Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier and Fan, 9,000 BTU

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Product Description

Compact yet powerful, our 9,000 BTU evaporative air conditioner efficiently and quietly cools and dehumidifies to make your environment more comfortable. Evaporative technology allows the unit to recycle the collected moisture so there is no water bucket to empty. A built-in 24 hour timer remembers your settings and will restart the unit even if power is interrupted.

Customer Reviews:
  • "no water bucket to empty?" -- HA!
    This very expensive, extremely heavy apparatus leaks water uncontrollably. The built in water reservoir is of insufficient size and is one of the most ineffectively engineered designs I have ever seen. It is not only difficult to drain (via a 1 cm. diameter spigot at the back, for which the manufacturer supply a plastic attachable tube and a tray that looks like a mini cookie baking pan) but also requires CONSTANT attention and draining. Also, the spigot, when closed, leaks. We ended up having to plop the entire unit into a large pan at all times so that water didn't leak all over the floor. So much for "evaporative technology."

    When we called the manufacturer regarding their "limited warranty," we were told that repair was not guaranteed and that we would pay the cost of shipping both ways. At 85 pounds, even boxing and shipping the unit is no small feat. We realized it would cost so much to box and ship that it probably wasn't even worth it. Since then it has sat in a useless heap in our basement. We used it for less than one month and spent close to $350. ...more info