FURminator deShedding Tool with 1-3/4-Inch Edge for Cats

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Product Description

Guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush or comb. Reduces shedding up to 90%. Brings out the pets natural oils, leaving a shiny and healthy coat. Also removes dander that causes allergies. Dramatically reduces feline hairballs. The unique stainless steel edge grabs the texture of the undercoat & loose dead hair and removes it while gliding through and not damaging the topcoat. Works great on all shedding dogs & cats, long & short hair.

  • Innovative grooming tool for long- and short-haired cats
  • 1-3/4-inch stainless-steel edge removes loose undercoat hair
  • Reduces shedding up to 90 percent; helps eliminate hairballs
  • Leaves a shiny and healthy topcoat; comfortable, ergonomic grip handle
  • Measures approximately 6 by 1 by 2 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • I just brushed out a another cat!
    I just received this product in the mail and I'm amazed. I have three cats: a Maine Coon, a Siamese/Himalayan mix, and a short hair mix. This brush has pulled handfuls upon handfuls of hair out of all of them. I got nearly as much hair out of the short hair as the long-haired Maine Coon. All of them seemed to love it; it didn't irritate their skin a bit. If I could give it more than five stars I would! The price here is much cheaper than the pet store. I probably wouldn't have tried it otherwise. Fantastic!...more info
  • Great!
    When I saw this on Amazon and saw the picture of fur in mounds I thought... 'if it does even half of this I'll be happy'. But, to my amazement it did take much of the under coat off. Even one of my cats that doesn't like to be brushed loves the furminator. Just have to keep her from getting excited and sit still.

    I told three people about the furminator, they purchased it and love it....more info
  • I'm impressed
    This thing really works. I used it on my two cats as soon as I got it. I can actually pet my cats without getting a handful of hair. I have the feeling I won't be dealing with as many hairballs or dust bunnies....more info
  • Reviews Speak the Truth!
    I have a Papillon dog and a Tabby cat. The department store prices ranged from $35-$50 so I was hesitant until I found them priced so well on Amazon. I purchased them after reading and hearing multiple great reviews and was very happy with the results. I ordered both the dog and cat Furminator and received them both very quickly. There doesn't seem to be much difference between them but I didn't want to chance dulling the blade on just one. They are wonderful and work just as well as taking the pets to the groomers. The reviews speak for themselves....more info
  • Never knew my cat had that much fur!
    This product works like a charm. I have used this on both of my cats and it's amazing how much fur it removes. My cats do have to be in the mood for this though; sometimes it seems to bother them, at other times they enjoy it. This product has greatly reduced the amount of fur left on furniture, and it's made both of my cats' coats visibly smoother and softer....more info
  • Works great on long hair cats
    It works fantastice on my long hair tuxedo. I get lots of hair even if done everyday. I'd say I use the furminator 2X - 3X per week and get about a paper lunch bag full of hair each time. She's very soft and happy afterwords. Be sure to get the refills when the blade gets dull.

    Furminator is only about $13 at Walmart... if you have patience and can tolerate the whole Walmart experience. Otherwise, buy it online. It's worth it....more info
  • Furrminator lives up to its name!
    I was told by a friend that I should look in to the Furminator because I have a 6 cat household and keeping up with all that cat fur is a daily battle. To my surprise the first time I used this product on my cats I noticed less fur left around on the furniture the following week. Seems as though the loose undercoat that the Furminator removes is what is holding put the fur that has already shed from the kitties. Now that the loose undercoat has been removed their fur sits so nicely and shiny on their body. My husband says they are so smooth and like new cats! Not only that, when I take out the Furminator to groom about once every other week all the kitties line up for their turn. This product has been a true pleasant surprise and I would highly recommend it....more info
  • AWESOME!!!
    This is unbelievable! If you watch the videos on the product website, they are realistic. You will never see so much fur come off one animal!...more info
  • FURminator - The Best
    Before purchasing this item I read numerous reviews. They were all good and I have to agree. Nothing works as well to get that pesky underhair, and no amount of brushing with a regular brush makes the fur as soft and beautiful. If used with care, our four cats will tolerate it in varying degrees. Even the most difficult of the four will let me use it enough to make a big difference in his coat. I am very glad I bought it....more info
  • Finally getting rid of the flying fur
    I have always been good about brushing my cat. She loves it, and it helps with the shedding and hairballs. I have used a slicker brush, a bristle brush, a comb and a glove. All work okay, but I still would have a problem with shedding.
    I just recently got the Furminator brush and you would not believe the amount of fur it got off my cat! It was enough to make another cat. My cat likes being brushed by it (with the exception of her tummy) and it has really cut down on the shedding. There has been NO hair loss from the brush--only the undercoat comes out.
    I wish I would have gotten this brush sooner....more info
  • Amazing
    My mom called me a while ago and told me about how all of her coworkers were talking about the Furminator. I was a little bit skeptical, mostly because of its infomercial-esque name, but after she bought one and I saw it in action on her yellow lab, I was sold.

    I am the fortunate owner of two long-haired cats, one black and one orange, so their fur shows up on my clothes no matter what color I'm wearing. I owned other cat brushes before this and while they got some hair out, it was nothing compared to this. The first time I used it on my cat, there was a pile of fur almost as big as him! All of the stories and pictures sound too good to be true but it actually just is that amazing. Since I started using it, there's so much less fur around the house, my cats don't get hairballs as often, and their coats are shinier. Definitely get this if you have a long-haired cat, because it gets out all the undercoat that regular brushes don't touch!...more info
  • Fur-minator
    This tool works great, can't use on the cat too often but when you do I swear so much fur comes off it's like another cat. It works great!...more info
  • Doesn't do much but annoy the cat
    I get about as much excess fur off my long-haired cat with his slicker brush, and he enjoys that. He hates the furminator. Waste of money; get a good self-cleaning slickerbrush. ...more info
  • A must have for pet owners!
    I bought this one for my 2 cats, along with an additional dog furminator for 2 Norwegian Elkhounds and we love, love, love these combs!! A must have for all pet owners! My suggestion is to brush them outside if you can, because the amount of fur that is removed is remarkable!! And after a few uses, no more hair balls in the cats tummies and a lot less on my hard wood floors too....more info
  • My cats love it
    The Furminator works well with my two short-hair cats. Especially when they periodically shed. More fur in the Furminator and less hair on my furniture. What an invention! My cats will arch their backs and turn themselves while I dethatch them.

    Judy...more info
  • awesome
    Im going to keep this short... My cat was shedding like crazy so i looked up solutions, i saw a recommendation for this product so i bought one. It is awesome, and performs as advertised if not better. Its also very well made not cheap/flimsy like the other combs i have bought.

    If your pet sheds, get this!...more info
  • Great de-shedder
    My cat has long fur and sheds alot. The FURminator does a great job of thinning his coat and he actually likes to be brushed with it....more info
  • My cats love it, but I love it more it.
    This is an amazing product. I have no idea how it works, but it painlessly and effectively removes hair....more info
  • Best cat grooming tool I've found.
    I have two cats- one short haired and the other has long, very fine hair. The Furminator works like a charm on the short haired kitty and she loves it. The long haired kitty has very fine hair that tangles easily. I found that the furminator doesn't cause tangles. It's the only grooming tool I've used that didn't cause tangles on that kitty. I can't say she loves it, but she does tolerate a few minutes at a time. I have friends who use this tool too and they all love it. I recommend it....more info
  • Furminator hair removal comb
    Finally a product that really works, unbelieveable the amount of hair it removed from both my cat and my dog - I recommend it highly....more info
  • Cat Shedding
    The FURminator deShedding Tool works very well to remove the loose hair from my cat's fur. She really sheds and this helps eliminate hair on the furniture. I wish I had bought it sooner!...more info
  • Great!
    The Furminator is great, it really works. The actual comb part is just like the Shedender but the design of the furminator is so much better and alot easier to use. My cat isn't happy with it but I am happier not having big clumps of yellow cat hair all over my furniture and clothes....more info
  • I'd give it 10-stars if I could!
    This tool is the best thing since sliced bread! It reaches in to pull out hair all the way down to the skin without hurting my cat. In fact, my cat looked liked she lost 5-lbs after being Furminated! The tool is very well made, and my cat just loves having her coat cleared with this tool.
    BTW: I got this at Amazon half the cost I saw it at the local pet stores. Great tool, great investment!

    Amazoin rocks!...more info
  • FURminatpor rocks!
    it really works as advertised - we were skeptical because we bought one at a brick and morter and it did not work well. this one pulled out a cat's worth of fur from one and half a cat from another. this is the best size for cats....more info
  • Perfect for cat hair complaints
    This is a fabulous cat brush. I can't believe how much dander it removed from my cats - and they didn't shed for a few weeks after they were brushed. I have larger cats, so I wish that I had purchased the larger brush but other than that I'm very happy with my purchase....more info
  • Fantastic Furminator
    This is a WONDERFUL product.
    By the time I get done using this on my cat, I have another whole cat in fur.
    My cat loves it too!...more info
  • Great product just be careful!
    I have this product for my cat. He has normal cat fur. not long, and only semi thick. Like mink fur. It does take our mounds of hair...But it can go to far.

    Cat's inner coat is like the fleace in a rain jacket. It keeps them warm! I brushed my cat for 2 min in the same spot, and saw all the hair, but when I looked at the coat compared to the non brushed side I was shocked! The inner hairs where all gone and left with only gard hairs! IE same as just a plain plastic raincoat! Brrrrr! Now he doesn't want to go outside (outdoor indoor) even though our climate is mild. He notices the diffrence when this last winter he was A-OK with the 2 feet of snow. I'm glad it grows back, but don't spend to much time in the same area!

    I'm not using mine again! Poor kitty. He looks thinner and his coat is way less shiny than it use to be. I'm ok with a little bit of cat hair. Just let it fall out naturally. It releases oils for thier coat when it does....more info
  • my cat doesn't like to be brushed with this
    The brush is effective in removing fur, but it seems to irritate my cat's skin - no matter how gently I brush, he doesn't like it and will wriggle away. (The comb has sharp metal teeth.) So I can't use it unfortunately....more info
  • Definitely Recommended!
    Like everyone else posting a review here, I am getting great results with this little tool! I have noticed less shedding in the house - hooray! The first time I used it, I removed so much fur from Crash that I was sure he would have bald patches. Not so - just a lot of extra fur in his undercoat I couldn't see. He's leash-trained, so we've incorporated combings into our walking routine and he seriously seems to love it. I definitely second those reviewers who advise using this tool outside - whole bird colonies have created nests from the fur flying off this tool! Note that Amazon is offering a great price on this item as compared to local retail stores and vet offices. ...more info
  • Link Cats Review Furminator
    The Furminator pretty much functions as advertised. It's more useful for long-haired than short-haired cats, and probably would have worked wonderfully on my old Scottish Fold, Pugsley, who had a thick wooly undercoat that matted terribly. The comb somehow pulls out the ultra-long underfur on my domestic long hair and works really well on fluffy tails. The only thing I don't care for is the weight, which makes it easy to apply too much pressure to the cat while combing....more info
  • FURminator
    This is the best deShedding Tool I have ever used. For the first time my 17 year old cat (who sheds constantly) does not mind me combing her. It gets out lots of hair and she seems to love it.
    ...more info
  • Furminator Makes the fur fly
    As advertised! Works fantastic on my mink-like cats. They love it too. Probably dropped a lb. in hair weight immediately....more info
  • Furminator
    My husband and I have three cats, and are constantly strugling to brush them. The furminator was easier to use then a regular brush and got alot of the lose undercoat removed. I was shocked to see a furball the size of my cat when I was finished. The cats get less hairballs now, too. ...more info
  • Professional product, it works!
    I am a pet groomer and we sell a "Furminator Package"... It sells itself! We leave a furminator comb near the front check in so we can do a demo. When offering the "furminator package" (which includes the Furminator Shampoo and Conditioner; the conditioner leaves you with hands covered in undercoat as you massage it in, its great stuff!) we walk up to the dog and take just one brush stroke with the comb and the amount of undercoat it gets makes the clients excited. Once they get the package, they are repeat customers and repeatedly ask for the service. Reports of clients are off the charts with so much less hair.

    Bonus: the undercoat is usually dull and frizzy...the top coat is usually shiny, this allows for super soft, ultimately touchable and longer clean-feeling coats on both dogs and cats. ...more info
  • Awesome
    This is a great deshedding tool and my cats love to get comb with it. I would highly recommend this....more info
  • Furminator for Cats
    This item does what it says it will do. It is fantastic! I got my cat completely furminated in about an hour. It was amazing how much undercoat came out. She looks beautiful. What an ingenious idea!...more info
  • Does the job
    The Furminator deshedding tool for cats does the job. We have two cats and they love being groomed with the furminator. It does an exceptional job on our long-haired cat and his coat is beautiful and shiny. Great price at Amazon....more info
  • Domestic long-hair with a fine coat
    Smokey is 12 years old, and shedding has always been a problem for her. She's one of those cats with more fur and hair than muscle, and every time you touched her, fur flew in all directions. You couldn't walk into a room containing her without the floating, fine, kinky fur tickling your nose. I was moderately skeptical when I received the Furminator. I mean, honestly! How would this tiny almost sharp... COMB get out fur? I assumed it was like a thinner for cats, no WAY would this reach the 'undercoat' let alone brush her on top. I brushed her. I wound up with a fur ball the size of her. She turned around and hit me with her tail once and there was so much fur coming off of her I'm sure I looked like Cousin It! I pressed too hard once or twice so she chirped at me, but I'm not even done brushing her yet and she doesn't coat the room in fur when you touch her anymore.
    I'm very pleased with the Furminator and will be buying another for my father's long haired kitten....more info
  • best I have tried
    FURminator deShedding Tool with 1-3/4-Inch Edge for Cats
    I have 2 black cats both with thick fur. I have tried other products in the past but I cannot believe home much hair this removes. I started of with a few brush strokes and slowly worked up to a few minutes. The cats are getting used to the furminator and I am getting used to the fact that there are fewer hairballs and fur balls....more info
  • Wow - the loose hair comes off in bunches
    We ordered two of these from Amazon - much cheaper than a local Pet Store. It arrived today and was put right to work....it is amazing the loose hair that came off our cat. We regularly brush him, but after using this you can't help but be amazed at the amount of hair it brings out. Our cat seemed to just ignore us, probably thinking we were just using the brush....great tool.
    I think this deShedding Tool is a winner; folks with dogs that have long hair and cats....it is a must....more info
  • Does a great job!
    I had first purchased this to groom a long-haired cat with matted fur and learned it was no good for de-matting. I did find it was great for removing pet hair from upholstered furniture, however, so that was its main purpose until yesterday when we adopted a Siamese-mix kitty. She probably hadn't been brushed in years and was shedding so badly that I had to change clothes three times in one day because I was so covered in cat hair. I got out the FURminator and started stroking her gently with it. I can't believe how much dead hair it removed. It is very easy to let the tool bite too deeply into the coat and the kitty doesn't like that, but as long as I kept a gentle touch along the top of the hair, she thought she was being petted and I got out plenty of loose fur. After just the first session, yielding two sizeable handfulls of hair, her coat went from feeling coarse to nice and soft.

    As badly as she needed care, I think it will probably take many daily FURminator sessions to get all of the loose hair, but there is a remarkable difference already. One note, I did see the video the company puts out and they were using the tool far more aggressively than I would recommend. In my situation, at least, the key is being gentle and not letting it bite so deeply into the coat that you feel a resistance when pulling it. This may involve more brushing sessions, but it won't upset the animal and will make things easier in the long run. For the animal that does not like brushing, I can't see where they would like this any better than a regular brush, but for the animal that will tolerate it, it really does a great job. ...more info
  • Furminator hair removal comb
    Finally a product that really works, unbelieveable the amount of hair it removed from both my cat and my dog - I recommend it highly....more info
  • Great tool!
    I bought two of these,this one for my cat and a larger one for my dog. The cat I must say is not wild about it, but tolerates it briefly. You can't rake them as hard though as the video says. They won't like it and it can cause rake burn or sores. It works great though & does help out with shedding some of the hair and cuts down on the hair balls. Also use it on some of my friends shorter haired dogs. I bought it here because the vet wanted MUCH MORE MONEY for it!...more info
  • cat fancier
    We had struggled over a period of months, combing our cat daily and continuing to pick up hair on furniture and clothing. In utter frustration I ordered the FURminator deShedding Tool after reading a positive report on this product in the AARP Magainze. This amazing product has changed our lives. We can enjoy our cat now without hair flying every time we touch her. The first time I used the tool it was as if we were shaving the cat. I collected what seemed like more hair than the cat had on her body,even though I had been combing her daily with a regular comb. Our cat's coat looked healthier immediately.

    Our cat loves being combed and although it took her a day or two to adjust to the change she enjoys being combed with the Furminator now and purrs her way through each combing. What an absolutely Amazing Product !!

    Thank you ------------whoever created it....more info
  • Does exactly what it claims to do
    I couldn't believe how much hair came off of my medium hair cat after using this product. When possible, you should use this outdoors or be prepared to clean-up after use. Wear clothes that you don't intend on wearing afer....more info
  • The Furminator is great!
    It does exactly what it says it does - it's a wonderful de-shedding tool! I use it on my rabbit - it's great for getting the dense, fine undercoat from her fur....more info
  • Furminator
    Excellent Product..the best cat brush I've ever used, works exactly as advertised. The price of the product is almost half that of the retail price. Fast shipping.FURminator deShedding Tool with 1-3/4-Inch Edge for Cats...more info
  • Super Awesome!!
    I've got 2 tabbies that hack up their fair share of hairballs each summer -- but not this year! :)

    I just got the FURminator and, already, the one cat that enjoys being scrubbed with a brush has produced a giant pile of excess fur (where does it all come from??!). I don't think my other cat will stand for this (my husband had to hold her and pet her while I tried it on her for a minute or two), but it's worth it to have it work on just one of my cats.

    I think you'll have great success with this handy tool if you know your cat well and know s/he will tolerate being brushed with moderate pressure.

    I love this thing!...more info
  • Perfect for cat hair complaints
    This is a fabulous cat brush. I can't believe how much dander it removed from my cats - and they didn't shed for a few weeks after they were brushed. I have larger cats, so I wish that I had purchased the larger brush but other than that I'm very happy with my purchase....more info
  • Great deshedding tool for thin hair pets
    I have two cats of the same breed but one has very thin hair. Regular brushes do not work with the cat with thin hair so I did some research and found this tool. It works great for removing thin hair. The only drawback is that you have to clean it every couple of strokes but that's a trade off I can live with....more info
  • I'm impressed
    This thing really works. I used it on my two cats as soon as I got it. I can actually pet my cats without getting a handful of hair. I have the feeling I won't be dealing with as many hairballs or dust bunnies....more info
  • Awesome!
    What can I say, this is one of best inventions ever! The hair comes off our cat. Now all we need is something to collect the hair as you brush/comb. We have noticed less shedding. The stores sell them for about $37 and we only paid about $25 with shipping. This is well worth the money, thank you for such a wonderful product. My sister in law uses it for her dog and cat and loves it as well. She is the one that recommended it to us....more info


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