Amcor AHD65E 65-Pint Dehumidifier with Electronic Controls

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Product Description

The Amcor AHD65 Dehumidifier can provide continuous dehumidification because it can be continuously drained through a hose. Of course, if you don't want to use the included drainage hose, this dehumidifier can drain to an internal bucket, and it will automatically shut off once the internal bucket fills. This powerful dehumidifier is ideal for basements and removes 65 Pints of moisture from the air per day. Its features include a washable air filter for easy maintenance, R-22 refrigerant, a full tank warning light, a 2-speed fan, a 1-24 hour timer for your convenience, and more. In addition, this practical dehumidifier has been Energy Star rated to ensure energy efficiency - cutting down your electricity costs.

  • Automatic shut off
  • 1-24 hour timer
  • Power: 115 V / 60Hz
  • Weight: 43.2 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 14 1/2"H x 13" W x 22 1/2"
  • Automatic Shutoff
  • Automatic Humidistat control
  • Can dehumidify up to 65 pints per day
  • 2 speed fan
  • 1-24 hour timer
  • Full tank warning
  • Features:
    • Dehumidifier removes up to 65 pints of moisture from the air per day
    • Continuous drain hose or drains into bucket with auto shut-off when full
    • Electronic control panel; 2 fan speeds; 24-hour on/off timer; humidistat
    • Full-tank warning light; washable air filter; built-in auto-defrost sensor
    • Measures 14-1/5 by 12-1/2 by 21 inches; 1-year limited warranty
    Customer Reviews:
    • STAY AWAY!!!!!!
      Stay away, the Amcor dehumidifier fan option of low/high only worked on low, then the fan quit altogether and overheated. When I called the manufacturer for help, they said to call around to find someone to work on it. When I went thru the phone book to find someone to work on an Amcor product, they all said they can't and cannot get parts for it. so I am stuck with a broken product. It's pretty bad when the manufacturer won't help. Look for a different brand!!!!!!...more info
    • Frustrating to hook up to condensate pump
      The hose that came with the unit to drain the tank was very flimsy and leaked at the connection. While the connection appeared to be able to fit a standard washing machine hose, it was impossible to tighten it because the opening in the bottom was too small. We ended up affixing plastic drainage tubing directly to the nozzle and tightening it up with a hose clamp, then running that out through the hole in the bottom, bypassing any drainage into the tank completely.

      This unit should operate fine now, but it's probably a better choice for those that intend to empty the tank manually than those that want to drain into a pump or directly into a drain....more info
    • Not bad, not bad at all
      After researching dehumidifiers, I decided on the Amcor AHD65E. After having used ancient, electricity sucking dehumidifiers, the noise on this unit doesn't seem bad at all. I do wish it was a bit quieter, but it is what it is, and it REALLY does its job. I would recommend this product....more info
    • Works perfectly
      The dehumidifier has worked out well for my basement situation. Very pleased overall with my purchase....more info
    • Amcor AHD65E Review
      Although the unit was slightly damaged during shipment, the unit works as expected. The manufacturer could use some shipping foam to better protect the unit. The included instructions are useless and best discarded instead of trying to decipher. Getting the included drain hose through the bottom of the unit takes some doing but otherwise no complaints there either. The unit is very noisy BUT when it is in the basement like mine, who cares. If some of the noise works its way up stairs, possibly through the furnace duck work, try relocating the unit. It consumes a lot of electricity but it also removes a lot of moisture from the air. ...more info
    • Amcor Dehumidifier Review
      Using in the basement with continuous drain. Not to noisy, appears to be working, certainly less musty and damp since I have it installed. Using for about one month with no issues....more info
    • Solid Performance
      In the few weeks that I've been using this unit it's been doing a great job of dehumidifying my basement and is super quiet. I did have some frustration in setting up the unit and trying to figure out why my unit didn't have features the manual said were on "all models". There was no parts list, assembly diagrams were way too small and operation directions were partially incorrect. The manual states that all models allow you to adjust how much water accumulates in the bucket by turing a red knob. My unit had no red knob, just a square cup covered in clear plastic that I guessed was some type of float. I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to remove the clear plastic or leave it on. By luck, I made the correct decision to leave it on. Technical support should be quicker; I had to wait 4 days before anyone called me back. By then, I had fiqured out the correct answers to my questions.The customer service team, on the other hand, was very helpful in resolving a problem with a broken bucket handle by sending me a replacement promptly. Overall, I can recommend the product itself as solid performer. ...more info
    • Quality and Performance
      In just 3 weeks of use, the handle on the water basket broke loose and can't be reinstalled. So far, no response from the manufacturer. The unit removes a lot of water, but heats up the room much more than the Kenmore that it replaced. Based on these results, I regret the purchase and cannot recommend it.

      Received new basket August 1 at no charge....more info
    • Didn't work from day one, no help from support, had to return
      I received the Amcor AHD-65E July 16 and, having already read the manual online, immediately removed the unit from its packaging and plugged it in to try it out. The dehumidifier beeped and the "BUCKET FULL" light flashed and then remained lit. Per the owner's manual I removed and reinserted the bucket (repeatedly, and with various time intervals between steps), but the light stayed on and the machine would not work.

      I emailed Amcor that night but, despite their efforts "to respond to all e-mail inquiries within 48 hours of receipt," I have received no reply now seven days later. July 19 I called Amcor technical assistance and, after a reasonable wait, I spoke with Keith. Keith was polite and tried to help, but I had already followed the instructions he gave me to get the dehumidifier running. He suggested that I could return the newly purchased machine, but I opted to have someone from the corporate office contact me. I supplied my phone number and email address. Keith said I could expect that reply within three business days.

      That time has elapsed, but Amcor has failed to contact me via email or telephone. I have returned the unit for a refund....more info
    • Amcor AHD65E Dehumidifier
      Purchased this product two weeks ago based on other reviewer recommendations and upon receiving it, it didn't work. I called Amcor which is what the manual says to do in bold print instead of returning to the store. After patiently dealing with a series of stupid questions, I was told this would be elevated to a technician to call me back. Never heard from them again. Logged onto Amazon returned the item and asked for a new one. Received the second one yesterday. The item appeared to be previously used and the drainage hose wasn't included in the box. Plugged it in and it worked for about an hour and then quit. Checked the settings and everything was set correctly. I will have to call Amcor again today, Ugh. The lack of customer service Amcor provides should be reason enough for anyone not to buy this unit....more info
    • GREAT dehumidifier
      This dehumidifier made a difference in my basement in about two hours. I had bought a dehumidifier made by another company but returned it to the Big Box store where I bought it because all it did was run and collect no water! This Amcor worked well right away. It is quiet and collects water quickly. The thermostat is quite accurate, from what I can tell. I highly recommend it....more info
    • A product that does the job!
      Dehumidifier does a great job keeping humidity where it should be in a 500 square foot garage....more info