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Whisper quiet - will help you breath better and sleep more comfortably. Features dry protection and water refill alarm. Produces up to 7 liters of moisture per day. Features: Ultrasonic (no heat) humidity High humidity output Silent operation Pilot light indicator Boil dry protection Water refill alarm Convenient carrying handle Easy refill plug with no-drip feature No-slip feet Specifications: Input voltage: 120V / 60Hz / 0.24A Water tank capacity: 2 gallons Water output capacity: 2.3 gallons per day at 70??F Dimensions (L x W x H): 12.75 x 9 x 12.75 in.

  • Model No.: SU-2000
  • Origin: China
Customer Reviews:
  • Loud after a year
    It was really nice for a while - it did everything it was supposed to. But after a few months it has become very loud to the point of being useless. Another, smaller problem is that you need to refill it often to ensure it won't run out of water in the middle of the night, because if it does, it will scream like the train in "My Cousin Vinny" movie, instead of just shutting off!...more info
  • Decent for the money
    Not a bad product for the money (purchased at amazon). Relatively quit, no filters to worry about and nice water capacity last about 24 hours.
    Area in front of mist discharge gets wet if humidity in room is reaching high levels....easy to control if run on low when humidity is higher rather than lower....more info
  • Deceiving
    Initially I thought the SU-2000 was great, except for filling. After a few days of use, I had white dust all over the room, plus adjacent rooms. I know it says I can use distilled water, however this increases my operating cost and makes filling a two person job (one to hold the tank and one to pour in the distilled water. Even without the distilled water, filling is a difficult job. A balancing act to fill the inverted tank and keep level until securely capped. There must be better humidifiers without these drawbacks. Certainly not the appliance for a little old lady....more info
  • This thing sucks!!!
    1) Sound level doesn't compare to my warm mist humidifier which broke when it fell off the table. It's pretty loud with the fan and the constant bubbling of water splashing about.

    2) It will get your floor/carpet wet. For one thing, no steam/moisture comes out if you set it on the lower levels. But, if you turn up the power, your floor is going to be soaking wet. So, I had to put it high off the floor to minimize that problem.

    3) The stupid fan broke after one season!!! I have to toss it in the trash now, completely useless.

    4) I thought "ultrasonic" meant it didn't need a fan like the regular cool mist humidifiers. They never mention that it has a constant loud fan in there to push out the little water droplets made by the ultrasonic generator. This is nothing but a gimmick. Stick to the warm mist humidifier. They are whisper silent and keep the room nice a warm because of the heat. Ultrasonic leaves the room feeling cold and drafty....more info
  • Love it!!
    I've had this humidifer for about a month and it works perfectly. I was really surprised at the amount of mist it produces. I had to turn down the output because it saturated the top of my dresser and even some carpet in my room the first couple of times I used it. I use it for my master bedroom at night and haven't had any problems with water running out, alarms going off or anything like that. We are breathing easier and my hair is a lot less static-prone than it was before. Super quiet, too!! ...more info
  • worked well for 2 months then got VERY noisy
    Like several other reviews here, I experienced a problem with the fan. The unit worked like a charm for a couple of months, was silent, very easy to clean and refill. But then, the fan started rattling. I didn't keep the box due to a move so I can't do anything as far as a return. I opened the unit to see how I could quiet the fan but the mechanism itself is rattling. Basically, it is now useless because at night, all you can hear is something that sounds like a loose rattle. In fact it's so loud, I am sure the neighbor can hear something through the wall....more info
  • Works GREAT but don't let it run out of water or you'll sound the alarm
    I've gone through countless humidifiers over the years. This is definitely one of my favorites but that dog gone alarm will give anyone a heart attack. We had no idea what the hell it was the first time it ran out of water at 4 a.m. We thought there was a fire or something. It is NOT subtle. I even tried to dismantle it to take the alarm out... couldn't figure out how. But overall it's quiet and gets the job done well. ...more info
  • Really good value for money
    There are quite a few humidifiers that claim to have the same or more features, which are more expensive. I had two other appliances that disappointed me before I got this one. It's really silent, except for the occasional gurgle. The noise was what made me give up on the two previous ones, and I'm completely satisfied now. Besides, it allows you to control the amount of humidity it lets out. I've had it running every night for a couple of months now. The 7 liters go for two whole nights....more info
  • Humidifier
    This is the one to have. Very quite. Alittle difficult to fill but non the less it does the job....more info
  • Would Be 5 stars but for a really stupid design issue
    Engineers should live for 6 months with anything they design before it goes to market.

    This is the best reasonably priced ultrasonic humidifier I could find. It isn't ugly, it is very effective over a wide range of settings, and quiet, at least until the low-water alarm goes off, which is easily avoided by keeping an eye on how full the tank is.

    I haven't had it long enough to judge durability. Customer service was great once I penetrated their voice mail to request the water-fill gasket that had been left out at the factory.

    BUT, the gasket for the water fill is one really stupid design. As I indicate above, ours arrived missing the gasket. That was quickly remedied, but when I went to install it I found out why others have complained about it.

    We're talking what should be a simple O ring here, folks, but what we get is a silicon (I think) based gasket with a distinct top and bottom, the bottom of which fits in a rectangular depression around the circular opening on the water tank. Fitting the gasket was an exercise in frustration -- try to get the last bit in and, because the gasket is a fraction small, another section pops out, and, with nothing holding it in, this is going to happen just about every time you refill. I finally resorted to carefully glueing the gasket in, and lubricating the cap rim with petroleum jelly so it wouldn't get glued down as well or drag the gasket out when unscrewed. So far, so good, but my fingers are still crossed.

    HELLO SUNPENTOWN! Change the damn design to a grove that accepts a standard O ring, like my water filter uses! Then you'll have a five star product!...more info
  • No noise and no water dust!
    It is true, this humidifier makes absolutely no noise! It is also very simple in maintenance. I use it in the office with spring water (delivered) so i have no need to clean the tank after three full month usage.
    It does not make any furniture wet. It's labeled as a cool mist, but the mist is not exactly cool or cold, it is a room t*.
    I wish i could find all these qualities in a bigger humidifier because now everybody in the office wants it, and i am thinking of buying a bigger machine to cover 1700 sq foot of our small office. Or i could buy two units like this one. Have not decided yet. If anybody knows a 3-4 gallon machine as good as this one, please send me a link! I strongy recommend this humidifier for a mid size room (up to 500 sq f)...more info
  • Best Humidifier I've Ever Bought
    This Sunpentown humidifier is the best one I've ever bought. After trying 3 different ones that used filters and forced air, none of which lasted more than a month, I decided to give the Sunpentown a try. What a difference! Unlike the forced-air models, this one has no filter to get moldy and smelly. It doesn't make any noise at all (well, almost), and puts out an amazing amount of water into the air. It rarely needs cleaning (about once a month), and when it is necessary to clean it, it takes all of 10 minutes. The large fill hole on the bottom of the tank worried me at first. It didn't look very sturdy, and the little rubber ring that seals it looked like it would give out in about a week. After 2 years I'm happy to say it's still going strong. No leaks or failures. The large opening makes refills quick and easy, and cleaning out the inside of the tank is simple, since you can get your hand inside without any trouble at all. Forced-air humidifiers require cleaning every time you fill it up, and then you have to let the filter dry before you can use it again. With this one, I just rinse out the tank when I fill it, and once a month I empty the base unit and wipe it down with glass cleaner. That's it. I just fill it back up and it's good for another 30 days of continuous use.

    The humidifier puts out a steady stream of cold vapor, which will dissipate into the air if the unit is about 3 feet off the ground. I keep mine on a chair in our hallway. We don't have a forced-air heating system, so we rely on traffic (human and animal) in the hallway to spread the humidity around. I actually tend to swat at the vapor stream each time I walk by (I'm not sure why, It's just fun to do). If you have forced-air heating, it would be easy enough to simply put this over a vent. This isn't a whole-house unit, but with just 2 of them I can keep my 3 bedroom, 2 bath home at around 41% humidity on a dry winter day. The tank holds enough water to go more than 24 hours wide open without need for a refill.

    Both of my Sunpentown units have worked without a hitch for 2 years now. If you want a low-maintenance, quiet and reliable humidifier, look no further. ...more info
  • My faithful Crofton
    I've had the "Crofton" version of this same humidifier for almost 6 years. The brand changed to Sunpentown during the time. I bought it in east coast, used it nightly in winter every year. I had it shipped to west coast when I was relocated. I use it whenever I remember to year-around due to the dry weather. Recently I brought it from home to my office and put it right next to my desk to get daily moisture. It's been working faithfully all this time.

    The best advantage when it's compared against others -- It's quiet! Even sitting right next to my ear, I don't notice its existence. It's very important when you leave it on while asleep or working. But you got to watch the water level. When it gets too low, beeping alarm can startle you. It's good to have the safety feature. So no complaints.

    I used to clean the base every other day, now reduced to weekly. No accumulation of anything so far. Neat as new. :)...more info
  • Humidifer quietly works well
    this is humidier works great -the soft hummm is a great reminder that the air is being filled with moisture....more info
  • Stopped working and was hard to clean
    Started out great for the money(no humidistat but nice-sized tank, simple controls etc.). Was able to maintain a comfortable humidity level with a fill up every 1-2 days depending on the outside temperature. Difficult to reach all the nooks and crannies to clean and gasket on filler kept falling into tank during fill. Now, after 1/2 a heating season of use, it is barely working at all(unfortunately I tossed the box). I would spend more and get a different unit....more info
  • Troublesome humidifier
    Output good and just a little noisier than my last ultrasonic which was a refurbished Bionare. Water gets slimy within a week, though, and cleaning thoroughly is difficult due to nooks and crannies on unit. Now unit has stopped working after only 3 months. It DID keep the room, 12 x 18, well humidified while it worked, though,...more info
  • Exactly what I was looking for
    I live in a small studio apartment in which the heating is centrally controlled, so my apartment tends to get much too warm and very, very dry, especially at night, even with a window open. Once I received this humidifier, it was very easy to set up and worked perfectly. No problems with water leakage or anything- the tank cap locks in pretty tightly. It is extremely quiet- I run it mostly at night and it doesn't bother me at all, even when on it's highest setting. So far I have not had to refill the tank very often and it stays full throughout the night- throughout many nights actually! I sleep much more comfortably and the room is not dry anymore (no more dry skin, scratchy throat, etc. in the morning too). I highly recommend this humidifier and I am very happy with my purchase of it. ...more info
  • works how you want - but blast that stupid alarm!
    ((added later: I'd like to LOWER my star rating to 2 stars, it doesnt work any more. Fan lasted 3 mos, now it doesnt turn on. You think I have time to send this back in the mail? I dont. into the garbage it goes...))

    I looked for just regular ultrasonic humidifiers and couldnt find hardly any that just held alot of water, had a directional spout and the mist came out on top so it didnt get the carpet wet, was quiet and that's it... dont need filters or anti-bacterial whatever that will just break, i know how to wash a piece of plastic when its dirty. Anyway, this model is all those things, I would have said I was 100% satisfied with it. AND I bought it from the manufacturer after amazon screwed up my order and tried to charge me a ton for shipping.
    BUT, i cant give it 5 stars because when the thing runs out of water, an alarm goes of, what the heck is that for? Just turn off if you're so worried. It woke me up and scared me half to death. Today it woke up my twins and scared them, its like a siren this thing. I'm going to take some pliars to it and 'fix' it myself. Other than that, works like a charm. BIG tank... good.

    CHANGE: fan broke after 2 mos. its trash now, going in the garbage....more info
  • Does everything I want
    Works great. Use purified water to reduce mineral deposition.
    I love this humidifier....more info
  • Excellent value
    Quiet, light, does the job. I've had this for a year now and I've nothing bad to say about it....more info
  • everything is good except the unit has no humidistat control
    It's very quiet, you can put it in the bedroom, and it's very easy to use and to refill water, the only drawback compared with my old Kenmore one is this has no humidistat control, so it's on 24 hours unless you turn it off, but a whole tank of water can last many days if the humdity volume is low, and I got this for $43, plus $10 shipping, worth the money....more info
  • Unit failed the day after we received it
    We were pleased with this humidifier the first evening that we used it, but the next evening, we found that the fan had broken at some point (unplugging the machine and replugging it didn't help, nor did emptying out the unit and refilling it). While the humidifier still produced mist, the mist just sort of drifted up out of the unit and floated toward the floor, rather than being sent up into the air as it was the previous night. We are sending this humidifier back for a refund....more info
  • Very good Humidifier
    This is a good humidifier. It runs very silently so that you hardly notice it's even on. It was able to improve the humidity level in my room considerably, from less than 20% to over 40%. Low maintenance is a big Plus! There is no filter, so all you need to worry about is cleaning the machine once in a while, especially before storing it.
    The only negative comment I have is that the opening of the Tanks is at the bottom. You have to unscrew a seal, fill in water, then screw the seal back on. This might cause trouble once the seal starts leaking. (It might be better if the tank had its opening at the top, instead of the bottom)
    Other than that, this is a very good product and I highly recommend it! ...more info
  • Great Humidifier!
    I hardly ever review products, but this one is worth the time. I've owned several humidifers over the years, and they do not compare to this one. It is quiet, there is no filter to get soaked and moldy, and the full stream of moist air coming out of the unit proves it is working. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Better than several others.....
    After burning through three other humidifiers, we tried the Sunpentown. So far, so good - in fact, we ran it for over a month - every night - in our bedroom, and not only was it very quiet, but it didn't leak, sputter, spit or die. High praise indeed....more info
  • Silent Humidifier
    I have been looking for a quiet cool mist humidifier to replace my old Eurobrand. It is easy to use, very quiet and the perfect size for a bedroom....more info