Andis 82075 Tourmaline/Ionic Hair Dryer

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Product Description

* The fusion of nano-ceramic and tourmaline styles hair in less time without typical hair dryer damage. Hair is left softer and shinier. * Ions dry hair faster by breaking up water molecules * 4 heat settings / air speeds for styling control * Powerful, long-life AC motor * INCLUDES 3 ATTACHMENTS: Ceramic diffuser, concentrator & pick

  • Nano-Silver technology with real silver has anti-bacterial properties
  • Crushed from precious gemstones, Tourmaline crystals emit negative ions that quickly seal the cuticle layer and eliminate frizz for smoother, silkier hair in 60% less drying time
  • The fusion of Nano-Ceramic and Tourmaline straightens hair in less time and without typical iron damage - hair is left softer and shinier
  • Ionic dries hair faster by breaking up water molecules
  • 4 heat settings/air speeds for styling control

Customer Reviews:

  • Broke after a year
    I really liked the ionic technology. It dries hair a lot faster. However, after a year of owning this, it broke. I had to buy another dryer from Amazon, and I chose a different one--the Conair 213x Infiniti Professional Tourmaline dryer. I noticed that the sound on the Conair (when on "high" setting) was a lot quieter than the Andis.
    I get the impression that the motor on the Conair is of a higher quality than that of the Andis....more info
  • hiardryer
    I love the way this dries my hair and love all the heat settings. I really wanted a concentrator to help control frizz. This came with 3 great attachements but they do not stay on and after 4 uses my concentrator fell off and cracked. If you do not want the attachements then this is the perfect dryer. ...more info
  • Great dryer
    This is a great dryer. It blows hard which is what I wanted. I have short bleached hair. I don't use the attachments. I haven't noticed that the ion feature has done anything different for my hair. It has a nice long cord which I also like. Some reviewers have mentioned it being heavy. Not true, maybe for a three year old, but not an adult. It just feels like a nice solid, well made dryer. It's louder than my last dryer, but not too loud. I don't think that whole ion thing does anything no matter which dryer you use. My hair is the same, with or without ions. What smooths it out is the fact that it blows nice and hard. That will probably change though as the filter gets clogged inside. That remains to be seen. I'm happy with it....more info
  • Blows like crazy, kind of heavy, does the job!
    This hair dryer does the job; it dries your hair FAST. It comes with 3 attachments, and I really only use one. This means I have to find more space to store the other clunky yet light weight attachments. These attachments sometimes fall off easily; they don't snap or screw in. I find that the "hot" and "high" setting are overkill, so I use the "warm" and "low" setting for drying. I wish there was a lower setting for styling, because there is so much power even in the low setting that it blows around the hair I've already styled. Also, it's fairly heavy and large. As I blow dry, my grip is such that my fingers accidently shut off the dryer because the tiny "on" switch (which is basically the low or high setting) is right where my fingers go. That can get annoying. If I adjust my grip to prevent the accidental shut off, I find that my fingers are touching the "extra cold" button. No crime there, but I'm not ready for the cold button! Regardless of these things, it really is a decent, affordable hair dryer, especially for people with a lot of hair (probably too much "wind" for short hair). Oh, and it's fairly quiet too, as far as hair dryers go. Good times....more info
  • Good Value, excelent results!!!!
    I try for the first time ionic hair dryer and I have to say, it works. The andis tourmaline hair dryer is better than I thought. Makes my hair feel much much softer, the blowing is strong and faster than normal hair dryers do. So , trust it!!!! worth it....more info
  • Very Happy With The Blow Dryer
    Have no complaints other then it's a bit heavy and the attachments seem to slip off easily. It works well and dries my hair without all the damage of a regular dryer. This is a salon quality dryer for a great price..I would recommend it!...more info
  • Great Value!
    Excellent hair dryer for the money! Drying time is cut by half, great tools included. My only wish is that it didn't weigh so much. It is a bit heavy but on the upside, by biceps are more sculpted now. :) can save about $200 dollars for this model and have a heavier dryer or purchase a T3 which performs the same but is wayyy lighter.

    Decisions...decisions... :)...more info
  • Good dryer for the price
    This dryer does dry may hair fast and it seems less frizzy than with other dryers. I have had many dryers ranging from cheap to very expensive. This one ranks in the top percent. A few's a bit heavy and I don't like where the buttons are located (On/Off-Warm/Hot) I'm constantly turning the dryer on warm when I want it hot. Not the end of the world, just something I would change about it if I could....more info
  • What a lucky break for me to discover this hairdryer!
    Had I not accidently dropped and broke my 30 year old Conair hairdryer, I would never have found this wonderful new Andis Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer--and what a difference it has made for me and my hair! I had not realized the new improved crystal technology in hair dryers! (I'm the type of person that keeps using an appliance till it literally dies.) This amazing hair dryer not only dries my hair (which is long and thick) in no time flat, but it makes it so easy to style my hair like in salons. It makes styling my hair so effortless! Additionally, it adds moisture and shine to my hair just like the Amazon description says it does! I don't really use the attachments, but I don't really care. My daughters love this hair dryer just as much as I do, and we all have long, thick hair! Dropping and breaking that old Conair was such a lucky stroke for me. This hair dryer is a dream appliance for all of us! ...more info
  • attachments do not attach!
    I can't get the attachments to stay on at all. I put the diffuser on my counter, put the hairdryer in it, and pounded the dryer with my fist. It flew off in a matter of minutes. I find the control switches are awkward as well. While gripping the handle I manage to turn it off or change the heat setting while drying my hair. It is powerful and does dry hair. I haven't noticed any "super smooth" dries however. ...more info
  • Good product but...
    Great product for the money. My only complaint is that the diffuser falls off occasionally. I would buy it again however....more info
  • Excellent hair dryer!
    I needed a hair dryer that didn't fry my hair and this is it! Highly recommend!...more info
    I had used an ANDIS dryer at a hotel and LOVED it. So, I thought I would try this one. Yes, it is a little heavier than most, but I think that is because it has a larger (and better) motor in it. It dries my hair FAST and it looks great and healthy....more info
  • Lasted 1 month
    This hairdryer lasted me one month! It started overheating and some plastic piece that must have been inside the dryer started burning. I
    had already thrown all packing and attachments out so I just tossed the hairdryer in the trash. Bought a new red hardryer at Walmart for $15.00....more info
  • Great Dryer!!
    I love this dryer. It has improved the texture and whole condition of my hair. My (African-American) hair is less frizzy, smoother and calmer. I'm buying two more for my sisters as Christmas presents. ...more info
  • Worth the money
    I love this hair dryer. It is the best one I have ever owned in terms of making my fine hair look amazing. I recommend this hair dryer to any one and be sure to use the large attachment to it for great results!...more info
  • Great Blow Dryer
    This is a great blow dryer. I use the comb attachment and it keeps m,y hair relatively straight. The problem is that it is a little heavy, but i guess thats like most. I would recommend it to others because it gets the job done, and i havent had any problems so far. ...more info
  • Favorite with this tip
    When my years-old trusted hair dryer died I was not looking forward to trying to find a replacement. Why is a good hair dryer so hard to find? I thought this one was expensive but decided to give it a try and see if it was worth it. In my opinion it is - yes it is heavy but it gets very hot (though you can set it lower) and dries my hair much more quickly than other hair dryers. Other reviewers noted the problem of attachments being a little loose. I had this problem and happened to mention it to my hair dresser - she said to just use a paper towel between the attachment and the dryer to keep it on. Genius!! Haven't had a problem since! I would have given this dryer 5 stars if not for the fact that a paper towel is required to keep the attachments on. Would purchase again and have recommended to friends....more info
  • nice work-just a little heavy UPDATED
    This dryer works pretty well. It's a little on the heavy side and the diffuser doesn't seem to fit properly-it's always falling off. I use this before that flat iron and my hair has never felt better. UPDATE_3/09 hair dryer died after very light usage-used maybe 5 times a month about half an hour each time-if you want you money worth try some other brand...more info
  • Good product but...
    Great product for the money. My only complaint is that the diffuser falls off occasionally. I would buy it again however....more info
  • Andis 82075 Hair Dryer
    This is the first time I've purchased a hair dryer on line. It seems that I've had to replace my store purchased dryers annually if not sooner in the past. I'm hoping this one is better built than the others I've owned previously. It does seem to be a higher quality product.

    I have to confess that the color of this hair dryer was what initially caught my eye. It's a powerful dryer....certainly has shorten my hair drying time.

    I like this product a lot with one exception - - the position of the buttons. They are situated at the middle of the handle. I end up accidentally shutting off the dryer constantly in the midst of drying my hair! Not a big deal - - just sort of irritating. Had they moved the buttons higher up on the handle, this problem could have been eliminated. Perhaps they'll make that adjustment on the next model.

    Nonetheless, I think this product earns a 4 star!

    ...more info
  • Christmas Gift For Granddaughter
    She asked for a colorful hairdryer to take back to Texas A and M. This one has a beautiful glittery finish, while also being a very good one. She rally did like it!...more info


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