Surround Air XJ-800 Car Air Purifier, Apple

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XJ-800 Surround Air Car Ionizer - "Beetle" Vehicle Air Purifier and Air Freshener The air freshener that actually cleans the air in your vehicle. Eliminates Cigarette Smoke. Even if you smoke in your car, your car can smell brand new inside with the Beetle car air ionizer/air freshener. The ionizer eliminates the particulate and odor from cigarette smoke, while the fragrance adds a pleasing scent to your car. Remove Pollution and Allergens. The ionization will effectively remove pollution from the roadways that enters your vehicle, as well as allergens, reducing allergies and other health problems that can occur while driving. Five Fragrances to Choose From. The "Beetle" XJ-800 car ionizer comes with your choice of the following fragrance packets: Vanilla, Apple, Pine, Forest and Lavender. Ultra-High Ion Output. The "Beetle" XJ-800 car ionizer is one of the few vehicle air purifiers that uses "Needlepoint" ionization, which is the highest ion-producing method available, making it more effective than other car ionizers. Ultra-Low Power Consumption. Using only 3W of electricity, the "Beetle" auto ionizer can be left running in your vehicle all night long without draining the battery. Place It Anywhere. Due to its compact size, the 5-foot long cord, and the adhesive pads that are included, the "Beetle" auto ionizer can be placed just about anywhere in your car. Surround Air XJ-800 Car Air Ionizer - Advantages Effectively Removes Allergens and Other Pollutants. The high negative ion concentration produced by the XJ-800 effectively removes just about any type of airborne pollutant (list of pollutants removed). This includes allergens, chemicals, odors, bacteria, viruses, and other types of compounds. High-Density Negative Ion Output. The XJ-800 uses 3 stainless steel needle points to generate a high concentration of negative ions. The needlepoint ionization method produces a higher level of negative ions than any other method. Long Lasting, Durable. Since the needle

  • Built-in ionizer to purify the air in your vehicle
  • Fragrance function to circulate pleasant aromas within your vehicle
  • Ultra-low power consumption, vehicle adapter included
  • Compact and attractive, place it anywhere within your vehicle
  • Virtually silent
Customer Reviews:
  • Surround Air Car Purifier
    Works Great ! It has made a big improvement in my Jeep ! Would recommend this Company and model to anyone ! ...more info
  • Silent and sweet
    I bought this product for my boyfriends truck last year. Hes a smoker but he cant stand the smell of the stale smoke in the truck. He plugged this in and used the vanilla scent and it was like he had cleaned the truck you couldnt smell the smoke any longer. I got the pine refills but for anyone with sensitive allergies i dont recommend the pine way too strong. Its an extremely quiet unit you barely even notice its there which is what makes it wonderful

    Only flaw i found is that it has no real grip to it so if you place it on the dash board it tends to fly off. We used velcro and that seemed to work fine but if you have a new car you dont want to be velcrowing your dash. so if anything place it in the floor under your seat or in the back seat on the floor....more info