Pacific Natural Foods Organic Soup, Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato, 16-Ounce Units (Pack of 12)

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All natural. Experience the delicious taste of nature. At Pacific Foods, we're dedicated to making products that are environmentally responsible, nutritionally sound and of the highest quality. This commitment has created a difference you can see, taste and experience. We're passionate about great taste. Our delicious all natural recipes capture all the health, vitality and nutrition nature has to offer. Our organic milk is a good source of calcium and comes from dairy cows raised using pure sources of feed. Our zesty roasted red pepper and tomato soup goes beyond the norm. Fresh roasted garlic flavor mingles sweetness of red bell peppers and tomatoes to create a mouthwatering treat. Pacific Foods' exclusive Certified to the Source program tracks and ensures that every natural and organic ingredient in every product Pacific Foods makes is of the highest quality and only from a guaranteed source.

Customer Reviews:

    (I can't believe I'm writing a review for soup LOL) But this is my favorite soup, and a comfort food it is! Straight out of the box, into a bowl, microwave for 2 minutes, abd viola! I'm a happy girl. I discovered this soup about 3 years ago, and also bought several other Pacific Organic soups. But this one stuck with me. It has a sweet start, more complex than plain tomato soup, yet still 'simple'. I grind lots of pepper on mine and add small chunks of cheese to melt into it, any cheddar style. The finish is full and well balanced, very satisfying to the taste buds. It is the perfect lunch or light dinner. Great with BLTs too.

    ...more info
  • Best tomato soup !
    This soup is the only "organic" "natural" soup thats better then "regular" soup! Gluten free! The best tomato soup I have ever tasted! Light garlic flavor , heavy roasted flavor! Great plain! love it with crackers n cheese.
    ...more info
  • you get what you pay for
    My disappointment in this product was basically my fault. While yes, the soup is excellent, I did not realize that the 16oz cartons on Amazon were actually half the size that I was buying in the store. I guess I never looked at the size on the store carton when I bought them. The cartons that I've always bought in the store were actually 32oz. Therefore, I thought buying a case of soup was a good deal. I didn't realize that I in fact paid more for buying the soup thru Amazon than in just going to the store and stocking up when they're on sale (which is what I'm going to do from now on). The case of soup arrived in an even bigger box with super-duper, x-large bubble wrap. At least 4-7 more cases of the soup could have fit in this oversized box; a big waste of packaging and resources. Thank goodness the shipping was free. ...more info
  • smooth tomatoe soup
    Tomatoe soup that is smooth textured (what's the right word?). Still quite acidic, but doesn't taste this way. Spiced just right....more info
  • beware of size description
    The soup is very rich, and has a paste-like texture. It has an overpowering taste of "roasted" flavor, which really is the transforming element that prevents it from being another tomato soup. It's quite hearty and can be used for quick small meals.

    I have mistaken this one for the 30oz package, which is often the standard size found in stores. I just want to remind you that it is the smaller size, while it looks almost identical in photos. That is especially important if you want to compare prices....more info
  • soups
    Pacific Natural Foods Organic Soup, Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato, 16-Ounce Units (Pack of 12) Great soup Love it not salty at all. That's why everybody has high blood pressure cause all the salt they put in all the process food, stop and think people.
    Very nice soup will buy again when I can get some money up...more info
  • Yummy!
    Even my picky 5 year old loves this soup and it counts as a serving (or 2) of vegetables! Great with crackers, bread or just drink it straight out of a mug for a really fast snack....more info
  • Yum
    What's not to love? Great balance of flavors, not too salty, works well with grilled cheese sandwiches or as a starter for a gourmet dinner. Healthy and simple - Yum!...more info
  • Wow!
    All I can say is that Pacifid Natural Foods Organic Soup, Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato -- will knock your socks off!

    If you are expecting the same-old-same-old tomato soup, you are in for a huge and very pleasant surprise. Believe me, it is absolutely worth the price. The roasted, sweet pepper taste is wonderful. You'd expect nothing better in a favorite restaurant.

    Most definitely give it a try! (Free shipping is a plus.)...more info
  • I love this soup!
    I discovered this soup a few years ago, and I love it! To me it is much better than just plain tomato soup. It is great just heated in a bowl - I like to sprinkle a bit of fresh chopped basil on top, but dried basil is also excellent with this flavor.

    I also discovered that I can use this as a quick sauce. I like to heat and pour this soup over freshly cooked angel hair spaghetti that has been tossed with fresh pesto. Sprinkle a few pine nuts on top, and you're good to go. Delicious, quick, and easy!...more info
  • Great soup but don't buy from Amazon
    This is my favorite tomato soup so I ordered 12 because I thought the price was a bargain. I usually buy the 32 oz size at about $2.15 each and thought these were 32 oz for a bit better price. I took it for granted that Amazon is a good place to get good prices. So you can imagine my disappointment when I opened the box. The price for these comes to $1.80 for half as much. For another $.35 you can get double the size at the grocery and you don't have to wait for delivery. ...more info
  • Soup Review
    I love these soups. Very delish! Not too spicy, seasoned just right. You know you are treating your body right with this healthy soup....more info
  • Good but
    I enjoy the soup but would like a little more zip. I add some herbs as I warm it. Good warm or cool. !6 oz box is great and the price, discounted when I purchased, was a big incentive. Glad I gave it a try....more info
  • I tasted tomato but not roasted peppers
    I like this soup -- especially at the sale price which was 50% off of the regular price. One 16 ounce carton is enough for one person IMHO (in my humble opinion). I like the fact that it is organic but I would like less sodium (salt). I didn't really taste the roasted peppers. I add a couple of slices of (I dare to say) American Cheese which improves the taste and texture....more info
  • So Yummy!
    I love this soup. It is so good that I could eat it every day. Very flavorful. If you don't like flavor, you won't like this soup....more info


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