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The Filtrete Micro Allergen filter offers very high performance at a very reasonable price - and is probably the best bang-for-the-buck in disposable furnace filters. It removes allergens like Pollen, Mold Spores, Dust Mite Debris, Household Dust, Lint, Smoke, Pet Dander, and Smog. Like all 3M Filtrete filters, the Micro Allergen filter lasts for 3 months, and is electrostatically charged, which helps it to attract even the smallest particles without restricting the airflow in your system.

  • Outperforms all competitors' 3-month, 1-inch filters
  • Electrostatically charged fibers grab troublesome particles from the air
  • Meets the American Lung Association's "Health House" Indoor Air Quality Guidelines
  • Keeps on filtering for 3 months so you'll spend less time changing filters
  • 3M Microparticle Performance Rating: 1000 - MERV Rating: 11
Customer Reviews:
  • they are great but man, I change them like crazy!
    Yes, these filters are amazing! I love them, there's no doubt. I have the pet dander and the occasional smoke (only in the winter-they go outside the rest of the year) and you would hardly know that someone smoked in the bathroom after 5 minutes.

    My issue is that I have to change them soooooo much. I have tried the 90 day plan, but WOW that was so not in the cards. My house is barely 1000 sq. ft. so I can't believe that there's that many prarticles and "Junk" running through the air. Actually it's gross to think you breathe that huh?

    I had my duct and furnace cleaned out at the tune of almost $200 and the gentleman told me it looked great and now it's even better. So the need to change my filter is now still down to inside a month!!! I just put this new one in around the 24th or so of January and you wouldn't know it. It's horrid!!! I'm going to need to go out and hunt one down until I can get my order for them in. Also, you can find them much cheaper than on Amazon p.s. Found them for about $[...] total cost with a rebate included on a site I randomly found while doing a goggle. It's called "IAQ Source".

    I'll still get them cause they they make dusting easier...thanks 3M...I think. ...more info