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Control the outcome in the battle for Earth this summer with Transformers, the official game of the blockbuster film. Protect the earth as Autobots or destroy it as Decepticons as you lead the Transformers in the epic battle for control of planet Earth! Make a choice: Protect Earth as Autobots or destroy it as Decepticons. With dual campaigns, the fate of the world is in your hands.

  • Instantly transform from a larger-than-life robot to a high-powered vehicle, to leave your enemies in the dust
  • Use ranged weapons in either Robot mode or Vehicle mode to take out your enemies
  • Every object in the game world, including buildings and vehicles, can be crushed, toppled, wrecked - even used as weapons
  • Choose among an army of characters in the Transformers universe and utilize their unique abilities to complete missions
  • Engage in melee combat with special moves unique to each character

Customer Reviews:

  • One of the better movie to game crossovers....
    We all know the stigmas placed on games based on film franchises......many are well deserved. However, I do think this particular game shakes alot of that.....

    First off, you play in an open enviorment which has easy to identify mission "markers" to move the story along. As others have said, you can choose to be an autobot or decepticon, I choose decepticon, because I wanted to destroy an enviorment that was touted a fully destructible....was it? Yes, it was. Does it look good....yes. How was the gameplay? Well, there's just something about cruising along in the form of a PaveLow chopper and at will converting to a 40 ft bipedal mechanical menace......very cool. In terms of graphics, on the PS3, it's solid. Won't completely blow you away, won't disappoint either. The weapons on the machines themselves can be used in robot of vehicle form, and the character animations on the transfomers themselves are fluid, not clunky, which is the same as in the new film, I hear. And transforming is a blast....havent gotten sick of it yet. If you looking for a solid game, a little GTA style, open enviorments, blowing the hell out of anything and everything you see(and some things you don't see) then this is definitely a game you might want to check out, even as a weekend rental. I bought it simply because there are a good amout of unlockables etc, also the levels are big enough to roam around in and do alittle exploring, or better yet, just, well, destroy......more info
  • What else could you ask for
    You can choose from a slew of Transformers, Autobots or Decepticons! You can protect or destroy, and Transform at will. When it come to a Transformer game this is the best yet. Graphics are amazing in HDTV and not a difficult game to play. I have yet to determine the depth of the game but so far its a blast being able to destroy just about everything on the screen, unlike other games where you could only brek a box or something. My only wish is that I wish it was based more on the original G1 characters than the new movie ones. Check it out you won't be disappointed!!...more info
  • Not to it's full potential
    I bought this game the first day it came out and spent the majority of the evening playing it. I was almost halfway done with it. These are my comments after playing first as an Autobot.

    The game lets you decide if you will be an Autobot or Decepticon. I beat the game first as an Autobot.

    This game isn't bad. I wish I could have given it 3 and a half stars.

    The good-

    - I love the ability to transform when you want

    - The sounds and the shacking of the cam when you run can be fun and impressive. Especially when you walk, you leave cracks as footprints

    The bad-

    - For the PS3 version and for as much hype as this game (or the movie) was anticipated, it did not live up to it

    - The graphics are ok, but not the best.

    - Handling and drivability of the autobots are difficult

    - You play as two of the smaller ones the majority of the time

    - The missions are a bit cheezy

    - The weapons that they give you are almost useless. You are better off picking up things and throwing them

    - One button to push to fight

    - The environments are small

    - You only play as Prime twice (well three times, but the "extra mission" you can't transform

    I'm going home this evening to play as the Decepticon, hopefully I won't beat it in one day or a day in a half as well.

    With little effort, this is a simple game to beat.

    ...more info
  • Worth it if you are a Transformers fan... A little bit like Grand Theft Auto III
    Here's are the positives:

    - controls relatively easy to learn

    - your weapons and health automatically recharge over time

    - you can REALLY and TRULY destroy just about anything in the game (my favorite so far: wiping out Decepticons by swinging a ginormous swordfish!)

    - think of this game as a really good Mech game (compared to what else is out there), with strong similarities to Grand Theft Auto III's go-anywhere-and-blast-anyone gameplay, including the driving-around-the-city part. My advice is to screw off on doing the missions (going where they tell you), and instead just drive / fly around crashing into cars and buses and launching missles at the helicopters, etc. GREAT button-mashing fun (a la what I would always do late at night on GTA).

    Here are the negatives:

    - no multi-player

    - limited number of Transformers (I want old ones!!)

    - the graphics are decent, but not as shiny-beautiful as other games (like Heavenly Sword, etc.). Still, they are not bad...

    - some people have said that the game is relatively short... well, I guess that depends on whether you play games for 8 hours a day, or more like 1 hour a day. I think it's a fine length, and I hope for a sequel with the OLD Transformer vehicles!!

    - some people have complained that when using HDMI, they aren't getting any audio. My advice: buy a digital audio cable and run it through your receiver. Hopefully this will help. (works fine with my Dolby Digital).

    Overall, at the very least, give this a rental, and just spend half-an-hour driving around blasting things before you just this game. You will see that fun factor....more info
  • Diehard fan disappointed
    I am a longtime fan of the series. That being said I have to say this is one of the worst games I have played for the ps3. For example if you cause to much damage you can be disqualified from the game and have to start over at the last checkpoint. I understand you are the autobots and do not want to cause harm. However if you even throw an object at a decepticon and miss. It takes out a building and you are done. The makers took alot of what was fun in transformers and did the exact opposite. I was very disappointed....more info
  • A Must Have for Transformers Fans
    This is a fun game. It's not very complicated, but there' enough for Transformers fans to keep you entertained for a while. As a comparison, this game is very similar to Simpson's Hit & Run. There are plenty of side missions and things to do that provide a good change of pace.

    The game does come up a bit short in a few areas. The camera never seems to be pointing where it needs to be. The Bonus material is weak (especially the photo gallery). The instruction manual is bad and a lot of things are left up to you to figure out....more info
  • Don't get the PS3 version
    Don't get the PS3 version. It has sound issues. Every time you hear a sound, it is followed by a low hissing buz. It gets very old very quick. I have now returned the game twice and still the same thing happens. I checked on-line, and alot of other people are having the same problem. I run my PS3 through HDMI and see no reason why I should have to change that. I paid good money for this game, and still it doesn't work correctly. I eventually got the 360 version, and guess what. No problem. I am a die hard PS3 fan and felt like a sell out getting the x-box version, but what the hell? It should work, with zero problems. Oh by the way. The game is pretty awsome (that is , on the 360). If you have it. I hope you don't have sound issues. And I almost guarantee that the people out there who don't have any problems with this version, either have their system running through non-HDMI or have some over priced piece of high tech equiptment. But guess what. Not everybody is going to dish out thousands of dollars for an ampliphier or some stereo. This system costs $[...] and should work in the damn rain if it had to....more info


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