Vidal Sasson VS784 1875W Ionic Travel Dryer

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Product Description

Variable Heat and Speed Settings

  • 2 heat/2 speed
  • Ion switch
  • Cold shot
  • Worldwide dual voltage

Customer Reviews:

  • Liked the older version better
    Good product for the price..a little louder than I thought but OK..the older aqau/green model rocked...quiet/quick/light...wish they would have kept the engineering to incorporate in the newer model....more info
  • Great bargain; strong airflow
    Great dryer - and that price! For me, the most important thing about a travel dryer is strong airflow, but that can be hard to find: so many are super-hot but offer only very weak flow. Not this one. Highly recommend....more info
  • Lasted 1 year
    I think a blow dryer should last more than 1 year, so am disappointed in this product's durability, but on the other hand, I didn't like it much, so am glad I am forced to buy a new one. To be completely fair, I am reviewing last year's version of this dryer, which looks similar (gold color), but who knows- they may have changed it, for all I know.

    Anyway, my gripes are 1) the ON button is a rocker switch which is hard to turn on and with 3 settings, easy to overshoot the middle position. 2) the cold burst isn't cold - it's just slightly less hot and with far less wind force. During the summer I usually dry my hair on the cold setting, as it's already too hot in my bathroom. So what I want is lots of air and no heat - just the opposite of what this dryer delivered.

    A long time ago I had a huge Vidal Sasson dryer that I loved. I'm going to try something else this time, though....more info
  • Ionic Dryer
    The review would have been higher, however the movement of the low/off/high switch does not smoothly give the desired location. It often requires an extra effort to move the lever to the desired position....more info
  • Broken in less than 2 months
    This dryer started making really awful high pitched noises a month and a half after using it once a day. A fuse must've blown because the dryer started smelling like burnt toast. It's also a really loud dryer. Would not recommend - you get what you pay for....more info
  • Great Little Dryer
    This is definitely worth the money. It's a really good dryer for travel. I even think it's better than my home dryer....more info
  • LOVE this blow dryer
    I purchased this blow dryer for my teenaged daughter for Christmas and now I wish I had purchased one for myself. It is light and small, BUT very powerful. Not only is it the perfect travel dryer, but also perfect for every day use. Our arms don't get tired holding it up. The only thing that doesn't make sense is why you can turn off the "ion" feature since this in an "ion" dryer. We turned it off and it didn't blow dry any slower or faster. Great little blow dryer that we definitely recommend. Great price, too....more info
  • Vidal Sasson Travel Dryer
    Not that small and attachment, very inconveniently, only goes in one direction- not the direction that is needed!...more info
  • Blow Dryer
    The Vidal Sasson Ionic Travel dryer I received in the mail is working very well. It is light and flexible, and does a good job of drying my hair. I am pleased with the purchase....more info
  • Great product; worth every dime
    This little blow dryer although small and compact has a lot of power. Also, easy to pack when I travel. I flat iron my hair but blow dry it first. And I can do so in under 5 minutes. (My hair is right to my shoulders.) It's a great product and I highly recommend it....more info
  • Low quality manufacturing - stay away
    I used this product for four weeks with no abnormal stresses on it and it started smoking one morning and failed. Low quality manufacturing. ...more info
  • It works great so far
    So far I have loved my blow dryer. It is a small compact size and fits easily in my drawer. I use it for my regular blow dryer because I live in a small apartment and have to move frequently. I only wish it had a diffuser attachment....more info
  • A little big for a travel dryer
    The dryer works fine, but I was looking to replace a travel dryer I already have, and this on is twice as big. If size isn't an issue you will probably be happy with this dryer....more info
  • OK, not good for me
    This hair dryer has two settings: low and high. High produces high wind speed and high temperature. Low produces low wind speed and low temperature. That does me no good! I need low to still be hot for styling. Also, with my fine hair the high setting is much too hot for my scalp.

    The hair dryer is also loud (however my old one did claim to be "quiet").

    Oh well. I returned it. I would not recommend to people with fine hair or sensitive scalps. ...more info
  • Great little dryer!
    I was looking for a dryer that folds for travel and yet is powerful enough to dry my long hair in a short amount of time. This one fit the bill. The only complaint I have is that the diffuser that is advertised with it (additional purchase) does not fit this dryer whatsoever. It fits my larger dryer otherwise I'd be more annoyed since it's such a hassle to return things. I don't normally assume but since it was advertised with this dryer I didn't give it a second thought! :( ...more info
  • Fast and Efficient Delivery/Great Quality
    This item was delivered in a very timely fashion and is great value for the price! :)...more info
  • small but VERY effective!
    I ordered this because I needed a lightwieght hair dryer for my upcoming trip to Africa, and it needed to have worldwide dual voltage (as this one does). I tested it out today and I was thrilled with how fast it dried my hair!!! My only regret is that I didn't try it sooner! In literally less than a minute my hair was completely dry, and it was shinier than normal. I was so surprised that something this small could be so effective! And it's VERY lightweight. Perfect for travel AND everyday use! ...more info
  • Didn't work for me
    I had an old hair dryer from Vidal Sasson which was over 10 years old. When it started working weird, I ordered Ionic Travel Dryer from Amazon, I trusted the brand name Vidal Sasson, but it was defective and I had to return it. Then I bought the same from some place else. It was not what I expected. The new technology "Ionic" should make the drying time short, but it was not true for me. It was even taking longer time compare to the 10 years old one. And this one was too big and heavy to be a travel dryer, it would take up the space in your suit case. I had to return it again then bought 2 dryer - one for travel and the other for home, from the local beauty store. ...more info
  • It's good!
    I was just drying my hair with this dryer, and felt like writing a review.
    I appreciate and genuinely enjoy using it every day, and I've had it for about 2 years now.
    Some of the good things I'd like to mention are:
    - The power: it's more powerful than any other blow dryer I've used, which makes drying much faster.
    - The weight: I haven't thought about this too much until I read the other reviews, and, you know, they're right! I would definitely say that it's on the lighter side, and it's small, too. You don't get tired of holding it, but that may also be because your hair dries faster, so you don't have to hold it as long.
    - The temperature: it's not too hot! I find this aspect extremely important because it helps not to overdry/cook your hair and your face.
    - The price: it's good!

    ...more info
  • i love it!
    I really noticed a difference with my hair the first time i used this product. My hair felt softer, shinier and it dried my hair pretty quickly as well. It's small but still has a powerful blow. I initially purchased this for a recent trip to countries around Asia. It works fine and switching the 120-250V was no problem at all. Though you can't use the low heat setting at 250V but that didn't matter. It's lightweight and folds at the neck of the handle so I'm really glad I had this handy throughout the trip. Now I use it as my everyday hairdryer and my old one is stored in the back of my closet....more info
  • Burned out before 6 months
    I really like this hairdryer. I have very long and thick hair and it dries it well and quickly. The dryer is light weight and great for traveling.

    The problem I have with this dryer is it burned out before 6 months and it just didn't burn out, it created a minor explosion and I could hear a piece crash into something on the inside of the dryer, then the smell of burning.

    I am returning it to Helen of Troy LP, who make this dryer and hope the same thing doesn't happen to its replacement....more info
  • Good dryer, but.....
    The dryer was powerful and collapsed nicely for travel. The only problem I had, and many people may not have an issue with this, was the directional concentrator does not turn. It only points horizontally and I prefer vertical. Otherwise, this dryer is very good quality....more info
  • fits what i was looking for
    i wanted a hairdryer that was as small as possible because i travel a lot but still had enough power to dry my long hair quickly. this dryer achieves both. the plastic guards on the back are not as good as my old dryer - i.e. you have to watch out not to get your hair stuck in the backdraft but as long as you're careful it's ok. the small size was my main objective anyway. ...more info
  • powerful enough!
    I have thick hair and when my old dryer suddenly burned out I wanted something light weight but powerful enough to dry my hair fairly quickly. This works, and as an added bonus folds and packs in a suitcase quite easily (and is smaller than my old one) so I'm not at the mercy of a hotel's hair dryer. My only complaint is that the concentrator is fairly easy to knock off again, otherwise this would have had 5 stars for its price. I have no idea what ionic does or doesn't do - haven't seen any difference....more info
  • nice dryer, but concentrator keeps falling off!
    This is a nice travel dryer for the price. The dual wattage feature is great, especially if you're traveling to Europe. It has a lot of power. However, I use the concentrator all the time and it repeatedly falls off, which is very irritating. Maybe if you don't use a brush to style your hair it will stay on better. But I straighten my thick curly/wavy hair with it and it comes out fine...if only the concentrator was more solid....more info
  • Travel hair dryer
    I've used this dryer on 3 trips so far and it's worked great. I love how it folds to take up less room in my bag. It's 1875W so it dries my hair just as well as my big one at home and it comes with the concentrator, which I need because I tend to get the dryer really close to my hair (the heat will burn your hair without the concentrator). The only thing I wish it had is a retractable cord but I guess you can't have everything. I would highly recommend this dryer....more info
  • Great buy for the price!
    I have bought blow dryers for many many years. This has been my very favorite. It is smaller in size than my previous models, but very powerful!! The handle folds in for easy storage or travel. I picked out this one by reading buyers reviews!!...more info
  • More sparks--dangerous item.
    Sparked and died on 2nd use. Will never buy Sassoon again. This item should be pulled off shelves....more info
  • Great value!
    I brought this dryer and was so pleased I am buying a second one to keep at my dad's house. Hair dries quickly and the unit is very light weight, easy to handle. This one is a good choice, I have owned many hair dryers so I know what I am talking about. Paula, NYC...more info
  • fast hot excellent
    I bought and returned 3 hairdryers from different companies before finding this one. Superb. I have thick hair that takes a while to dry normally. Not with this drier. I'm out in 2-3 min tops. It's light, it folds, it has a place to hang it. It is a perfect hair dryer that is worth twice what I paid...more info
  • It broke first use
    I'm not giving this only one, because I suspect with five other five start reviews it was just a defective one in the bunch. I gave to my sister, and she didn't even get one full use out of it. ...more info
  • The Good and The Bad
    The good points of the dryer are that it is indeed very light weight and does dry my hair quickly. While it does have two power settings, it only has one temperature setting. I was surprised that a previous reviewer said that it wasn't too hot, because my experience is just the opposite. It burns my scalp so badly that I have to keep pulling the hair dryer away so that my head can cool down. It does have a cool shot button but it is rather awkwardly located and sort of stiff to push, so it doesn't work well for me. Besides, the purpose of the cool shot button is not to cool down your scalp. My next hair dryer will have at least two choices for temperature settings. I would suggest you not purchase this dryer if you have a tender scalp....more info
  • Hair Dryer
    I like this much better than a conair it replaced. It leaves my hair shinier and less frizzy than conair.The only thing I wish it had is a retractable cord....more info
  • Don't bother
    This hair dryer is not worth it. It does not get hot enough on the low setting to style my hair. I also purchased the diffuser pictured with it. The diffuser does not stay on. It keeps popping off. Please remember, you must also buy an electrical plug if you plan to travel abroad even though it says that it can be used internationally....more info
  • Powerful Travel Dryer
    I like the power of this dryer and its ionic technology: it dries my hair fast and without drying it. But it's somehow big for a travel dryer and the metallic coat tends to fall if you don't protect it....more info


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