Foogo by Thermos Leak-Proof SS 7 oz Sippy Cup with Handle in Blue

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Long considered a trusted partner by parents in providing healthy food and drink options for kids, Thermos brand has brought its superior insulation technology to a new line of children's products for ages six months and older. In addition to providing added protection from spoilage and food born illnesses, Thermos also offers parents extra peace-of mind in knowing that Foogo products use all FDA approved materials and do not use plastics containing Bisphenol A ( BPA). TherMax?? double wall vacuum insulation for maximum temperature retention Keeps food cold for 7 hours and hot for 5 hours Unbreakable stainless steel interior and exterior Wide mouth is easy to fill, eat from, and clean Ergonomically designed lid with rubber grip Dishwasher safe Non-slip, scratch resistant base, cool to the touch with hot foods Light, compact and portableExterior stays condensation freeNon-slip, scratch resistant baseKeeps beverages cold for up to 6 hours - for cold contents onlyDishwasher safe

  • The vacuum insulated stainless steel interior and exterior is non-reactive to all food and beverages.
  • Keeps beverages cold & fresh for 6 hours; Kid proof unbreakable design is perfect for infants and toddlers
  • Insulation helps inhibits dangerous bacteria growth
  • BPA Free materials ? Stainless steel interior and exterior ; Soft drinking spout is made from food contact safe Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Dishwasher safe for easy care; Sweat proof design won't leave water rings

Customer Reviews:

  • I would recommend this product to anyone.
    Excellent at keeping my babies drinks cold, it has handles many falls without dents, my daughter finds it really easy to hold and drink out of, I would recommend this product to anyone....more info
  • Worth the $15!
    I bought this sippy cup after reading about this cup on other sites. I wasnt intending to buy this one first but when I saw it in the store I thought okay.... I'll give it a try. I had a hug leak the first time we used it, but I fixed it and we have had nothing but happy sipping since. We travel alot on the weekends and its nice to have a cup that will keep milk cold for more than 2 hours. That alone is worth the purchase!...more info
  • Love this cup but it's starting to stink.
    I had been using Avent's Magic cup sippys but my son wasn't drinking very much so I decided it was time to try a new sippy and since this one was insulated and BPA-Free I thought I would give it a try despite the price. It is so much easier for him to drink out of this cup than the Magic cups. The cup has never had a leaking problem accept for once the other day but I realized the valve wasn't completely installed correctly. The cup does not have too many parts and is not hard to put together. The magic cup had less parts but was harder for my son to drink from so I would rather have more parts for a better product. The new problem I have been having is that the cup is starting to stink like sour milk. If you wash it out with water the smell goes away until it dries and then it smells again. Its very wierd and very disappointing since I really love this cup. The cup has dented but we don't mind.

    Easy to drink from
    Nice look

    starting to smell
    will get dents if your son throws it around like mine
    heavy compared to plastic cups

    Update: I really loved this cup but another problem has come up. There is a silcone rim that seals the top of the cup and after taking a close look at it, it appears there are black dots underneath it (that weren't there before). I have to guess that it is mold growing underneath there. Too nervous to keep using the cup which is a big disappointment since its my son's favorite cup. We have probably owned the cup for 6 months now....more info
  • great cup!
    After reading various reviews about this product I felt like I needed to put my thoughts forth... this cup is great! Our 2 year old loves it. I was reluctant to purchase this cup because of all the reviews about leaking problems... I must say we haven't had this problem at all. If you put the cup together as directed (and it's actually not that hard to do) then it doesn't leak. I think this is pretty much the case for most sippy cups (except those that don't have any extra parts). It's solid, rugged and keeps liquids cold for long periods, great for those long drives in the car in the summer. The 7 oz capacity definitely has it's advantages too, it seems that most sippy cups designed for older toddlers are enormous which is not always necessary. Enjoy!...more info
  • Good at first
    This was a great sippy at first but after a few throws it leaks just like all the others. Quite disappointed after spending so much. It was also such a pain to clean. Also bought the taller cup for my older child and the plastic would break off from the bottom if dropped. I am getting my kids off sippys all together now and just getting them some regular sports bottles (Kleen Kanteen)...more info
  • Looks great but leaks
    Bought this due to it's reviews and leak proof claim. It has leaked from day one; then again maybe if we had not taken it apart to thoroughly clean then maybe it wouldn't leak. Of course then it would be a pretty dirty cup. On top of the leaking, it is not the easiest to put together after dismantling for cleaning. ...more info
  • Our Favorite Sippy ever.
    It's impossible to avoid things made in China. I don't like it either, but Thermos has been around for years, and has a long standing reputation for making good products.

    After trying just about every single BPA free sippy on the market, I finally bit the bullet and bought a Foogo. One thing I will say about this, is that it's really heavy for a baby. I bought one when my son was about 9 months old and he wasn't able to hold it at that point, so I had to hold it for him. I was also worried about the valve system, as he had a hard time using cups with valves, but he took to this sippy cup fabulously, and will not use any other cup.

    A word about leaks. This cup? Should not leak. The parts should come apart easily. We've never had a problem, and any time I've experienced a leak, I've been able to troubleshoot the problem by taking the lid off and usually, it was an issue of the valve not being snapped in all the way. There is a point at which a small bit of water pools in between the valve and the spout, but it's minimal, and not enough to soak your entire living room.

    I love the entire Foogo line. They're durable, and they hold temperature for a long time. ...more info
  • Keeps items cold, easy to clean
    Just bought a few of these sippy cups so I could have BPA free cups and I wanted to keep my drinks cold because we travel a lot. It does keep the drinks cold...for 6 hours like it states, no, but I would definitely say 3-4 hours. Its easy to clean. I like the removable stopper better than other sippy cups because they wont get moldy like some others. My negatives are that its a little heavy and the metal gets hot out in the sun. I wish there was a cover over the metal. So far though, I have had them about 4 weeks now and I am very pleased.

    I am not having leak issues and dont have trouble screwing the top on. I actually like that the top screw on so that the spout is in the correct spot on the cup. Unlike some tops you have to screw on several times to line it up correctly. Mine does make a squealing sound sometimes when my son sucks on it. I usually just remove the stopper and it stops.

    I have not had dent or breakage problems...and my kid is a thrower! So far all 3 are in tact.

    I did just notice the huge price hike though!!! I paid $16 for it on Amazon and just looked and it is priced at $26 now??? I wouldnt pay $26. I thought it was worth $16 and that was stretching my budget for sippy cups!...more info
  • The only sippy that has worked so far
    After much research for a BPA free sippy, I tried the Thinkbaby first but it leaked too much (I don't think it's meant to be leak-proof. My mistake) and then the BornFree but had the opposite problem in that the liquids wouldn't come out easily enough. Finally I tried the Foogo and it turned out to be perfect. No leaks whatsoever. Sturdy. Keeps drinks cool. BPA free. I love it and so does my beautiful 13 month old son. - To be honest though, I think it's a luck of the draw when it comes to all of these sippys. At least that's what it looks like from all the reviews. There are just too many variations....more info
  • I like it
    I like this item. The only thing is that you have to make sure you put the valve in properly, everything is snapped into place securely, for it not to leak. Once alittle part of the valve is not snapped in properly, it will leak through the spout and the vent hole. Also 7oz was too small for my toddler so we eventually had to graduate to a bigger cup. But it's hardy, withstands knocks and throwing, and lasts a very long time!...more info
  • Valve mechanism won't stay in
    I bought one of these sippy cups for my toddler daughter, happy to have a healthy alternative to plastic sippy cups. The leak-proof feature was a must-have. Unfortunately after taking the lid apart to clean it thoroughly, the valve mechanism would not stay in place when I put it back together. If it was not intended to come out then I wonder why it was made like that.

    We rarely use it now and I am disappointed to have spent the money on it. When my daughter gets old enough to drink without spilling, I am sure we will use it more. I do like how it keeps her drinks fresher for longer periods of time. ...more info
  • Great alternative to plastics, insulation is surprisingly handy
    I bought this sippy cup to replace my son's plastic ones, to avoid the increasing concerns of leeching chemicals. (like BPA, the current newsmaker). I had read some reviews that said it leaks. We own two and they never leak, as long as you reassemble them correctly after putting them through the dishwasher. The double-walled Foogo makes for a much nicer product than the Klean Kanteen noninsulated one (which we also own). It keeps the kids' hands from getting cold with ice drinks and, more importantly, can keep a drink cool for 6 hours out of the refrigerator! Very handy for roadtrips and forgetting in a play room.

    No downsides. Highly recommend for all children instead of the plastic sippy cups.!...more info
  • Best Sippy Cup on the Market
    I purchased this cup mainly because it was BPA-free. (The old plastic sippy cups I had were not). Advantages - BPA-free and keeps milk cold. Disadvantages - can be a little tricky at first to learn how to screw on lid tightly to prevent leaks. Also, I have noticed if not promptly rinsed, it can get the sour milk smell (like all cups). I hand wash it during the day, and then take all the parts apart (4 in total) and put it in the dishwasher at night. I love, love, love this cup! I would suggest buying two-per-kid....more info
  • Slight leaking after a few uses
    These cups are not bad, but I have noticed slight dripping. We have used our Foogos about 5 times, so the quality is not what I had hoped for in a cup that cost $15. My son likes these cups and took to them quite quickly, the handles really help him to use it himself. The drip is not bad, the cup is still functional, but it is a disappointment, I thought I had found a great non-plastic cup, but I will continue searching......more info
  • Leaks too much
    Well I do like this cup because it's BPA Free, but aside from that it leaks very badly. I'm going to try the other BPA free cups....more info
  • Looks cool, but leaks everywhere
    On two separate occasions I've drenched my purse with this "leak-proof" sippy cup. It's not that tricky to assemble and you need to screw the cap on tight, but it still leaks. It leaks out the side and it leaks out the top by the spout. I would never purchase another one of these....more info
  • Great Cup
    I was hesitant after reading other reviews that this cups leaks, but I saw one at a local store and tried it despite negative reviews because I was anxious to get him a safer sippy ASAP. It's so great that I just bought two more. It is now my two year olds fav because it dosen't look babyish, and I love that it keeps his milk cold in the car for hours while we run errands and dosen't sweat. I really like the Sigg too, but they sweat leaving rings when my son leaves it laying around, and since it isn't insulated it is cold for his little hands, plus pull-up top is unfamiliar to him. The foogo looks familiar, and works more like his old sippy. I didn't find assembling or washing any big deal- the insulation is fantastic!!! ...more info
  • Great concept, inferior replacement-less parts!
    I REALLY like this cup. However, I have had it for less than two months and my the soft spout is splitting. My son is just over a year and TOOTHLESS so he didn't bite it apart! I am having a hard time getting any response from the company...I also bought the straw version for my older son and love it. The downside is that the valves on both styles are hard to keep clean and seem rather brittle. Again, no available replacement pieces. I haven't had any problems with leaking as others have complained about. The cup is very durable and effective in keeping beverages cold but the plastic parts seem to be inferior unfortunately......more info
  • It never leaks!!!
    I bought this item for my grandson (1 year old this week) because he loves grabbing ANYTHING with handles with both of his little hands.

    My daughter fills this cup with water or juice, secures the top, and he bangs it, throws it, hits himself in the head with it.... but the thing never leaks and my daughter is thrilled about it. My grandson loves to drink from this sippy-cup. It keeps warm stuff warm and cold stuff cold.

    The item is a little pricey and worth every penny! Get one!...more info
  • our favorite sippies
    we love our foogo sippies. my son is 16 months, and we've been using them since he was 9 months or so. we dont have a problem with leaks, and they've held up great to him throwing them around. i love the way they keep his water or juice cold forever it seems like. they are wonderful! we're graduating from sippies to straw cups, and i just ordered a couple of foogo cups, and i cant wait to get them. i hope we love them as much as we do the sippies!...more info
  • Best of the BPA-free sippys
    We've tried every major brand of sippy cup out there, plus a few of the lesser-known ones. None of them are truly leak-proof, even when everything's put together correctly. That said, the Foogo is the best of the non-BPA sippy cups. It's much better than another stainless-steel option, the KleenKanteen, which has no insulation, dents very easily, and leaks like crazy. The Foogo is the closest competitor (in leakproofedness, if that's a word) to the First Years Take N Toss sippy cups, which were the best we found in plastic sippys. (I haven't tried the Siggs because I've tried to avoid aluminum while waiting for more complete evidence regarding its association with Alzheimer's.) It's great that the Foogo insulates so much that milk doesn't smell bad even if it's been in there a few hours, unlike just about every other sippy out there. Just wish they weren't so expensive, or I'd buy several more....more info
  • awesome sippy cup!
    This is a great cup! It does not leak! It's not made of plastic! And my son loves it.
    It's easy to clean.
    I would highly recommend this sippy cup!...more info
  • Love it!
    My son is pretty hard on sippy cups, and this is the only one he hasn't managed to destroy. it's safe, and we've never had problems with leaks so long as the valve is in properly. It's a *little* annoying to clean but well worth the trouble. ...more info
  • Leakproof? Not the one I received!
    I bought this sippy because my son loves chicken broth and smoothies, and I figured this would be an ideal thing for us to bring them to the playground and keep a decent temperature.
    Anyway, I started using it just for water.
    The screw-on lid fit tight the first time around, my son loved the bottle, we were happy.
    Then, by the second day, I cannot get the lid to tighten. It comes loose ON ITS OWN. And when this happens, it can leak the entire contents of the bottle in a minute (picture large puddle in your floor.)
    I checked that I was putting the rubber top (where the spout is) snugly in the lid, so it did not interfere with the screwing of the lid. Nope.
    Also, if this is for toddlers, it is not a good idea that you cannot tighten the bottle enough to prevent those little devils from opening it all the way. My son hasn't realized it yet, but once the lid gets loose (within a minute of putting it on on day two), it would be very easy for him to finish the job and make a humongous mess.
    Also, like someone else said before, the rubber spout is very soft and easy to chew to bits for a teething toddler. I will definitely not use this bottle when he's teething. Then again, I will probably not use it at all. I think I'm putting it in the cupboard as the bottle of last resort.
    If you just wanted the metal (vs plastic) and do not care about the thermal insulation, get a klean kanteen with the adaptor for a baby sippy nipple. I use the avent nipples or the born free nipples and the bottle works LIKE A CHARM. No leaking, no plastic, etc. However, the klean kanteen has no insulation and you cannot put extreme temperature liquids in it, or the baby will get hurt.
    I started using my regular nissan coffee thermos for the baby to get his smoothie. It's more messy but he's getting the idea.
    Bottom line: Don't waste your money. It is an expensive sippy of poor quality. Get a regular adult thermos or a regular baby sippy. Plus, it is made in China. If you have concerns about other materials and this is why you're getting the metal bottle, you may want to get one made in a country that has less problems with lead....more info
  • Great but some things to watch out for
    I like this cup a lot, and so does my little one. She does not have to tilt her head all the way back to get the water out. Holding the cup horizontally to the floor is enough to drink comfortably. We had the cup for 4-5 months now and it still works great. It does not leak neither does it make any sounds, given it is assembled properly. It takes about a minute to take it apart, wash all the components and then put them back together. But you will have to do this every day if you get this cup. If you don't clean the spout every day, the mold WILL grow in there for sure. The other negative is that the cup will dent when your baby drops it on the floor. I don't mind it, since it does not effect the functionality....more info
  • Love it, but leaks
    I really like this cup, and so does my toddler but it LEAKS. Maybe I am doing something wrong. If anyone can help please let me know. If it is left on it's side or jiggles around to much in the diaper bag, it leaks through the little air hole and the spout. Little drips that accumulate when you are not looking. The assemble isn't so tough once you do it a few times. I try to re-adjust an push the valves in tight hoping it won't leak but it always gets me everytime- or my daughter's clothes wet in the carseat especially(very annoying). Other then that- we love it and love the fact it is bpa-free. Good luck to those trying to find something not made in China. It looks like there isn't much of a choice....more info
  • works great for the first week or so.. then becomes LEAKY and squeaky
    This cup was great at first. I didn't even mind the many spout parts that need to be washed, but after a few weeks it became impossible to stop it from leaking and making an annoying squeaking noise when our son used it.
    we still have the cups, but we threw away the tops and just use them as cups.
    also, they WILL dent if they are dropped.
    now we own several of the klean kanteens and are happy with those after several months of use. The siggs are good also, but not leak-proof since the tops are sports tops and the narrow opening makes them a bit hard to clean properly....more info
  • Good cup
    This is a good cup - a little hard as a first sippy cup, though. Enough suction is required that it was easier for my son to learn on another cup first. And the sipper distracts teething babies from sipping; the texture is just too hard to resist chewing on!...more info
  • Keeps it cold or hot
    This item keeps my childs drink cold for the road or hot for the road. It is a great product....more info
  • Might not leak but it BREAKS
    I'm new to the sippy cups but I've already had one that leaked. So I thought this one looked very well made. I literally had it one day when my 10 month old dropped it and broke the handle right off. We will continue our search but for now the Born Free have lasted the longest. ...more info
  • Hard to put together and very leaky.
    I was very excited to get my son this cup to drink out of. I thought it would keep his drinks cold in the summer and be easy for him to use.

    I am very disappointed. The cup's parts do pull apart for easy cleaning but the spout is very hard to get back into the lid and almost impossible to line up exactly right. I am not sure if it is because of this that the cup leaks. After messing around with the lid for a good 10 minutes and thinking that it was on good; the cup *still* leaked.

    I am not talking about leaking from my 15 month old throwing the cup around either. We had this cup sitting in the cup holder in his stroller and 5 minutes of movement from the stroller (at the zoo) caused it to leak out a puddle of milk into the cup holder. We ended up having to throw out the remainder of the milk and beg some napkins from a zoo snack stand attendant to sop up the mess. I am really frustrated that this cup leaks with even normal (not toddler like) use. The fact that "leak-proof" is in the title is really ironic...

    In summary:

    - Keeps things cold
    - Easy to clean

    - Hard to pop the spout back in
    - Leaks very easy (we are talking that it leaks while sitting in the stroller.)
    - Really, really leaks!...more info
  • Cold for hours!
    I was looking for a non-plastic cup for my 3 kids (ages 5, 3, and 10 months). I got both the tall cup with the straw and the smaller sippy cup. We love them both. They keep stuff cold for HOURS! I was a bit skeptical, but they really do. The straw comes apart into 3 pieces for easy cleaning. The sippy cup has a few little dents from being tossed by my baby, but all in all these are great cups and I would highly suggest them. Buy these cups! ...more info


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