Honeywell HFD-110 QuietClean Tower Air Purifier with Permanent Filter

List Price: $169.99

Our Price: $149.99

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  • Whisper-quiet tower air purifier for medium-size rooms
  • HEPA filter removes up to 99 percent of harmful indoor particles
  • Permanent filter rinses clean with water; electronic "filter-clean" indicator
  • Advanced controls; 3 speed settings; 4-, 8-, or 12-hour auto shutoff timer
  • Measures approximately 12 by 10 by 29 inches; 5-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Ionizer
    My bf and I bought this air filter specifically for the fact we both have asthma and wanted a nice air filter that not only cleaned the air, but would not create ozone. No where in the reviews did it say that it was an ionizer so we bought it. We had it on for one night, it did a great job cleaning the air and was quiet but when I went to go break down the packaging, I noticed teeny tiny print on the bottom of the box that said: warning: includes ionizer that produces ozone. do not use if you have asthma.

    We were both quite upset that we didn't see this warning on Amazon before we bought it. Had to return it! False advertising!...more info
  • Warning: Deceptive product description, No HEPA, Yes Ionizer
    I reviewed dozens of air purifiers in the search for the best, low-price one with a HEPA filter that did not use Ionizing technology (which appears to be especially risky for people with asthma). I purchased the Honeywell HFD-110 Quietclean Tower thinking I had found the perfect match...

    ...that is until the package arrived and the fine print on the box said that this was a "HEPA-Type" filter (ie. NOT a HEPA filter, which means not certified to the high standard of a HEPA filter). When you look at the filter up close it looks nothing like the HEPA filters I have seen (not dense at all, quite the opposite).

    To make matters worse the HFD-110 IS an Ionizing air purifier (and you cannot turn this feature off), contrary to the Manufacturer's Description which would have you believe otherwise, "Compared to ionic air purifiers, the filter from the HFD-110 captures 12 times more pollutants..."

    Look, I think this would otherwise be a decent Ionizing, Generic-Filter Air Purifier if it was presented honestly in the manufacturer's description.

    Considering that I was COMPLETELY MISLEAD into buying exactly what I did not want, I will think twice before ever buying a Honeywell product again!...more info
  • Ahhhhh!!
    I noticed a difference right away! I have a small studio apartment and once I plugged this into the wall, my air was really clean within hours. I noticed a huge difference with my allergies. I also have a cat so the usual 'cat smell' that can linger was gone. I have friends that are severly allergic to cats, so I tested it out with them. I had the machine on high for about two hours, then invited them over. They had no symptoms in the 3 hours they were there! I definitely recommend this product to anyone that has allergies, or just wishes to breath cleaner, fresher air!...more info
  • Okay for the price
    I bought the Quietclean Tower a couple months ago. I like it except for the fact that it is not "quiet" at all. I can sleep with it all night only on the lowest setting. It seems to clean the air well but DOES have a ionizer which I do not remember seeing on the ad. It acts like a fan, which I like as it moves air very well. Other than the sound I think it is a good air cleaner. It captures lots of dust and the filters are easy to clean. ...more info
  • What a great product!
    I also have a 600.00 air cleaner, with replacement filters twice a year at 60 bucks a shot. It doesn't work NEARLY as effectively as this unit.

    Living on a dirt/gravel road with 3 dogs, and a husband in construction, it was a purchase along with a desktop model that was one of the best investment I've made for my home. My living room is considered the 'great room' which also incorporates my kitchen with a bar/island. It's our main living space, and when I clean the unit weekly, it's truly amazing what's in the filters. The minimal amount of 'white noise' it generates is far outweighed by the amount of air purification it delivers, especially in the winter with closed windows and a wood stove. Between the two of them, (the big costly one has been transferred to the bedroom, and is pretty much worthless) I'd buy another Honeywell in an instant.

    I just wish you'd sell replacement permanent filters, as I'd love to have spares for both units when I wash them....more info
  • Afraid to use it!
    I've read some alarming material on the negative health effects of ionizers and other air purifiers that create "ozone," so I picked this air purifier since the description didn't say anything about an ionizer or ozone.

    I received the product and was happy to find that it was in fact as quiet as its name purports. However, as I was reading through the instruction manual, I found hidden in jumble that I'm sure most people don't even bother to read that there is apparently some kind of active carbonator or whatnot that (you guessed it) emits ozone! Of course the disclaimer said its levels of ozone emission are within regulation, but the articles I've read have said that even when you follow the manufacturer's guidelines, you can still put yourself at risk of trapping too much ozone in a small area.

    So now I'm afraid to use my air purifier. I always turn it on when I leave for work with the timer set to turn off before I return home, but I don't always remember to turn it on in the morning when I'm rushing to catch my bus, so it hasn't been as useful as I hoped when I originally bought the product. I really wish the description on Amazon had been more thorough because I never would have bought this product in the first place if I had known about the active carbon thingy.

    I also own the Honeywell 17000N and though this product is not as quiet as the the QuietClean, it is a pure air cleaner with no fancy ozone-emitting sideshows, so at least I am able to leave this one on 24/7 without fear of poisoning myself.
    ...more info
  • smells gone, but buy in summertime
    I am using this product in a condo and it seems to be working great. I have a dog I love but I don't love his smell. However, I purchased this item 2 weeks ago, and it is winter time, and this unit is very effective as a fan. I find my living room to be freezing right now, but I assume that means it is working....more info
  • No so quiet, but works
    I don't know what other people talked about "so quiet". It is not quiet at all. It has three speed settings, even at the lowest speed, it is loud enough to be heard anywhere in our 2000 sqft living room. On its highest speed, you can not have a conversation near it. Of course, we get used to Sharper Image's totally silent air filter.

    On the positive side, it does push a lot of air through it, even at the lowest speed. A lot of air compared to the Sharper Image's product.

    This product has 5 years warranty, and the filter should not need to be replaced (wash needed from time to time).

    This unit has no ionizer, which is the main reason I brought it, trying to see if that help the sensitive noses. But don't believe those who said this unit is quiet, those comments fooled me........more info
  • Works great
    Got here quick packing could have been better the box was pretty beaten up and not secured very well but the product works as promised and I can tell a major difference when it is in use....more info
  • Excellent
    This is an excellent air purifier. It can also be used as a fan, which I use it to sleep at night. It is very quiet except on high setting. But what fan isn't noisy on the high setting? I cleaned the filter by running water through it under the sink. It had a collected a nice bit of dust that would have otherwise entered my lungs....more info
  • bigger than i thought, better than i expected
    We bought this machine because we have a cat and my boyfriend is allergic to cats. Our place is small-medium sized apartment in a highrise so this machine is kinda perfect for us. THough we have 2 main rooms, living and bedroom. it works great in both rooms but once in a while we have to move the machine from room to room, but maybe also because of the floor plan layout of the apartment.
    This thing is big! about almost 3' tall i think. My boyfriend's allergies now got much better than before we bought it, he said. its easy to operate and move around ( theres a grip handle on top so you can grap, lift and move it around.)The filter is easy to clean-vacuum cleaning, it seems as though the filter cleaning time indicator button doesnt work.. but its easy to check, just pull the filter up and look.
    Overall, I think this product is a 4. Not bad, works great for the price, but if you can pay more than $150, I believe there s a more expensive but better one out there.
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    What a relief! This air purifier is GREAT! I paid twice as much for a SharperImage Ionic Breeze that didn't work half as well! It is not as "quiet" as I expected, but not loud enough to be annoying. I would recommend this product to family and friends....more info
  • Quiet and Does its Job
    I have had this air purifier for a few months now and find it to be useful and very quiet even on its highest setting. Much quieter than my old Bionnaire which it replaced. I mainly went with this model because you don't have to buy filters for it. On my Bionnaire, I could not longer find filters for it or they were ridiculously expensive. You end up paying for the unit over and over and over again with the replacement filters. I love my Honeywell!...more info