SmartShopper? 3-Pack Paper Roll Refill

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Product Description

Fits Smart Shopper Grocery List Electronic Organizer /Includes 3 Rolls of Thermal Paper

This refill pack contains three rolls of special thermal paper for the battery-operated SmartShopper grocery list organizer. The thermal printer inside the organizer never needs ink, keeping costs-and mess-down. The quick-start guide that comes with the SmartShopper shows how to easily open the door on the front of the organizer to load a new paper roll.

Intuitive to use, the SmartShopper is already loaded with state-of-the-art voice recognition software, the aforementioned thermal printer that doesn't require ink, and 2,500 item names, for everything from brand-name cereals to antacids to paper towels. All you need to add are four AA batteries. With its brushed metal exterior and large LCD window, the SmartShopper makes a great gift, especially for those who may have trouble writing due to arthritis and other health conditions. --Ann Bieri

  • SmartShopper refill pack includes 3 rolls of special thermal paper
  • Rolls fit any SmartShopper grocery list organizer
  • Paper and thermal printer inside organizer never require ink
  • SmartShopper creates voice-recorded lists and prints them out
  • Refill pack makes a smart addition to a SmartShopper gift

Customer Reviews:

  • A must have for the Smartshopper
    This paper is a perfect size for the pocket or purse in route to the grocery store. It also prints nice & bold so it's very clear to read....more info
  • Couldn't Ask for Better Service
    The order was timely in spite of the holidays. I dont have the grocery shopper to go with the paper (a diffrent merchant fell short) These people are right on top their game....more info
  • If you buy the smartshopper you need the refills.
    Replacement rolls for the newest, greatest idea since sliced bread....more info
  • It fits and works
    It works in the SmartShopper just fine. What more can you say about paper?...more info
  • Smart Shopper returned
    I could not use the Smart Shopper. I returned it and only rec'd credit for the 3 rolls of paper. So far no credit for the $149.00 Smart Shopper....more info
  • Smart shopper.refills
    This is the best product since sliced bread. I never have to sit down and write a grocery list. As I run out of an item, I simply walk over to the smart shopper, push the record button, and tell it what item to add to my weekly grocery list. When it is time to head out to the grocery store, I simply, push the print button, and out comes my list. If I want to delete an item, then I simply push the delete button to delete the item of choice, or I can choose to delete the entire list. * Added bonus* Since men usually like gadgets, after installing my smart shopper I have noticed that my husband likes to use it, and he will do the grocery shopping too!
    ...more info
  • best shopping list ever
    asin SmartShopper? Grocery List Organizer, Model SS101This is a great item. It makes shopping so much easier. I like most of all how it puts you grocery list in catagorys. But it's not only for groceries it has about 2000 items it can list so all list does not have to be just groceried Charae...more info
  • smart shopper
    SmartShopper? Grocery List Organizer, Model SS101

    This is a very convenient item -- it does take a little work getting used to the voice recognition part of it to make sure it registers the items you speak into it. It is very handy because it keeps a running shopping list, which you can then print out when you are ready to go. I like this product !...more info
  • Great Product
    This is the second time I have ordered SmartShopper Paper Roll Refills. The Smart Shopper is a fantastic product, I don't know how I shopped without it. A great feature is the ability to add products you use all the time. It is very reliable and study....more info
  • Great Organizational Tool!
    I use The Smart Shopper every day. Since it is magnetic, it hangs conveniently on the refrigerator. If I am out of something, I simply go over to the fridge and push the button and tell it what I need. I will never be without my SmartShopper....more info
  • Great Service
    I got this product quickly, it was easy to get and just what I asked for.
    ...more info
  • Useless
    Ordered the SmartShopper and the paper refill. Only received the refill. The SmartShopper did not arrive on time and we were told 2 days before Christmas that it was out of stock so the paper refill is useless....more info


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