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The new "extended edition" of this ground-breaking feature length movie presentation reveals The Great Secret of the universe. It has been passed throughout the ages, traveling through centuries... to reach you. This is The Secret to everything - the secret to unlimited joy, health, money, relationships, love, youth: everything you have ever wanted. In this astonishing program are ALL the resources you will ever need to understand and live The Secret. For the first time in history, the world's leading scientists, authors, and philosophers will reveal The Secret that utterly transformed the lives of every person who ever knew it... Plato, Newton, Carnegie, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Einstein. Now YOU will know The Secret. And it can change your life forever.

Not really a movie or documentary, The Secret is more of a video seminar, a presentation featuring a series of authors, philosophers, doctors, quantum physicists, entrepreneurs, and spiritual practitioners expounding on the powers of The Secret (probably the most well-known of the presenters is Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles). What is The Secret, exactly? "That principle can be summed up in three simple words: thoughts become things," proclaims writer Mike Dooley, author of Notes from the Universe. Put it another way, it's The Power of Positive Thinking and how it can be applied to attracting more money, better health, and relationships; in short, happiness. (There is a rundown of topics on the DVD Chapters menu).

Most of the material here is given in a straightforward manner, with the presenters simply talking into the camera to address the audience directly, which is good because it avoids the trap of pretense. On the other hand, the quick edits between presenters (would it hurt to let them say more than one sentence at a time?) don't help because it reduces many of their points to palatable sound bites and aphorisms. To many viewers, this may make the program come across as a series of nice ideas not rooted in reality. Plus it's somewhat spurious to claim that The Secret was well understood and practiced by specific individuals like Plato or Shakespeare (it's well known that some of the historical figures noted didn't exactly live happy or even prosperous lives, despite their achievements). But still, the primary message is one of positivity and hope for everyone. So what to make of it? In the end, programs like this generally find an audience that is open to the message, and many will probably find it to be a source of inspiration. Others will approach it with a good deal of skepticism or dismiss it as another way of marketing happiness the masses. It simply won't resonate with everyone, but if it resonates with you, you're likely to enjoy it and get a lot out of it. Those looking for more on The Secret might want to check out the companion book by Rhonda Byrne. --Daniel Vancini

  • The Internet's #1 Smash Hit -Law of Attraction- Movie
  • New Extended Edition
  • Experience The Secrets discussed on Larry King & Oprah
  • Behind the Sceens, Outtakes and Commentary

Customer Reviews:

  • A few years, and it doesn't look like this did a whole lot
    Some people thought this movie would change everything drastically. It should be abundantly clear now that this stuff does not work easily or for everybody. David Wolfe commented in a video recently that all of this secret stuff comes after "you are what you eat." Worry about health first. Once you've got great health, this may work for you. Until then all your self-sabotaging mechanisms will be too invisible for you to notice, and you won't have the energy to endure with this stuff.

    Rhonda Byrne has an annoying voice too. I'm a little irritated that she's wealthy. ...more info
  • The Secret
    This movie starts out really hokey! I almost didn't watch it because of the beginning. However, once it gets more into interviews with different coaches, thought leaders, authors, and experts it becomes fascinating. Although it does not address any particular religion it is very faith based. Bible scriptures can be found for most of the concepts and probably other religions also have similar teachings.

    Overall I really enjoyed the movie. I don't believe you can only subscribe to the Law of Attraction for a complete life, but it is one of the universal laws that must be obeyed!...more info
  • The Secret is nonsense!
    I have to say it: I think The Secret and The Law of Attraction are a bunch of garbage. The idea of the Law of Attraction, as shown in the movie "The Secret" is that if you really picture something happening, and you put a lot of energy into it, and you focus all your intent and emotions into it, that it will happen.

    Here's the proof that The Secret doesn't work:

    Six million men subscribe to Playboy. There are a couple dozen women featured in each issue. From my understanding, most of those men are not reading Playboy for the articles. They are focusing all their emotions and their thoughts on having sex with one of those women. They put time and energy and imagination into it. They do everything that The Secret says.

    Now, divide six million male subscribers by, say, 200 women featured naked in Playboy every year. Therefore, unless each woman featured in Playboy is having sex with 30,000 men each year, there's no way that men who imagine themselves with a woman from the magazine actually have their dreams come true. In fact, if even 1% of those men were to achieve their fantasy with ANY woman in Playboy, not just a centerfold, that would mean that each woman would have to have sex with 300 men a year. Somehow, I don't think that's happening.

    That's why I think The Secret is nonsense.

    Here are some other examples:

    Since The Secret is well known, it's practiced by a lot of people, including many who have coaches to tell them exactly how to do it. This would include pageant contestants, PGA golfers, and professional athletes. Yet, do you really think that Tiger Woods wins golf tournaments because he believes he will? Or is it instead because he spends hours a day working on his swing? The reason why Miss California or Miss Texas win more Miss America pageants than Miss Idaho or Miss Oklahoma is that the bigger, more populous states have more contestants at the lower levels, so that the Misses California and Texas have to beat more people, are more prepared, have more money, practiced more, and are more likely to be more beautiful and more talented than contestants who had less competition. It's not a matter of wanting or thinking about it more.

    Or how about this: why don't celebrity stalkers get to meet their celebrity, other than in court when they're convicted and sentenced? They clearly imagine conversations with the celebrity; they visualize it perfectly; they take steps to make it happen. The Secret should work for them but it doesn't.

    (The people behind The Secret explain that failure to meet your goals is because deep, deep down, you didn't really believe it would work. A convenient excuse.)

    Do you want other examples? How about this:

    According to the Law of Attraction, you also would attract bad things to you if you think about them: they use the example of thinking about your debts and then receiving bills in the mail. So does that mean that a two-year-old with leukemia somehow wished it? Or her parents did? Why don't mass murderers like Hitler just drop dead if millions of people want them to? Did six million Jews die in the Holocaust because they thought about it? How come suicidal people don't just have a heart attack and die? Why does the abusive husband keep beating his wife if she wishes he were dead? How come cancer researchers don't get more cancer than other people? Or less, for that matter, since they're always thinking about a cure for cancer? How come most lottery winners don't win as much money as they spend on the lottery, since clearly they're visualizing themselves winning every time they buy the ticket? How come more prisoners don't escape from jail? And for people who grew up rich, did they somehow imagine being born to rich parents while still in the womb?

    In order to believe in The Secret, you have to believe that good and evil things happen in the world because people wish them. That's magical thinking and it's nonsense.

    There is a new movie about The Secret and how to make it work for you, called "Beyond The Secret." I think that the people who make the movies make The Secret work by selling this stuff to willing believers. The Secret makes them money as a marketing tool to part you from your money. Rhonda Byrne is a very rich woman from repackaging ideas that have been around for decades.

    If you want to achieve wealth, save your money, live on less than you make, research investments and diversify your holdings. Actions speak louder than thoughts.

    The astonishing thing to me is that more people aren't speaking up against this. Try googling "The Law of Attraction is nonsense" or "The Law of Attraction is garbage" and you don't find much. I feel like the child who says that the Emperor has no clothes!
    ...more info
  • The Secret
    Very pleased. Product was as described and came in a very short time.Would buy from this vendor again....more info
  • The Secret Movie
    It was different then what I thought it would be although it really helped but things in life to perspective. I would recommend this to people trying to become more optimistic in life. I don't think I could have read the book though so I definately would recommend watching the movie instead. ...more info
  • 2nd copy
    I loaned out my first copy of The Secret and the person took it on a trip so i felt like i needed to get a second copy...i have found after watching it several times that i get new info that maybe wasn't popping out the first couple times i watched. I am going to order more as gifts...i have gotten a lot out of watching it and highly recommend it for anyone interested in The Law of Attraction!...more info
  • Not the right item
    The DVD that was sent was the extended version, not the original. When I contacted the vendor, he told me he would credit me the purchase price after he received the DVD back. Not the shipping.....either way. After I thru a bit of a fit and told him he had no idea what customer service was he credited me the purchase price and shipping and told me after he received the DVD back he would credit me for that shipping also. Well it's been quite some time now and I have not been credited for the return shipping. I would not do business with the vendor again. He does not know what his stock is......and his customer service sucks!!!!...more info
  • Name-it, Claim-it, Prosperity Gospel in a different guise
    This is nothing more than the name-it/claim-it "Prosperity Gospel", only without God. No sin, no need for a Savior, only problem is "bad thinking" - if it sounds like a new take on Gnosticism, well, maybe that's because it is.
    ...more info
    A friend and I settled down to watch what we thought would be an exciting film and found it to be an infomercial about a group. We could not watch it to the end, so found something much better to watch....more info
  • The Secret DVD
    The entire adult world population should view and study this DVD and change their lives accordingly. We would live in utopia from then on into eternity. There would be no poverty, no wars, no jealousy, no greed, no (fill in the blank). Everyone would have anything he/she wants and needs....more info
  • Thank You
    This DVD was like the First DVD I Bought. But I liked the other one better with Ester Hicks in it. My sister liked it so I let her have it. They are Great Gifts to a family member or close friend which I intend to buy more of these to give away as Gifts....more info
  • The Secret
    I'm very pleased with the movie - having it at my fingertips, available to view anytime is great. ...more info
  • Good service
    There was a problem with the first DVD they sent. I brought it to their attention and they immediately sent me another one. ...more info
  • Cats out of the bag...
    I have found that the people around me feel strongly about "The Secret."

    They gravitate to one of two poles...they love it or hate it. Those that find the glass self it. Those that find the glass constantly leaking, hate it.

    I loved it...but I already used many of the principles in sales....more info
  • The Secret
    To those who have such an opinion on help aids and do nothing with it shame on you. This is again one of the best reigniting pieces of work that I have seen in a long time. It does tell the story of success and how wealth is truly made. I have heard in the past that "A" Students teach "B" Students to work for "C" Students (I think it was Napoleon Hill) and this way of thinking and living is a prime example. Not only thinking, but a secret that is yelling so loud that very few hear it, or too close to the trees to see the forest, and grasp it!

    Well done piece of art!...more info
  • Good prospect, but a little dangerous
    So I wonder, still. If the "Law" of Attraction is all about intent, and particularly about good or bad intent getting you exactly what you put out there -- as 'like begets like' -- then... what about all of the other creatures of nature? When something bad happens to them even though they've put nothing but 'good nature' out all about them? Isn't nature good? Are there actually good and bad creatures of nature, or just those we perceive as such? Are blue caribou good and wolves bad? Are doves heavenly and snakes devlish? Aren't they a few steps away from eachother in evolution? Have we come right back to the old lost religions, all over again [...]...more info
  • The Secret DVD
    I have bought this for everyone on my gift list. I recommend it for anyone and everyone!...more info
  • Break through in living a happy successful healthy life
    This has made a dramatic postive change in my life. I have been able to prosper more, bounce back from a fatal illness, and be much more happy and successful in every aspect of my life....more info
  • The Secret-DVD
    This is a great powerful and inspirational movie. Positive thinking really does work. Give a'll be astonished by the results. "Feel the power within" and have a great day!...more info
  • the best dvd ever and the best price
  • The Best DVD i have ever seen
    The best DVD I have ever seen, after i read the book i decided to buy the DVD, i ordered 4 as a gift to my friends, It's great one i advice everyone to see it.. I'm familiar with the law of attraction from "Salah Al Rashid" great Kuwaiti person, but this DVD encouraged me to apply it in my life in everything and look ore positively to the life ... :)...more info
  • loved this dvd!
    The beginning of this dvd is strange, but after the introductory part it is great!!!! It has some incredible ideas that I think are wonderful. It has changed my life....more info
  • Life changing
    I liked the movie better than the book, as a visual learner was so much easy to digest. If you can change your attitude, then you can change your life :) The Secret rocks!...more info
  • The best intro to the law of attraction.
    The first time I watched The Secret I was introduced to mind altering information. I loved the way it was presented. It was very educational, extremely entertaining and totally inspiring.

    I later found out that the authority figures who appear in the movie are great teachers and through them I discovered even more and continue my education to this day.

    Some people complain that the information presented doesn't delve into all of the steps necessary to manifest the life of your dreams. But this was not it's purpose. It is a fantastic introduction and if you choose to continue on your journey and wish to become an expert you must expand your education beyond this movie. There's only so much that a movie can do, and what this movie is here to do is to touch, move and inspire you which it does so perfectly....more info
  • Awakening
    The Secret will give you a new outlook on life. It will help you to control some of your thoughts. Not all but some. Positive thinking or even controlled thinking does allow you to see the world differently and helps you to focus.
    This will cause you to reflect back on your life. What was going on in your life and what were your thoughts consumed with at the time....more info
  • Think and Grow Rich
    The hundred year old book she got this great "Secret" from must have been "Think and Grow Rich." This DVD is re-worked Think and Grow Rich. There you have it in a nutshell. Think and Grow Rich is also much more in depth. To me, the "Secret" to life, what everyone wants to know, is why are we here? What is the purpose of our existence? Not how to make money or friends or find a good spouse. There is no secret in this DVD and they information she refers to has not been locked away by the rich and powerful. ...more info
  • Mind Blowing
    Pay no attention to the nay-sayers. If you are ready. This DVD will change your life. If you are smart. This DVD will change your life. I watched it last night and it has changed my life forever. Bob Proctor is the Zen Man of Success Thinking. His book "You Were Born Rich" will blow you clean away. I am on my third reading of it. It is a major guide post in my life. I have extra copies of the book that I give to thinking people I come in contact with. I will be buying extra copies of the DVD as soon as I finish this review....more info
  • The Secret (DVD)
    This is an awesome movie. I would recommend if for anyone, especially in these economic times. It made so much sense! I had heard about The Secret, but never saw it before this. I happened to come upon it here at Amazon, and thought yes, what a great deal!...more info
  • Inspiring
    No matter who you are or where you are in your life, you can benefit from this inspiring movie....more info
  • The Secret
    I enjoyed this documentary so much that I purchased a second copy of the book (to share with others) and I purchased the Audio CDs. I listen to the CDs on my way back and forth to work. The book and the CDs contain much more information than the movie, but the movie is a good way to decide whether or not you believe and are interested in more....more info
  • Love it!
    Very good quality for an item paid as used. I got it on time.

    Keep it up!!!...more info
  • Live by the Secret
    Very intersting concept. A good way to live. Try and follow the advise and see what happens.........more info
    I watched this many months after watching "What the Bleep Do We Know". It really tied everything together for me. Wonderful DVD....more info
  • A Great Self Motivator
    When I frist heard about this book and film I rolled my eyes because I thought it was just another person trying to make a buck on self pitying people who have no confidence within theselves. Well I was wrong (sorry everyone I didn't mean it in a negitive way). This is a great film and book for everyone, confindence and no confidnece alike will be successful with this film and book because it shows you a path that will lead you the success and prosperity. I recommend this to everyone and anyone who wasn't to improve their lives in any way's....more info
  • awesome
    Thank you so much. Very fast shipping, way before It was expected to get here. ...more info
  • The Power of Positive Thinking!
    This movie, The Secret (Extended Edition) (2006) Starring: Rhonda Byrne and Paul Harrington is really a seminar with a string of authors, doctors, and spiritual advisors. There's even an appearances from Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles. The principle of "The Secret" is to try and help the reader tap into the hidden power within. Through the use of positive thoughts one allegedly will attract money, power, health and happiness. On the other side of the coin one's negative thoughts will allegedly manifest illness, poverty, and catastrophes. This is a good film about positive thinking. If you want to think positive in a spiritual way I suggest you read my book. If you liked The Secret I am sure you will like this book as well....more info
  • LOAperson
    A must see for someone like myself. If you are interested in this path and/or appreciate self-inprovement then I think it's great.

    Nate...more info
  • Great message which comes across well
    As a Psychologist I have read a lot of books on positive thinking and setting goals in order to be more successful. This video by Rhonda is a great introduction and overview to the whole subject of knowing what you want. THe main principle is that it's important to think about what you would like in life and then consistently send out positive energy to drive those desires and goals. If you do, you will attract people and processes in to your life that help you achieve that but if you are negative and unhappy this is what you are likely to experience more of. This simple Law known as the Law of Attraction is really explained well and I have recommended this video and the book to many people I coach. ...more info
  • Secret, I think not!!
    The major tenets of this approach could have been thought up by a 5-year-old trying to maneuver around his mother's restrictions. The photography and dramatics made the product appear like it actually had something to say -- of course it did not!! I was quite disappointed that its major theme was not any better than what I can get from my local fortune teller. ...more info
  • Secret review
    A little slow starting out, but I thought it wrapped up at the end to make it worth while....more info
    THE SECRET... is the most wonderful secret we can discover... It's so simple, so genuine, and everyone should read it, and learn, and be inspired by it....more info
  • It depends how you approach it...
    If you approach it as "I just want to hear some nice words and feel good today", then this is a good viewing.

    If you approach it as "I want to discover more details about the Law of Attraction, how does it work, how can I better use it", then definitely not a good viewing.

    And that is how I approached it.

    Summary: Just a bunch of great authors telling you that you can get anything you want by thinking positive thoughts. That is it. No explanation on how or why (scientifically).

    Also, if someone just tells me that if I think good thoguhts good things will come to me and offer no explanation why, then I would like to at least hear real-life stories of how it happen to other people. That is the part that makes me feel better... "Hey, I don't understand how it works, but after seeing all of these stories of transforming all these other people's lives, I believe it!"

    There is only 3 real-life example stories given. For me, they are the best in the DVD and why it alomst got a 3 star. But way too few and too short.

    This DVD has one of the most basics subject discussions of the subject I have ever seen.

    My 11-year old niece however seemed to have really enjoyed it, asking me: "Wow! Is that really true? Is that how it really works?!"

    Notice the answered questions from her as well... ;o)...more info
  • The Secret original version
    It was in perfect condition and I had absolute joy out of the experience. I shop amazon all the time and find their stuff to be amazing quality....more info
  • Worthy information is offered in The Secret
    The Secret is a good motivational tool to help inspire one to be more proactive in life in a positive way. It's worth listening to over and over to pick up more information each time. It's especially good to listen to when you're in a negative space. Physicists, philosophers, counselors, writers, spiritual/esoteric leaders - there's a mix of people who present one, clear message. Quotations from avatars in history add a cohesiveness - Einstein, Michelangelo, Emerson... It shows that we do have the power within ourselves to attract what we truly desire. It makes sense. It clarifys what our purpose is. There's a bit of corniness in the presentation, but don't let that interfere with the overall content. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • The secret
    this book is absolutly inspiring. It has begain to change my attitudes toward my self and others. I have sent this to a few of my fsmily and the to love it. thank you....more info
  • My family loved it so much we gave it away..........
    I bought The Secret dvd for my family along with the book and we watch it faithfully. Well we ran across a mother daughter having a Yard sale on the last few days of Forclosure on there property. They were moving back to the city so her 17 year old daughter can continue her modeling venture. We spent alot of time with the wonderful family because we had to have people help us move the furniture we purchased from her home on to trucks. What we recongized is the daughter has been doubting her own abilities to make it in the modeling world. She was beautiful tall african american girl with a beautiful smile. Self defeating words like if i can, maybe, and hopefully were in every sentence pertaining to her modeling future. I Quickly went home a grabbed The Secret and gave it to her. I told her "for now own you will claim the things you want and believe it and then at that moment you can have anything you want in life. Here is The Secret dvd and the book Please start praticing now so that once you settle in to your new place you will have already found the right frequency to get your career up and running".

    We bought another DVD from Amazon the same day and with prime it was here in 2 days with no extra charge, so we did not miss it at all....more info
  • sometimes you have to listen very closely to get over your own arrogance
    I received this DVD as a gift and tucked it in a drawer, thinking, "yuck, this has to be bad. One more movie capitalizing on the thought that maybe I have something to do with my life."
    During one terribly difficult week, I thought, what the heck...let's see what it has to offer. I popped it in and the yucky music and hype started. But I stayed with it. I have since bought it for 14 of my clients and friends. Regardless of the packaging, this is all true. And it is called a "secret" because the real fortune is tucked there behind our arrogance. For those of you who have written pretentious reviews of this DVD, just stop. Watch it again. This DVD presents new and life altering information, period. How it goes about doing that will please some and amuse others for a moment. If you stay with it and watch it over and over for 10-15 minutes at a time, the "secret" will start to reach you. This information is true and presented in a way that works. Stating the same thing over and over, through different voices and examples, works to get past our arrogance. This is NOT about doing. It is about our thoughts and our emotions. What you think and feel about, you bring about. You can't just "think it up", you have to "feel it" and that is difficult. If you want proof - just check out Barack Obama. Early on, he said "I am determined to win this thing." He knew he would be the President, he felt it. And now he is. This DVD helps you train your thoughts and feelings. Change your life, watch this DVD over and over. Thank you for reading this....more info
  • Life changing information
    Watching the Secret has changed my life and everyone I know who has watched it's lives as well... If you practice the teachings it does work. ...more info
  • Power of Positive Thinking
    "The Secret" is New Age thinking for everyone. It's a user-friendly version of "What the bleep do we know?" (which was otherwise known as "The Passion of the Quantum") It extols the power of positive thinking. Rhonda Byrne got an Oprah endorsement. It has the Rev. Michael Beckwith,the dreadlocked pastor whose Agape Choir performed at the DNC in Denver. It's also got the author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series,who went from poverty to incredible success.

    "The Secret" has its positive aspects--having a positive outlook has practical benefits. Thinking abundantly can help bring abundance. It has quotes from famous philosophers (as opposed to the flaky JZ Knight channeling the Atlantean warrior Ramtha) It's accessible self-help.

    On the other hand,its New Age outlook could be a drawback for many. It has self-reliance,the power of one's own visualizations,rather than God. It's also boring. It's a mediocre New Age movie. The cinematic version of "Celestine Prophecy" is superior,simply because it has action scenes&explosions.

    It's no secret that Cafe Gratitude,which focuses on abundance,has copies of "The Secret." I am abundant,indeed!...more info
  • So that Explains the Income Gap!
    The Law of Attraction? Nonsense! Perhaps I was out of touch but I didn't catch any of the hype that surrounded The Secret phenomenon. I knew it was a popular book but that's it. My mother-in-law had this DVD hanging around among her other movies and so I borrowed it because, well, I didn't know the secret.

    As it were, the secret is not a secret at all. The idea that if you stay focused on one thing and believe that it will happen will actually work toward providing that goal is really nothing new. Being positive is a good thing but its impact on the cosmos at large as asserted here and by others who put stock into the law of attraction, is irresponsible at best, and self-righteous greed propaganda to the core. Bob Proctor, one of the secret's voices and supporters (I'd like to see how much money he made from this), even goes as far as to say that the reason such a small percentage of the population controls so much wealth is because they know and practice the secret. That should get the capitalists to stay focused and proud. But what on earth happens to those of us stuck in a caste system? Those of us who have to work for ten cents a day? Those of us who live in a war zone? Or even those of us working to survive in a dying economy because of over-simplified libertarian pseudo-science like this? Are we to believe they are somehow responsible for their own plight?

    Another reviewer used the term unfalsifiable to explain the secret's philosophies. That is certainly appropriate. I think of the creationists, who today defend the unobservable as intelligent design theorists, and their battle with evolutionary and natural selection. As the material world becomes more measurable over time, they will always adapt beyond the measurable and set up base there. The secret and the law of attraction is just as guilty of this, only they are also perpetuating and celebrating an ethos of greed and disgusting levels of pride. Then again how could anyone be surprised to see such a philosophy embraced in our culture of competition?

    I don't mean to burst anyone's bubble here, so take my opinion for what it is; it is after all just one person's view. The last thing I would want to do is downplay any positive effects this may have on people. I have no doubt the secret's philosophies have been hugely beneficial to many and I can certainly see how. That is the only reason I'm not giving this one star....more info
  • Great inspiration for postive living
    I first bought the Secret on cd, and to be honest, the dvd then was almost a let down as it is pretty much the same, just you can watch it instead of only listening. But either way, cd or dvd, I think the Secret is very motivating and useful to help you get in a more positive frame of mind. The people who speak on it help you to know and believe that you can have a better life, you can turn problems around by thinking of how you want things to be. A friend first introduced me to the Secret and what a powerful thing the law of attraction is. It falls in line with my basic Christian beliefs and I try to live it everyday. When I get off track, it never fails to bring me back to a more positive outlook when I either watch the dvd or listen to the cd. I highly recommend this! ...more info
  • Fabulous info!
    This is the info that everyone needs to uplift your spirits and change the way you think! It has helped me and my husband considerably...we watch it often! Thank you!!!...more info
  • Not a movie
    I thought this was going to be more of a movie the way the previews were presented, but it wasnt. It was more of a documentary. I bought it used, glad not to have spent full retail price on it. Very interesting and informative despite not being in movie format....more info
  • It says all the right things...but
    The funny thing about "The Secret" is that it really isn't a secret, and contrary to the authors, it never was a "lost" secret. Those who have read or have access to SUCCESS UNLIMITED magazine, or read authors like Og Mandino, Napoleon Hill or Dr. Norman Vincent Peale will read pratically the same ideas that were presented here. I'm not sure where the authors got the idea that the "Secret" was lost, but the "Law of Attraction" (though it was called something else) has been around for a long time and has been written about extensively.

    Perhaps that is not a major issue with you, so you want to see what all the hoopla is about and you get the DVD. In defense of the DVD, it does have a very positive message - in that you, along with your negative thoughts, are your greatest enemy. The problem is that the DVD states that all you have to do is think about something that you want (i.e. money, car, house ect) and you will send out positive brain waves into the universe and it will come true. The dangerous thing here is that it might give viewers the wrong impression that all they have to do is sit back and wait for all the money and material possessions to accumulate. This is quite contrary to the Chistian principle of "You sow what you reap". This DVD says you can reap all the rewards without sowing anything. And the kicker is this...if, for whatever reason, your "wishes" do not come true, then you must be doing it wrong, "because the Law of Attraction never fails". The other problem is that it focuses on material things.

    Another issue I have is with the Law of Attraction itself. It states that like attracts like. If this were true then magnets would never work. What they do not tell you is that the Law of Attraction is a secondary Law of the Universe, and must first follow several primary Laws of the Universe (i.e. gravity).

    So, after viewing the DVD you will probably feel good about yourself and have a renewed self-confidence (which is a great thing), but there are better ways to get the message. This DVD sends a very dangerous message. The DVD (as well as the book) has a brilliant marketing strategy, just don't believe everything you hear or read. It would be to your benefit if you do some research yourself. And if you do a little research, you will find that there is absolutely no connection between the Law of Attraction and the famous people who are portrayed in the DVD to have followed it. There is no evidence (and sometimes evidence to the contrary) that Einstein, Plato, Beethoven or Shakespeare ever believed in the Law of Attraction.

    ...more info
  • The Secret has changed my life...
    The Secret is out! Awesome, mind provoking, motivational message from some of the most respected leaders of our time. You won't be the same after experiencing The Secret.......more info
  • Don't Waste Your Time, Unless You Have Never Had Psych 101
    This book and DVD takes one (1) psychology 101 concept and presents it in a flamboyant, grandiose manner to appeal to the unwary and unenlightened. The appeal is to the same person that falls for cult rituals or a promise of a future of being rich and famous. Even the values they continuously use to present the idea (get rich quick, have an affluent life style, etc.) are far from what intelligent and self-actualized people would see as goals for their life. Their attempt to indentify famous people with knowing and utilizing "The Secret" is a hoax. If we could ask these famous people if this was their secret, I am sure they would say no. It might have been a small part of their secret but surely there were a host of other more important factors.
    Don't waste your time with the book or DVD. There are a host of "self-help" books that are really great and have a proven track record of helping people and many have been validated internationally, e.g. Myers-Briggs Personality Type feedback/books, Covey books, etc.
    ...more info
  • Makes you think
    I really liked this DVD. I also read the book and the got the DVD so my husband would watch it, since he doesn't like to read much. Just today I was thinking about a check coming in the mail - and it did. My husband was really concentrating on winning a certain prize at a raffle and he won! It really makes you think that you do have the power to affect things in your life....more info


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