Amcor MD250 Mini Dehumidifier

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Product Description

mfr: Amcor, Inc. This dehumidifer uses peltier technology which offers almost silent operation, no compressor, no refrigeration, no noise orvibration - ideal for closets, small bedrooms, under sinks, shoe closets, wardrobes etc.
• Washable Air Filter
• Automatic Shut-Off
• 12V DC Adaptor (Included)
• Full Tank Warning Light
• Dimensions - 10 x 7 x 6
• 1 speed fan

This product can not be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. Please accept our apologies.

  • Moisture removal up to 250ml per day at 30?C 80%RH
  • Peltier technology ? almost silent in use. No compressor, no refrigerant, no noise or vibration
  • ? Ideal for closets, pantries, under sinks, small bedrooms, shoe closets, wardrobes etc.
  • Easy to remove water tank with tank full warning light and auto cut off. Max capacity 800ml.
  • Easy to remove washable air filter.
Customer Reviews:
  • Horrible Product
    My dehumidifier worked at first but when I emptied it a second time it never cut back on and it hasn't worked since. I am very disappointed with the product and I recommend that no one buy this....more info
  • so so
    This product does work for a real, small area. Anything bigger than a small box or something really didn't make much of a difference. It does fill up with water every other day so it is working just very little or I got alot of humidity ??? Thankyou as shipping was good and I got what I paid for ....more info
  • half and half
    This item was so inexpensive that I purchased two. One is working quite well, and I am happy with it. The other did not work for 24 hours. I plugged it in Friday night, and it was dead on Saturday morning. I'm glad that I had two so that I could switch and see which part of the unit was dead (the console or the wiring). The console was the defunct part. Now I have to go though the hell of returning to Amazon.

    Suggestion: get two just in case. The working one does work well. ...more info
  • last only 6 months or less
    I have purchased 4 of them. They work great, while they last. Never works for 12 months. Per the manafacture box states to contact them directly, but them dont call back. Too bad....more info
  • Piece of C**p.
    I purchased this late in February 2008 specifically for the small space that they say it is made for. Mine happens to be in a storage closet where I keep some equipment and artwork that I want to remain dry (obviously). It was installed end of February or early March and started making noise last week- by Friday it stopped completely. No motor, no lights, nothing. Trying to get anyone in customer service has proven to be a nightmare, and finally when I did, she took my information and said someone would get back to me within 3 days. 3 days has passed and now I cannot seem to get anyone again to even pick up!!! I'll see if Amazon will credit me and deal with their own vendor!!! This shouldn't be sold at all....more info
  • dies an early death
    Had it for about 10 months when the fan started to make noises and would start slowly after being turned on, as if it was having trouble getting going. Eventuallly the fan died completely after around 11 months. Feh....more info
  • It doesn't do a thing, not one thing
    I purchased two of these to dry out my bathrooms, and neither one has done the job. There isn't even any water collecting. ...more info
  • Thumbs down on this
    I bought this from Amazon on August 9, 2007. It worked fine at first. I emptied it about once a week and it was almost full.

    Great for my closet.

    However this last week, I emptied it as usual, and when I plugged it back in and tried to turn it on, nothing happened.

    I have called Amcor and they promised to get back to me in 24 hours. That was almost a week ago.

    If they do get back to me I will post again about what they said/did.

    I guess I will have to just get one of those big, real dehumidifiers from the hardware store. Too bad, this is just the right size for what I need.

    but we are coming into the rainy season here and humidity is 87%

    Oct. 15, 2007. No word from AMCOR in reply to my phone call. I emailed them today and received a reply. I have to give them my credit card information so they can charge me for shipping! I have to pay to ship my non-working unit and also for them to ship me a replacement! From AUSTRALIA!!!

    Oct 16, 2007. After not working all last week, I tried it several days in a row... it now is working again. When it first came on it made a rattling noise for a few moments, then became quiet again. It is working, but NOW when the AC adaptor is plugged in, the radio in the same room makes a high whining noise. It didn't before.

    also, the last time I emptied it, the red light was on, and it had turned off due to being full.

    Previously I had always emptied it before that point. Maybe that caused the problem? Not a good feature...

    so I am again pleased with it, except that I have to turn it off if I want to listen to the radio. Or I could put the Adaptor in the next room and use a very long extension cord, I suppose... Comment | Permalink | Why no voting

    Oct. 30, 2007
    Okay it worked well for the last couple of weeks. I emptied it before it got full and it started up when I plugged it in again.

    However, last night, I looked in at it, and it had stopped. It was less than half full, so it should not have turned itself off. The adaptor still had a green light on.

    I emptied it again and plugged in, tried to turn on. No response.

    A few days ago I thought it was making a louder sound than before, sort of a huffing sound.

    Also this unit and the adaptor both get quite warm when in use.

    I think the motor is going, or has gone out. Based on my experience two weeks ago, I will continue to try to start it every other day or so...
    maybe it will start up again.

    One email I got from Amcor about it said that it is "clearly written in the Warranty, that shipping to and from the factory is paid by the customer"
    Yes, but it is also a YEAR Warranty. and this worked for two months, then a week break, then for two weeks. and now?

    I expect a one-year warranty means the item is likely to last a year without needing to be replaced....more info
  • Very Good
    This item is everything as it was described plus!! it is quiet, self sufficent, and it really works. I would recommend this to everyone, it is small, but powerful and not an eye soar!...more info