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Product Description

COLON AND PARASITE CLEANSER is a highly effective herbal combination used to moisten, lubricate and cleanse the intestinal tract and promote bowel movements.This formulation has broad beneficial potential in the treatment of constipation, intestinal toxicity, intestinal upset and inflammation, abdominal distension and intestinal gas, purifies the intestines, eliminates food stagnation by removing old food stuff, and clears intestinal microorganisms and toxins. Bowel cleansing is a vital and important step in the treatment of most disease processes. COLON AND PARASITE CLEANSER is also beneficial for the reduction of water retention or water weight. By increased elimination of old fecal matter and intestinal toxins, weight loss and reduced bloating can be achieved with the use of COLON AND PARASITE CLEANSER.

  • Bowtrol Works fast and is easy to take
  • Bowtrol Has No side effects and is 100% Natural
  • Bowtrol Has long term health benefits and supports nutritional balance
  • Bowtrol Promotes weight balance and Enhance body detoxification

Customer Reviews:

  • Only taken 2 doses and notice a big difference
    My water retention/bloating and allergies are not nearly as severe. I have been wanting to try this for years but was afraid. I can't wait to until I finish the bottle....more info
  • Do not buy this! It's a rip off
    I bought this product from the Bowtrol webite, (Ultra herbs) with a money back guarantee. The customer service line hangs up on you after 30 seconds, They will not issue a return auth. #. Do a search for Bowtrol rip off on the web and you will find countless people that got sick from this product, got charged month after month and got no shipments.....the product literally made me sick to my stomach and had to stay near a bathroom till I got it all out of my body. DO not take this product. It will cause your body damage. ...more info
  • Bowtrol Sucks!!
    I ordered this 'Colon control' product recently to reduce my diarrhea with IBS. The product made my symptoms worse and my stomach was so sick for a week. I had to wait for 3-4 days to get it off my body. DO NOT BUY this product. I am now trying to return it. Recently, I tried something else that is helping me hugely - COCONUT oil. I heard from a friend that the medium chain fatty acids MCFA in coconut oil is anti-viral and anti-fungal. I am having one spoon of coconut oil everyday and I am so much better. You can also use it in cooking since it stands high temperatures better than vegetable oil. It does have saturated fats - but no trans fat and it is proven to improve hdl (good cholesterol)...more info
  • This stuff is awful
    Bowtrol is a terrible product. Both I and my husband took this product and suffered for it. We did eliminate some of the parasites we came back from Africa with, but there are other ways of doing this. People who take this product and claim that they lose weight probably do so because their motility increases to the point that they no longer retain anything from their food - 6 or 7 trips to the bathroom a day. This medication made me nauseous and gave me abdominal pain so severe that I stopped after four days - and I was taking less than the suggested mimimum dose. My husband managed ten days on the mimimum dose but looked so awful at the end of it that people were telling him how tired he looked and asking if he were sick. Be aware that this product also has a psychoactive element to it. It will give you vivid dreams and will possibly make you feel anxious and paranoid (as it did my husband). If you are at all sensitive to herbal products you can expect severe and prolonged diarrhoea, abdominal cramping, fatigue, nausea, anxiety and lowered ability to cope with daily stresses....more info
  • Great product
    It really works. I didn't notice any weight loss but it does what it says....more info
  • Great product!!!
    I love bowltrol! I instantly had a flatter stomach! You have to drink 60 oz of water a day or you will get mild cramping but not bad. If you stay on top of that you should be ok! I only take 3 pills a day & don't up the amount & that is good for me. I go 1-2x day & feel so much more refreshed & lighter! ...more info
  • Bowtrol works!
    First time I ever did colon cleansing. Very easy to do with Bowtrol. I've been off of Bowtrol for over a month and continue to have regular bowel movements....sometimes two a day!...more info
    I bought this product because the reviews were great and after getting ripped off by the Almighty Cleanse I trusted a review here. However, after reading other product reviews I found the same person giving every product a glowing review. I recommend reading the reviews on all the products and writing the names down so you do not get scammed! This product does not deliver. It does give you the runs even if you only take one a night. I also developed cyst like sores that left scars. If you need a quick case of the runs because your can not go.... this is the product for you....more info
  • Not worth the money
    Bought this from the Bowltrol website. Started with just two capsules to make sure I suffered no adverse effects. Good response to initial dosing, but after that suffered cramping and diarrhea causing me to keep the dosing low (not above 4 caps per day). Went on vacation shortly after starting and kept dosing low because I didn't want to be running for the bathroom and/or making loud sounds at inappropriate times (if you know what I mean). I am now at the end of my supply and have been taking 6 - 7 caps over the past couple of days with NO results. In fact, my stomach is bloated and I'm retaining fluid.

    Lots of positive (and somewhat suspicious) reviews for this stuff on the web. I, however, cannot strongly enough urge everyone to save their money and try something else (I don't know what, but not this stuff). Since I only bought a 1 month supply and I have proceeded cautiously (for the reasons stated above) it is too late for me to get my money back. If you do opt to try this stuff, do a better job of keeping your eye on the calendar in case you want to return it....more info
  • Well worth the money for constipation, tried every thing over the counter with no relief
    I am totally sold. I was a bit skeptical about ordering another "amazing" product but was so desperate I took the chance. I had tried every over the counter laxative and prescription meds too, nothing but severe bloating and cramping---wthout any desired relief. Give it a try for yourself if you share these symptoms....more info


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