T3 Bespoke Labs 83888-SE Special Edition Evolution Professional Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer

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2000 watt power in a 13.5oz lightweight, efficient design Generates Tourmaline negative ions and infrared heat technolgy for 60% faster drying. The only dry with a true ceramic heater coil Eliminates frizzy, "blow dried" look Negative ions add moisture and sheen. 2 speed settings, 4 heat settings plus cool shot and ionized concentrator

  • 2000 watt power in a 13.5oz lightweight, efficient design
  • Generates Tourmaline negative ions and infrared heat technolgy for 60% faster drying. The only dry with a true ceramic heater coil
  • Eliminates frizzy, "blow dried" look
  • Negative ions add moisture and sheen.
  • 2 speed settings, 4 heat settings plus cool shot and ionized concentrator.

Customer Reviews:

  • Bespoke Labs T3 SE Ionic Hair Dryer
    I was unable to keep this product due to the fact that the products box was not sealed and there was not a serial code attached to the hair dryer. This code is necessary in order to register it for it's 5 yr warranty. When I informed Amazon of this problem, they sent me another one, and this too did not have a seal and bar code. This only leads me to wonder where are these dryers coming from?...more info
  • I wish I could give it more than 5 stars!!!!!
    I am currently in cosmetology school, and do A LOT of blowdrying. I decided to invest in a good professional grade dryer for use in school and beyond.
    To test my new dryer, I recruited a classmate. Her hair is past her shoulders, thick, coarse and EXTRA curly. I figured that if this dryer was all it was cracked up to be, it should make what would normally be a tedious and difficult process relativly quick and painless.
    Total drying time: 15-20 minutes. PERFECTLY SMOOTH. This dryer is an ABSOLUTE MIRACLE! The name "Evolution" is quite appropriate.
    This dryer is a MUST for professionals, students, or anyone who wants a quick, easy and perfect blowout ever time....more info
  • Consumer fraud
    After purchasing this product from Amazon for Christmas I found out that it has NO guarantee that it would even work at all! Amazon is NOT an authorized seller,therefore NO guarantee! Talk about consumer fraud! This should be spelled out before you make the purchase so you could make an educated decision. BESPOKE says that they are pursuing the matter in court but it's been 6 months and they are still selling them! I totally doubt their response....more info
  • Love it!
    I love this dryer. It dries your hair faster as it claims and is light weight for holding. So far so good....more info
  • T3 Bespoke evolution Tourmaline Hair Dryer
    It works very good,easy to use . I like it.
    Pros: no complain
    Cons : Expensives...more info
  • I love this hairdryer
    This hairdryer has completely transformed my hair. I have should length and very fine hair, and I HATE blowdrying. It dries my hair completely in 4 minutes, but more importantly, the texture is so much better. When it was stolen i couldn't believe how bad my hair looked with a regular dryer. I bought a new one to replace it--I am hooked....more info
  • excellent
    I loved it, it blows youre hair in less than 20 minutes and i have a lot of hair, it is brilliant i tell you! besides it has like swaroski cristals inthe handle of the drier, witch got me by surprise an looks very cute....more info
  • Buy the real one
    I bought this product too, to get it at a lower price. But honestly, its not worth it because it broke within 3 months. The serial number on the product was not legit (should be a silver label), so chances are the products shipped from Amazon are not "real" t3 hairdryers. Also considering the fact that Amazon is not a licensed distributor, you should avoid buying it because the warranty is not covered by the manufacturer. If you want to invest in this hair dryer try to find it at a local beauty store (I found one with warranty and all for $170) and be sure to look for the silver serial number label!...more info
  • Good dryer
    This is a really good hair dryer. It is quiet and light. I'm not entirely sure it was worth the money but I still like it!...more info
  • best hair dryer
    This is such a great hair dryer. My hair usually takes about 20 minutes to dry, and this dryer does it in 3. I have gotten so many compliments on my hair as well. It's awesome. Worth the money. ...more info
  • A Miracle!!!
    Before I owned this hair dryer it used to take forever to dry my hair plus my hair looked like an unruly, frizzy mop. The T3 Evolution dryer has proven to be nothing short of a miracle for my hair. I don't know how I got along without it! This technology makes my hair stay smooth even on the most humid days! OK, there will be a little frizz when it rains but NOTHING like before. I was embarrassed of my hair on wet days until this dryer! If this dryer can help me it can help anyone. I thought my hair was hopeless until I bought it. I also thought it was a lot of money to spend on a dryer, but it's been the best investment I ever made in my hair! I actually save money now because I am not continually trying new hair products. With this dryer and a good round brush I can use drug store brands and get salon results!...more info
  • The Best Dryer In The Market
    I have owned many blow dryers but this dryer is by far the best dryer I have ever owned. Both my daughters and I use this blower and we all love the way it leaves our hairs. The noise level is low so when I use it early in the morning I don't disturb anyone. It has cut back at least 15 mins. from our hair drying time which is great since we all have medium length hair and leaves our hair soft and not dry looking. I would recommend this blow dryer to anyone....more info
  • Love this hair dryer!
    This hair dryer is incredible. I'm about to purchase a second one for my mother. I don't know how I got along without it! It dries my hair so quickly, and it makes styling with a round brush much, much easier. ...more info
  • Fabulous product!
    This hair dryer is truly for individuals with dry, frizzy hair, though I'm sure anyone would like it. It makes a SIGNIFICANT difference (hair is smoother and shinier).The difference lasts for several days and to a large degree even when your hair is exposed to humidity. Worth the money because now I can wear a straight hairstyle I didn't think possible and not have to worry about the rain....more info
  • Fantastic Hair Dryer!
    I love this hairdryer- it drys your hair so quickly and doesn't leave the frizzy feeling that all drug store brand hair dryers leave....more info
  • T3 83888
    Outstanding product. I bought this for my girlfriend who has very long and beautiful blonde hair. Normally it takes her about 45 min to an hour to thoroughly dry her hair. With this it takes 15-20 min. In addition, her ai ends up softer then ever. Highly recommended....more info
  • Amazon should be ashamed for ripping off their customers
    I too bought this dryer and in less than 3 months the dryer was not working. When I contacted T3 they informed me that Amazon was not authorised to sell this product but they would make an exception and for a total cost of $50.00 they would replace my very expensive dryer.

    Amazon should let you know of the issues before you by any product that will not honor it's warranty. I have used Amazon but never knew of this dirty little secret. I thought this was a customer service kind of company ,well it is not....more info
  • Great Buy~
    This is a wonderful dryer. It dries evenly and leaves hair shiny. I have curly hair and this dryer is amazing. It is fast and does a great job. It is twice as fast at drying my hair. It leaves my curls looking great and helps cut down on frizz. This product is well worth the money. I wish I had heard about it sooner....more info
  • Great dryer-no warrenty
    I too liked this hair dryer very much. However, I know exactly where the serial number should have been (there is a place on the front of the box so it can be peeled off and applied for warrenty registration) and it had been removed or never applied. This isn't your typical 30 or 90 day warrenty. It has a 4 year warrenty and for a hair dryer at this price, that is worth something. Amazon was great about the return, but if I had known for sure that a warrenty was not going to be included, I would never have ordered it from them. I would have opted to pay more money....more info
  • fantastic dryer
    This hair dryer was a gift to my daughter, a lawyer with very long hair. Previous dryers she used resulted in dry, brittle and unmanageable hair without the use of a lot of hair spry. The evolution dryer has changed this. She says that the dryer dries her hair quicker and leaves it soft and it doesn't dry it out. All in all, one fantastic hair dryer....more info
  • Old Unauthorized Stock, But Great Deal
    If I have this right, this is an older, closeout version of the current $300 Evolution hairdryer but for the price it's a great deal. It is not the identical model to the current one, as it only has 1600 watts vs. 2000 watts for the current one. But, look at it this way, you could buy 3 of these for the same price as the one from an "authorized" dealer with a warranty-and you would still have to pay $15+ to have it fixed if it breaks under the warranty. The one we got came with no serial number as described in other reviews below, but it has been working extremely well and as advertised in that it dries hair significantly faster than our old Conair Yellowbird 2000 watt and leaves your hair feeling much softer. I'd rather pay $100 with no warranty than $300 with one (that's like spending $200 on an extended warranty). ...more info
  • !!!!!*****BEWARE------AMAZON NOT AUTHORIZED******!!!!!!!!!
    My wife has had the dryer for 4months now.It started not heating up as much in the last couple weeks, now it just blows cold air.Went to look for the warranty caus' one of the reasons I bought this $200 dryer was the fact it had a 5yr warranty...NOT!!!!.....I started looking for the serial number only to find it had been removed from the box(you can clearly see the location where it used to be and was torn off!)
    I came back here to check it out and found all these posts on "non-authorized" reseller bull$!!it.I do alot of research when I buy stuff, making sure I pay enough money to get quality and not buying cheap.
    There is no way to know Amazon is not an authorized reseller.This has been a complete rip off.Make sure you heed the warning....BUY ELSWHERE.
    Make sure it has the serial number on the box!I'm really pissed about this.Now we have to spend more money on another blow dryer.This sucks!!...more info
  • Wonderful product
    Wow, I cannot believe the difference between T3 Evolution and a regular $20 Conair dryer I used before. My hair is naturally very curly, and has been very damaged by flat irons, hair dryers, and japanese straightening. Nevertheless, when I blow-dry my hair straight with the T3 Evolution dryer, it makes my hair look very siky, soft, shiny, and with no frizz. I also don't even have to use the flat iron to finish the straightening job. I feel like I get a salon blowdry every time I use it. Well worth the money. I really hope it doesn't break down any time soon, like the other reviews mentioned because there is no warranty...but if it does, I will buy the same dryer from an authorized retailer...it's just that great....more info
  • T3
    I have a month with the dryer now. My brother in law, a professional hair stylist recommended I purchased the Evolution 2000. I had high expectations, in specific, faster drying time. I have not had a faster drying time. Many times the dryer auto turns off and cools down making my drying time longer.
    ...more info
    I bought the T3 in Oct 2007 as soon as I received it I knew something was wrong. I have used a real one and this is not a real one, I don't understand how everyone loves their hair dryer and only a few people thinks that their dryer is a fake? Anyway over the weekend my dryer totally blew out I only had it for 6 months, now I have to try to get my money back which should be fun. It would have been so worth the extra 100.00 to buy a real one instead of paying 200.00 for a $20.00 refurbished Conair motor. ...more info
  • Bouncy, shiny blowouts
    I was actually giddy the first time I used this because of how it made my hair so smooth and full of body. This baby plus a little mousse work wonders. My hair is fine and not extremely thick, and this dryer does a great job of giving me extra volume when I want a more glamourous look. I feel it was worth the splurge, although I'm glad I bought it when I did (a few months ago) because the price has since gone up on it....more info
  • Excellent Product
    My daughter-in-law recommended this hair dryer. It works very well and is much quieter than my old dryer.
    My only complaint is that it was purchased from For Beauty Sales. Since they are not an authorized online dealer for T3 products, the manufacturer's warranty is void. For Beauty Sales offers a 6 month warranty through their own company. This warranty policy is stated at the bottom of the Return policy (not somewhere one would typically look when purchasing a product). ...more info
  • Great Dryer!
    Well, I bought this very same dryer from Amazon over a year ago, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE It. I have had NO problem what so ever with it. It works like a GEM. I have naturally curly hair, and I have no more frizzies, and my hair is so shiny. Now I am going to invest in the travel dryer because I am going on a Cruise this year, so it will better than packing the larger one. Also the T3 brushes are awesome,I have 2 sizes....more info
  • T3 Bespoke Labs Hair Dryer/good price
    My purchase arrived just a couple of days later! I had expected longer delivery time. The T3 was priced much lower than other web sites.
    It is light weight and has a little bling on the handle.

    Dried quickly and I am thrilled to get the lower price for the exact same product listed elsewhere.
    Thanks for quality products at lower price and excellent delivery.
    Who says a Grandma can't be cool with a new blinged out T3?...more info
  • T3 Bespoke Hair Dryer
    This is THE LAST time I order anything but books thru Amazon. I have a major probelm every time. I ordered the Featherweight Dryer with a Diffuser. Instead I got the Special Edition with NO DIFFUSER for more money! There was NO CONTACT information on the order -- NO PHONE NUMBer -- I called Amazon and got no help at all. I had to spend more money to Order the Diffuser. So I ended up spending more money and did not get the product I ordered through the Amazon site....more info
  • Great Gift idea
    Purchased this for a gift and the person I gave it to keeps thanking me for the purchase. Suppose to be one of the best out there....more info
  • I love this hairdryer!
    This dryer is amazing! It takes me about FIVE minutes to dry my hair in the mornings, what a joy. Really makes my hair shiny and healthy looking- and dries my hair nice and straight without the use of a damaging flat iron.
    Great price from Amazon.com-shop around and see for yourself, I seen it at other stores for $350!...more info
  • Quite but *hot* and limited
    I appreciated very much the quietness of the hair dryer; at first I didn't believe it could possibly dry my hair in a reasonable amount of time. I have a very old hair dryer now, a conair, that I love, and honestly, I would rather use the conair.

    My dislike of the product:
    1.) It has only two settings, both very hot. The temperature is very very hot and hurts my scalp (I can't imagine it is good for my hair). My hair ends up less manageable and more frizzy.
    2.) The cool button must be held down; personally, I don't know why most hair dryers don't come with a button that keeps the cold air going, but I am not an engineer.

    Basically, if you don't mind very hot hair dryers, go for it, but if my must older and less advanced conair does a better job than this, I have difficulty justifying the expense.

    I hope this was helpful....more info
  • no problems, great dryer
    This is a great hair dryer- it works fast and my hair has never looked better. I never thouht i would spend that much on a dryer, but it has been well worth it.

    I almost didn't get it because of the reviews on here about unauthorized dealers and whatnot. It was a great price though so I went ahead anyway. I'm glad I did! I don't know if somethng changed, or if those reviewers were just looking in the wrong place for the serial number, but mine had everything needed in order to register it with no problems. ...more info
  • the best i have had as a professinal stylist!
    over the years of working in salons, my own included, i have had many dryers. i like working with this as it is extremely light weight and dries the hair very fast and almost frizz free. excellant product for the professional stylist...more info
  • T3 Evolution
    I have mid-back length thick blonde hair which typically has the consistancy of cotton candy after I use a hair dryer...sticky and frizzy. After using the t3, this is no longer a problem. The next morning when I ran my brush through it, it didn't so much as snag.
    As for the warranty issue, it should come as no surprise...almost every negative review is because of this. I would rather chance $100 without a warranty than pay $200 more for one. If my hair dryer blows up, I can buy a new one and still have spent less money....more info
  • Best Hair Dryer Ever
    I have fine, wavy, fly-away hair that is prone to bushing and frizzing even in non-humid weather and until I found this dryer nothing could smooth, straighten and calm down this wild animal on my head!

    This dryer is like a miracle! Even in hot, humid weather I can walk outside and not feel my hair shrivel and kink up. OK, there will be a little frizz, but not anywhere near as much as before. I'm telling you, if this dryer can work this well on my hair it can work for anyone. I've tried other expensive dryers that women rave about and they were all a waste of money compared to this one.

    First of all, let me warn you that if you are expecting this dryer to be anything like your old dryer you are going to be let down. In just about every way this dryer makes you think it's not up to the task but if you give it a chance you'll see that it is light years better than anything else out there.

    For instance, this dryer does not seem to put out a lot of air. People tend to think it doesn't have enough power but that's not because it isn't working, it's because it doesn't need to blow your hair to smithereens in order to dry it quickly and thoroughly. And the benefits from not having to deal with all that wind are amazing. It actually gives you better control over your hairstyle and doesn't "poof" up your hair. If you curl your hair around a barrel brush and pull it tight, then pull verrry slowly down to the ends while following it with the dryer, it will dry your hair far more efficiently and smoothly than if you had to deal with tons of wind blowing your hair all over the place. The only thing is that it takes some getting used to the lack of wind because you are forced to handle your hair differently. Once you get the knack of it, though, you will never want to go back to your old dryer again. I feel so much less stressed out using this dryer, too. It's quieter, lighter and doesn't require gymnastics to achieve amazing results.

    Another thing is that the dryer is amazingly light - it weighs just over half a pound! Again, the control this affords you in being able to hold the dryer at strange angles indefinitely without feeling awkward or tired is amazing. I used to think that only a professional could dry the hair on the back of my head and style it well, but now I can do it myself to perfection with this dryer. This dryer is so easy to use you will have more energy when you leave the bathroom. I'll swear it takes less time to dry my hair, although I haven't estimated by how much. It feels like it takes about 25% less time than my old dryer, which was also a professional ionic/ceramic dryer.

    One thing that is strange about this dryer (but not in a bad way) is that at first I thought I was seeing "smoke" rising from my hair when I used it. This alarmed me because I thought I was damaging my hair. Now I realize that this is most likely the humidity being blown out of my via the miracle of modern science! It has no smell and it seems like water vapor. I had seen this effect a bit with my old dryer, but it happens a LOT with this dryer. All I know is that my hair comes out silky, smooth, and since I've been using it, in MUCH better condition than before. I sometimes feel like I've used a relaxer on my hair!

    The only complaint I have about this dryer is a small one and quite minor in the scheme of things. The control buttons are in an awkward place on the grip of the handle and it is easy to accidentally turn the dryer off or change the speed or temperature. There are 2 independent speed controls and 3 temperature controls.

    Other than that, I find the lower speed virtually unecessary because the higher speed is versatile enough to use for any purpose.

    In general, I would highly recommend this dryer to anyone regardless of their hair issues. I often see women with "thick curly hair" act as if their hair type is the hardest to handle and if a dryer can work on them it can work on anyone. Well, they never had fine, fly-away, kinky, curly, bushy, virtually weightless hair that will not be tamed for love or money like I do, so I often wonder just who has it harder in that department! But regardless of that, I think that anyone who wants silkier, smoother, straighter hair will be more than happy with their results with this dryer. Personally, when I have seen bad reviews of this dryer I think it's because the person hasn't learned how to use it yet and is expecting it to act like the average hair dryer. If you have that reaction I would suggest taking some lessons in blow drying techniques because I am pretty sure that will solve your problem. This dryer has taught me so much about how to dry my hair successfully that I am almost in debt to it for an education as well. Now if they can only come out with a model that will shine shoes too! ;-)

    UPDATE May, 2008: I have now owned this blow dryer for about a year and despite daily use it's still going strong with absolutely NO issues whatsoever and I am still thrilled with its performance!...more info
  • Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I previously used a Babyliss ProTT tourmaline ceramic that I completely loved. When it had broke down, I only wanted to upgrade and the T3 was supposed to be the best around. And I have to admit, it's pretty amazing. I have long wavy hair that gets impossibly frizzy in hot/humid weather and now I've turned off my flat iron permanently. My hair stays straight without it now. My Babyliss dried my hair pretty quickly and so does the T3. But the T3 does it without blowing my hair everywhere, so you have much more control over styling. Allover, it is an amaaaaazing product, a step up from my Babyliss, and I wonder why I didn't buy one sooner!...more info
  • no power
    This product is not worth your money. It does smooth out the hair shaft in a real way, but it has absolutely no power, so the hair is always flat. ...more info
  • Not authentic
    I purchased this hairdryer after reading all the reviews that Amazon wasn't an authorized retailer for the T3 hairdryer, but I wasn't too concerned since it was such a good price. Needless to say when I received the hairdryer I don't even think it is a real T3 hairdryer. There is no serial number on the box and no serial number on the hairdryer. I went to Sephora and purchased another one with serial number on the box and a silver tape with serial number looped around the cord of the hairdryer. The amazon dryer was VERY loud compared to the one that I purchased at Sephora. The amazon dryer also blew a lot more air than the one purchased from Sephora. This really makes me question the integrity of Amazon's practices. I have been eyeing a new DSLR camera that just dropped below $1,000 on Amazon and am wondering if it will be the real deal or a knock off too?...more info
  • Great dryer
    This is a great dryer. We have a high use home (several people use this dryer daily), so it gets quite a workout. It is light and powerful which is nice and not too loud either.
    ...more info
  • Great Hairdryer!!
    This is the greatest hair dryer I've ever used in my 49 years!! My hair dryes in record time!! I've told everyone, even my hairdresser to buy one!! It's GREAT!!!!...more info


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