Haier 30-Pint Mechanical Dehumidifier- HD306

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30 Pint Capacity Mechanical Control 115V. High-efficiency ENERGY STAR qualified; low temp operation down to 41 degrees farenhiet; pre-drilled drain connect with 3 water hose included; automatic humidistat control; auto defrost; handle on bucket; front water bucket for easy access; "Bucket Full" indicator light easy-roll casters; easy-access washable filter.

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Customer Reviews:
  • Waste of money...
    I ran the dehumidifier 4 times, and now only the fan will run and it no longer collects water. I purchased through Target not Amazon, and they say they will give me a refund within 90 days. Other reviews say the operation is quiet. I really didn't think it was but admitidly this is my first dehumidifier, so I don't know if that is in comparison to other models or not. It is louder than a window mounted A/C, even on the low setting....more info
  • Piece of Junk
    Had this 7 days and it quit working. Started smelling something like plastic melting. Found it was this. Did not buy it from Amazon and got a refund. When I took it back 3 others were behind the counter, the clerk said they had 7 returned with the same problem. Probably a bad batch but scary how it smelled. Worked great when it worked. Didn't like the bucket design. Too hard to get in and out. ...more info
  • Good purchase after a long search...
    Haier 30-Pint Mechanical Dehumidifier - HD306

    I have been searching for a good dehumidifier that is reasonably priced. Our whole apartment is very moist since we live a couple blocks from the beach. Every night, the blankets and pillows would feel so damp - I didn't mind it that much and did not realize how bad it was until one day I finally decided to just get one and found out how much more dry (and normal) it could be. My mom has one in our home and I know how loud they usually are...this one is pretty loud, but I think it's normal loud for a dehumidifier. What I do is turn it on in the morning, when I'm usually out of the room/apt, and then turn it off before I sleep. Once you set the level, it'll automatically turn off once the room reaches that level desired.

    The amount of water that we've taken out of the air is more than enough to water all my plants. It's easy too because of bucket has a handle. It's pretty amazing. I'm happy with this purchase - it's simple and it works.

    Bottomline: Normal loudness, easy to use, reasonable price....more info
  • Super sucker dehumidifier
    Nice fit and finish. Reasonably quiet. The main objective of this device is to remove moisture from the air and it really can do that. It can fill it's 30 pint collection container in less than 24 hours. The water bucket is very sturdy and has a great handle for carrying. It came complete with it's own hose in case you want to use it directly into a floor drain. Additionally, you can switch back and forth between bucket collection and direct floor drain usage. I'm very satisfied with the quality and value. Let's see how it holds up under cooler temperatures in the winter and what the reliability/durability factor ends up being....more info
  • So far so good
    I put the dehumidifier in the seldem used bathroom in my basement. It keeps the whole basement dry and the included hose allows me to drain it straight into the shower drain so I just "set it and forget it".

    It is not silent and removing the bucket is just a little bit akward....more info
  • So far so Good!
    I purchased this de-humidifier a month ago, and so far it works well. The price is fair, but be aware that this product I would consider to be for a 'medium' space. It is very important when buying a de-humidifier to get the right capacity unit.-------In other words, this one is perfect for an average size bedroom or smallish living room-----too big however for a bathroom, but too small for a large basement. The white colored design is attractive, and it is simple to use. T Though I have had it only a month, so far it is a good buy and I would recommend it. ( also, it is easy to empty and easy to move ). Great for an average basement studio apartment as well. ...more info