SPT SF-608R Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

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Sunpentown Evaporative Air Cooler. Conveniently rolls from room to room and uses LESS energy than Air Conditioners! The Air Cooler does exactly what the name implies, though it's not an air conditioner. Here's how it works: The Evaporative Air Cooler sucks air through a wick saturated with water. As the air flows through the wick, some of the water evaporates into the air, consuming the heat that's in the air. Cooled down, that air is then blown out the front of the unit to offer you relief in warm, stuffy, uncomfortable spaces. Note: Works well in dry climates; not very effective in areas with high humidity as the unit utilizes water to cool. Cool down: Remote control; 10L water tank capacity; Activated carbon filter helps remove odor; Nylon and photocatalytic filter; Three air speeds: H / M / L; Sleep mode; Timer: from 1/2-hour to 7 1/2-hour setting; Input voltage: 120V / 6 0Hz; Power consumption: 60W; 16 x 25 x 12". 17 lbs.; Order yours today and beat the heat! Sunpentown SF-608R Air Cooler

  • Evaporative air cooler, humidifier, and fan for cooling and humidifying
  • Uses water to cool the air; oscillating louvers for even distribution
  • 10-liter water tank; 3 air speeds; sleep mode; 1/2- to 7-1/2-hour timer
  • Air flow of 23 feet per second; nylon and photocatalystic filter; remote control
  • Measures 12 by 16 by 25 inches; 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect for dorm room
    We bought this unit for our daughter's dorm room and it is working perfectly. She and her roommate make sure to keep the water reservoir filled so that the chilling unit stays operational, otherwise it functions as a fan. Worth the money....more info
  • ok
    does not measure up to an air conditioner and it adds humidity to the air which makes it feel hotter but it guess it would be better in a place that does not get so hot here in phoenix the only thing that really helps is the AC

    the air that blows out of it does feel cooler then the air going into it though plus it makes a good fan and has a good airflow...more info
  • Cooler
    The cooler works fine. However, it doesn't cool as much as I had expected. My floor fan worked almost as well....more info
  • Portable and easy
    My wife and I were looking for a portable unit that would cool us off a bit in the afternoon and especially while we slept; one that was cost effective and affordable. We've been using the SPT SF-608R for about two months now and it's been good. Doesn't get as cold as we'd hoped, but it is not an air conditioner; it uses evaporation to lower the temperature - the addition of ice quite increases its effectiveness.
    It is easy to move around, it is very easy to use and it definitely takes the edge off. We're satisfied with the purchase and happy to have it around.
    In fact, it's getting hot in here so I'm going to go turn it on right now......more info
  • Gave as a gift! They LOVE it!
    I gave this to my son and his wife as one of their wedding gifts. They live in southern California. She wrote to me "I thought it was going to be just like a ceiling fan type thing, where it just blew the warm air around, but nope-this thing blows out ice cold air-just like the air conditioner of a car-and the whole apartment is SO much more comfortable because of it. And it has provided much-needed relief to the cats too, because they were so unhappy in the boiling heat. Now they're both situated directly in front of the air cooler and couldn't be more content. So.......THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!"
    What more could a mother, mother-in-law ask?!...more info
    This product is nothing but a humidifier. I live in a dry area, and used it to cool down a 300sqft room. It didn't work even when I put tons of ice in the machine, on the machine, around the machine. All it did was make it feel musty and wet when anyone walked into the house from outside. I bought two to use in the same room, and it still didn't work. I think anyone would be better off buying a $350 portable AC unit. Dont waste you money on this one....more info
  • Just buy a fan
    No temp difference. Zero. What a pain it's going to be to return this giant piece of uselessness. ...more info
  • excellent customer service
    Initial item received had a minor defect. This minor defect does not affect functionality at all, just some sort of manufacture defect. Customer service rep proactively contacted me and offered replacement parts and refund. I was impressed with this company's excellent service.

    Besides that, this water cooler does cool down a room when room is at around high 80. the size of the room is about fitting 3 desks with plenty of walking space....more info
  • Don't waste money
    This does not cool as I expected. I wouldn't waste money on this unit. I have other brand that cools much better than this. ...more info
  • simply doesn't work
    just doesn't work. we live in a very dry climate. just doesn't work. i tried many speeds, different settings. i didn't try it with ice, but i was hoping (perhaps foolishly) that it would work. but will keep it for use as a humidifier....more info
  • Good Buy
    So this isn't as good as an air conditioner -- but is effective at cooling the air about 5-10 degrees depending... You can fill this with 6 liters of water, so logically, the more ice and chilled water, the cooler... We live in Seattle, and it's started to get warm in out apartment - this helps cool down the room -- and I'm writing this review minutes before I place an order for a second unit. This was shipped quickly, with no defects, took only minutes to set up, and we're definitely happy. ...more info
  • Don't Believe the Hype
    I bought this unit based on the relatively positive reviews it was receiving. I have had lots of experience with swamp coolers, and I live in a part of California where there is the kind of low humidity that a unit like this requires. Nonetheless, it was completely ineffectual as cooler; no matter how much ice you add, it will not produce air that's much cooler than what's being pushed through a standard fan. What it does produce is humidity, and lots of it. One of the positive reviews I read about this product claimed just the opposite, but I assure you that such promises are false. You'd be better off looking for other cooling options....more info
  • love this
    I live in Florida and I am using this. Even though it says high humidity it works well in a a small room. ive save a lot of money off my light bill by not running central air.... great product ... a must have...more info
  • Not worth your money and time...
    Since I live in South Florida and I read a review from a person living in Florida, I thought that this product could cool my 15' by 12' room. All this product really is a glorified humidifier. I put ice, and even dry ice with water and it made absolutely no difference whatsoever. I think that this is a nice try by the swamp cooler companies to cool your room by at least 5 degrees Fahrenheit, but it really is a waste of money.

    It may work in low humidity, but whoever writes the review from the Florida area or any area with high humidity, then it really is a waste of your money. Buy a portable ac instead....more info
  • Excellent product for the price
    I purchased this item in anticipation of a hot summer. Our computer room gets very hot during the summer. Tried a normal fan, but it was only pushing hot air around.

    Pros - good construction. LIke the drain plug on the bottom and the remote control. Though I'm still int he winter here in Las Vegas, I expect it well keep my computer room cooler by at least 5 degrees. Surpentin, company that makes the cooler, has excellent customer service.

    Cons - the coolers pump was moving water through the back mesh, thus not cooling. However, I email the company and they immediatly sent me back another cooler and paid for all return shipping.

    I would recommend this item if you have a small room that needs cooling. Any other cooler cost a lot more. ...more info
  • Great Product
    Helps for those who can't sleep when it's hot. Has directional movement and ca oscillate back and forth so if only one person wants it blowing on them you can set it to do that and the other person still gets the effects of the cool air! Don't have to run the noisy whole house fan as often. This product is very quiet~...more info
  • Works the way it should
    This is not an air conditioner and if one thinks
    that they are going to have an A/C comfort zone level
    with this Evaporative Air Cooler then please think again.
    I am using the cooler in a all open living/dinning/kitchen(galley)
    room which has vaulted ceiling and ceiling fans.
    It has worked very well,so much so it has lowered the temp by 4 degrees and keeps the A/C from recycling on and off.
    The cooler is made very well and does push out effective cool air(not cold as an A/C would).
    When adding ice you can feel the temp difference in the air flow.
    This being an Evaporative Air Cooler, it does do, what it is suppose to do.Nice product and Inox Outlet shipped, handled the ordered in a great manner
    ...more info
  • Great product, great company
    This is a great cooling system for the price. It's quiet enough that you can have it running while you're watching TV and not have to crank the volume all the way up. Also, the company that makes the air cooler is easy to work with as well. If there happens to be something wrong with the system, they'll replace it BEFORE you even send back your original system, so you don't have to go without. Very nice and a lot of bang for your buck! Side note, I live in a non-humid climate, which helps how well it works....more info
  • excellent Option to Save Money in Summer
    Pretty good thing to have in Summer if you are watching your electricity bill for summer. ...more info
  • air cooler
    nice looking love the remote but when using the cooling part with the water you find water under unit on my carpet and floor not good. I put a towel under it but I need to change it everytime I use it. This unit is new....more info
  • It simply did not work.
    I do not live in a very dry climate, nor do I live in a humid climate. I didn't expect terrific results, but I did expect some. I would have loved a 2 degree drop from the normal room temperature, though I did not get this. I used cold water, and put in ice as well. I have a 250 square foot room. I monitor the temperature continuously. The temperature of the room never showed any sign of being affected by this cooler. I used it for a little more than a week. I am very disappointed in this product. ...more info
  • Not bad portable cooler...
    It helps a bit... I mostly used it at night and the tank was enough to last all night (I usually sleep 6 or 7 hrs). It has good options like timer, 3 speeds and a remote control...

    Be careful where you place it... need to place it for the best result near a window... if you place the cooler on a closed room it will not cool, will just make the room humid...

    Not bad to sleep, not that good for the day......more info
  • Air Cooler for dry climate
    Great product and works great. It only will work in dry climate. If you live in area with high humidity it isnt for you. We turn the central air off at night and sleep with this air cooler blowing on us and we actually have to cover up it gets so cool. Great product and makes the air smell good in our bedroom. The remote control is great. ...more info
  • Does not do its job, DO NOT recommend
    The strength of the air coming out is very weak and the temperate of the air coming out is only slightly cooler than room temperature. I tried putting ice cold water in the unit as well as a ton of ice and nothing seemed to help. it could not cool a 10X10 room. very disapointed....more info
  • We love it!
    We're very happy with the air cooler. It really functions as a higher powered, cooler fan, it's not like an air conditioner at all. We primarily use it in a very large space with a small window unit air conditioner & a ceiling fan. The combination of the 3 keeps the place feeling cool. We've recommended it to several friends & may order more for the bedrooms....more info
  • I LOVE IT!!!!
    WOW!!! This product does exactly what it says... It keeps you cool!!! I moved to Southern California, and it is HHOOTTT. I am a student, so I couldn't really afford an Air Conditioner AND the bill. Summer came and before I bought this product, I was not sleeping at night and was grumpy all day. Now I can even sleep under my covers!! I spent $25 less than expected and It arrived 3 days after ordering!! I was so excited when I first got it that I forgot to put it on sleep and caught a cold...But who cares it was worth it. I LOVE IT!!!!...more info
  • portable swamp cooler- evaporative cooler
    I was very surprise at how the cooler really kept the room nice and cool.
    I also like the way it is easy to transport from room to room.It is a great purchase by far!....more info
  • Fantastic
    This is a great air cooler. The output is much better than others I have owned....more info
  • Not for the east coast
    I should of realized when i read the reviews that this type of cooler is for more dry weather. here is ma. the weather is too damp. it is a great product but does not cool as well in this type of weather. this seller was awesome though. fast prompt delivery....more info
  • Okay......but not excellent
    We live in the heart of the desert in Nevada, and bought this as a way to cool individual rooms in the house vs. letting the central air cool the whole house. Why bother cooling the whole house when the family is together in one room for long periods of time?

    We have a thermometer and hydrometer in the primary room we use it in. The room is about 400 sq ft. and we run it for hours. For coolness, it only gives us a 1-degree temp difference; sometimes 2-degrees with ice cold water, and ice cubes in both the main water chamber and top of unit.

    The big difference we notice is with the humidity. We run about 20% humidity in the room normally. With this unit, it increases to 35-40% humidity. This helps with the dryness and with our allergies/asthma.

    Overall, we use it more as a humidifier, but it does help us to increase the thermostat a few degrees at night when we run it in the bedroom, which saves a little on energy costs....more info
  • DWelchBrown
    This is a FABULOUS product. I based my purchase on the reviews of this item. I had a similar product a few years ago and it doesnt compare to this as well as the other one being almost double this price. The cooler came a day PRIOR to the estimated delivery date.WOW........I live in Acampo California which is north of Lodi CA and south of Sacramento CA. The degrees outside at 5:40 pm is 93 degrees, the temperature inside of the house is 84 degrees and my bedroom (which is where I have my cooler) is 72 degrees. I use a pitcher of ice water from my fridge to fill it up and ice cubes in the top tray. For those of you that are young or have not had the experience of a "swamp cooler", they tend to have a musty smell to them. I solved this problem by purchasing a Glade Car oil fragrencer(?). It is intended to clip on the vents of your heating/air conditioning unit. I clip mine on the bottem lever of the cooler on the lowest setting and it gives off a slight fragrance with no musty smell whatsoever. My hats off to the seller, Amazon for carrying the product and the reviews that allowed me to purchase the best product out there. Happy Happy Happy!!!!...more info
  • Just Chillin'
    This unit as purchased as a gift for a friend in Colorado and I think the rating can be summarized with her first two comments after she received it.
    "Gosh, it takes a lot of water *giggle* " and a little later, "aaaaaaahhh, my room feels so cool now."
    Thank You for just what was needed.
    Roger...more info


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