EdgeStar 15,000 BTU 4 in 1 Portable Air Conditioner, Heater, Dehumidifier & Fan

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Introducing the 15,000 BTU EdgeStar AP550Z Portable Air Conditioner. Not only is this portable air conditioner the most powerful unit in EdgeStar's line-up, but this unit features their patented Z-Spray exhaust system (no water to drain!), a heater, dual motor power, and more! This is a great unit for situations in which you need a stylish unit that provides powerful cooling and versatile operation.

  • 15,000 BTU units allows the maximum amount of power while still using 110 Volts
  • Patented Z-spray exhausts excess water automatically with no draining required.
  • Auto-restart feature allows the unit to resume operation upon power outages
  • Use this unit year-round by heating or dehumidifying your area when air conditioning is not required
  • Powerful dual motor design
Customer Reviews:
  • Shafted
    When Product works, it works great, when product quits no one will service it, The repair master service plan is a waste of money, because what good is a service plan if no one will do the work, I regret my purchase, don't buy, spend a bit more and find something someone will support, and under no cercumstances get a major appliance service plan with the name RepairMaster on it....more info
  • Two months of functionality
    I initially loved this unit... very strong fan and the best cooling of any portable I've had. I bought it in July of 2006, but didn't take it out of the box until June 2007. I had kept it as an emergency backup for my EdgeStar 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. That unit was about two years old when it died due to a compressor failure. So I called upon the backup. Anyway I unboxed the Edgestar 15,000 and put it into service in June 2007 and in late August 2007 it started rattling and then spit out a bunch of shredded plastic from the vent. The Edgestar service department returned my email (with photo of the ejected material) the same day... but informed me that the plastic pieces looked like the interior fan unit. It was just one month out of warranty... so I would have to pay for a repair. Edgestar said they would be happy to sell me the part. Bottom line... the 15000 worked for 2 months. The Edgestar 12000 worked from 7/2005 to 6/2007. It's awesome that Edgestar Customer Service is so prompt with their replies, but honestly these units have not exactly been durable for me. A follow up from the previous satisfied reviewer would be interesting. An Amcor unit I tried lasted only a couple months and was weak anyway. Maybe portables are not that great in general....more info
  • Lots of Power
    I spent over 2 weeks doing research on all the different Portable Air Conditioners out there, and believe me there are a lot, so I feel compelled to write a review to save you guys some time. This unit is the obvious choice on paper. It has the most power, you don't have to drain it every 5 minutes as you do with most every other unit out there.

    I was not disappointed when I took it home. Just set it in the corner and with in a short while the temperature change will make you feel as if you have central air. There are other powerful A/C's on the market but do your research; any more power such as a "16000" BTU unit and it will take a special plug that most homes do not have. I am definitely satisfied with the technology that has gone into this unit as well as the durability....more info