Haier HDN655E 65-Pint Capacity Electronic Control Dehumidifier

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Product Description

65 Pint Capacity Electronic Control 115V. High-efficiency ENERGY STAR qualified; electronic control; LED display of humidity and temperature; 12 hour on/off timer; low temp operation down to 41 degrees farenhiet; pre-drilled drain connect with 3 water hose included; automatic humidistat control; auto defrost; handle on bucket; front water bucket for easy access; "Bucket Full" indicator light easy-roll casters; easy-access washable filter.

  • High-efficiency, ENERGY STAR qualified
  • LED display of humidity and temperature
  • Low-temp operation down to 41 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Auto shut-off and defrost
  • 12 hour on / off timer
Customer Reviews:
  • Lasted less than one day!
    I bought this dehumidifier at Menards. Looks great, has great features, easy to use, but does not work. The first thing I noticed was one side of the digital temperature display did not work. By the time I returned it, all the fancy electronic displays for temperature and humidity levels were displaying incorrect and partial readings. The unit was running and ticking so loudly I was worried it was going to start a fire in my basement. There also was water leaking all over the floor and out the front air vents on the unit. This is a bad product that gets a lot off bad reviews. Read the reviews on Amazon and consider buying a Soleus. I have one ordered from Amazon and expect to get much better results. ...more info
  • A bit weak but does the job. For basements only
    I've been using this for about 10 months now, in the basement and it's been on almost continuously since day one. I didn't have any major problems yet. I am using the supplied house to drain all condensed water into the Sump pump well so I can't comment on any bucket-related issues. As far as I know, it performs well because I do not see any condensation or mold in the basement.

    The good things:
    - It worked well so far, no breakdowns.
    - 100% maintenance-free. With the hose draining into the Sump well, it needs no care of any kind.

    Now, for the 'issues':
    - As the title of my review indicates, this is not an industrial-strength dehumidifier. It is good at keeping your basement dry but, if you let in a lot of moist air don't expect for it to fix the problem instantly. However, you will be back at a more reasonable dryness level after a few days.
    - The controls are a bit difficult. It's not impossible to operate but it's sometimes annoying changing the settings.
    - The fan is relatively loud. Think of about half the level of noise your boiler would generate during the 'burn' phase and imagine that being continuous. It does not bother me because I am used to it and the previous dehumidifier was even louder but not everyone may find it acceptable.
    - Whenever the power goes off - it happens quite often in our place - it will not restart by itself.
    - NOT suitable for any place other than the basement. If you need something for your living room or even the kitchen, look elsewhere.

    Overall, I am not unhappy with the purchase....more info
  • 2nd one that's broken
    Absolutely DO NOT buy a Haier!!! We had one that stopped collecting water within 4 months, Haier sent us a new one and now that one shut off and will not turn on. No power, zip, zilch. Of course Haier won't replace it again. BUY A DIFFERENT BRAND!!!!!!!! And let me know what kind will last longer than a year....more info
  • Does not work in basement
    Does not work in basement. Froze up and shutdown. Temp was 68 degrees....more info
  • Didn't work for me, so bad I threw them out.
    My unit would get the humidity down to the desired level and then shut off. It would not turn back on when the humidity would rise back up past it's set level. I would always have to manually restart it. I would up throwing two of these in the garbage....more info
  • It works well till it dies
    I bought this item a couple of years ago. It worked well but had many quirks. Loud fan, Bucket level switch a pain, occasionally blows a rare fuse on one of the circuit boards and since the fan runs continuously the bushings on the fan will wear out before the compressor does....more info
  • Works good but expect it to break after a while
    I've got this unit on wal-mart.

    It worked well for 6 months and suddenly stopped functioning.

    Called Haier customer department for service. They direct you to the website for dealer locator, but hey! There is no locator for service in the website.

    Called again and the attendant told me she can only search by ONE zip code... and guess? no service in my area.

    To sum up, I paid for an expensive piece that quit working and no service available...

    Please do yourself a favor: read the reviews here and on Google checkout so you stop using this brand.
    ...more info
  • Haier Dehumidifier
    Product works very well. Instructions easy to follow. Dehumidifies in a short period of time and is much quieter than our previous unit. A very good product for the price. Excellent for the basement....more info
  • Works Great. Somewhat noisy
    The good:
    ---It does a great job quickly. It is a workhorse.
    ---I like that you can set the relative humidity setting all the way down to 30 if you want. Other units I have only go down to 50 or constant mode.
    ---I like that it has a timer for auto shutoff.
    ---The handle on the bucket makes emptying the water more convenient
    --- Nice, thin profile.

    The bad:
    ---There are no scheduling for turning on or scheduled change in rel humidity types of options. But, I haven't seen this on any of these types of units. It would be nice to have.
    ---It pulls air in front and discharges in back. So you can't set it in a corner of the room. Other units have a side air discharge. This is important to think about before buying. Where do you plan on placing it when operating? Tucked away against the wall in the corner of a room? Can't do it.
    --- Dehumidifiers generate a little heat that they discharge. This comes from the dehumidifying itself.

    The ugly
    --- It is a little noisy. I used to think that I didn't care about this feature. But, it will draw attention if guests are over. Other units I have are much quieter. But, it sounds like a floor fan on high speed, nothing more. So, if you don't care about a high speed fan sound in the room when operating, then this shouldn't matter. But, if you don't want the sound of a floor fan on high speed, then this unit is probably not for you.

    I set it up in main room of our house and turn on at night with the 8 hour timer. Works out great. I use quieter units during the day.

    I live in humid Florida and have allergies. Dehumidifiers often help with allergies and really do make the house more comfortable. Mold grows above 50% rel humidity. It doesn't below 50% generally. My family used to cough a lot in our house at night before we got dehumidifiers. As soon as I put one in each bedroom, the coughing stopped for everyone. No joke.

    ...more info
  • Great and easy to use
    This is a great unit that I think performs well. It has really dried out my entire crawl space. I would recommend this item to anyone who wants a quality dehumidifier. It does take a few days to reach the humidity levels you want depending on your conditions...this is mentioned in the manual.

    Worth every penny!...more info
  • 65 pt Dehumidifier
    The dehumidifier has a large holding capacity. I am satisfied with it, and it is doing the job. The only thing I would say I don't care for about it is that it is a bit noisy....more info
  • does the job
    This dehumidifier does exactly what it is supposed to do, removes H2O from the room. Great in our basement, no more "damp" feeling carpet and no worries the kids are playing in an unsafe enviroment. It is not "whisper quiet" as the Solarus promises, but I like the fact that it has an air output vent on the top that discharges de-humidified, dry, fresh air. Probably why it is a little louder than my old Kenmore dehumidifier. I like the air flow into the room. It is not too loud either. We use it in the laundry room with no door and you can still hear the tv on a low setting. Wouldn't want to sleep in the same room, though....more info
  • Not happy about it.
    I purchased the Haier Dehumidifier model HDN655E a year ago.
    I started to have problems with the switch that resets the unit after the water tank has been emptied and replaced,

    I recently set up a system so I did not have to carry the water upstairs to empty. When I attached the drain hose, per the instuctions, I found that the water did not drain out the hose, it continued to fill the built in water tank. I still have to empty the tank and fight the reset switch.

    This was my first unit. I have looked at other dehumidifiers and find others offer better systems to drain the water, the water tanks do not have to be emptied manually.

    I would not recommend this unit. The reset switch is getting harder to manually reset, (replacing the water tank won't reset it,) and I don't expect it to work much longer.

    ...more info
  • Died After One Month
    This was a great dehumidifier while it worked. A plumbing leak resulted in water in my normally dry basement so I bought the Haier HDN655E dehumidifier to dry things out after the leak was fixed. It pulled the humidity in my basement down to 45% in a couple of days. After that I ran it on Sundays when I was in the basement working on my hobbies. Unfortunately it died completely after a few weekends of use. Looking around on the internet it appears this unit may have a propensity for blowing an internal fuse when power is cycled and the compressor and blower come on simultaneously.
    I really liked the electronic controls, the humidity setting and the timed off setting. The humidity readout is in increments of 5%, and tracked very close to a fairly expensive gauge I had nearby on the wall. The negatives: 1) The blower runs continuously when the desired humidity level is obtained, only the compressor stops, 2) Momentary power outages reset the humidity control to a default of 60% (and then the unit runs and runs any you wonder why it can't pull the humidity below 60%).
    I called Haier support since the unit was still under warranty, but the person who answered the phone was extremely curt and the repair process consisted of sending pieces of the unit back to service center in return for a new unit. It was easier just to return the whole unit to where I bought it....more info
  • the best that I have used
    I have used other brands, namely, Sears (? manufacturer), LG, Goldstar and Whirlpool. HAIER seems to be the best.

    You can get it in Wal Mart for about $179. I have bought 2 in the past 2 years, for a large basement in a house in a wooded area. Wal Mart is, however, poor in maintaining an inventory of slow moving items, and it may not be available in all stores at all times....more info
  • This thing sucks big-time, not just water either
    I got one of the "good" ones. It ran 3 whole years then died. It was loud, ran nearly continuously, used lots of electricity, but the console is nice looking. It "replaced" a Sears 40 pint reconditioned model that ran for 20 years w/o service. The Sears seemed to get just as much humidity out of the air w/ less noise and energy consumption. I think Haier is the German word for junk....more info
  • Worked for 5 minutes
    Bought this and when arrived home unpacked it and turned it on. It was loud when on high, really loud but that is not a real big deal to me for what I needed it for. While it was running it just shut off. It never came back on after that, it was dead. I checked my breaker as the manual suggested and the customer service lady advised. I will add it was easy to get someone on the phone. So never the less she told me it was a fluke. I checked it one more time in the morning just in case it fixed itself...you never know but still dead as a door nail. So I packed it up and returned it to the place whose returns are from 7:00am to 10:00pm....you could maybe guess where with that info.
    One more was in stock and it was obvious that it had been returned due to the open box and the adhesive tape removed from the top and back. So in the end I chose not to get this particular brand.
    ...more info
  • loud and doesn't stop
    This unit does extract the humidity from my basement well, but it is LOUD. It is as loud as a large box fan on hi. I wouldn't mind, but the fan blows continuously, even when the target humidity is reached.

    The timer sets time before it turns on, or time until it turns off, but does not cycle on for a specific amount of time every 24hrs.

    If power goes out, it doesn't turn itself back on.

    So, this thing is a pain in the rear since I have to either leave it on 24/7, or go down in the basement and turn it on and off. I'm returning this unit and will look for something that turns on/off automatically based on a target humidity level, as you might expect a device like this to work.

    Edit after 5 days of use: This unit started short-cycling and stopped removing any significant amount of moisture from the air, so I returned it. Don't buy this junk!...more info
  • Died after a month
    Bought one of these 5 weeks ago and it worked reasonably well, although I was thinking about getting a second one since it wasn't keeping the basement humidity low enough.

    Then a couple days ago it just died. Was within the return period for the store I got it from so I took it back.

    There weren't many reviews on this brand of dehumidifiers. I'll be looking for a brand and model with lots of good reviews this time....more info