Honeywell HHT-011 Tabletop Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter

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Product Description

This compact tabletop air purifier is ideal for helping to remove common airborne allergens in smaller rooms such as the nursery, bedrooms, office, kitchen or den. The 3-stage filter system provides extremely effective air cleaning and the permanent HEPA-type filter never needs replacing.

  • Tabletop air purifier recommended for rooms up to 8 by 10 feet
  • Vacuum permanent HEPA filter 4 times a year to clean
  • 55 CADR; optional ionizer for extra cleaning power; washable pre-filter
  • Electronic filter-clean indicator; use either horizontally or vertically
  • Measures approximately 10 by 6 by 11 inches; 3-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • perfect little purifier
    For the price and the size this thing is amazing. We have 2 cats and 3 dogs and the rooms in the house that these run in always smell fresh and clean. I really like that it has a permanent filter and a washable pre-filter. There is very little noise on the low and medium settings but the high setting sounds like a hair dryer on low. I've only used the ionization a few times and don't notice much or a difference so I just leave it off now. We don't have any smokers in the house so I can't comment on how it works with tobacco smoke....more info
  • Air Purifier
    This product did the trick. All the hackers around me can continue to HACK ON because I got the purifier and I don't have to hold my nose every time someone forgets to hold theirs...WHEN THEY HACK!


    Peace....more info
  • Great little filter for the money
    Don't have a lot to say about this filter. It works great. It is a little bit noisy, but we have it in the bedroom, and we all sleep better with some white noise, so it is not a problem. I wouldn't plan on using the "night light" as it isn't even as bright as a LED display on the alarm clock, but other than that, this is a great machine. ...more info
  • Great Value!
    I ordered one of these and love it so much that now i have two. These machines are best used for a small to medium room. I have one in my kitchen, one in the basement and need to get another for the bedroom and living room. Easy to clean and like not having to purchase new filters....more info
  • air purifier
    This little air purifier has really helped my allergies> I am not sure it is big enough for the space I have it in and am thinking about purchasing another one for the other part of the house. I like the white noise ,it helps me sleep....more info
  • Not a true HEPA filter
    The description on Amazon does not say that this is a HEPA-type filter. However, the manual states "HEPA-type" multiple times, so this is not a true HEPA filter. Unfortunate since I wanted a true HEPA filter and the product description is misleading.

    I've had this for one night thus far, and it works fine for now. Medium and high settings are too loud -- loud enough to take away from watching a movie in the same room. I've put it on low, and it's a quiet hum....more info
  • Air purifier
    I use it to clear smoke from my cigars in a closed room. It works quite well without noise....more info
  • Neat little unit for the price
    My thoughts were a little overambitious when I thought that placing this among my plethora of electronics would mean that I didn't have to do any dusting of my computer, etc. This is hardly an industrial strength unit, but it is cheap, quiet, and there is definitely less dust than there was before....more info
  • sleep like a dream
    I did not believe this small air purifier would make such a difference in my sleep . the quite sound and the refreshing air coming from the unit lulls me to sleep. I can tell the difference in the room . the air is fresh and without masking in air fresheners . one great unit ...more info
  • It's good
    I like it, had to clean filter after 7 days, but now its been about 3 weeks. It's not very noisy on the medium setting....more info
  • Pretty good
    I don't really feel the effect or difference this filter makes. The only time I really felt it was in the living room when it sucked away all the odor. I have a cathedral ceiling apartment. So this poor small thing might not get enough time to clean out all the air inside my bedroom when run in setting II. Its not that noisy as some of the reviews suggest. I am satisfied with it....more info
  • You get what you pay for
    This is a $50 piece of plastic with a filter. Nothing special # settings which don't matter because high should be used at all time. The dumbest feature that is a light that does nothing. If you can locate the machine in the dark then u can turn it on or off, or change the speed. the light is redundant. Despite this the unit is 4 out of five considering it's only 50 shells. (optimal price worth estimate is $20)...more info
  • Good for the price but not the best
    This purifier worked well in a small room for the first 6 months or so but gradually has become very noisy and doesn't seem to perform as well as it did in the beginning. The motor squeaks and squeals now after only 9 months of use and is especially loud on the high setting. Also, the air output smells dusty because the unit is full of dirt. I do frequently vaccuum the HEPA filter following the manufacturer's instructions, but I have no way of cleaning out the dirt that collects in the fan and motor.

    I was very pleased with this purifier for the first 6 months and it probably would have lasted much longer had I not used it 24 hours per day as the manufacturer suggests. Overall good value and will perform well in a small room. Plus no need to buy filters....more info
  • Good price, works well.
    This little air purifier works well when used in the correct setting. Of course it won't perform well in rooms that are just too big for it. It's no louder than a fan would be. So far so good....more info
  • Very Pleased....
    I am very happy with this product. It has three speeds. I have it in my bedroom so at night while I am sleeping I put it on the slow speed which is very quiet. During the day I turn it to the high speed which of course is a little louder but more efficient. It also has an optional night light!! It is very easy to clean as well. I bought three of them!!! :))...more info
  • No more sneezes
    I have to say that even with this purifier on low (24 hours a day) I have not sneezed YET in the week I have had it. I have only one and am getting another for the other part our apartment. I currently move the purifier each night into the bedroom. That means that I'm operating it in two separate rooms only 12 hours a day, so it's REALLY working for me. We have two cats, and I recently discovered I was allergic to them. My only complaint is that the filter light has come on after only a week. A week? It will come on for an hour, then off, then back on again a little later. I haven't tried cleaning it yet b/c I'm 1) lazy, and 2) just feel like it's too soon. Still, that's not a big deal. I think for $50 it's a great deal. It's also much smaller and lighter than you would think. I was going to get one of those Ionic Pro knockoffs, but then I felt they looked a little too much like cat scratch toys. I haven't really noticed any difference b/w having the ion feature on or off. The weird thing about that setting is that when it's on there is a permanent green light. Yet, you have the option to turn on a DIFFERENT green "night light." So basically, if you use the ion feature, you're getting a "night light" no matter what. If you're someone who needs darkness while you sleep, the ion green light IS a little bright for not being something you have the choice of turning on or off....more info
  • Works pretty good for the most part....
    Bought this for our bedroom in which our 5month old sleeps in there for now, very good on low for white noise however low isnt enough it doesnt seem and medium and high is a little loud, no problem though just crank it up when you arent sleeping. This unit will cool the room down a bit though, been using it throughout the winter and needed a space heater to make up for the cool air it produces (should be perfect for summer), but no biggie cool air is fresh air. Cleared out the slight dog smell and air is definately cleaner. I would recommend this product, does its job well on high and holds its own on low....more info
  • Good Filtration, Too Noisey
    I believe that the unit filters well. It is louder than I expected, even on low speed. Hi speed is really loud. I'm a little disappointed.
    ...more info
  • Good air cleaner
    Pretty good in filtering dirt and improving air quality. Just somewhat noisy when going full blast....more info
  • Worked Well For Six Months, Then Became A Detriment, Contaminating My Air
    When I first purchased the "Honeywell HHT-011 Tabletop Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter" I was ecstatic at the thought that allergens, dust and other air contaminants would be filtered, especially for the price. My room is extremely dusty so I needed some sort of solution and I hoped that this was it.

    For the first six months the purifier worked efficiently, or seemingly so. I ran the it, as recommended, 24 hours a day nonstop. When I'm not home I ran it on the high setting (there are three settings), medium when I was around and low when I slept. I cleaned both the outer filter and inner HEPA filter regularly as a lot of contaminants were being filtered. I noticed a somewhat significant difference in the air quality of my room (11.5 x 8 ft) during this span.

    After sixth months the purifier was rendered useless and actually made the air quality worse. The contaminant intake became less and less, the dust in my room begun accumulating faster (I still dust frequently) and the purifier's fan was blowing out unclean air - air that reeked heavily of dust.

    I highly doubt that the HEPA filter is efficient forever and needs no replacement. It is charcoal grey and transmits little light when held to a light source (not sure if this is significant as compared to a car air filter test). I do as the manual suggests and vacuum it (more frequently than recommended) and I vacuum/wash the outer filter regularly. Another review mentioned that the purifier became filled with dust and grime over time; the same thing happened to mine, as evidenced when looking down the air vent. I tried to clean it out by blasting 180+ PSI of air with my air compressor, but it did nothing to help. The dust was very thick, almost lint like, and would not budge at all.

    To make matters worse the purifier is fastened together by hexagonal security screws (I'm sure the average household does not have the required screwdriver). I recently bought the screwdriver and opened the purifier to clean it out, and found that the inside was a horrendous mess. Every surface and mechanism was layered with dust. The insides of the tubular fans were coated with dust as well. The task of carefully removing components to access all compartments for dusting was tedious and took some time. I've cleaned almost all of the contaminants from inside the purifier, but I am still very skeptical about using it again in fear that I will have the same problem again, perhaps in less time than before.

    To sum it all up, this product was good for about six months until the inside of the purifier became festered with dust, and it was extremely tedious to remove it all. I'm not sure when this accumulation of dust began, or for how long the HEPA filter has been ineffective. The purifier does not filter all contaminants, instead sucking some into the interior and spitting it back into the air in my room.

    With all of that being said, there are numerous positive reviews on this product; perhaps I am an unfortunate rare case. For the price I'd say it is definitely worth a try, but be cautiously optimistic if you decide to make the purchase.
    ...more info
  • so good i'm buying another one..
    Great product and fast shipment by seller. I bought this mostly for the white noise for our daughter's room and I love the vacuumable filter. She's used to the noise of the larger Honeywell model, but with this one on the highest mode it's great. I'm purchasing another one for our baby's room....more info
  • too noisy
    I've had this for about a month and can't know how well it actually does its job, yet, but it's much louder than the Sunbeam that it replaced. I had the Sunbeam in the kitchen and a Holmes in the bedroom and both of those were much quieter than this Honeywell. You probably wouldn't want this in the room where you sleep unless you need to drown out some other noise. And just to be clear, I keep it on the low setting. The noise is sort of like a hair dryer on low.

    I'll try to update this review when I can see if the thing works. With my other air purifiers, the dust removed from the air could easily be seen on the filter and the initial foam piece that picks up the bigger particles. These would get filthy pretty quickly. I bought this Honeywell, this time, because the filter doesn't need to be replaced. I hope it still does its job. ...more info
  • Good for small room
    This is ok for a small unit,I use it in a bedroom.It seems to keep the room fresher, I can't say about the dust,I haven't had it long enough to tell.It's worth the $[...]bucks
    Sam Mi....more info
  • Small and Sufficient
    I'm giving this air filter a rating of 4 and not of 5 simply because I don't know what kind of miraculous feats are obtainable with such a machine having never owned one before.

    My husband and I purchased 2 of these after discovering that he and our oldest daughter were allergic to our 4 (indoor) cats. We keep one in our room and one in the girls room. Thus far, I have noticed that the whole house (less than 1000 sq. ft.) smells nicer, and my husband and daughter do seem to be sleeping better. Our daughter has asthma and has not needed her inhaler since we have had these filters. Could be the filter, could also be the change in medication... Could be both!

    I crank up all the settings during the day and then turn it way down at night. It is a little noisy in my small house with both filters turned up during the day, but at night on the lowest settings we all sleep fine and what little bit of noise there is seems comforting.

    The filters are easy to clean. The machine was easy to snap together and the instructions for use were clear. All in all, I'd say it was completely worth the money put into it and perhaps I will invest in one to sit in my office as well, due to the proximity to the litter box......more info
  • Perfectly satisfied.
    I have been perfectly satisfied with my Honeywell Tabletop Air Purifier.
    It is considered adequate for one room, but my house is small and with the furnace air circulation in the winter and the air conditioner in the summer, it is does the job well....more info
  • great!
    My 6yr old daughter has asthma so we thought this air purifier would help. We keep it in her bedroom and leave it on all day. You can actually see things going into this purifier. Now we are thinking about getting more for other rooms....more info
  • Great
    I love this item. I keep the Purifier in a room where I smoke and it is so much better with the cigarette smoke and odor. I'm very glad I ordered it. What a difference! ...more info
  • Nice little filter
    It's a little smaller than I thought it would be (it's like a big toaster oven), and the only room it could completely filter would be a VERY tiny room, like a dinky dorm room. The ionizer makes a small popping sound when it's on, which is tolerable and tells you that it's working and is generating electric charges, however when the ionizer is on there is a green light that comes on that is impossible to sleep with if the filter is facing you, so the ionizer is really just a day-time function (unless you put some duct tape over the light). This is a fairly quiet filter, which means that it's not very strong. Those huge round Honeywell filters are very noisy, which I like because it means they are powerful. Those filters are meant for entire rooms. This filter is really just a portable, personal filter to clean the air immediately around you -- and it does a very good job of that. Another advantage it has over a big filter is that you can place it right in front of a window and it will suck in the outdoor air and fill the room with fresh, filtered air....more info
  • poor quality
    It is a lowest quality product there is: noisy and getting noisier every day, it starts vibrating more and more, plastic parts are falling off, smells plastic staff and so on. In addition, the sale store Toyzz would NOT take it back! ...more info
  • Seems to work
    Have used it 24/7 since buying. It does seems to work well with allergies (but hard to tell since pollen levels etc... along with allergies have good and bad days).

    Did like it enough to buy a second one (but I bought it branded as 'VICS' hepa-filter ... it was less expensive ... but apart from the graphics on the box, and the tiny triangular spot on the front being vics-blue-v colored it is identical)

    Use hose on vacuum to clean the hepa filter when the indicator light goes on....more info
  • Great product, strange clicking sound when ionizer is on...
    This product is really helping me sleep with its air-filtering capacity and white noise creation. My only complaint is that when the ionizer option is turned on, there is a strange intermitent clicking sound.

    It does not occur when the ionizer is turned off. I'm not sure if it is normal, but it's a slight annoyance to a great product....more info
  • Very satisfied
    My wife was having a lot of trouble sleeping every night because of the dust and allergens in my house. She would constantly wake up in the middle of the night, sit up, and complain that she couldn't breath.

    I got one of these for the bedroom, ran it on high the whole day that I got it, then turned it down to low and left it on ever since. She has seen almost a complete turnaround since. She sleeps all night, she says she can breathe easily now, and we both get a great night's sleep. Even I have noticed better sleep in myself, and I wasn't even having trouble before getting it. I never noticed the smell in the room before, but she claims that it took that out of the air too.

    The filter is very easy to clean, just pop off the front and vacuum it out. I definitely recommend getting one of these. I plan to get one for the livingroom. ...more info
  • Great Product
    This works perfectly for my needs. I was getting horrible congestion in the evenings when it was time for me to go to sleep. I decided that perhaps it was an air quality issue after trying many other things without success. I ordered this after reading others reviews on Amazon. The difference it has made is amazing. I can sleep through the entire night now. I run it on low...which is about the same amount of noise as a white noise maker...and never feel as if it is too loud. The small size is great because it doesn't take up too much surface space. If you need a purifier for a smaller room, than this is the one to get and for this price you really can't beat it. ...more info
  • Gets the job done - no filters to change!
    This is my 2nd air purifier - the other was a comparable model by Holmes. I learned from my first air purifier that you really have to leave it on all the time or the revolving motor will collect dust, not work as well or as quietly. If I don't want it on constantly, I just put a clean towel over the top to prevent any dust/dirt from building up.

    The noise level is acceptable to me, in an 8x10 room. I usually leave it on LOW, which sounds a bit like a fan on low speed, but MED is good too - it has a nice white noise effect. I only put it on HIGH if there's a bad smell or lots of dust floating around (for whatever reason). HIGH is a bit loud for my taste. This machine tends to rattle a bit as it sits on my bureau, but a small towel underneath it took care of that problem. Also, give it time to warm up when you put it on. It starts off slowly, but works at full speed within a few minutes.

    I have allergies and noticed a difference immediately when I got this model. My symptoms have improved greatly, even with 3 cats in the house. I would recommend it to anyone who has a small space, doesn't want to buy new filters and is perhaps on a budget. Good machine at a decent price....more info
  • Air purifier
    I bought this for a friend who, because of an allergy, was going to have to get rid of her dog. This purifier solved the problem and she still has her dog. ...more info
  • A little noisy, but worth the price!
    I bought 2 of these air filters for mine and my sons bedrooms, and I have to say that our allergies are much better. However, for use in the bedroom, it must be turned down to low overnight, or it keeps my son up (he's 7) it bothers me as well, although I'm getting used to it. For those of you who like a little "white noise" when sleeping, this would be fantastic. High speed is VERY loud, compared to other units I've owned in the past. I have not had it long enough to have to clean the filter, but I'm very pleased with the filtering quality up to this point. I've definetly noticed a differece in us both. Overall, for the price it is an excellent little purifier. ...more info
  • Tabletop - I Got a Good One
    Everything perfect - excellent service, excellent product.

    I use it with the ionizer on, and makes a big difference in my allergies and sinus drainage, clears up the mucous stuck in my throat, no more clearing my throat constantly.

    I have it near me in a big living room, about six feet away (bought it to suck up my cigarette smoke, chain-smoker, tired of washing and painting walls from brown cig tar), and it freshens the area where I am just fine. Plus the wonderful surprise added effect of making me feel better.

    My son said the ionizer freshens the air like rainfall does, and sure enough it feels fresh like that, it lifts my spirits.

    Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly, and take the plastic wrap off the pre-filter on the inside front.

    When putting the front panel back on afterward, it took several several tries to get it to latch right, but finally got it on.

    The sound, whether on low or medium, is like a box fan set on low, sounds just like a fan, which is soothing white noise to me.

    I keep it set on low, and freshens the area by me wonderfully, love it.

    A few days after son talked me into using the ionizer feature, for just a few seconds I did hear it make a few crackling noises, then immediately after, one LOUD pop. After that few seconds episode that one day, it has been fine ever since, luckily.

    Mine doesn't rattle or vibrate or travel across the bare wood table, stays put.

    It does make the air around the area cooler, will feel good in summer, since I don't have air conditioning.

    From the reviews I read here before buying, I bought mine from Amazon since they have a good exchange and return policy.

    So if you happen to get a bad one, like some reviewers did, send it back and try for a good one.

    I highly recommend this tabletop air purifier.

    ...more info
  • Honeywell Table Top Air Purifier
    Affordable, air purifier with easy to clean filter. Low speed is barely discernible in an office environment. Has noticeably helped with coughing and sneezing in our 15 x 20 foot office....more info
  • A little too noisy for bedroom but works very well.
    I bought this after reading about the quiet reviews but I find that these reviewers must be loosing their hearing. I place it at the end of the room and at the lowest setting, this unit sends a hum with the same level as a room fan in medium setting. You can still sleep with it but the noise is ever present and it is not silent as others claim. I turn it on medium and high setting in my 10'x12' bedroom only when I leave for work, otherwise low setting. I have reservations about using this unit for the baby's room because of the level of noise it emits. There is a separate knob for turning the ionizer ON or OFF depending on which camp you are on about ionizers. Ionizers produce ozone. My opinion is that ozone are okay in low levels so you can turn the ionizer on momentarily when your not in the room. The reason ozone producing ionizers are used in the air purifier industry is the ability of ozone molecules to neutralize offensive odors. Honeywell does not recommend turning ON the ionizer for asthmatic users so this is a great option. The nightlight can be turned OFF but I like to use it and leave it ON. Minus 2 stars for the noise level otherwise works great! My HHT-145 tower in the living room has 12 fan settings and it can be set to almost dead silence at the lowest settings. If you have a bigger room, get the HHT-145 tower model. I am giving the 5 stars to the HHT-145 model. Both models use PERMANENT HEPA like (traps 2.0 microns or larger particles) and not a true HEPA (traps 0.3 micron or larger particles) but I can live with this. You should use a true HEPA or HEPA like vacuum cleaner to clean the filters since you cannot simply wash/rinse them clean =(....more info
  • Got rid of stinky old smoke!
    I feel like I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of the old, yucky smoke in our apartment. Nothing was working, and I was almost ready to buy a $500 smoke/air cleaner. I am sooo glad I tried this first. We noticed a difference in the smell of the room within a few HOURS. I leave it running 24/7, and I put it on high at night, and low during the day (the high setting is a little loud, but low is barely noticable to me.) I can see now why everyone wants to get several for every room in the house. I am thinking about doing the same. GIVE THIS A TRY!...more info
  • A Very Noisy Purifier
    I just returned this item and amazon took $12 off for restocking fee. So I decided to write a review now to share my experience. The unit is small, which is good because I could put it on a table. One small thing that annoyed me was that the unit actually moved little by little when it was on because it was vibrating. So I had to put it on a more rugged surface to keep it from moving.

    The purifier worked perfectly fine for the first several days. It produced a humming sound, and it wasn't loud. I could definitely have it turned on while reading without being distracted. The high setting was quite noisy, but still it was within reasonable range of noise. Bottom line: if it were like that all the time, I would've kept it.

    Unfortunately, after several days, the unit became extremely noisy and produced a noise like popping popcorn in a microwave, even when I set it only on low. Then the noise became intolerable and I decided to return the item.

    Perhaps it was because I got a defective unit or what, I don't know. But before buying it, I read some reviews on amazon indicating that the unit is indeed very noisy. Some reviews, however, suggested otherwise, that the product is excellent. Given the mixed reviews, probably the risk of getting a very noisy purifier like mine is not extremely small. Hope this is helpful....more info
  • Great Product!
    This was the first air purifier I have ever purchased. I bought it because we recently found out my daughter is allergic to our cat. Within a day, I could tell the air purifier was working. The air seemed to be more fresh as soon as we started using it. I want to get one for other rooms in the house now!...more info
  • Filters and deodorizes the air well.
    The filters are easy to remove and clean.
    Nightlight is just bright enough, and is useful.
    Ionizer switch also has a separate light when turned on.

    The product works. The air feels cleaner after using overnight. The ionizer deodorizes as well.

    I would purchase this product again, and I would recommend it....more info
  • Wow! Happy with this
    Well my husband and I have allergies to cigarette smoke. Our roommate is ill and refuses to quit smoking. We have done everything except hermetically sealing him in his room. The smoke still travels out to the hallway and then the AC sucks it into the system and sends it through the whole house. I put this unit in the hallway between his door and the AC intake. WOW!! it has almost completely knocked out the smoke!!! We are Very happy with this unit.

    I have to make a reply to someone who said this unit was noisy. It is really barely audible. It has a low mid range tone to its hum ... and that is on High. It is certainly less noisy than say a 10 inch personal fan. ...more info
  • Unreliable and dangerous product
    I suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities (severe allergies). I thought this product would help with my condition. But when I first got it and started it up, it released an "oil" smell that really bothered me. I then ran it outside to see if I could burn off that smell. That worked, but the smell remained in the room. Even after running the purifier for a couple of days, the smell did not clear up. I got rid of the smell only by airing out the room. But it did seem to help with keeping dust down, and it kept the room from smelling "stuffy" with the door closed all day.

    I then ordered two more purifiers for other rooms. This time, I ran both outside before using them inside. But one of them still was releasing an oil smell. Even with running it for several hours outside, I never could get rid of the smell from that unit. But the other seemed to be okay, so I used it for about a week.

    But then mysteriously, the "clean filter" light came on. That made no sense. I checked the filter, and it was still clean. So I tried running the purifier, but it had stopped working on the "low" setting. Fiddling with it, I thought I had it working, but then it began releasing some smells that caused me serious problems allergy-wise. It so contaminated that room that I had to clean and wash everything in it to get rid of the smell.

    Then a few days later, the exact same thing happened with the first purifier I had gotten, which was now only a month old. But by the time I noticed it, that room had gotten contaminated, and I had to clean and wash everything in it. All of this cleaning and washing really caused me problems as I also suffer from fibromyalgia.

    At that point, I returned all three purifiers, after they had really caused me serious setbacks health-wise. So I would say, do not get this product if you have a problem with allergies. It is unreliable and outright dangerous.
    ...more info
  • Works great.
    I've had this air cleaner in a small bedroom where I sit on the pc and smoke quite a bit. I've used it for a couple of months now and it works great. It is fairly quiet on the medium setting and the outgoing air shoots straight up so you don't have those annoying cold winds blowing on you in the winter. I would recommend it for 12x12 or smaller areas....more info
  • After only 6 hours, already making a difference
    I have numerous airborne allergies. Perfume is one of the worst offenders for causing an allergic reaction for me. I work in an office setting and it is difficult to avoid perfume, flowers, paper dust, etc. I was getting tired of missing work due to a severe allergic reaction so After reading the reviews, I ordered this last week hoping that it might help clean the air space around my desk.

    I received this air purifier last night, and brought it into work this morning. Following the directions, I set it up and plugged it in. I have a 6 x 6 cubicle without a door so I wasn't sure how well this would work. It is sitting on my desk about 16 inches from me and after only 6 hours it has made a big difference. Of course, I will only run it during the day when I'm here as I am using it to purify the air in my immediate vicinity. I like that I can adjust the fan speed -- low, medium, and high -- as when I need to talk on the phone I lower it to the low setting. When not on the phone, I can run it on the medium setting. I am also using the ionizer.

    The only problem I have with mine is that the night-light switch doesn't work so as long as I have the purifier on the night-light is on. Not a big deal for me as I'm not trying to sleep at my desk!
    ...more info
  • Cleans the air well
    I really like this unit for removing pollen and having a better sleep at night....more info
  • Air purifier
    I bought this for a friend who, because of an allergy, was going to have to get rid of her dog. This purifier solved the problem and she still has her dog. ...more info
  • Pound for Pound
    Pound for Pound this is an amazing air purifier. I live in a dorm and I have always had bad allergys. I have to get up for work at about 6 am. Usually when I would wake up I would be sneezing, have itchy noes, and girls that slept with me said that my allergies really were bad in the middle of the night.

    Ever since I got this thing I have been getting much better sleep, and my allergies have not once woke me up in the middle of the night, and best of all my allergies don't rip me apart at night anymore (or so im told).

    One of the main reasons i got this thing was for dust, as my room gets dusty really fast. This hasn't really helped much with dust and the air circulation seems to have decreased a bit over the 3 weeks ive had it, but im not sure of this because its still having the same overall effect that it did the first week. I hope it works months down the line, but right now its impossible to tell.

    Pound for Pound a great deal, especially compaired to some of those other air purifiers. 500 bucks... ouch 10% of the cost with half of the effectiveness... i should have gotten two...more info
  • Honeywell Air Purifier Review
    Honeywell HHT-011 Tabletop Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter

    The product works well for the usage that I have for it. Mainly bedroom and home office. I enjoy a cigar from time to time, and it helps eleviate those cigar odors that drive the wife crazy.
    It is not however, high duty for big rooms .. nor is it a quiet machine, especially on the high settings.

    Nevertheless, for small areas, for which it was intended, it works very well. Espcially for the price!...more info
  • Great for the bedroom
    My boyfriend lives above smokers. We got this as a second air purifier to reduce the smoke smell in his bedroom. It has made a huge difference. I like that you can turn the ions on and off because when they are on there is a green light that would be annoying when we are sleeping. I also like that there are no new filters to buy. It runs quietly and works well for the small space....more info
  • Air purifier
    Seems to help me sleep easier at night and wake up breathing easier.
    I really love the permanent Hepa style filter. That was a real selling point to not have to buy expensive replacement filters....more info
  • Fan / Air Cleaner
    Just 3 Stars, I can't really tell if the ionizer works? Fan and Air Circulation gets the 3 Stars, Not 5 cause the filtration/Ionizer is hard to know how well it really is doing? But for the price and dust filtering it could get 4 Stars....more info
  • took care of allergies-but very loud
    My wife has various allergies and before bed,it was a miserable time for her with sneezes,etc.
    I got her one of these air purifiers and in only a few days,the allergy symptoms disappeared. These are very effective at cleaning the air.
    The only drawback is that they are rather loud;so much so that we both turn the unit on "high" as soon as we get home from work and leave them on w/ the door closed until bed-time. So,be warned,they are good and inexpensive air purifiers,but are pretty loud. Some may have no problem w/ leaving them on at night but that didn't work for us.
    If not for their loudness,I'd give them five stars....more info
  • Decent results for the money
    I have bought this purifier as a present for a relative with a new baby. It does seem to make the air cleaner and it eliminates smells pretty well.
    However, the sound of it, even on the lowest setting seems to scare the baby and therefore has to be turned off when the baby is in the room, which does not allow to run it for the recommended 24 hours.
    Also, the front grille doesn't quite snap in place, a defect in assembly I think for this particular unit; however it is not possible for me to exchange it as I brought it to another country.
    Overall, I think I got my money's worth out of it. It works well for small rooms with no small children present to be scared of the noise. ...more info
  • Handy Room Filter
    Before installing this Filter we would always see, and had to clean a fine film of dust from the desk and equipment. After installing this Tabletop Air purifier dusting the room is not a daily chore anymore.
    Not having to change the filter every 90 days certainly helps with our older Air filter that was a true hassle plus the Honeywell is reasonably priced....more info
  • Solid room air cleanmer
    Good table top air cleaner. Moves the air fine in a 8 X 10 foot room and is fairly quiet so it does the job intended. If you are looking for more from this unit you might be disappointed. But for the price and the performance it meets expectations....more info
  • Works well
    This product works well for the price and there's the bonus that the filter doesn't need to be replaced all the time. It isn't full HEPA quality, but who really needs that in a home. I have it in my bedroom. It has eliminated most of the dust from the air, and I haven't had to clean any dust off of surfaces since I started running it. It is fairly quiet at low speeds, though not the quietest on the market I suppose.

    Overall, a great product for the price if you're not working in a medical environment where you need full HEPA level filtering....more info
  • Nice filter, good price
    I really like this filter. I have had asthma since I was a child and an air filter for almost as long, but this is one of the nicest. The compact size is terrific. I leave mine on my bedside table!...more info
  • Cleans the air nicely
    My husband and I purchased this after quite a bit of research. Our new downstairs neighbor is a heavy smoker, which made our apartment stink like crazy and made our allergies MUCH worse. We keep it on nearly 24/7, usually on the medium setting at night and the high setting with the ionizer on during the day. Sometimes when the ionizer is on it clicks, but not always.

    The bottom line is that it makes a huge difference in the air quality. Only on the calmest of days when our neighbor is smoking like crazy do I smell smoke. I usually just more the purifier to near the vent to help.

    As for the cleanable filter--it's great. Since it is on constantly I have to clean it every month or month and half. It's pretty easy though, you just pop off the cover, rinse the outer filter and vacuum the inner filter....more info
  • great tabletop purifier
    my son has allergies,bought this for his room. sleeps thru the night and is very quite. love the fact it's a permanent hepa filter. would highly recommend this for a smaller room....more info


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