Frigidaire FAA065P7A 6,000 BTU MSII Air Conditioner with Electronic Controls

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Product Description

With this Frigidaire 6,000 BTU Compact Window Room Air Conditioner (FAA065P7A) you are certain to keep your cool in the sizzling hot summer season. Its easy to use manual controls interface simplifies adjusting the fan speed and temperature. A full function remote puts convenience and control into your hands. Additionally, the FAA065P7A offers 8-way air direction control, providing you with many choices for adjusting your cooling air flow.

This Frigidaire compact window air conditioner includes a 6 foot long power cord and a quick-mount window mounting kit for fast and simple installation into your home or office.

  • Easy to Use:

    This Frigidaire window air conditioner has electronic controls with included remote.

  • Versatile:

    This Frigidaire window air conditioner also features clean air filtration.

  • Compact Rooms:

    This Frigidaire window air conditioner is perfect for rooms up to 215 square foot.

  • 6,000 BTU cooling capacity
  • Cools 216 square foot rooms
  • Pleated quick mount window kit included for clean installation
  • Filter Type: Clean Air Ionizer, Tilt out filter access
  • Air Direction Control: 8-Way, Energy Efficiency Rating: 10.7

Customer Reviews:

  • I had a problem but its no big deal
    This is a 5.5 unit but I had could only award it 4 stars . I had the noisy didnt work unit experience like another poster said who fixed it . I am afraid these take a beating when in transit . Somehow in shipping the coils that go to the condensor shifted so it hit the fan . It went clunk , clunk ...nothing . Not knowing the unit I I left it on waiting for the three minutes it says for the compressor to kick in . NO the fan should work right away . If you purchase one try the fan only mode first and make sure it works fine . Do what the one guy said let it sit at least a few hours too right side up before kicking on the AC . Thats old school to make sure the comrpessor oil filters down and you dont damage the valve body .

    I was able to take a thin piece of wood and push the coil over without taking the case off . I noticed I made a few indentations in the copper tubing . The other Amazon shopper did it correctly . I am disabled and sadly had to try the improper way over pulling the case off as I was in pain not thinking clearly ( spinal neck back injury ) . It worked but it would of been proper and better to take it apart and push it over ever so gently making sure not to dent tubing or stress joints ..maybe even tie the coil to something pulling it away from the fan . You have to be so careful on the coil as its soldered and must be air tight . You dont want to stress the joints . I was able to get 1/8th of a inch fan clearance poking it with a stick . I am so mad at myself that I let the motor run for almost 15 mininutes with it locked up being brand new . Hopefully I will not have any trouble with it . Set it back in the window just to check it . It could of been done on the floor I guess ..she is running like a charm .

    Oh and something that might be of interest nobody has mentioned .This has both manual and remote controls a big plus if the remote breaks . Further , the remote will work without being in the line of sight . I found you have to be in the same room but thats about it . Very nice its not like the old IR's where you have to point it at the eye . I had to put it in the same wall my headboard is against . I can sit in bed with it in any position and it works . I put some velcro on the remote and the wall above my head that way I can just reach and stick . I do the same with the tv remote and I use a svat remote switch for a light in the main room . For the bedroom just turning on the tv gives me enough light . Being in severe chronic pain I am up every hour all night each night .

    I love shopping online its so much easier and often cheaper when you figure time , gas ..but there is a price . Its just you loose that closeness of purchasing in your own community from neighbors . I miss that and thanfully somethings you just dont purchase due to return issues even as good as Amazon is . I would of had a cow having to repack this . The box litterly falls apart when you pull the unit out . The one thing I did not like was the carton and thats proballey why the coils were moved along with being tossed around at UPS . That flimsy carton is not even worth keeping other then proof of original purchase . I just flattened it and put it in the attic . I will use a rubbermaid container for storing this or put it in a trash bag down in the basement . Who knows because of my back I have left one air conditioner in the window for 17 years and its still works . I just cover it and insulate it each winter . God Bless people . If you have noise check that copper tubing / fan for clearance . You can see it from the top of the unit .

    I finished installing the unit . It was really so simple the skirts are slid into the unit so they grab then the rails put in . This is quiet I think if anyone has noise there is a problem with the unit . More then likely very simple for a tech to fix . Now on the drilling holes for the condesnation thats ok if ones careful but I looked at the whirlpool unit I have had for 17 years and there was no drip hole either . Just make sure you have a tad of slope downward about 1/12 inches . These are not supposed to be level . I put mine ontop of a two by 4 across the sill . It was enough lift . I do have outside storm windows installed back in the 60's . My house is very old . I upgraded and used self drilling 3/16 hex head screws . I had some extra foam and foam tape they didnt really give enough . I painted the two by four with white spray paint to match my sill . This shouldnt take more then 15 minutes once you have everything . To gather all the stuff / simple tools it took about a hour of time . So of course make this a afternoon project to be safe .

    I am just going to leave mine in year round and insulate it . They make bags for the outside and you put plastic across the front with tape , pull the shade down and use a insulated drape . This leaves plenty of window free it only took up about 15 inches even with the two by four . May your God go with you always .
    ...more info
  • Delighted (and a little amazed): 6,000 BTU FAA067P7A
    I'm in Salt Lake City, in an unshaded 10th floor apartment with an L-shaped 366 square foot living room. The short side of the L and the adjacent kitchen face west. Until yesterday I relied on a 12,000 BTU Sharp window unit ("The Beast") facing down the long side of the L, and whose compressor sounded like a down-shifting tractor-trailer, isn't energy star compliant, and has no energy-saving features. To cool the short side of the L and the kitchen I had to run one fan to blow the cool air across the room and a second to blow from there into the kitchen. Even with that plus reflective film on the west windows that area didn't really get cool in the afternoons.

    After a lot of research and with some trepidation I bought this unit (the 6,000 BTU--reviews for the 8,000 BTU DON"T APPLY to this unit!!) to cool just the western part of the living area. I didn't expect it to be quiet, just quieter than the Beast, and hoped it'd save me from running the Beast earlier in the day and in the evening. I got it from a big regional furniture and housewares store for $139, $30 off the list price.

    After letting the unit sit upright for 24 hours I did my usual customization of my window sills; they've got thin metal frames and are too narrow to use the accordion wings, so I need to lay a piece of wood on the bottom to keep the unit from resting directly on the window sill and support the top of the A/C with another piece of wood. Aside from that, the installation is the same as a regular wooden-framed sash window. I upgrade the stick-on foam tape, though. The first time you install one of these it'll take some fiddling to get it cushioned, positioned & adjusted, but once you get it right it'll be easier to remove and reinstall it.

    So, I turn the thing on. A few minutes later the air is cold, but wait a minute, where's the compressor noise? I turned it to fan-only and the sound didn't appear to change. I turned it back to cool and finally, by listening very carefully next to the window, I noticed a very slight hum added to the fan, which is the quietest A/C fan I've ever heard. It quickly cooled that corner of the apartment, and even on low the air reaches 15 feet into the kitchen, which chills nicely too. On high, there's very normal sounding but unobtrusive fan noise; on low, it's amazingly quiet. I can talk on the phone right next to it, don't have to turn the TV up, and can hardly hear it from across the room.

    The fins don't do a great job of directing the air left and right, but I've yet to meet a window A/C that does better. However they do a good job of directing air upwards when you tilt the fin assemblies. The unit doesn't project air very strongly. It's enough to reach the very hot kitchen 15 feet away but not enough to circulate air well in the room on its own. My ceiling fan does that for me; a small fan directed straight at the ceiling of your bedroom will do the same for you. Because this is a desert I don't get sloshing noises, though it can feel a little humid if the compressor cycles off for a long time and the fan is running.

    I'm going to get another of these to replace the Sharp unit; that'll give me a total of 12,000 BTU's for a tiny fraction of the noise. Now that I know how incredibly quiet this thing is I'll also get one for the bedroom to replace the 8,000 BTU FAA084P7A, which is way too loud.


    WAIT 24 HOURS!! Noone at the store will tell you this, and I don't even think it's in the user manual, but start off by making sure the compressor lubricant is in the bottom. Otherwise you're likely to permanently damage the compressor the minute you turn it on, which means it'll be louder and less effective. If you're absolutely, positively sure that the unit was stored and transported right side up, go ahead and put it in. If not, DON'T TURN IT ON until it's been sitting right side up for at least 24 hours.

    Reduce Vibration:
    All window A/C units have compressors and fans, and all compressors and fans vibrate. The trick is to minimize how much vibration is transmitted from the metal A/C housing to the window and wall, both of which can vibrate like a drum.

    The unit comes with stick-on strips of open-cell foam to 1) reduce vibration and 2) seal off drafts. I always upgrade this to stick-on closed-cell foam tape like M-D Building Products Sponge Rubber Tape, 3/8-by-1/2-Inch-by-10 feet, Closed Cell, Black #06619 (you can find this stuff at any hardware store). I put it at the bottom and top of the metal A/C housing and anywhere else the housing contacts the window or wall. You'll be amazed at the difference this little improvement makes.

    The Right Angle:
    Make sure the unit is installed at the correct angle. Use the slots in the housing that the accordion thingies fit into; they should be exactly perpendicular. The top of the housing may tilt down a little even when the angle is right, and the plastic front is rarely vertical; that's OK, they're designed to be that way. NOT doing this can make the fan and compressor louder or cause the sloshing problem people have if the thing is tilted so that water hits the fan. I've never had a problem with this in a normal wooden sash window, but if it doesn't automatically level itself, use shims at the top or bottom to even it up. ...more info
  • A/C did not work right out of the box!!
    I purchased this unit for my daughter who is in Boston. They have had a really hot summer and she was having problems sleeping due to the heat. So I ordered this unit, and right out of the box, the blower worked but it would not cool at all. So I went thru the process of reporting it and wanted an exchange, which was really easy to do using Amazon.Com's process. They sent a return shipping label and indicated a new unit would be shipped out ASAP. But that is where problem #2 occurred, and indicatates a problem in communiction with Amazon. When the unit was returned, they sent me a notice that they recieved it, and that they would credit my credit card. So I spent 30 minutes trying to get a phone number to call, which is really hidden deep in sub files and called. They said they could not send another one because they were out of stock by the time they processed the claim. So my daughter had to suffer thru the heat for another week due to this. So I bought one at Sears over the internet, and she picked it up directly!. Note that ia have purchased a lot of items from, and this is the first time I have ever had a problem. But instead of automatic responses that they send like your new unit will be sent out within the next 24 hours, they should develop a automatic response saying :oops!! we are out of stock, and cannot send you a new replacement ......." ...more info
  • No Drain!
    I purchased this 6K BTU unit and a 12KBTU unit just like it about one month ago to go into my mothers house.
    The units work very well as far as cooling capacity however the 6K BTU unit has NO DRAIN hole!
    It has poured 10 inches of rain in TN over the past two weeks and the water pours into the unit through the vent holes on the top of the unit.
    The pan then becomes full of water. This unit has one fan motor that turns the fan blades that push air across the condensor on the outside and a blower that pushes cooled air out into the room.
    The blades on the fan that cools the condensor hits the water that is laying in the pan preventing it to spin properly.
    Twice I have had to remove the unit and pour the water out. Its full again!
    I dont want to drill a drain hole because I think it is designed to "sling" condensed water from the evaperator onto the hot condensor to aid in removing heat from it.
    The goons in their R and D never thought about rain water getting in the unit I suppose.
    Think Im going to go ahead and drill the hole and hope for the best.
    ...more info
  • Great Unit
    We were looking for an A/C unit that we could use during power outages which seem to last from several days to a few weeks during hurricane season. Researched the models and reviews in Amazon and decided on the 6000 BTU Frigidaire unit. We were looking for something that would cool our bedroom and adjacent office, and also be light enough to store elsewhere and install easily when the power went out. We did appreciate all the people who took the time to give their opinions.

    Unit came in quickly (as almost everything we order from Amazon does), and after unwrapping it and reading the instructions, installed it in the bedroom window. Installation was easy - no tools or fuss. Except we knew this window was about 8-inches wider than the provided accordion side spacers, so I cut and fit a piece of plywood to fill in the gap. Also used duct tape to fasten the accordion spacers in place, seal the little spaces, keep out the bugs, etc. Turned it on, and it was ever so quiet. After 3 minutes the compressor came on, and it was hardly noticeable. This is one quiet machine, and cooled down the room quickly. Am now trying to decide whether to drill a hole in the bottom of the drain pan as suggested by some of the other reviewers, or wait and see.

    Bottom line is this seems to be a great unit and I would recommend it to anyone.

    Followup Note: drilled a small hole in the bottom pan for condensate drainage as suggested by several other reviewers. No problems. ...more info
  • Excellent and affordable
    I had this unit when I lived in a Washington, DC third floor bedroom. Easy to install, relatively quiet, cheap to operate, and excellent cooling power. Only downside is that it collects some water so you have to be careful when removing for winter storage. Highly recommended....more info
  • a bad experience,unfortunately
    I bought this product for my parents,who are senior citizens,hoping that their utility electric bill will be lower(thanks to the energy star).They received it on july 31st and we installed it in the window only to see that it was not cooling.I contacted beach audio after faxing a copy from my receit and they transfered the case to the manufacturer,Electrolux.The latter,after I called them to ask for a refund,told me that they can't refund me the money,it's not in their policy.
    Please help me in this matter,the room airconditioner is in my parents apartment,packed and ready to be sent back as they cannot use it.
    cornelia sanislau...more info
  • Very noisy, airflow direction is awful
    I got two of these: one is 6,00 BTU, another is 8,00 BTU.
    Both models have the same design flows.
    1. Very noisy - even when the compressor is off. It is just airflow design which is very bad. Even on the lowest fan setting - which is not low at all. Huge sound of gushing air.
    2. Air flow direction control is extremely poor. As some other reviewers mentioned, no matter how you turn the little plastic things, the unit blows the air in one direction.
    Makes me think that Frigidaire engineering is faulty. ...more info
  • Brrrrr..... This thing is GREAT!
    This air conditioner is a great little unit. The remote control is a really handy feature, and I LOVE that it has a built in air cleaner. Solid purchase -- would buy this unit again....more info
  • frigidaire window a.c.
    I purchased this unit to be used only during power outages, connected to a generator. We tried the unit connected to household current and it worked very well. The air output was extremely cold and blew as far into the room as expected....more info
  • Too much water
    Turn new unit after it rained, started making a terrible sound, went outside to check unit and got a face full water. The unit does not have any drain holes in drain pan. The fan blades rotate into the water throwing it everywhere and makes alot of noise. Called Frigidare support line and all I got was a bunch of recordings. Tried to find info on their web page but had no luck. No customer support at all. I think I will take it back and get a different brand. ...more info
  • problem with accordian side panels
    I've been pleased with the cooling and the various options. However, the accordian side panels don't snap into place but needed to be taped to stay shut (to ensure I don't cool the outdoors, let hot air in the house..or bugs, etc.). Only after I carefully taped the sides, did I then realize that due to the vibrations, my taping job wasn't strong enough. So I used more tape, taping the side panels to the window frame instead of just to the air conditioner. The cats then proceeded to try to rip it off. Finally, I covered the side panels with cardboard using lots of tape in all areas. Since I went to all this extra trouble I realized too late I should have gone ahead and used some insulation between the panels and the cardboard.

    ...more info
  • Great A/C with one problem
    After reading all the recommendations here and elsewhere I went ahead and ordered this air conditioner to replace a monstrous 35-year old unit that could no longer cool for more than 15 minutes without freezing up.

    It is much lighter and easier to install, energy efficient and blows cold air forever without turning into a block of ice, but....

    The directional louvers to adjust where the cold air blows to are worthless. They consist of one set of horizontal slats that have enough space around them that air still blows straight out. The adjustment up and down therefore only adjusts 50-60% of the air flow. To adjust side-to-side there is a set of small disks that supposedly deflect the air flow but really only deflect about 40% of it.

    The window in the bedroom where it is installed lines up with the bed. My old A/C actually deflected all the air so one could sleep without being blasted by cold air. This one blasts enough cold air straight out that the first night I used it I woke up with a cold and raw throat.

    I solved the problem by moving the TV in front of it to block the air but it seems odd that an otherwise well designed A/C has such a fundamental flaw....more info
  • Works as stated
    So far so good. Seems to be fairly well represented in the item description for what what the buyer receives. Works well. Also- did not notice a big increase in the electricity bill, I did not have an air conditioner prior to this one.

    Seems to be better to run on medium fan setting. The noise is not too loud at any setting, but inconsistent sound at lowest fan setting tends to keep me awake, the medium setting is more even and makes it easier to sleep....more info
  • Nice window A/C, but ...
    I was torn between giving this 3 or 4 stars.

    I just finished installing this in my first floor bedroom window. It appears to be a very nice window A/C ... neither the fan nor compressor are too loud and the remote is going to be VERY handy.

    The 2 issues that I have with this product involve its packaging and security.

    The packaging appears to be adequate for a world where everyone involved in the transportation of the product will pay attention to the THIS END UP arrows. Unfortunately, that does not describe the world in which we live. It was left by UPS lying on its left side. I found that somewhwere during its travels, it was, apparently, dropped on its left-upper-rear corner ... this dented and warped the metal case, but not badly enough to warrant a return. Some strategically located styrofoam "armor" would have prevented the damage.

    My second problem has to do with Frigidaire's somewhat cavalier nod toward security in its design of the unit. Installed as directed, this unit could be pulled up and out of the window in order to gain access to the home. Had Frigidaire's R&D folks simply focused for a moment on the security of the unit & home in which it is installed, they would have created that bottom rail as a deeper unit with a "rail" for both the front & rear of the sill so that a crook could not simply defenestrate the unit by grabbing it at the rear and lifting up ... the rail attachment screws would also not be readily accessible from the outside....more info
  • Quiet and Good Quality Overall, but Cooling is "Adequate" only.
    I'm facing my second summer with this unit, and although it's been better than nothing and better than the clunker it replaced, I will have to replace it with something with significantly more power and better design.

    The room I'm cooling is only 11' x 11', but this thing really struggles to stay ahead of the heat if the outside temperature gets anywhere above the mid-80s. I put up with the thing all last summer but...the temperature today in LA got into the mid-90s for the first time this spring and I'm just not going to deal with this limp cooling capacity another summer. 'An expense I didn't need at this point, plus the hassles of product comparison, pickup/delivery and installation. *And* I'll have to decide what to do with the old one.

    Pros: Contrary to a couple of other reviews here this unit has a perfectly acceptable noise level. If your standard is complete silence, well yes, you're going to be disappointed with everything but an open window. There is no such thing as a "whisper-quiet" window air conditioner, sorry to say. This has a perfectly typical noise level for this size and type of AC unit - except for its insufferable beeping, which I'll get to in a minute.

    The remote control is simple, functional, and something to appreciate deeply when you need to change something in the middle of the night. Now I wouldn't buy an AC unit without one, and this one works well, duplicating almost all of the controls on the unit's front panel.

    The unit as a whole is of typical Frigidaire quality, which is to say very good, but with some significant caveats...

    Cons: The air vent design is utterly worthless for any kind of directional capability, and that's maddening because air vent design is bonehead-simple, basically a matter of deciding on what shape to mold a little plastic(!) For all practical purposes this unit just blows air straight out the front. The up/down louvers are only a quarter-inch deep, which means they barely perturb the airflow, much less direct it anywhere, and in any case can only be moved a total of about *10 degrees* from fully up to fully down, I kid you not. And those disc-shaped side-to-side things? They're an annoying joke at best. They do absolutely *nothing* to alter airflow direction. I can't understand how those things got past the design review process. Someone at Frigidaire needs to completely rethink, or maybe just... think... the air vent design for this product line. I've worked around the nonexistent louver problem by building my own, cobbled together out of one of those furnace register deflector things made out of clear plastic and attached with clear duct tape, at a total cost of about $30 additional from the local Home Despot. Should this be necessary?

    The dust filter too is incredibly flimsy - just a plastic mesh screen with a very flimsy plastic frame that sets loosely inside the flip-out front panel. The "Check Filter" light is on all the time, and I've had to clean the radiator fins with a toothbrush every couple of months because of the stuff that gets through the screen.

    Another needless design flaw is that the unit beeps - loudly - every time you turn the unit on or off, and every time you change any setting. That's: Every. Single. Change. If you change the digital temperature or fan speed setting, it will beep once *for every single increment*: 65-BEEEEP!-64-BEEEEP!-63-BEEEEP!-62-BEEEEP!-61-BEEEEP! Is this really necessary? It reminds me of those insufferable beepers that every truck in America now is required by overweening law to have for the reverse gear. Unnecessary and deeply annoying, particularly if you're changing something or turning it off or on in the middle of the night. The neighbors just love it too.

    Where the rubber really hits the road for an air conditioner, obviously, is the cooling ability, and this one can be classified as barely adequate at best. I have a wall-wart timer programmed to turn the unit on a couple hours before I normally get home from work, and though the room is typically cooler than the outside, it's only just, and you can almost sense this unit panting with exhaustion under the strain. In addition, the condensor kicks out (i.e., the unit goes into "Fan only" mode,) frequently and seemingly at random, even when the room is still lukewarm to stuffy. I assume the coils are freezing up with the effort or something.

    Bottom line: this unit is just not up to the task of cooling a smallish (11' x 11') room on a 90-degree day, and at 6,000 BTUs that task should not be a problem. Or am I expecting too much here?

    So no more messing around - if I can find a 10k BTU unit that fits, that's what will replace it. Again, 'not an expense I really want to make just now, but there's no other option but sweating, tossing and turning. What price sleep, and what price job performance the next day? Frigidaire should be better than this.

    ...more info
  • decent when functional

    Pros: Very easy to install/uninstall. Fairly quiet compared to other low cost window units. Blows very cold air (when functional, see below). Uses very little power compared to other 6000 BTU units.

    Cons: Arrived defective. Needs a better/more powerful blower. Very poor construction/design. Compressor turns on and off too often. Let's in alot of outside light and outside noise.

    Other Thoughts: My unit arrived with a non-functional blower. I installed the unit and let it sit 24 hours (as you should for any AC device). The next day I turned it on and all I got was very loud compressor noise but no air coming out of the unit. I called support and they said send it back for exchange. I uninstall the unit and can clearly see the problem through the top vents. The main fan blade is hitting the condenser coil. I am a computer and mechanical engineer so I figure I can fix it rather than pay the $65 to return it for exchange. The hardest part was getting the top case off. Once I had it open then I adjusted the condenser position to move it away from the main fan. While inside I added some much needed padding and insulation in several places to reduce noise from outside and while the unit is running. Now the unit runs like a champ but you shouldn't have to repair a brand new A/C in the first place....more info


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