30PT Dehumidifier

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Product Description

30 Pint Capacity Mechanical Control 115V. High-efficiency ENERGY STAR qualified; low temp operation down to 41 degrees farenhiet; pre-drilled drain connect with 3' water hose included; automatic humidistat control; auto defrost; handle on bucket; front water bucket for easy access; "Bucket Full" indicator light' easy-roll casters; easy-access washable filter.

  • This Dehumidifier Can Remove 30 pints of Water Out of The air in 24 hours.
  • This unit can work well in removing moisture out of your basement.
  • This unit can work well with our Flair Purifier to take care of odors in your basement
  • You can also use this with our other products to do it yourself water damage restoration.
  • This will help people with allergies breathe better.
Customer Reviews:
  • Chinese junk.
    I bought one of these units a year ago and it lasted one summer. This past summer I could not get it to work at all. All it would do is make clunking noises and overheat. Home Depot and Haier couldn't care less. I need two dehumidifiers in my basement. I have a 10-year-old Whirlpool that still works great. Guess what brand I'm buying next?!...more info
  • Spend the Money for a Better One
    Simply said, If you want a quiet dehumidifier - don't consider this one. If you want one that removes even several drops of water after running for eight hours - don't buy this one. If you want one with a digital humidistat for setting and / or monitoring - don't buy this one. Just spend a little more money and go to your local Sears / Home Depot / Lowes. This unit has been returned to Amazon by me......more info
  • satisfied
    This dehumidifier has been working very well the month I have had it. My only gripe is there were 2 small parts missing when it came. The Haier Co. is supposed to send me them. Meanwhile I made some that will work. Other than that I'm well satisfied. ...more info
  • It probably works if you get a good one.
    Opened the box, plugged it in and the fan instantly started making 'bumping' noises. I am sure some of them work just fine, but the one that I got does not. This is clearly a quality control problem.

    Other than that, I am sure it is a 'fine thing', as others have said, but I'm not keeping it. ...more info
  • Works great
    I bought an LG 40 pint unit at Home Depot. Cost me around $193 w/ tax. Flimsy unit that kept cycling on and off with electronic control. Returned it.

    So I went out and bought the Haier at Target. It was on sale for $119. With a 10% off card, it cost me about $115 w/ tax. 30 pt Haier takes more humidity out of the air than 40 pt LG. Haier is built better. LG plastic tank got a crack in first two week. Buy the Haier. Skip the LG....more info
  • 30 pt Dehumidifier
    Not bad, has some starting and stopping problems, but it gets the job done when need be. Solid construction and easy to use controls. An overall good buy....more info