Diaper EZ 8oz "Air Wipe"/Air Neutralizing Spray/Eliminates Airbore Odor without Leaving an Odor Mask

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Product Description

Diaper EZ "Air Wipe" is designed to neutralize odors in the air without imparting an odor of its own. "Air Wipe" grabs odor at the molecular level forcing it out of the air. Most odors are temporary and romoval of the offending odor is all that is needed.

  • Eliminates Airborne Odor
  • Leaves Air Fresh & Clean
  • Preserves Ambient Room Envornment
  • Works Instantly
  • Non-Toxic Formulation
Customer Reviews:
  • Eliminate Dog Odors! The greatest product!
    My diaper days are over. However, I have two dogs and we just moved to a place where our garbage receptacle has to stay in the garage until garbage day. We use a Diaper Champ for our doggie waste bags which helps with the odor. But with the hot weather, there is an odor in the garage between the garbage receptacle and the Diaper Champ.

    I've tried everything else from gel products to timed sprayers. Diaper EZ is the only products that eliminates the odor.
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  • really works
    We starting using this product not just in the nursery but in the kitchen as well. It helps eliminate all of the offensive odors in a matter of seconds. It really is brillant!...more info