Himalayan Salt Crystal Dolphin Lamp

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Product Description

Alive and Aware is pleased to bring you Himalayan Salt Lamps. These one of a kind lamps release powerful negative ions into the air when heated up, which carry oxygen particles. This is because salt attracts moisture in the air, and when the water is heated up is releases negative ion particles into the air. A natural way to purify the air. Negative ions are found naturally in the forests and mountains, but the farther away from nature we are the more ions we lose. Himalayan salt lamps are a way to help us get back to nature while still living in towns and cites. Forget expensive air purifier that cost hundreds of dollars, and aren't that effective. Himalayan salt lamps cost much less, and are far more beautiful. Each one of these beautiful Himalayan salt lamps is hand crafted from salt mined in the Himalayan mountains, so there are no two alike. They come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes. Each one also comes with a power cord and bulb. Since each one is original they make perfect gifts for Christmas, weddings, birthdays, and just about any other special occasion. Because of the air purifying qualities of Himalayan salt lamps they are ideal for those that live in a city. These lamps can be put anywhere in the home or office. They are extra effective around electronical appliances because they will work to cancel out the harmful radiation waves put out by these devices. Try putting them near the television, microwave, or computer. They work as great night lights, and some people report having better sleep when using them. Some people have reported reduces symptoms when in the presence of a Himalayan Salt Lamp. These symptoms include hay fever, sinus problems, allergies, "brain fog", low energy, insomnia, and depression. There are many other uses for these marvelous lamps, including meditation, Feng Shui, and even to help enhance a romantic situation. These lamps are 5-7 pounds and 9-10 inches tall.

  • Works as an air purifier by emitting negative ions into the air
  • Comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors - hand crafted
  • Comes with a cord, switch, and bulb
  • sits on a beautiful wooden base
  • Totally natural
Customer Reviews:
  • Sets A Nice Mood and Great Conversation Starter
    After having my Salt Crystal Lamp keeping me company next to my computer for the last couple of months, where I do all my writing, I have to be honest and say that I did not really notice any of the health benefits that are supposed to be obtained from it. It could be purifying the air, removing bacteria, negative Ions and reducing my susceptibility to colds and flus, but I couldn't tell. It did not reduce the nasal congestion I sometimes have from allergies, and being near my kitchen, I did not notice that it reduced odors on nights I cooked fish.

    It does however provide a nice orangey glow that may possibly be a nice way to set a tranquil or even romantic mood. Mine does not look like a dolphin, but more of a caramel colored mini-mountain, that has salt crystals looking like they may have flowed down the mountain. It is much more astheticly pleasing(to my eye) then a lava lamp. It also makes quite a conversation piece. I would say mine is about 8 inches high and is quite heavy, probably weighing around 8 to 10lbs.

    The base it sits on is a nice piece of smooth wood. It is electric and the bulb is included. Care instructions and a pamphlet describing all the "benefits" were included. Mined from the foothills of Himalayas, each is going to be a little different in size and shape.

    There are other styles on this lamp, if you search under Salt Crystal Lamps, even some that are pictured more along what I described above, but this is the one that came up when I entered the upc number from the box.

    I would say this is more of a "mood" setter, then anything else, and something unique and eye-catching to have around.

    Remember to breathe, Eat healthy and ...Enjoy....Laurie...more info