Sleep Studio ViscO2 Ventilated 2-Inch Thick Memory Foam Mattress Enhancer, Queen

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Product Description

Sleep Studio's exclusive new ViscO2 memory foam combined with ventilation provides the perfect balance of support, comfort and temperature. ViscO2 is a breakthrough in memory foam technology with the same performance as the leading brand, but with 5 times greater airflow to prevent overheating. Sleep Studio then adds 3 zones of air channels to allow even more air circulation at the head and feet and more support in the torso area. ViscO2 + ventilation = more oxygen (O2) under the covers for a healthier, more comfortable night's sleep. Unlike other leading memory foams, ViscO2 returns to its original size faster and is not prone to permanent shrinkage from compression. Ultra fresh anti microbial/anti bacterial treatment is also added.

  • Breathable ViscO2 high performance memory foam provides pressure relief and enhanced comfort
  • 3 zone ventilation for air circulation and support where it's needed most
  • Cooler, more comfortable sleeping temperature
  • Less tossing and turning; reduces motion transfer between partners
  • Environmentally Friendly Formula includes natural ingredients, Made in USA

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome Memory Foam Topper
    I have the most comfortable bed in the universe. I had a new Serta mattress that really wasn't that soft or comfortable so I purchased this topper and it made a huge difference. This topper has the perfect combination of soft versus firmness. I was surprised at the smell however, it is very potent and you will need to let it air out for a couple of days and changing your bedding frequently (daily even) really helps....more info
  • Great quality, Very glad we bought these!
    We bought three Memory Foam mattresses for our three children this Christmas 2008. The children are 11, 13 and 14. The kids are very happy with quality. They all say how comfortable they are.The foam pads did not come with a cover like some do. However I have put the pads underneath a mattress pad and will just clean the mattress pad as necessary....more info
  • Mattress Enhancer works well
    This product has worked really well for our needs. It provides an extra layer of 'cozyness' that cushions you against the harder mattress. Our guests always remark about how well they slept.

    Yes, the other reviewers were correct when they said that the mattress pad needs time to open up to full size and does smell. I let it do it's thing with the bedroom windows open and the door closed. It's not an issue any more....more info
  • Makes a cheap mattress a great one!
    This memory form is excellent; it is firm when you first lie down but it molds and supports your body. Excellent way to make a not so great mattress into a great one. ...more info
  • Unfortunately Unhappy
    We purchased a good mattress, but when we got it home discovered it was absolutely TOO hard. For years we have been complaining about it and have used the inexpensive "egg crates" which provided a softer, more restful sleep. When we saw the Sleep Studio Ventilated Mattress Enhancer, we were so excited to think that finally we had found the answer to our sleepless nights. We were very disappointed. There was just "something" about it that was not comfortable. We both tossed and turned all night. The bed was too warm...and it was winter time. We didn't want to take a chance of roasting in the summer so we returned it to the company. The return process was very easy and we appreciated being reimbursed quickly (minus shipping costs which we were happy to pay). We're headed to Walmart for a couple new "egg crates!"...more info
  • super comfortable!
    We bought this memory foam topper to make our guest twin bed more comfortable. The bed was never very comfortable before but with this topper, it is extremely comfortable. I think we will get another one for our daughter's very hard mattress. Our mattress pad and sheets still fit over it, but I did buy some deep-pocket sheets. We did not have any trouble with bad odor but we did let it air out for a day, as suggested. We are very happy with this purchase! Our guests now have the best bed in the house. ...more info
  • Great memory foam!
    I bought this to fix the sagging mattress on my twin bed (which I've had for at least 25 years!) at my parents' house. For twenty-five bucks, the topper was a cheap and cost effective way to make my twin mattress super comfy. I spent like 15 hours a day in bed, sleeping and reading because it was just that comfy. It compares well to the queen sized all-memory foam (ok, 6 in of 4lb memory foam, and 8 in of traditional high density foam) mattress that I have in my own apartment.

    It doesn't have a cover on the memory foam, but I put it inside the allergy cover that was already on top of the bed. A mattress pad is unnecessary and might interfere with the heat-sensitive properties of the memory foam.

    The only drawback: When it's really really cold (like 50 and below), the memory foam is a bit stiff until you warm it up with your body heat. ...more info
  • Excellent, Very comfortable
    I don't often take the time to write a review, but I've found that with respect to these mattress toppers there seem to be a large variance in the satisfaction of the customers. People say that the pad is cut too short, or that it smells really bad, or that they are too hard to sleep on. Well, I found that none of these were the case with this mattress pad. I find it very very comfortable to sleep on. It was cut to perfect dimensions and the odor that I noticed when unpacking was virtually gone after a day of allowing it to air out and relax, which you need to do just to allow it to expand from the shipping. This product is well worth the money and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering a memory foam topper. It turned a somewhat firm, inexpensive mattress into a very comfortable sleep surface....more info
  • Excellent Mattress Enhancer
    I bought this mattress enhancer as a pad for guests and just couldn't stop using it myself. It is soft and yet firm enough to support your body's natural shape. My mattress of 10 years is great in general but can be a bit hard on my lower back after a full day of sitting. This pad solves the problem. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Great addition to a cheap mattress
    We bought a cheap mattress for a second spare room thinking that nobody would actually use it. We were wrong - and the mattress was really cheap. Add this foam and you have the comfort of a much more expensive mattress. would I recommend sleeping on it every night? no. Nothing replaces the support of a good mattress, but I would absolutely recommend it for a spare room for company. It has enough support to keep them comfortable, but not enough for them to want to move in......more info
  • Great Purchase...
    I bought this mattress topper to relieve me of this constant backache I was experiencing due to the springs in the mattress. Well not only did it do the job, but made sleeping a joy. Initially it does have some resistance, so if you are a tosser, it might feel uncomfortable up front. This is because you sink in the mattress a bit and if you change your position, it takes a wee bit (few seconds) of time to adjust to the new position. But with regular use, I guess the mattress adjusts to the regular pressure areas. The elasticity is good, so it should last long....Great buy, especially if you get it at a discount....more info
  • Better Than Others
    This is a much better quality product than others I've owned, and it does NOT make your bed too warm. I live in FL, so this is a big consideration for me. Make sure to allow at least 2 days for airing out before putting it on your bed. I've been using it for 2 months now, and it shows no signs of uneveness or deterioration....more info


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