45PT Dehumidifier

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  • Very poor quality
    I was aware of the durability issue of the HDN455 model and bought this one in hope that some of those issues are resolved in this newer model. Unfortunately, I was shocked by the poor quality of the product and the sloppy workmanship on the assembly line. Upon openning the box, these are what I have found: there was a screw that fell out from the machine (who knows from where), the evaporator fins are demaged at the factory, the top cover is also demaged so that the tabs cannot go into the slot correctly, the filter cannot be pulled out, and finally, the casings are crooked. Although these are not essential to how the machine works, they certainly reflect the overall quality of the product. Haier should be shamed about the fact that they put out such a shaby product. After this experience, I start to believe those bad reviews for HDN455. This one is just as bad!...more info