Girlfriends' Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood
Girlfriends' Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood

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Just had a baby? Lie down, rest your weary womb, and muster up a rousing cheer! (Shh! Don't wake the baby!) Now, from the author of The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy, comes the book all new moms have been waiting for, whether they know it or not. Vicki Iovine talks turkey ... and stitches, and weight loss, and depression, and sex (trying it for the first time after labor and delivery? "Inebriate and Lubricate"). Vicki--yeah, I know I'm calling her by her first name but after reading this book you'll be on a first-name basis with her, too--is funny, informative, and utterly (udderly?) irreverent. New mothers have never had it so good.

When it comes to your new baby, everyone from Dr. Spock to Dr. Brazleton has an armful of advice. But no one's delivering any tips on how you can care for yourself. Now, four-time delivery room veteran Vicki Iovine answers your questions, calms your fears, and cracks you up as only a girlfriend can, with straight advice and hilarious observations on... "Baby euphoria": Is it a mind-altering drug? "Husband? What Husband?": Taking care of the big baby, as well as the little baby "I Want My Old Body Back!": What you can fix and what you can't "The Droning Phenomenon": The inability to discuss anything but your baby for more than thirty seconds "Do I Have to Become Carol Brady?": Conquering your fear of being a less-than-perfect mother "Competitive Mothering": Coping with know-it-alls, finger-pointers, and others who try to "Out-Mom" you NOTE: Pausing to read this book may be the only selfish thing you do all year, since you'll have time for nothing else!

Customer Reviews:

  • A Worthy Sequel
    The Girlfriends' Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood is almost as funny as the first "Girlfriend's Guide," and that isn't faint praise. Yes, you will still be leaking tears or, depending on how many kids you've birthed, other liquids as you laugh your way through this and find comfort in its common-sense distillation of the info from traditional instruction manuals for operating your newborn, like What to Expect the First Year, Second Edition. I have far less regard for the subsequent books in this franchise, as the laugh quotient drops and a tone of "Trust me, muggles, for I am far more rich, well-connected, and hot than you ever were or will be, plus I am getting paid to write" gets ever stronger. But the first two "Girlfriend's Guide" books are funny, honest, and reassuring....more info
  • Good book!
    I understand what these other reviews are saying...but I found myself choking up at some of things Iovine says about MOtherhood, I don't think it's depressing at all!
    I bought this book about 2-3 weeks postpardum, when I thought I was a terrible mom for being depressed and out of my mind. I wanted to know I wasn't crazy, others felt this way, not to worry,etc. That was my MAIN thing I was looking for. This book made me feel 100% better. It was amazing. And her thoughts on Motherhood are very sweet...I disagree with others that say it's depressing. She says throughout how much you will love your being a mom, but she gives you that "dark" side so you know you are not alone and that it will pass, and to laugh! It's a great book to read if you want non medical advice. People who are expecting medical advice are missing the whole point of the style of writing. Of Course you are not going to agree with everything she says!!I didn't! ...and she brestfed all 4 of her kids and says positive and negative things about what? Good to get both sides. I love this book b/c it doesnt give you just the medical side of things which were the only books I read and I wanted to die after the first few nights at home with the baby b/c no one would tell me the "real deal", this book did just that. ...more info
  • My Least Favorite of the Girlfriends' Guides
    I loved the Pregnancy Guide, and thanks to a relative who is a bit ahead of me in the baby game, I'd already read the Toddler Guide before this one. I have to say, this one is definitely less amusing and IMO, less helpful. There are some parts of this that were excellent, including a few sections that did make me feel better about myself. This is definitely of less value to an adoptive mother than a bio-mom, though there are still plenty of helpful tips. There is definitely a theme about losing the pregnancy weight that runs through out, but to some people that IS very important.

    I did NOT feel that she was putting down mothers who have natural childbirth, but rather relieving those who chose not to of the guilt that some people try to put on them.

    Even though some of the books sounds a bit hostile, I believe you can feel her love for her kids shining through. Hey, childbirth and the first year are hard, and there's nothing wrong with someone saying so!...more info
  • Pretty Funny
    good read overall. must be read BEFORE baby is born. helps you to realize you are not crazy. would recommend to first time moms....more info
  • Did She Really Say That?
    New motherhood comes with it many pressures. The pressure to take care of a newborn and yourself, for starters. There is also a societal pressure, it seems, as we strive to be the perfect mother. We feel everyone is questioning our every "mother-move." Vicki Iovine's book is a help in this regard. Written with honesty and humor, it gives new mothers a glimpse "behind closed doors" to the "real" world of new motherhood. Knowing that you are not alone is always a help! My favorite part is Iovine's honesty. It is refreshing to hear an opinion, agree or not.

    It Gets Easier!: And Other Lies We Tell New Mothers...more info
  • Disappointing follow-up to "Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy"
    I learned so much from Iovine's first book on pregnancy, and enjoyed reading it so much, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this follow-up. About half-way through I finally stopped forcing myself to read it. It's not nearly as straight-forward, not nearly as entertaining, and not nearly as educational. Instead, try the book "Baby 411". ...more info
  • Amusing-Kind of Like Reading a Computer Manual by a Computer-Illiterate Person
    I found "A Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy" entertaining, so I bought this book after I'd had my first child. Not only does the author not base her childrearing philosophy on biology, psychology, or commone sense, but she ridicules people who do. She boasts about breastfeeding each of her kids less than the one before, which shows a basic lack of understanding of health issues. If you are looking for a humorous slant on infancy, then this might amuse you. If you are looking for a book to base your own parenting on, then don't....more info
  • Depressing!
    This book made me depressed. I don't recommend for 1st time mom because it only covers the negative aspect of motherhood....more info
  • Read Anne Lamott Instead
    Iovine clearly has some body issues and if you don't have some of your own, you may after reading this so I say skip it and read Anne Lamott's _Operating Instructions: A Memoir of My Son's First Year_ instead--beautiful, funny, sympathetic, hopeful. If I had to choose for a girlfriend between Iovine and Lamott, it's Lamott, hands down and any day of the week....more info
  • Gals, this guide tells it like it is!
    I enjoyed reading this when I was 9 mos. pregnant. SOme parts were so funny I found myself laughing out loud - like what it's really like when your milk comes in and how you feel the days right AFTER childbirth, how to deal with mother in laws and family that want to hord your baby away from you. It's written in an entertaining way, but definitely prepares you for what to expect out of childbirth and parenting that first year. I would say it's a comprehensive how-to guide, but definitely good for a humorous outlook on what you're about to get in to! Would make a great shower gift! I also recommend Jenny McCarthy's Baby Laughs book for a great laugh....more info
  • Great-Hard to put down!
    this book was great...the FUNNY but true and sometimes scary TRUTH that no one always wants to talk about! It's a MUST read's better to start it while still pregnant since the first chapter is about the hospital and lobor...I loved it!!...more info
  • Negative and boring
    I LOVED the first book and gave it a 5 star review. Yet, I gave up on this book half-way through it. It's negative, negative, negative as well as kind of boring. The first few months of motherhood ARE hard, but NOT as bad as she makes it sound. Don't depress yourself Girlfriend! ...more info
  • I love this line of books!
    I love all of the "Girlfriends Guide..." books. They are well written, fun & informative. Real life advice w/ humor! I've only glanced at this one so far but I did read the pregnancy one & I loved it....more info
  • a good look at life with a newborn if you haven't had one yet
    I read this book with my sister who had just had a baby to understand what she was going through. She returned her copy without finishing it because of all the references to being "fat", "morphing into a hippo", "blowing up", etc.

    The other thing to know before buying the book is what the author's opinions are, which will either please you or annoy you.

    on natural childbirth:
    "...these rooming-inners are usually the same women who are marching behind the natural childbirth banner. In other words, these are women setting rules and standards based on no actual familiarity with having a baby." -p.22

    on the family bed:
    "Actually, the family bed is the way most of the world lives. This whole concept of dividing homes into individual compartments and isolating a single person in each one is a function of more culture and more money. The rest of the world is more apt to sleep in a family bed like a bunch of puppies." -p.133

    Also, if you are currently living with a newborn, you will probably want something cheerier, as the tone of the book is kind of a downer. If you are thinking about starting a family and want a peek at life with a newborn, you can probably safely read this and get something out of it -I'm assuming it would be less depressing if the baby is hypothetical and you're still in a place where you're getting a full night's sleep, taking long showers, and eating sitting down.

    Alternatively, Vicki Iovine's book The Girlfriend's Guide to Baby Gear is FANTASTIC and crammed full of practical tips -well worth checking out....more info
  • Great book!
    This book is hystercial but true! I loved it so much, I bought it for several friends for gifts!...more info
  • the girlfriends guide to surviving the first year of motherhood
    This book is a must have for all pregnant women and new moms! I bought one copy for myself after the birth of my second son and it kept me laughing and sane through those rough early months. I have bought two other copies of this book since, as gifts. My copy was pretty dog-eared by the end of the first year!...more info
  • A Fun Read and Helped Ease the First Couple of Months
    I enjoyed reading this book and since any new mother knows, reading is a pleasure that is hard to come by when there is so little time. Therefore, I classify this also as an easy and fast read. I felt that I wasn't alone in my uncertainties and there was a light at the end of the tunnel. ...more info
  • not perfect, just like real life
    Congrats to the reviewers who found Vicki's book "depressing" and stated that motherhood was "not as bad as she makes it sound". I found my baby's first months 10 times harder than ANY book I read on the subject, and thank God for this book for keeping me company and being my "girlfriend". It's not a parenting book, it's a book on being a mommy. You remember that we are separate people from our job as parent, right? Feel free to ignore her advice, just like you will feel free to ignore some of the advice EVERYONE feels free to give you on just about every aspect of your life as mom. I didn't find this book as great as her pregnancy one, but I wouldn't want to live without it. Buy it, and every time you feel like you can't go on, re-read the very end. You will survive, and you'll do great!...more info
  • Funny and Informative
    Such and fun book on motherhood! It is a delightful read with down-to-earth advice on handling the practical aspects of motherhood. It helps put in perspective with your first child what to get upset about and what let go. It really is like something your girlfriends would tell you, that is if they have kids! I read the Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy, this book and am reading the Girlfriend's Guide to Toddlers, now that my daughter is two. I am not sure I could survive without it!...more info
  • Awful, Awful, Awful
    I bought this book after using the Girlfriend's Guide to Baby Gear. I was impressed with the book. As a first time mom, the guide was great in a sea of baby items that I didn't have much of a clue about. Saved me lots of time and money.

    I bought this book used with the expectation that it would be in the same vein as the baby gear guide. I want my $6 and my time back. What a monumental waste of trees and time. This book was so bad that I threw it away-didn't even make the Goodwill pile. She denegrates men to the point you wonder if she's either a hard-core, man-hating lesbian or has *that* terrible of a marriage. With comments like "of course you'll be the only one watching the baby! Your hubby will be so clueless that you'll want to snatch the baby from him before he can harm it!" It is heavily laced with mom martyrdome. No thanks.

    Do not waste your money on this book....more info
  • Motherhood Guides
    This book is great. It's written in a to the point, overly blunt matter of speaking. It has great information you truly would only hear from your girlfriends and if you are like me...a pioneer amongst your friends in childbearing, you will greatly appreciate advice from "your honorary girlfriends".
    ...more info
  • A must for New Moms who aren't only Moms but Women too!
    I haven't read this book in a while since my kids are 4 and 2, but I will tell you that I did read it both times I had a newborn. I recommend this book to everyone, and buy it for everyone I can!

    If you don't have a sense of humor, or if you really are living the dream world with a husband who rubs your feet, gets up with the baby and doesn't want to play "Rock, Paper, Scissor" everytime you ask him to change a diaper DON'T READ THIS!!

    If you do live in reality, want the true story from someone who's lived it (4 times, Vicki has 4 kids), and don't won't take the whole thing too seriously then READ THIS BOOK!!!

    Enjoy, and Welcome to Motherhood!!!!...more info
  • Not for the neurotic or those who cannot cope with being told truths....
    I am a second time mom-to-be. While I didn't have this book with my first child, although it would have been nice, I picked it up for my journey back into babyhood, since it's been about 5 years.

    There are a lot of negative reviews here. In fact, had I read some of them, I may not have purchased the book. I understand that first time moms are scared and sensitive, but some of the negative reviews really bordered on the ridiculous...someone who at 30 years of age who developed a near eating disorder from this book? "It was really depressing being told I wouldn't get my body back, no matter how hard I tried" Honey, you aren't. You can have a better body in some ways, you can have a body with a few changes, but you will NEVER have your "old" body back. Get over it, if you can't deal with that, then don't have kids. I'm sorry, but at 30y/o, you should have more common sense than that. Some of the other reviews blasted her about wanting to return to her old pre-preggo weight. Who cares? If you don't want to do the same, then ignore it. They accuse her of having an eating disorder(which, by the way, is nobody's business but hers) because she is very thin, and admits she has to work to keep it that way. God forbid. Well, again, this is all common sense. If you are overweight, begrudging someone who is willing to diet and exercise in order not to have a big butt is just immature. If that doesn't appeal to you, fine, but if you hate anyone skinnier than you, don't buy this book.

    I wish someone would have acknowledged to me that it will take work to blast those last few pounds off. Because until I WORKED at it, those last 10 weren't budging. To some of us, being 15 pounds over a healthy weight is something we don't want. You don't have the right to make someone feel shallow or selfish for not wanting to be chubby for the rest of their lives, just because you are overweight or obese. Just like nobody has the right to make anyone feel bad for not wanting to lose the weight after baby. It just irks me, because it seems like reverse discrimination. You don't want people to judge you because you are fat? Don't judge people just because they aren't fat.

    The negative reviews also mention things like the author's location and income. I am lower middle class, barely, and I could still glean usable info from the book. If you are someone who hates people who have more money or whatever, don't get this book, either.

    Lastly, Vicki is obviously not the end-all,be-all of parenting how-to's, so don't get this book expecting to learn about hands-on baby care and vast expanses of medical info. That isn't the point, it's more directed toward mothers.

    If you are pregnant and "traumatized" by this book, well, okay. You have to take everything with a grain of salt and a sense of humor, or you'll drive yourself nuts, especially after the baby comes. Even the "blessed" What To Expect books can give you anxiety, and to be honest, I found this book more reassuring as far as actually being a mommy goes, because it's funny and not so legalistic. But to be "traumatized" by any book is a little high-strung, imo. Calm down and use common sense. Maybe things won't be nearly as bad for you as written in this book, maybe sometimes, it will. You have to be able to deal with it, either way, and if one book bothers you that bad you are going to have to toughen up a little.

    Parenthood is amazing, fun, a blessing, and sometimes very hard. If you just want a book that tells you it will never be hard or tiring, well, that's fine, but I assure you, it will not ALWAYS be rainbows and unicorns and meadows. But you'll figure that out later, I suppose.

    Anyway, the best advice for any parenting book is take what makes sense to you, and forget the rest. No book is perfect.

    ...more info
  • So true, so funny.
    Personally I think this book is hilarious and actually makes me feel "normal." I received this book at my baby shower (amongst many others) and didn't bother reading it as I had so many other books (about twins) to tackle before they were born. So there it sat, on top of the toilet and I finally decided to crack it open when my twins were about 6 months old. Now it's my favorite read. I think the author does a great job of "keeping it real" and speaking on issues that either I don't have someone to confide in or by the time I do, I'm not thinking of that question anymore. I don't mind poking fun at myself and having a good laugh over child rearing tactics. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it's not that serious to get all worked up over a book. If this book is giving you panic attacks, then I think there are some deeper issues going on, and that's ok, parenthood is a scary thing. But the great thing about this book, is that the author constantly reminds you, that yes, it is difficult, but you will be fine and you will be the best mother for your a candid and humorous way. While this book may not be for everyone, and is a perfect fit for me....more info
  • I'd give this book zero stars if I could
    I got this book from a coworker when I returned to work after my maternity leave. All I can say is THANK GOD I didn't pay for this book. If I had, I would have gone to the store I bought it at and demanded my money back. If they wouldn't give it to me, I would have tracked down the author and thrown it at her fat head.
    This was the most awful book I ever read. It was innacurate, insulting, negative, miserable, and somehow managed to be both sexist against women and man bashing at the same time. This woman must be the most miserable woman in the world. I feel sorry for her kids. I know they have a terrible, hateful, miserable mother, and from the sounds of this book, they have a half witted, insensitive, selfish jerk of a father too. People like this shouldn't be allowed to breed.
    This book will offend anyone who even remotely respects themselves. It doesn't matter how you raise your child or how you gave birth, if you have the slightest bit of self love and self respect, you will be offended by this book.
    If you enjoy being a mother, you will also be offended by this book. I have nothing good to say about this book. Now that my son is a year old, I might consider going back and reading it just to see how bad the train wreck gets. I didn't have time to read this nonsense when I was a new mom, I was too busy being a GOOD mother.
    ...more info
  • Heavy on the funny, a little light on information
    I bought this book while I was pregnant on the advice of a friend. I found it refreshingly humorous and light after having been inundated with frightening "too much information" books about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. It's a great read and a break from the "all business, no fun" parenting books so my advice would be to turn to this when you are feeling overwhelmed with information. ...more info
  • Total Garbage!
    This book is pretty near worthless. I started reading it knowing that I was unlikely to agree with much of Vicki's "advice," but I thought it still might be funny. It wasn't. Also, lots of her advice is not only wrong it is *completely* wrong--as in, not only not backed up by evidence, but actually *contraindicated* by evidence. I could not even finish reading the book after I got to the complete drivel that was her "advice" on infant feeding--she presented the section as "common considerations when deciding to breastfeed" and then proceeded to describe the absolute worst-case-scenario for everything possibly related to breastfeeding (& several things that can't be blamed on breastfeeding at all!). It was a common considerations section, but would have been more aptly named, "reasons I think breastfeeding is awful and no one should do it" section.

    I think it is valuable for women to read books that present a less-than-rosy view of motherhood, because too often we have a strong and persistent "perfect mother" image in our heads that is very difficult to live up to (especially if we have perfectionistic tendencies). I adore real-life, tell-it-like it is motherhood memoirs--they are validating and supportive. This book, however, is overwhelming negative and baby-bashing. There are much, much better books out there that do not worship motherhood, but do not completely despise it either....more info
  • Not as funny as the Pregnancy Guide
    I'm a first time mom and I read this book when my son was 3 1/2 months old. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Yes, it probably would have scared me before the baby was born, but I feel that this was her honest assessment of the first year of life. This book was NOT as good as the Pregnancy Guide, which I loved, but it provided me with some good laughs as I compared my experience with hers (and noted many similarities!)...more info
  • Funny and brutally honest
    Every other book about babies tells you all the things you need to know for the survival of the baby. This one tells you everything you didn't know about the survival of the mother. A very honest and funny book which makes you feel like you're not the only one out there as a young Mum trying to cope sometimes with the difficulties of having a new born....more info
  • Must read for new moms and moms to be
    I loved Vicki's pregnancy book so I had to read this one. I wish I started reading it before my baby was born because the first couple of chapters really prepare you for birth. As always, Vicki is very honest about the whole birth process and surviving once you get home. Stuff you won't hear any where else! I highly recommend it....more info
  • Love her
    These books are hilarious. They give you a funny, honest look at childbirth, the first year, pregnancy, etc. She is great!...more info
    This book is an awesome and refreshing account of the stressfullness of being a new mother. Its one of those that you can't put down. She covers everything you will go through and can double you over laughing at the same time! Excellent gift, I have bought for EVERYONE of my girlfriends when they are expecting and after birth!...more info
  • Depressing book!
    I couldn't even read half of this garbage before wanting to throw it away! Vicki Iovine tells a very negative story of Motherhood, and as a first time Mom to be, I couldn't be more nervous aobut it. Thank God I read many of the other reviews which claim this book is highly exaggerated. I am going to try to return the book tomorrow. Do not waste your time here unless you want to be depressed about Motherhood....more info
  • Good, but not great
    If you shook with mirth while reading "Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy," you'll get a few similar chortles from this book -- but the fact remains, as other reviewers have noted, that Vicki is not quite as on top of her game in this, her sophomore effort. Also, it's not exactly funny (or refreshing) to read about bone crunching exhaustion when you're bone-crunchingly exhausted. The truly funny bits (and they're in there, though there are fewer of them) can get lost amid the reminders of how hard it is to have an infant around.

    Assuming you have the time and energy, I think it's a fine read if your baby is still small (I read it when mine was 3-4 weeks) -- just go in with lower expectations and remember that your own sleep deprivation and hormones may impact your enjoyment of it. ...more info
  • Reassuring, not depressing
    I read the negative reveiws of this book before I had my baby, and decided against buying it. Then, after my baby was born, I was frustrated with baby books that made me feel like the way I was feeling and the way I was doing things was all wrong, and I was hungry for anything that was written for new mothers (sadly, this was about it). I have to say, this book was the only thing that made me feel like I wasn't crazy, and that there wasn't anything wrong with me because I was having a hard time. I guess motherhood came easy for those people who wrote such scathing reveiws, but even though my baby is the best thing that ever happened to me, some days I can't stop crying and wondering how I will do this for the rest of my life. Yes, you will be sleep deprived, and your baby may cry for what seems like no reason, and it will break your heart and you will wonder if you are cut out for this whole motherhood thing. At least, that's how I feel, and thank God for this book so I know I'm not alone....more info
  • Practical. Sensible. Humorous.
    This is a book I've read several times because I've not only enjoyed it but have learned a great deal as well. Iovine's writing style is fresh, humorous, and quick-reading material. Her advice is for real moms who are not out to impress but are all about surving the first year of motherhood.

    Great baby shower gift....more info
  • Spunky and Fun
    Iovine really hits on the way new moms can feel with this one. I read it about 3 weeks after my first baby and I was very pleased to humorously read about the same trials I was having. It also gave me a really good heads up for the coming months and I felt a lot more prepared for what was to come. ...more info
  • Spend the $$ on a different book!!
    I was dissappointed in this book -I expected it to be comparable to the "What to expect" series and it wasn't even close. It reads like it was written by just some lady who had kids, as opposed to a credible source. Buy the What to expect series instead of this!...more info
  • Funny but One-Sided
    I thought this book was hilarious, but like all books of this sort you have to take what she says with a grain of salt....more info
  • good book, but a little scary on "bad stuff" for 1st time mothers
    this is a good book for an expecting mom (my wife is due in Feb) but it goes into details about what can go wrong.... it's good in advice and a little scary in the "bad events". I'd recommend it to others overall...more info
  • First time mothers, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK.
    Being pregnant for the first time is an amusement-park-full of emotions. Exciting, scary, overwhelming and exhausting. Why, then, does this self-described "girlfriend" insist upon terrifying her audience?

    I am already expecting months of sleep deprivation, have prepared for an unsympathetic response from my employer and have come to terms with the probability of having a messier, less organized life while I adjust to new motherhood. But in the face of so much tumultuous change, the tone of Iovine's book is much less a nurturing, "I'll (virtually) be there for you, sister," than one that purports to warn the reader, "Girlfriend, you are screwed...but don't worry, I've done it four times and managed to survive!"

    Ironically, I was given this book by a true girlfriend who has done what Iovine fails to do: offer support and irreverent humor from a knowledgable standpoint. I read this book over the course of a couple of days and awoke the following night with an anxiety attack, my chest pounding, convinced I somehow wouldn't be equipped to deal with the demands of first-time motherhood. Pregnancy is scary enough without this so-called "girlfriend" to remind us how much worse it's going to get once we deliver. Thanks for nothing, Vicki Iovine....more info
  • very few mothers could relate to any of this!
    This was the most useless book I have ever read on being a parent. The author goes on and on about how painful and excruciating breastfeeding is, and how all "girlfriends" can relate to this pain if they are breastfeeding. Huh?? If she had read any books on breastfeeding at all or gotten some basic advice from a lactation consultant, she would realize that her baby was latched on incorrectly and would have corrected the problem. Also, she talks about girlfriends hiding from their husbands in the house so that they can breastfeed? What?!?! This book just infuriated me, it was so shallow and pointless, I feel like the author lives in a world all her own, inhabited by stepford wife-like "girlfriends" who struggle incessantly with mothering a new baby and have to hide everything from their dumb husbands who are completely incompetent. How insulting!! Don't waste your time or money on this garbage....more info
  • Great book for new mom!
    This is a great book for first time moms because it tells everything that people normally don't talk about as a mom....more info
  • Funny stuff at the right time
    I received this book as a gift and then returned the favor. It provides comedic relief at a stressful time following the arrival of a new little one. Not a true "survival guide", but true entertainment for a good laugh....more info
  • AWFUL HORRIBLE Book - save your money
    I am just starting out in my first pregnancy and am in a wonderfully happy marriage with a very intelligent and supporting husband. I am planning on having a natural home birth with family and friends readily available to help us as we adjust the first few days. I am NOT the target audience for this book. As I got through just the first few pages, my jaw was literally dropping to the floor - not only does the author use inane scare tactics (why you need to scare an already nervous first time mom is beyond me!), but she obviously has never researched alternative methods of child birth and care. Don't feel like breastfeeding? Who cares, not like anyone is going to give you an award if you do. Want to breastfeed but worried that the nurses at the hospital will feed your newborn formula without your permission? Who cares, you shouldn't bother the hospital staff too much or they will make your 'stay' miserable. Want to give birth at home? Are you CRAZY? Don't want drugs? Oh, you'll see what a stupid idea THAT was!!

    Are you kidding me? I would have thought that I had just opened up the 1950's Official Manual to Good Child Birthing. I think the only thing missing is showing a pregnant woman smoking a cigarette on the cover. If you are in any way intelligent, possess basic common sense, have any interest in alternative health and alternative birthing methods for your baby, do NOT waste your hard-earned money on this trifle garbage. ...more info
  • Just a warning:
    This book is amusing and light to read, but is only useful for BRAND-NEW mothers. I bought it mistakenly thinking there might be some interesting advice on older-baby topics, such as feeding solids, crawling, walking, etc. (I have a 7-month-old daughter). Unfortunately the bulk of the book deals with the newest of new-motherhood issues--losing your baby weight, how to care for your body in the immediate days after delivery, having sex for the first time post-delivery, breast v. bottle, etc. Only buy this if you are still pregnant, seriously. ...more info
  • Don't Leave the Hospital Without IT!
    In this Girlfriend's Edition, Vicky answers the question - You've got a baby living in the house - NOW WHAT!!!. The only problem with this book is that when you need it most - you don't have the time to read it!!!
    Take it to the Beauty Parlor, take it to the bathroom -whenever your precious little one is sleeping - and you're not - READ IT!!!
    Its great fun and highly informational!!!
    I don't know how my kids would have turned out without "the girlfriends"! ...more info
  • Every new mom has to read this book
    I have bought this book for every friend who was gives the most realistic point of view of any of the books on the market....more info
  • An honest perspective
    First of all, I have to explain that I am the mom of two children ages 8 and 5. I started reading this book because I was considering it for a girlfriend of mine who is expecting her first child any day now. I really enjoyed reading "The Girlfriend's Guide to Toddlers" a few years ago when my 8 year old was in that stage so I was interested in reading this book with the intention of buying it for my girlfriend.

    I decided to go Amazon to see what the price was for the book online, and was quite surprised to read so many scathing reviews. What surprised me most was how meanspirited and angry some of the reviews were, as if they were personally affronted by the author, Vicky Iovine's, viewpoint. That, I don't quite get. Why get so personal about it. It is just a book, and she is not your "girlfriend", but an author sharing her perspecives on motherhood. But some of the comments of reviewers I did consider to have quite a bit of merit. And after thinking about the reviews for an hour or so, I concluded something and decided to write my own review.

    Here is what I have concluded and what jives with what some of the other reviewers have said. I think this book is humorous and biting at times and totally realistic and the realistic part may be why some newer moms do not like the book. I think it hits too close to home, is too much truth for some new moms to take, and perhaps is not a book that most moms of brand new babies, especially first time moms, can relate to.

    As much as I loved my new baby, as a first time mom, I did have many trying moments. And I also totally lacked perspecive. I think that is what this book really offers - perspective. The author has it because she has had 4 children that are out of the baby stage and onto their childhood years. She can offer an honest perspective because of this and because she has come to terms with what her life has become since motherhood.

    My conclusion is that this is a book that many moms of 2 or more children, and especially those with older children, would enjoy or get a chuckle out of because I can honestly say, looking back on the first year with my first child, what Iovine says really does ring true in many respects. Now, would I have wanted to have heard all that at 2 months post-partum? Maybe not. Perhaps like many, I was still in the phase of thinking I could be a perfect mom if I just tried harder, that I could someday have my old body back exactly as it was, that my husband would be superdad (which he has BECOME, over time). This book reminds me of those early days, and I believe truly does offer an honest perspective of how it is, if one really wants to hear it....more info
  • Sooo funny!!!
    Best book ever to make you feel better when you feel sorry for yourself for staying at home...more info


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