Surround Air XJ-888 Smokeless Ashtray

List Price: $39.99

Our Price: $29.99

You Save: $10.00 (25%)


  • Removes smoke with built-in ionic air purifier
  • Silent operation with no fans or motors
  • No filters to replace
  • Built-in night light
  • Operates by battery or wall plug
Customer Reviews:
  • clean air at last!
    After years of fighting with the smoker in the house this product worked instantly. He actually likes the night light built in....more info
  • Works....sort of...with problems
    Okay, I know the best way to keep smoke out of the air inside is simply to not smoke inside. I had a Holmes smokeless ashtray that worked fairly well, but after some time the fan motor died, so I figured I would try this unit as a replacement. It works fairly well, as long as you don't have a breeze blowing smoke out from under the dome. Here's the problem - I've only been using this thing for a day and a half. No lie, I had to wipe it down twice. This doesn't work like an Ionic Breeze-type product by producing ions. It produces STATIC. It draws the smoke particles to itself, hence why the smoke stays out of the air. You can tell that's what it's doing by looking at ashes when you flick the ash into the ashtray. Little pieces will "fly" and stick to the unit. Also, you'll get a nasty, sticky tar film all over the unit....EVEN THE OUTSIDE OF THE DOME! I kid you not, using this unit for only 36 hours or less, it makes me wonder why in God's name I smoke in the first place, if this stuff is sticking all over the unit, what the heck is in my lungs!?!.
    If I decide to even get another smokeless ashtray, it'll be one like the Holmes with a fan to suck the smoke through a filter, not some electro-static glowing alien-looking dome thing. In fact, I think maybe I'll just keep using this thing without cleaning it, and eventually I be disgusted enough to just quit smoking....more info