ScoopWell Premium Litter Scoop

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Product Description

The Scoopwell Litter Scoop is the Ultimate Litter Scoop. It was designed by a veterinarian for a cleaner healthier litter box. It has two different sized stainless steel screens that doesn't leave small debris behind. The rubber handle helps to give a good grip, and the steel scraping edge helps to remove stuck-on waste.

  • Designed, approved, and recommended by veterinarians
  • Stainless steel scraping edge to remove tough waste
  • Ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip
  • Removes debris other scoops leave behind

Customer Reviews:

  • Very useful!
    Perhaps the best scooper for cat litter on the market! All others are inferior compared to this one!...more info
  • *Excellent Litter Box Scoop for Multiple Cat Households!
    We had been looking for a litter box scoop for some time that would pick up "ALL" of the used litter. With a three cat household it was important to keep the litter box clean on a daily basis. This scoop does the trick! Apart from cleaning the litter box completely, it is quite study with a long handle. (On a final side note: We were unable to locate this scoop at any of our local pet stores, and for a surprise bonus, the Amazon price was lower than the typical Ebay selling price!)...more info
  • Best I've ever used
    I read all the reviews about broken handles and bought this scoop anyway. I'm glad I did because it's the best litter box scoop I've ever used. I have six cats and scoop four litter boxes daily, sometimes more than once. Yes, yesterday the handle finally broke off! But after using it for more than a year, I'm getting another one today because, for the price, it's well worth it and still the best one out there....more info
  • Good scoop but,
    This scoop does have it's benefits. It works best for cats who urine on top of the clumping litter. I have a cat that has to dig all the way to the bottom of the box before urinating, then push mountain of litter on top of it. For him, the metal edge for scraping is nice BUT, the handle does feel weak and the scoop holds a lot of litter which also contributes to the strain on the handle. The metal mesh is nice for straining the clumps, though it does require some shaking to sift the litter through the mesh. It would be the perfect litter scoop if I didn't have Norman, digging to China just to urinate!...more info
  • Good materials, bad construction
    I had this scoop, too, for all of a week. The handle snapped in mid-scoop at the point where the metal reinforcement ends. (The screen with two sizes was great.) Later found a scoop of all stainless construction that will outlast the cats, I'm sure....more info
  • Good Scoop
    I think this is a good scoop, although it's not the perfect scoop. I like that the screen is smaller than most scoops, and can get smaller clumps that others leave. In fact, it has 2 sizes of screens. But the overall size is just a little too large and bulky. The plastic scoop handle bends when you fill it with litter, and feels as though it might break. ...more info
  • Does the job, but...
    2 medium-small indoor cats. Clumping litter, tried multiple brands litter same results.
    I think the design is flawed in that it only has one "sifting" surface on the scoop and the metal grating seems to get "overwhelmed" every scoop and require much "tapping" on box side to try to free up, which in turn cause considerable "solids" to just "jump" right off the front of scoop and back in the box.
    Seriously, I was spending 3x as long with this chore and went back to my old cheapie plastic scoop, essentially the entire scoop is grated (sides, back, bottom), and tossed this one aside. ...more info
  • Love this scoop, but could be stronger, I broke two but will buy again.
    It's not a shovel. I broke two trying to push it through 3-4 inches of clumping litter. I love the grate, it gets bits the others can't. Metal blade cleans the bottom of the pan nicely....more info
  • Great Scoop, Poor Handle
    I have just broken my 4th Scoopwell. No matter how I try to remember that it will not hold up to scooping too much litter at one time, I always end up forgetting and breaking them. It seems that the handle is not strong enough to keep up with the rest of the scoop. I will buy another one, because I can't find any other scoop with the wonderful screen to pick up small bits of clumped litter; however, I wish the makers of this scoop would do something to improve the strength of the handle, like make it out of metal. ...more info
  • Good product
    It is a strong product, but it is greater than I have supposed. Unfortunately, it is very large to my cat litter box...Maybe it would be good when you have more than one cat at home and a big cat litter box too....more info
  • Scoopwell Litter Scoop
    This litter scoop works best with litter that is very fine. Anything that is more course is harder to sift through the screen. The scoop itself is kind of bottom heavy. Overall, it is a good product. I think it will probably last forever!...more info
  • Cat Litter Scooper
    Has a nice heft to it and a large shovel part. I was hoping it would not allow the very small pieces to slip back through, but it does.
    Still, it is a quality scooper....more info
  • Only one flaw
    I have six litter boxes and this scoop works really well especially at getting the smaller clumps. The only flaw is a weak handle. Even though I have broken several, I still recommend it. I hope the manufacturer re designs the handle....more info
  • best scoop ever
    I have 4 cats of my own, and I also foster cats from the local humane society, so I am very particular about litter scoops that work well and don't break easily. I ordered 2 Scoopwells and I must say that I am impressed. The scoop is sturdy and well-constructed, and it does an excellent job. I will be telling my friends at the cat shelter about it!...more info
  • Great Scooper
    Great scooper - it picks up even the smallest pieces of litter my three cats can leave, and is ergonomically shaped. Like some other posters, I too wish it were a little more durable in its construction....more info
  • Great scooper but handle breaks easily
    This was a super scooper until the handle broke. The metal edge on this scooper was great for scraping the bottom of the litter box, the screen is great for filtering out smaller particles - the litter really gets clean. The handle has a nice grip and is long, but it is weak. After four months of use the handle snapped off right at the scooper. I bought a second and it broke after three months of use at the same handle location. I'm back to a $2.00 trusty scoop that will last a couple of years....more info
  • For multiple cats-Pass on this one
    I purchased the new scooper with high expectations and like others it cracked under the weight of scooping. It has now been replaced. I have never spent so much on a scooper only to have it fail. Perhaps a redesign for more support-
    ...more info
  • Great product, could be better
    The only thing I wish is the wire could be smaller. Great product and glad I bought it. ...more info
  • Does the job but an explaination of why it might break.
    I have been looking for a scooper that would take out the little clumps for a long time. I actually almost bought a strainer from the kitchen store to do so. This was the only scooper I could find that had grating that would do the job, so I'm happy with the product.

    I was worried about the handle breaking from reading all of the other reviews, and once using the scooper, I realized why this might be true. It comes with a longer handle to keep your hands away from the litter. The problem is that the scoop is deep plus the grating is smaller than typical scoops, which causes you to lift up a heavier amount of litter. Bringing you back to 9th grade physics, the torque has now increased with the longer handle and heavier weight. After time the medium-weight plastic will undoubtedly break.

    I could feel the amount of pressure on the handle and was worried from the start. To combat this, I simply choke up a little on the handle, hence reducing the radius and reducing the amount of torque on the handle. At that position my hand is still as far away from the litter as other scoopers and the scoop is built deep, so it doesn't spill over.

    I didn't give it 5 stars because they could have made the perfect scoop if the handle was stronger or reinforced with metal. The scoop's smaller grating is a must to keep the litter "clean-er" (I was worried because my wife just got pregnant), but just know that you'll be scooping up more and it'll take longer for the litter to shift down past the grating. What does help is that the larger grating is in the back. I picture myself panning a river for gold, but in the end... it's still poop....more info
  • excellent... beats the plastic types
    The cheap plastic scoops tend to break, this one is metal and very substantial... won't break under heavy use (3 cats!)....more info


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