Lasko 3520 20-Inch Cyclone

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Product Description

Three Whisper-Quiet Speeds. Neutral colors ideal for home or office. Adjustable Fan head pivots and locks in place. U.L. Listed. Fully Assembled.

  • Three Whisper-Quiet Speeds
  • Neutral colors ideal for home or office
  • Adjustable Fan head pivots and locks in place
  • U.L. Listed
  • Fully Assembled
Customer Reviews:
  • Strong fan but a little loud
    This fan blows hard. Thus, it's gonna make noise. That should be understood. The only major problem is that the base isn't as sturdy as I'd like to see, which makes tipping the fan over pretty easy....more info
  • 20 inch cyclone fan - great buy
    This is a great fan. Puts out a lot of air. Takes no time to bring in outside air and cool off any room....more info
  • Cooled for 8 years!
    I bought this about 8 years ago & it has done a wonderful job of cooling my bedroom. I agree with another reviewer - it looks cheap, but darn it - it does the job! It still operates, but the knob on top just broke. So now I have to unplug it when I'm not using. - I'm now debating buying this fan, that I know I can trust - it really cools the room, or go for another fan that looks better.
    I use this on the low setting, and I like that the breeze is gentle. Also I can tilt it up to the ceiling on cooler days, or right on me when it's really hot. I'm afraid of fans with a super-powerful breeze - they hurt!!...more info
  • Good, inexpensive fan for the home
    Overall a good, cheap fan for the house. We purchased this as a spare and use it to keep the air moving. Can be loud, especially on the higher settings. Nice sound and air movement on the lowest setting. Downside, this fan can easily tip over, not a great base on it. Pros, inexpensive, not too loud on lower settings, good air movement...more info
  • Perfect for white noise
    So, i had the unfortunate luck of coming home last week to find that my cat had knocked over the Lasko wind machine that has been my trusty fan for several years ~ the knocking over was apparently the last straw, as the motor quit working. I cannot sleep without a fan (it's my white noise) so we immediately went to wal-mart (yes, at 1 in the morning) to look for a fan. our timing couldn't have been worse, as they were stocking all the heaters that night and claimed there wasn't a fan in the store. The next night we went to another walmart about 1/2 an hour away and received the same story. I gave up and ordered this badboy from amazon. it was here in two days ~ and i've been sleeping like a baby ever since. It's a little loud, but if you're like me, that's what you're looking for. It's so powerful that it moves the blades on the turned off ceiling fan in the bedroom! i don't like the "clicking" design when you move it, but it's better, i guess, than the wind machine's knobs that were forever loose and causing the fan to blow upwards. Overall, this fan is PERFECT for those of us who need a fan to sleep. I'd give it 5 stars if it didn't click when you moved it's tilt, but unless you move it a lot, i guess that's not too much of an issue. ...more info
  • Lasko Cyclone
    I have been using a Lasko Cyclone for over four years and have been very pleased with its performance. It runs almost continuously. At high speed its sound is intrusive, but acceptable when you are more than fifteen feet away. At its lowest speed it is hardly noticeable. I plan on buying another one if it ever quits. ...more info
  • This fan smells horrible!!!
    I don't know what is wrong with this fan, but it smells horrible. I feel ill smelling it. I think it's toxic!!! I hate it. ...more info
  • Not a big fan of this fan...
    For the money, it's probably an ok deal, but not a super-dooper value. The fan's casing is all plastic - and I mean everything, which gives it a cheap appearance and feel. And heaven help you if you ever need to clean the innards.

    It does blow a nice breeze, but it won't blow you away. I tried using it in a window to draft in the cooler night air and it didn't work too well for that. My number one complaint is that there's not much difference between low and high on the three speed motor.

    It's also noisier than one would expect. I use this fan as an adjunct to a 12,000 BTU window a/c and the fan makes almost as much noise as the window unit. The biggest complaint is that the fan is unsteady on its feet (which are molded plastic) and it tips over way too easy. It has those rachety-things built into the casing that enables it to pivot up and down. However, whenever I try to give it a slight push up or down, the fan just falls over. In fact, if you're not excrutiatingly careful when you set the fan down on the floor, it just flops over which is fairly annoying. Poor design.

    The three-speed controls are conveniently located on top of the unit and it does have a nice carry handle (molded plastic, of course).

    I also own the Lasko $17 fan (the super cheap box fan) and the Cyclone is probably twice as powerful as the box fan. In conclusion, the top-heavy feature of this fan is just annoying as &^#@, but it's probably not a bad deal for the $35 price....more info