Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 Organic Sprouted Grain Cereal, Golden Flax, 16-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

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Product Description

A Complete Protein Crunchy Cereal. The Original 100% Flourless, Sprouted Grain Cereal, All Natural, No Preservatives. Certified Organic Grains.

Customer Reviews:

  • Killer healthy food
    I have tried a lot cereal claiming healthy, but this cereal is truly one of if not the healthiest.
    I find the flavor great! The process of creating the cereal is also unlike most that claim healthy.
    If you eat a lot of processed food and are unsure of what true healthy food taste like because you are use to eating crap you may slam this like the uneducated dog guy.
    Your eating healthy here. If your use to pork grinds,or lucky charms don't go here, you would be doing your body good....more info
  • Pretty tasty
    I ordered the six box package since the reviews were almost uniformly positive. I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed after eating the first small bowl, but I think that was just because the flavor was different than I expected. At that point I was thinking that I just bought way too much of this cereal. After eating a few more bowls I've really grown to enjoy it. It's pretty amazing for a cereal with no sugar. I'm going to try some of the serving suggestions I've read in the other reviews here just to see what it's like with a touch of sweetness, but I enjoy it with just milk....more info
  • This is great cereal!
    My sister turned me on to this and now my other sister and my mom and I all eat it. It's nutritious, filling and is full of fiber! Good stuff!...more info
  • forget the milk!
    Tastes dry and dense with milk, so I experimented and found that if you eat it in a bowl with some honey (however amount depending on your preference), it's delicious- the healthiest "granola" ever!!

    makes for an absolutely wholesome, delicious snack

    my fav ezekial cereal of all the varieties is the one with almonds...more info
  • Best cereal in the whole world
    Despite being healthy (I mean really hippy healthy,) this is the most tasty cereal I have found in a long time. It tastes a bit like Grapenuts, but it doesn't hurt your jaw....more info
  • Healthy and tasty
    I started buying this cereal at the store after reading a recommendation about how much healthier sprouted grains are. Since it is rather expensive, I found that I could save a couple of dollars per box by buying it from Amazon. To my taste the cereal doesn't need any added sugar or anything to taste good and I like the consistency too. I also buy the almond flavor for variety....more info
  • terrific
    I was looking for a cereal that had no white flour or white sugar. This cereal tastes great and fills me up. ...more info


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