar's. But the overall substance and content of the magazine have deteriorated to the point where Vogue and I have finally come to a parting of the ways. I've just cancelled my subscription after ten years. Maybe if and when Wintour departs, the magazine will find its way back to its former eminence. Until then, I'm going with their sister publication on the other side of the pond, British Vogue. In just about every category, it's a much better magazine.

    Judy Lind
    November 12, 2008...more info
  • cheap subscription + often interesting photography = value
    I am an artist and web designer, and use fashion magazines as fodder for both. The edgier ones are much more inspiring, but they're also harder to find and much more expensive. Vogue is a cheap magazine with tons of photography and ads (which, lets face it, are far more cutting edge than the editorial shots).

    It's not Nest or Surface or Dazed & Confused, but it is thick and it's just [$] an issue....more info

  • A good magazine but not like it used to be
    Gosh how I yearn for the days when supermodels were splashed on the cover of "Vogue" magazine. I dont think I have an issue from within the past few years that a real model (and I dont mean Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Aniston) has graced the covers for at least two consecutive months. I suppose this is Hollywood's answer to models becoming actresses that now the actresses are becoming models. Sorry but even though I think Nicole Kidman is a wonderful actress with a model figure, give me Gisele or Karolina any day of the week....more info
  • Charged in December, But Nothing In Mail
    I'd like to find out about getting a refund, since I've been charged for a magazine subscription without getting any actual issues. This is a very disappointing "special offer"....more info
  • Ew! What a Mean Magazine!
    I bought the latest issue of Vogue, because my favorite actress (Gwyneth Paltrow) was on the cover. I thought, Ick! What a girly wirly magazine. I like smelling the pages, though, and taking the samples. Sometimes I get papercuts!! What a stupid magazine it gives you paper cuts, no other mag. has done that to me. Don't buy it if you hate blood.. your fingers will be full when you flip to, like, the fifth page! It's a basically, Buy This Get This Free magazine. I flipped to the first page, cut up the book with my knife in 1067 pieces, (I counted) and fed it to my dog, Gumby, and my dog choked on the pieces! I'm sending a big, 30 page complaint letter that says these pages are chokable, a little baby could tear of a piece, plop it in his mouth and die! Come back home and find a dead baby in your crib. Oh well, no more smelly diapers to change! Would be the only good side of a dead baby. Not to mention, Gumby is now alive but slowly dying of Morencelucoius Voguelmagozolocus, a diseas where animals digest pages. Look it up, ask your mom, it's true.

    If you buy this magazine, ghosts will haunt you in your dreams, saying things like, You must die because you bought Vogue! It happend to me and I couldn't sleep for the past seventy three days. No joke, I counted. Anyway, now I hate Gwyneth, they made her sound so terrible and stuff, and now it's convinced me, even though it might not be true, and I seriously can't stand her! And what kind of name is Vogue! It's hard to pronounce, I think it's Vogoo so I asked the Magazine Store lady and she said something mumblish and I said, What! She yelled at me because I couldn't hear her, what a witch with a B instead of W. So now I call it Vogoo. Not my fault. They should make the front page say, It's pronounced: (Whatever it is) with those things or else people will stop buying it because it's way to hard to pronounce! I prefer Crayola Kids magazines and Kid Planet. Plus, every single word in Vogue is spelled wrong, I counted this special issue only I got, not you, and ever single word, (I checked in the dictionary) is wrong! This is how they spelt the word I: Eye. Am: Em. Vogue: Vugoe. What idiots! Anyway, get Kid Planet it's the best for all ages and Crayola Kids has fun crafts so buy it, buy it, buy it! Unless your poor stick your boring old, paper choking, weird smelling, ugly, typoed magazine.

    Bye!...more info

  • Fashion Sense!
    This magazine if full of fun fashion items! It shows you some great ideas of how to do things for the upcoming year! Its a definite go!!
    :)...more info
  • timely and fun!
    I ordered Vogue on Amazon and in less than a month I started receiving the fashion-ey goodness, including a 800 page issue-thing that could seriously do some damage to one's head if hit with it. Excellent mag for those who love fashion and Amazon got it here on the fly. Bravo....more info


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