Drinkwell Pet Fountain Cleaning Kit

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Product Description

Keeping your pet fountain cleaner ensures proper function and can prolong the life of the appliance. Even more importanly a clean fountain means clean, fresh, healthy, great-tasting water for your pet.

  • Clean where you couldn't normally with a sponge
  • Keep you fountain operating smoothly

Customer Reviews:

  • Does what I needed
    Not totally what I expected but it helped to clean out the fountain water tank. The cats love their fresh water.
    ...more info
  • Needed Accessories
    If you have bought the Drinkwell fountain for your pets, this is a mandatory accessory. These brushes make it very easy to keep your fountain clean and keep your pets from drinking stagnant water. The handles make them easy to grip and use, and the brushes make sure you get every nook and cranny. Highly recommended....more info
  • Necessity
    Should be included in with the fountain. It was absolutely impossible to clean before (took an hour, I am not kidding) but using this kit makes it easy & fast....more info
  • Bad product design
    My complaint for these brushes is the poor product design, specifically, with the tips of the biggest and the smallest brushes. To clean around all the sharp corners well, it is important for the tips of these brushes to be covered with a lot of bristles. Guess what, the tip of the smallest brush is prety much dominated by the metal wires, so when you try to clean, instead of getting the bristles to touch and rub against the surfaces, it's mostly the metal wires that come into contact. Last time I checked, it's the bristles that clean, not the metal wire. Same with the biggest brush: The way the metal wires wrap around the sponge tip to hold it to the handle prevents the sponge from coming into full contact with the surfaces.

    The product designers for the brushes don't deserve to be product designers. Do you know how much it takes to design a simple floor mop? A lot. A good product designer has to think about which yarn absorbs water well, how much water to absorb so the mop won't be hard to wring, what wringing mechanism to use, how long the handle should be, how thick the handle should be, how the mop head comes into contact with the floor, and so forth, in order to maximize ease of use and effectiveness.

    The designers of the brushes are a failure. It seems that not much thought went into the design. Yes, we are dealing with just brushes, but even brushes should do the job they are supposed to do well....more info
  • Excellent brush kit
    These brushes make cleaning the fountain much quicker and easier. Yes, I could make do without them, but this speeds the process up enormously.

    Now if I could just get the cats to clean their own fountain......more info
  • Most brushes are useful
    The kit is useful. The smaller brushes allow one to clean inside the fountain. However, the largest brush is essentially useless, because of the coiled wire at the end. Overall, I'd recommend buying it. I can't see any other way to clean deep inside the fountain. ...more info
  • The brushes are almost a necessity if you have the Drinkwell fountain.
    The size of the brushes are well-thought out. If you have the Drinkwell pet fountain, get this set, as it needs cleaning every two weeks....more info
  • Drinkwell Cleaning brush set
    Just what I needed for cleaning my Drinkwell pet fountain. My cats thank you too, as they simply love their fountain....more info
  • save your money
    Drinkwell 3-Brush Cleaning Kit

    I was very disappointed in these brushes. The bristles and sponge on the large and medium brushes do not extend to the end of the wire and so do not clean the bottom, edges and inner corners of the fountain. The small brush is better but a qtip works just as well for cleaning the motor. Save your money and use a bottle or aquarium brush and qtip....more info
  • Drinkwell Fountain Cleaner Brushes Make Cleaning Easy
    I had been using aquarium brushes, a bottle brush, etc. for cleaning my Drinkwell Water Fountains, but this Drinkwell set of three brushes makes cleaning the fountains so much easier and faster, plus they do a better job! I'd never seen the set before I bought it on Amazon recently. When I bought my Drinkwells, the instructions suggested getting aquarium brushes for cleaning. I think that the company should have started making the cleaning brushes as soon as they started making the fountains!...more info
  • Drinkwell cleaning brushes
    The brushes are okay, except that they are very hard. They should be softer so cleaning is easier....more info
  • YES!
    I am soo glad they made these instruments to help clean the water dispenser. You cannot believe what you can find when you open up the resevoir and none of the traditional sponges will reach! This is perfect!...more info
  • overall a good product
    I bought this kit for my "Big Dog Fountain" The two smaller brushes are excellent, and do a great job cleaning their designated spaces within the fountain (the motor and intake areas). I am a little dissappointed with the big brush though. The bottle brush part of it is too stiff to really be helpful, and the sponge part at the end is too big to fit in the spaces that need it. I have better luck with a soapy sponge and an old toothbrush when cleaning most parts of the fountain....more info
  • A MUST HAVE for Drinkwell Fountains !
    The brushes are perfect for cleaning the fountain well. My cat's previously grungy fountain (that I tried my best to clean with a regular dish sponge) looked like new. This is a must have for all Drinkwell Fountain owners to keep their pets fountain clean....more info
  • a must have
    this makes cleaning the cat water fountain a breeze. fits in all the small places easily....more info
  • Great sizes, bad construction
    I am glad for the sizes but the construction is poor and the bristles too stiff to do a good job cleaning. I still have to break out the pipe cleaners for the small spots and the rag for the large. The bristles don't bush out at the end so when you push the brush into the well, you are scraping the metal end against the bottom - the metal end doesn't do a great job scrubbing the residue off the bottom of the well.
    Bamboo makes a Kong cleaner with a suction cup that is better designed and has a small brush in the handle. You'll still need the pipe cleaner for the smaller pieces though. ...more info
  • not as useful as a supermarket brush
    These wire brushes are helpful but more expensive and not as useful as a common store bought set of wire brushes. They don't address the problem of mold growing in the tight corners of the fountain....more info
  • A MUST HAVE Addition To The Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain
    These are an essential and necessary addition to purchasing the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain. Although the brushes could have been made a bit better, they are sufficient enough to get the job done of cleaning your cat's pet fountain.

    I would recommend cleaning your cat's pet fountain at least once per week depending on the type of water in your area and number of cats you have. I have also found that by placing the pet fountain in an area that is relatively free of dust and debris that it keeps the water cleaner for much longer. Don't put the fountain next to an outside door or window that is opened frequently. Also refrain from putting it in an area that see a lot of foot traffic as this tends to increase the chances of debris getting into the water.

    I highly recommend this product along with the...

    Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

    Shawn Kovacich
    100% Cat Lover...more info
  • Drinkwell pet fountain cleaning brushes.
    A must if you order the drinkwell fountain for your cats. I stumbled upon them accidentally and they make all the difference in getting this product clean. The cats are just thrilled with the whole thing....more info
  • Keep the Kitty Fountain Clean
    My kitties love their water fountain, and with the cat grass growing in the seed pods, it's absolutely necessary to clean the fountain weekly. This cleaning kit lets me get into each part of the mechanism, and the sponge on the tip of the large brush is especially useful....more info
  • Works great!
    When I first purchased my Drinkwell Fountain, I scoffed at the idea that I'd need a special "cleaning kit" to keep it clean. I was certain I could do just as good a job with a sponge and teflon scrubber.


    This cleaning kit has cut down on the time it takes me to clean the fountain, and it does a much better job than I ever could without it. The brushes reach into all the little corners and make short work for the build-up of icky stuff, cat hair, etc. They also make it very easy to clean the motor housing.

    My cats love their Drinkwell fountain, and I highly recommend the purchase of this cleaning kit to go with it. You won't be sorry....more info
  • Easy cleaning now
    These brushes make cleaning the Drinkwell Pet Fountain so much easier...we should have got them much sooner!!!...more info
  • A Great Compliment for the Fountain
    This cleaning brush kit is very nice to have, it makes cleaning the fountain easy because the brushes specifically fit all the fountain's nooks and crannies! I store it near the fountain, and dedicate it to use only on the fountain. If you're serious enough to provide the Drinkwell filtered water for your pets, you have to be interested enough to clean it properly--this kit helps you do just that!...more info
  • Cleaning for Drinkwell
    This is a great product for cleaing the drinkwell fountains. It has three different sizes so that you can clean the whole item not just the easy to get to spots. I would recommend to someone that has or is buying a drinkwell fountain....more info


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