Zojirushi EE-LAC50HA 3-Liter Warm-Mist Humidifier

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Product Description

The Warm Mist Humidifier is compact yet can increase moisture in indoor areas up to 675 square feet. By outputting up to three gallons of water per day, the unit is easily able to counter the results of dry air! This Mist Humidifier features auto On/Off modes, triple safety features - Lid lock, Control button lock and Auto Shut-Off, which stops the unit of it tilts or runs out of water, easy-to-clean nonstick interior, wide opening for easy filling and cleaning, a carying handle, and a large control panel for your convenience.

  • Compact warm-mist humidifier for rooms up to 675 square feet
  • 3-liter capacity; outputs up to 3 gallons of water per day
  • Lid lock, control-button lock, and auto shut-off for safety
  • Automatic operation or 2-speed manual operation; large control panel
  • Measures 11-1/16 by 9-3/8 by 12-7/8 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Zojirushi Humidifier
    This product is far more expensive than most of the common brands (Honeywell, Kaz etc..)
    However it is worth the price.
    This is a warm steam humidifier, which i found better than cool mist counterparts for the winter season (it even helps relieve your breathing when you have a bad cold)...
    The unit is very easy to set up and maintain, and it can be cleaned very easily.
    It produces a large amount of steam, even on the LOW mode,
    On the other side, i found it a bit noisy sometimes, but nothing that will prevent you from sleeping.
    You can feel the "made in Japan" quality, and i am confident it will last a long time.
    In conclusion, this is a very good purchase....more info
  • Too loud, little control on output.
    I usually trust Japanese products, but this one disappoints me greatly. This humidifier is very loud, I can't bear to stay in the same room while using it. The second big flaw is there is little control of how much water vapor I want to output. There are two choices, low(50%) and medium(60%). The comfort zone for human is 40% - 60%. In my area, winter humidity is about 30%. Setting it to 50% is too much for me. How can 50% be the low setting? This product is designed without customer in mind....more info