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Alcohol breath tester is always with you. Lets you know when you're not OK to drive. Simple keychain tester works in 15 seconds, records when you're over thelegal limit (0.8) or close to it (0.5). Helpful LED display timer with alarm notification counts up or down to track time left on parking meters. Has built-in flashlight and key chain.

  • LED 3 Step Alcohol Breath Tester
  • LED Display Timer with Alarm
  • Flashlight Function to help in finding the key hole.
  • Key Ring
  • 2 AAA Batteries Required (Not included)
Customer Reviews:
  • Cheap but fun
    Fun and good for laughs at work and in the bar. The timer works great, can be set for any amount of time and will beep continuously until it is turned off. Unlike many timers (including the microwave) that beep once and can be missed, this micro-timer will get your attention. It can be carried in your pocket, hung on the wall, or just set on the counter. It is not, however, a super keychain. The tiny little ring and flimsy chain are just what the doctor ordered if you want to lose your keys. You would be better served to use it for a single shed, or freezer key. It could also be hung in your car and used for a parking meter reminder. Of course you will have to take it in the store with you. As I said though, you will hear it and it will not be ignored.
    As for the alcohol breathalyzer; it seems to work very well, but I will have to continue to test it, over and over, and over.....
    But seriously; Do you think I have a problem? I mean, who carries a breathalyzer?????...more info