Brondell Breeza Warm Deodorizing Heated Toilet Seat

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    I love the Brondell Breeza heated and deodorizing toilet seat!! It was easy to install and works great! The ultimate in being spoiled! On cold days and nights when I'm already so cold, it's great to not be shocked by a freezing cold toilet seat. Instead you get warm! So NICE! I hope never to be without one again. Worth every penny! The perfect gift for that person that has everything!...more info
  • How did we live without this?
    Sharing bathrooms with other family members can be difficult. If you're in this situation you know what I'm talking about: You know that someone just sat on the same toilet seat you have, but who needs an odor to remind you? The Breeza keeps the bathroom experience fresh and pleasant. It is an amazing, effective invention and worth the price....more info
  • Who knew?!
    My cousin has the Brondell Breeza and after I experienced its heated seat and warm deodorizing rinse..I knew that it was something that I had to have. Who knew that a bathroom experience could be so pleasant!? :)...more info
  • Who doesn't like a heated seat?
    I'm already a customer of the Brondell Swash. Yet I wanted a less expensive product to put in the guest bathroom & the bathroom near the kitchen. The BreezaWarm works perfectly! Our guests love the heated seat. and of course they also love how the scent mechanism just makes all things smell good :)...more info
  • No Smell, Warm Tush, Thank Goodness
    There are somethings you just assume do not need to be changed. But for the man who has everything (my husband) I figured a high end toilet seat that dealt with his smell and my always being cold would make a for a great, and I admit, funny gift. And what do you know - the seat really works!!! So much so that I bought a second one for our other bathroom. Now there are no longer "off limits" bathrooms in our place, and truth be told the heated seat is now a luxury I don't want to give up. Hmmmmmm nothing like a warm tush when you stumble to the bathroom in the middle of the night....more info