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INDICATIONS: LiceGuard Robi-Comb Electronic Head Lice Detector & Remover Used by Thousands of school nurses to detect and kill head lice. Reusable for the whole family. Kills Lice without chemicals. Spares children the discomfort of repeated shampooing. A

  • LiceGuard Electronic Head Lice Detector & Remover.

Customer Reviews:

  • Money well spent- detects and kills
    This product works and is poison free. It kills both adult lice and newly born hatchlings. (I know this because I got a magnifying glass out to see what I was zapping.) Because you use it on dry hair it is also quick. This product screens for lice quickly giving other non-infested family members peace of mind. The Robi-Comb does not remove nits but it will kill them as soon as they hatch. Money well spent....more info
  • A very helpful tool for lice issues!
    This comb is great! My daughter has popped up with quite a lice infestation, and I was still finding live ones 24 hours post chemical treatment. This comb worked through her hair very easily (she does have pretty fine hair) and it was dead on, every time it stopped, It had a dead louse on it! Just a few reminders....

    It will give a false positive on thick hair. Section it out into small sections, and the result will be better.

    It does not pull out nits! I have read some of the reviews on here, and all of the unsatisfactory ones have to do with nits. You will need to use a smaller comb for those, or your fingernails.

    You can boil or clean the comb part, but it does have to be completely dry before you use it again. A blow dryer works great for that!

    If you are reading this, i assume you are in the throes of a lice infestation. Good luck and patience to you! This comb is great, and definitely will help expedite the removal of those BUGS!...more info
  • Robi Comb
    We've had mixed results with the Robi Comb. The first one we had worked for around one hour before quitting on us (even though we cleaned it well, per instructions and used a new battery!), and I had to exchange it at the store. The second one seemed like it was also dying, but, as I was opening up the case somehow that made the electrical connection work, so it's still working for now.

    It worked great on the first day, when I could actually see lice in my daughter's hair. It really does kill them, even the teeny weeny ones, and it's fast and non-poisonous. It has also been great for me, as the mom, as a self-checking device and preventative measure, because I can't visually check my own hair! (My husband does his best, but severely lacks patience in this area, LOL-God forbid I ever do catch lice-I can remove nits from everyone else but myself!)

    I also have very thick hair, which sometimes makes the comb stop working, temporarily. Best to start with very clean brushed or combed hair, as tangles, pieces of dandruff and other debris will give you false positives. I like how this comb works, but I wish that the manufacturing was more reliable!...more info
  • a MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ugh. The dreaded bugs. I was in the middle of a losing battle with these little creatures. First, I found them on my 8 year old daughter, a few days later, I found them on my 11 year old stepdaughter. Just yesterday I found them on my 2 year old daughter. Id treat one with the shampoos, disinfect EVERYTHING, then a few days later, another infested child. It was a cruel, endless loop. My stepdaughters hair is long, curly, thick, and a dirty blonde color, which makes it almost impossible to see. I found this product because I was at my wits end, ready to shave all our heads. After I treated my 8 year old, on a whim, I took this product through the ALREADY INSPECTED AND THOUGHT CLEAN head of my stepdaughter. The high pitched shreik stopped instantly... out came a dead one. Again, again, again. I treated her. Searched my 2 year old's head and, once again, saw NOTHING. On a baby's head that should have been EASY to find bugs, I missed them. Just as a precaution, took this thing through her head.... again, shrieking stopped instantly and I pulled this tiny (had to have been just hatched) bugs. Treated her as well. Had I not had this comb, two of my three children would have gone untreated and reinfested everyone and everything. There are no cons with this product. I run it through their hair every day, sometimes twice a day. If they would raise the price of this comb up to $70, I'd still say it is worth it. I have slowly built up an arsenal to battle these things, and this comb is my cannon. They cant hide anywhere now.

    Some people use this coupled with the Neon nit spray (just ordered it, yet to receive and/or try it... hear GREAT things about that too) and stop there. I chose to shampoo as well, because I want these things gone and gone fast.

    Turning it on and listening to the hum of this comb is like watching a scary movie and hearing the music, waiting for something to happen. I hate it, but I love it. But, the peace of mind you receive when this thing hums like an angel without stopping is definitely worth it. BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT. You will NOT be disappointed!!...more info
    This product was a life saver. I treated my daughters hair numerous times and a week later she had lice again. With this I check her hair daily and she has been lice free for well over a month. Thanks a million......more info
  • Every parent should have one
    My kids have 5 cousins and they all go to different schools and daycares, then spend time with each other nearly every weekend. Needless to say, when one child gets lice, they all get lice.

    Over the summer, the family developed quite an infestation of the little buggers. We all tried Rid, Nix, mayonaise, tea-tree oil, name it. After several months of treating, nit-picking, washing, and vacuuming, nothing worked. Just when you thought you had it under control, one of the kids would pop up with it again and they all had it again.

    We were growing quite concerned about the repeated use of pesticides on the kids' heads every ten days. After careful researching, my sister-in-law found a non-toxic shampoo called Lice Freee. It works the same way as the pesticide shampoos, but it actually kills bugs, loosens nits from the hair, and the fumes do not burn the kids' eyes. After one treatment with Lice Freee, and two weeks of daily RobiComb inspections, all lice were gone.

    All 7 children in the family are inspected every day after school with the RobiComb. We all find a bug every now and then, but because we find them so quickly, have been able to avoid any nits and infestations in the family.

    The family has not had a nit or infestation in nearly 5 months. A pretty remarkable feat considering the schools have sent several warnings of head-lice infestations home to parents since school began. My kids tell me that some of their classmates have missed school because of lice. I immediately call their parents and tell them how we are keeping it away and now, everyone I know with kids has a spare bottle of Lice Freee and a RobiComb.

    Best $30 I ever spent....more info
  • Lice Trap
    Over 10 years ago, I used to have problems with lice, which cause me to constantly scratch my head so much that I just couldn't concentrate on anything else. Fortunately, I tried Liceguard's Robi-Comb, and I can't tell you how much it worked. All you do is simply install a single AA battery into the comb, and when you comb your hair, it simply catches the lice from infecting your hair. It is easy and convient to use everyday. Unlike other treatements which can be messy or can cause you to lose your hair, Robi-Comb works like a magnet, and is just simple to use everyday when you need it, and easy to use on dry hair. I absolutely recommend this if your child or if you have a problem with lice. The Robi-Comb is a great buy for your household.

    Price: B

    Convience: A-

    Overall: B+...more info
  • Surprisingly effective louse-control device
    After treating my two goddaughters repeatedly and unsuccessfully for pyrethroid-resistant lice for the better part of a year, I was facing the prospect of having to get a prescription for lindane. That was something I didn't want to do because of the toxicity concerns.

    I decided to give the Robi-Comb a shot, and I was pleasantly surprised. It immediately found lice that I had missed despite my inspection, and rapidly helped to rid the kids' heads of lice where pesticides failed. It found lice that I doubt I would have found with the naked eye.

    Incidentally, I was a certified Public Health Pest Control Operator for more than two decades. I once wrote a book about head lice control, back when we had relatively non-toxic chemicals that actually controlled them. ...more info
  • "Invisible Flying Lice"?
    Disclaimer: We purchased our Robicomb more than a week after our household infestation was discovered. We had not seen any dead critters for some days before we began using it (nor have we seen any since then). So I cannot vouch for how well it works at eliminating an existing infestation. Other reviewers can be better reporters than I can. And I do have friends who swear that theirs has helped.

    HOWEVER: The unit is advertised as being a great way to diagnose an infestation - because every time the humming shuts off, that means it's electrocuted a louse.

    Unfortunately, in our experience, it really means it's zapped a bit of dandruff. Or a bit of hair. Or - as in the times where it's shut off, mid-air, with neither dandruff nor hair within reach - it's zapped what we've taken to calling "invisible flying lice". Sometimes it just shuts off when we hold it at the wrong angle. Judging by the frequency with which it shuts off, we've either got a severe ongoing infestation (not likely, as we see no other evidence of bugs based on inspection and combing), or it's simply prone to false positives. Fortunately it always restarts when we tilt it differently.

    We have no clue how well it would work when used with a real infestation, especially on a person with a lot of dandruff. I strongly suspect that the flakes of dandruff would complete the circuit and prevent it from zapping the actual bugs. ...more info
  • Great comb to be used as part of your lice treatment program
    When my daughter brought home lice from school (and also gave it to me), I completely freaked out. The thought of having bugs in our hair and in our house was just disgusting. I scoured the internet, and along with all the scary stories of people having lice for months and even years(!), I found a lot of positive reviews on the Robi-Comb. I decided to add it to our arsenal of lice products.

    We did the whole Rid treatment (day one and day 10). We combed with a nit comb/combing gel on day 1 and on several other days in between Rid treatments. During the 10 days, I also combed several days with the Robi-Comb.

    On Day 12 (two days after the last Rid treatment), I saw my daughter scratching her head. NOOOOOOO!!!!!! Sure enough, I checked her with the Robi-Comb and found several tiny nymph lice. Even though I thought I had got all of those darn nits, I must have missed some when we did the wet combing.

    I used the Robi-Comb very thoroughly that night and got all of the live nymph lice. After that night, I have combed her with the Robi-Comb every day and have found nothing--no live lice, no nits. It's now a week later, and (fingers crossed) we are lice and nit-free.

    I truly believe if it weren't for the Robi-Comb, we would be on our way to a reinfestation. I never would have found those tiny nymphs, and they would have just grown and started laying eggs, and then we would be starting the whole process over again.

    Just a note--the "humming" or "buzzing" that the manufacturer describes is actually a high-pitched tone. I expected it to have a buzzing sound more like hair clippers, but it is just a straight, high-pitched tone....more info
  • Good for use in conjunction with another treatment
    When my daughter started school we started getting nits. The chemicals needed to rid us of the nits were harsh, dangerous and expensive. This was one of the products we tried as an alternative. The comb does seem to zap the nits successfully when it finds them. It definitely reduced the need to use a nit comb between applications. The difficulty for me was that despite spending up to 15 minutes a night on each family member it was not enough to completely eradicate the problem. I found that this is a useful product when used in conjunction with other treatments but not as a stand alone treatment.
    Since then I've discovered Licenex shampoo (see my review) which I highly recommend.
    ...more info
  • not so good
    I could see this product working, but it doesn't zap every lice in the head. Promoted as very effective, but not so much....more info
  • Another layer of protection or peace of mind.
    Repeated sharing of lice among 2nd graders required all kinds of effort and this was part of the back up system. ...more info
  • Excellent product
    My 9yr old had a lice problem that started at her school and after trying some ineffective shampoos and other old home remedies, we purchased all of the liceguard products and finally were able get rid of the lice. Thank you Liceguard! ...more info
  • Life-saver in battle against lice
    This little device is pretty much worth it's weight in gold and is one of the most effective parts of our family's delousing strategy. It really does zap even small, newly hatched lice. You still need to deal with the nits on the hair shaft (I just cut the hair below the nit) and remember to throw pillows/sheets, pjs, coats, hats etc in the dryer every day and vacuum off car seats. We used Robi Comb every day for 2+ weeks and now that we've found no more lice/nits, we use it once a week to make sure the kids haven't caught them again at school. Robi Comb saved me more hours than I can count from having to comb through my daughter's thick hair. It takes 10 minutes. My son's short hair takes maybe a minute to comb through.

    I gave it 4 stars because sometimes I have to jiggle the comb to get it to start buzzing. It's also important to remember to use the little brush or blow on the comb first to dislodge any dust if it's not buzzing....more info
  • Static?
    All this product does is make static in my daughters hair and it made alot of dry scalp come to the surface! Not sure that it works as described, I think I wasted my money!...more info
  • One weapon in the attack on Lice.

    This comb is battery operated and makes a humming sound. It zaps live lice,with an electric current. When it hits a live lice it stops humming for a moment. It can give a little shock to the person it is being used on if the sides of the comb touch the person's ear. When using it, just put your hand over the ear. The directions that it came with were kind of vague. I wish I had known this before I started using it on my son, as I zapped his ear a couple of times the first time I used it.

    Use the comb daily - it only takes a few minutes, less on short hair.

    It will not remove nits or eggs, it just kills live lice. If you kill the live bugs, they cannot continue to lay any more nits/eggs.

    We eliminated lice in one day, and they never returned:
    1 thoroughly wash hair with a lice killing shampoo,
    2.remove remaining nits by hand.
    3. Wash all bed linens, hats, jackets, clothing etc.
    4. If you can't wash something, put it in the dryer, if possible- the heat is supposed to kill lice.
    5. Use the Robi-Comb on dry hair and then use it each day for a week.

    We had no return of the lice. I believe that since this comb kills the live lice it is the reason they did not return.
    Oh, another tip- I believe after washing the hair with lice killing shampoo, it helps to put a conditioner in the hair and leave it in, while rubbing the hair - this seemed to help remove a lot of the nits- we used aussie brand conditioner, but I think any conditioner will soften the nits and make them come off of the hair shafts. Just apply conditioner and rub the hair between your fingers. I saw a lot of nits after shampooing and I noticed a lot less present after the conditioner was used, and that was less eggs I had to remove by hand when the hair was dry.
    We now use this comb at least weekly to prevent lice. We figured he got the lice in school, and so far we haven't seen any nits reappear....more info
  • Good when it works!
    I have a love-hate relationship with the Robi Comb. I think it helped me conquer a lice infestation. It's particularly good at pulling out and alerting me to tiny nymphs that I would have missed on a visual inspection. And when it zaps the lice, it's good to know if I don't get the bugs off the child's head, they're dead and can't bite or reproduce. HOWEVER, I suspected that my kids were reinfested so ran the RobiComb through their hair. Not a blip in the buzzing, so I thought we were home free. Not so! Something was WRONG with Mr. RobiComb, because I checked again later with an ordinary metal lice comb and found lots o'little licey. I got a new rOBIComb and use it, but in conjunction with traditional, non-electric metal combs....more info
  • Don't waste your time
    I thought I'd give this a try after reading both negative and positive reviews. I'm really too busy to leave these reviews but I'm so disappointed in this product, thought I'd save another mom some time. This product doesn't work at all. I literally dragged it over visible nits and nothing happened - it didn't even pull them out. What's worse, the company doesn't make returns easy. Their website says no returns after 7 days of receiving the product, then you have to call first - big pain. I'm still going to try to return this. Maybe it works if your child has baby fine hair or something. I don't understand the reviews that say this thing works. I'd say try it if the company made it easy to return but they don't. Just get a good metal comb....more info
  • So far so good
    My son came home with a note from school informing us that there was a recent outbreak at school, and to immediately check my child. I almost died when I looked and saw the first one. So I searched for reviews, and with all the positives I thought I'd give the robi comb a try. It immediately started finding them. A couple tips: after every person's use, you are supposed to dip the end of the comb in alcohol, and then wait about an hour because the comb does not work with ANY moisture. It is probably not broken if it does not turn on after disinfecting, it just needs to dry out more. Also, it does not remove nits, only the live bugs, so this is why you must use the product every day, which I do not mind at all. As far as I've been able to tell, it is impossible to get out every nit. My children were crying before I was even close to done. So this product has given me great peace of mind, and even though we are not done with this parasite outbreak yet, I notice that every day we are finding fewer and fewer, and I'm just going to continue to electricute until we are free. Much better than pesticides. I recommend this product....more info
  • In search of Lice Relief
    After suffering for months to rid my teenagers from head lice infestation I scoured the internet for solutions. The over-the-counter chemicals were helpful but repeated use did not eliminate the problem, even with laundering, vacuuming, etc. I kept seeing the Robi-Comb referenced on different webpages so I decided to give it a try. I had never seen this product available on the shelf of the local SuperCenters or Pharmacies so I purchased the Robi-Comb from the Amazon site. The price was reasonable and it would be delivered to my door. The product arrived in good time, excellent packaging (not damaged) and was brand-new as advertised. In desperation I left the Robi-Comb in the bathroom and, amazing but true, my teenagers began using it on their own. Before I knew it there were dead lice all over my bathroom sink. Each day before their shower my teenagers would comb through their hair continuing to zap lice survivors until there was nary a bug to be found in the sink. The Robi-Comb is easy to use and an extremely effective tool in lice elimination which makes it well worth the price and shipping. In conjunction with Denorex or Coconut Shampoo and blow-drying wet hair, I believe we will finally be rid of the pests within the month. If you are at your wit's end about head lice this product will give you instantanous hope.

    NOTE: The comb is extremely easy to use but it is important to read the directions to understand the conditions under which the comb can be used. My teen tried to rinse it with water and almost shorted it out....more info
  • Everyone thneeds a Robi-Comb! Saved my sanity
    This is my first review - but I had to write this. This is the kind of product I recommend to almost everyone I meet who comes into contact with younger children, especially school nurse and my family doctor - both who said they'd never heard of it! Sadly, I wish I haven't had gazillions of experience with lice, but as a resident "expert" I'll try to explain my predicament and how the Robi-comb saved my sanity and stopped the bug in it's tracks!

    First time my two younger girls brought home lice I dealt with it the usual way; nit-picking and lice-shampooing multiple times. Toxic poisons on my kids' heads...just what I wanted. Well, the buggers were hard to get rid of - and I followed the directions; vacuumed like a maniac and washed and dryed until I was exhausted. The girls had them for approx. 6 weeks.

    Approximately 1 year later, my daughter came home with them AGAIN. At a friend's suggestion, I bought the robi-comb. Boy, did that thing get a workout! I'm unsure of the timeline, but I managed to rid the girls of the bugs much sooner.

    Fast forward to just this spring. Up to this point I had not ever had the bugs myself - just had to deal with them on my girls. Have I mentioned I'm bug-a-phobic? When the school nurse called and told me to pick up my youngest because of lice , I sat down and sobbed. I REALLY hate pulling bugs out of her hair, and the eggs, etc. But, with steely resolve, I went to the task. Luckily (I thought) it was just her and noone else. But, as a hyper-bug-mom, I ran the robi-comb through my hair a few times a day "just to make sure" none had crawled on me.

    Surprise, surprise...on DAY FIVE after my baby came home with them, I found one on me. It was so small you would've never caught it without a Robi-comb. You would've thought someone had died the way I reacted! I'm not proud of it, but being totally honest. My best friend painstakingly went through my hair - I had hundreds of eggs and a few bugs.

    It has been said by the description on Amazon and by other posters - but I'll reiterate; the Robi-comb works by ZAPPING the heck out of the buggers until they're dead, dead, DEAD. Some of the ones it'd zap are so small - it's unbelievable it catches them that small! I'd brush them out onto a white countertop and with a MAGNIFYING GLASS stare at it (to make sure it was a bug and not lint). This does NOT give you a "get-out-of-nit-picking-free" card; you've got to be diligent with that as well. I had a routine of getting my daughter one hour early. I'd first go through her hair with the Robi-comb (sectioning and doing one part at a time). Then I'd wash her hair -then go through her hair with a traditional metal comb (oh, btw, throw those useless plastic combs out!); after washing I'd put in a conditioner and comb all the knots out. The water/shampoo/conditioner doesn't kill 'em, but it does slow them down ALOT. I'd section her hair and go through it looking for nits. Afterwards I'd braid her hair so it'd be easy to get through later in the day. At least once in the afternoon I'd un-do one braid and section it off - and go through with the Robi-comb. I'd braid that back up and do the other side. At night I'd go through it again with the Robi-comb and search for eggs.

    I'll have to say this again - there is NO EASY WAY to get rid of the creatures, but the Robi-comb is the most amazing tool to help you in this quest.

    As for my own infestation, I felt things were crawling on me constantly (this whole thing did not seem to even bother my 6 year old!). So, the Robi-comb gives you peace of mind. I was driving to an appointment and it was a two hour drive - the entire time I was using this on my hair. Perhaps it should come with a voice that says, "Ok - you can stop now" LOL but all-in-all you can be as vigilant as you want to be.

    I got rid of my lice infestation in SIX DAYS. I kept checking after that but they were no more. I'll keep doing spot checks though...the Robi-comb is that good. I am SURE that if I did not have this product I would not have caught it as early as I did and it would have been alot worse....more info


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