83375/83376 Sears Kenmore Aftermarket Replacement Filter

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Product Description

Shipping is only $7.99 per order, no matter how much you order! Helps effectively filter airborne irritants such as smoke, pollen, dust, mold spores, pet dander and fabric fibers. For maximum filtration performance replace filter every 12 months.

  • Fits Sears Kenmore models 83200 (Progressive 295), 83202 (Progressive 335), 83230, 83354, and 83355.
  • Measures approximately 15 3/4 x 18 7/8 x 2.
  • HEPA high efficiency filtration captures 99.97% of airborne irritants as small as .3 microns from air passing through the filter.
Customer Reviews:
  • Sears Kenmore Aftermarket Filter
    This was a great purchase! Instead of the plastic housing on the OEM filter, this was a very heavy duty cardboard housing with the same interior filter properties. At a 60% cost savings to me, it's a wonderful deal and it keeps my Kenmore Air Purifier working in top condition!...more info
  • Good alternate
    Much cheaper than an original filter with the same amout of surface area for cleaning. Fast delivery too. There was only one minor problem. The filter was definitely just a little too tall. I did manage to eventually get it in there though and it works just fine....more info
  • Save even more money with a great 16X20 3M filter
    Buy a 16X20 FILTRETE Ultra Allergern furnace filter instead. I measure and cut the end off the length. It has a wire mesh on both sides of the filter, so cut it with a pair of wire clippers, then use a box knife on the filter. Yes you will cut the end of the paper frame off, but its still works fine. I have been using this method for 5 years on 3 air cleaners, saving a bunch of money. I change them 2-3 times a year. I do not use the pre-filter anymore. Its just more money down the drain....more info
  • Quality for the price
    I purchased this filter a year ago and as mentioned by the previous reviewer the frame is somewhat cheaper than the original manufacturer replacement. The filter has held up with no problems, plus when you figure the savings over the original it's at least 40%. Needless to say, I just purchased my second filter for the coming year. ...more info
    It is difficult to offer a complete review at this time as the product should last 1yr at which time i will know how it holds up. I was a little disappointed in the construction of the frame of the filter....more info