65PT Dehumidifier

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Product Description

Energystar qualified / Auto humidistat control / LED display of humidity and tempurature / 24 hour on/off time / Low-temp operation / Auto shut-off Pre-drilled drain connected with water hose included Automatic humidistat control Automatic shut-off Front water bucket for easy access Bucket Full indicator light

  • High efficency Energystar-qualified dehumidifier
  • Electronic control
  • LED display of humidity and tempurature
  • 24 hour on/off timer
  • Low-temp operation down to 38 degrees Fahrenheit
Customer Reviews:
  • Absolutely awful product, 2 bad in one month
    I bought two of these from a local store for two separate houses. After one week one of them said "lo" which meant the humidity was below 35%. I knew it wasn't so I turned it to just its "on" mode. It ran and started collecting water. Within one week (of the 1 hr on/1 hr off mode) it started smoking and smelling like another reviewer mentioned. The other one that I bought started to exhibit the same "lo" issue even though a humidity gauge that I had said it was 65%. I returned both of them and will never purchase another Haier product again. Also, the manual contained so many spelling and other grammatical errors, that it it made it hard to read. Junk, total junk. Haier should be ashamed of themselves. ...more info
  • Lasted 3 weeks
    I purchased this item at an electronics store. It seemed to work fine, although it was somewhat noisy. The tank was plenty large enough, any larger and it would have been difficult to carry. The problem occurred three weeks after purchase. I walked into the basement and noticed a strong smell that caused me to think there was some electrical wires burning. I went to the machine and turned it off. It immediately started hissing and smoked rolled out the back of the machine, even after I unplugged it. When I took it back to the store, they couldn't believe how bad it smelled! They returned my money without hesitation....more info