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Two-time Golden Globe Winner and Primetime Emmy Award nominee Hugh Laurie is back making "House" calls in all 24 engaging episodes of this hit medical series! Dr. Gregory House (Laurie) still has the most unapologetically prickly bedside manner ever but his genius for solving medical mysteries other practitioners can't has earned him the respect of his team. In this provocative and compelling season House's unpredictable cases - from killer germs to killer secrets - strain his already tenuous relationship with his co-workers and put his own health at risk. Take the doctor's orders: make House: Season Three a habit!System Requirements:Running Time: 219 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS Rating: NR UPC: 025195008136 Manufacturer No: 61100973

The cantankerous and brilliant Dr. House (Golden Globe winner Hugh Laurie) is back for a third season of the hit drama House, which picks up with his being shot at the end of season two and ends with his staff dramatically refusing to put up with his oddball (and borderline abusive) demands. Each of the 24 episodes, which aired on FOX from 2006 to 2007, is included in this 5-disc set. Fans of the drama will be happy to hear that the formula remains the same: Each show begins with a medical dilemma that's so severe and life-threatening that only Dr. House can diagnose and fix the problem, even if it goes against conventional medical rules. His put-upon boss Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) is back, as are his young charges Foreman (Omar Epps), Cameron (Jennifer Morrison), and Chase (Jesse Spencer). Oncologist Wilson (Tony winner Robert Sean Leonard), who is House's best friend by default, also returns to support (and infuriate) the cranky doctor. Speaking of cranky, House's difficult nature proves to bite him in the rear. In a six-episode arc, the Vicodin-popping House meets his match after he antagonizes the wrong patient, police officer Michael Twitter (David Morse, who played a compassionate physician on St. Elsewhere). Hell hath no fury like a patient poked and prodded like a guinea pig, and Twitter makes it his business to make House's life miserable. But since the show is called House, viewers are safe in assuming that House will not be rotting his life away in a jail cell. After all, the excitement of the show is driven by his unorthodox treatment of patients. As Cuddy succinctly points out, "You just keep on going until you come up with something so insane it's usually right." Look for a slew of excellent guest stars (rocker Dave Matthews, Charles S. Dutton, Piper Perabo, John Larroquette) to help stir things up. The episodes are as compelling as ever, focusing on a morbidly obese patient in denial, an autistic child, and a comatose man that House insists on "waking" up. The bonus materials include Morrison and Edelstein doing scenes in Valley Girl-speak and a featurette on Laurie's all-star charity group called Band from TV (Laurie plays piano). --Jae-Ha Kim

Customer Reviews:

  • House Series 1, 2, & 3
    This was a Christmas present for my son, who is over in Iraq. Can't give honest review until he gets back....more info
  • Take Sherlock Holmes, a hospital...and a whole lot of attitude
    I don't really get a chance to watch much episodic television (when the good stuff is on, I'm either already asleep or have gone out somewhere for the evening) - but being a fan of Hugh Laurie, I knew I would love House. I finally had a chance to watch an episode - while recovering from the flu! - and it confirmed that I HAD to keep watching. I immediately bought all available box sets and set out to watch about three or four episodes a night.

    Dr. Gregory House is brilliant and truly does not give a tinker's dam what people think. The things with which he gets away - what he says to his colleagues, patients, and superiors - are a vicarious treat. Who wouldn't want to say a lot of what House acerbically delivers in each and every episode?!

    What is so compelling about his character is his total unwillingness to bend, whether it is his methodologies or his opinions. Here is a character that - in any other situation - would be one that you KNOW would be set up to metamorphose in some way; perhaps the "bully" becomes a kinder, gentler person by episode's end.

    Not the case with House. He is everything contrary to what we perceive to be characteristic of a "hero"; he's a bitter, Vicodin-addicted misanthrope, whose interest in his patients is solely for the medical puzzle they present. On the rare occasions that he appears to connect with a patient, it is always within HIS own parameters.

    But you wouldn't want him to change. That's what keeps him strangely likeable and believable; he's a damaged person (his leg injury is really secondary) and is what he is, take it or leave it. He doesn't actually like many people at all - he won't even meet his own patients unless he absolutely HAS to; even though he's a genius diagnostician, he's horrible at relating to people.

    We find ourselves alternately cheering his successful unorthodox actions or aghast at his crude insensitivity, and we keep watching! The medical jargon, while complicated at times, never makes the audience feel left out; explanations are skillfully woven into the dialogue before you have a chance to scratch your head in confusion - and without slowing the pace.

    This is a highly recommended medical drama with enough suspense and mystery to keep you involved. But if you haven't seen seasons one and two, you would be missing out on some intense character background and stories.

    Differential diagnosis, people! Go!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    This review is also listed for: House, M.D. - Seasons One & Two...more info
  • Such a great series
    Not too much to say I must have liked the series to have bought it and this season does not disapoint....more info
  • House is... House
    What can I say about this season he is caustic, funny, sarcastic, stubborn....pretending to be untouchable, with a sardonic smile and manners of a 10-year-old (when he is really pissed and wants to get back at somebody- and you know what? he pays for it).
    But most of all he is lonely, hurt, and in pain.
    If you liked the previous seasons, you're gonna love this one.
    House is House. What else is there to say?
    And... one more thing... nobody could play House the way Laurie does.
    ...more info
  • Love it!
    I am a huge fan of the series, and glad to own most of it. I would recommend it to everyone....more info
  • Excellent item!
    This is a great product for any House fan, whether you missed the third season or just love watching it! The DVD's are neatly stored and protected in the box and provide hours of entertainment. The exclusive bonus features let you get a behind-the-scenes look at House. I highly recommend this product to any individual or family who just can't get enough of House!...more info
  • When's Season 4 come out?
    Season 3 of "House, M.D." was better than I expected. The pithy and sarcastic wit of Dr. House is seeming to get more funny as it becomes less bitter and more playful. The story lines are more in depth as back stories and recurring plots take on as much meaning as the episode's main plot.

    Watch the season and enjoy....more info
  • Addicting!
    House is one of those rare TV shows that entertains you with humorous moments, but also compels you to examine serious aspects of life in general. While there may be House's sarcastic and glib remarks that make us chuckle (and sometimes burst out laughing), there are also those moments that make you stop and think for a moment. In Season 3, these two elements combine together for even more unforgettable episodes. A rape victim forces House (and the audience) to consider the meaning of life and its tragedies, and the neverending debate on religion causes us to always reevaluate our perspectives. Through it all, come what may, House continues to be the person we all secretly wish we could be: insanely brilliant, sarcastic, and always able to tell it like it is. ...more info
  • House MD is addictive...
    I bought 3 seasons of House MD for my husband for Christmas. He loves them and so do I. Watching House can be addictive!
    Great price and shipping was super super fast and FREE!...more info
  • Great Show as usual
    As a fan of House MD, my review is definitely good. This is a sequel to season 2 and follows up on what happened at the last episode of season 2. those who watched it should know. intriguing show. Sometimes makes me hate the people trying to change House. Leave him alone ppl! hahaha

    but still great show! loved it!...more info
  • A real pleasure
    If you liked the first two seasons, you will love season three!!! Just waiting for the next season to come out!...more info
  • House Season 3
    I am beginning to be impressed by the quality & condition of the videos I have bought. House Season 3 came in perfect condition and is the best season of House yet, I look forward to season 4. It does seem though, in every show they test for LUPUS but as House says in one of the episodes, "its never lupus" Awesome show!...more info
  • Favorite show!!
    It's refreshing to watch a television program that isn't written for the "stoopitt" people out there in the world. So many shows lately have to dumby down with their writing so everyone understands what's happening. It's insulting and gets really boring for those of us out here who actually already get it all along...HOUSE is one of those amazingly written shows that appeals to the smarter folks out here. It has excellent humor and drama and mystery, and is worth spending an hour of your time watching because you're going to get everything you tune in for every episode.

    There's a formula to each episodes, much like with LAW AND ORDER, but even though you understand how the process works, the endings are most often still quite the surprising twist that you'd never see coming.

    The special features are great, but of-course, I always wish for more. Highly recommended!!...more info
  • The Doctor is In the House
    As usual, a splendid set to own. Season Three of House M.D. keeps the gold standard that is this franchise. Excellent work by everyone involved and enough extras to be enjoyable beyond just watching the show....more info
  • Getting a little boring
    I love House the charecter, but the story lines are getting old. Seems like the same show over and over again. It is also time for a change as Cameron, Chase and Foreman are getting annoying. ...more info
  • Outstading Dr. House
    Dr. House is just remaining his character. Either you like him or dis-like him. In his mind, there is only black and white, straight forward. Whether he hurts or cures the people, he is authentic. I love this 3rd series, as much as I did the first two series......more info
  • A first-rate comedic drama
    I was late in coming to "House", as I'm not much of a fan of medical shows or contemporary procedurals, and these were the angles most emphasized by the early ads. Still, some family members were big into the show for years, and they finally wore me down this past summer. Now that I've watched every episode at least once . . . well, I'm still not much of a fan of medical shows, but it turns out that the medical mysteries are only a small part of the appeal, and work mainly to give a focus for the character- and humor-driven material. Yes, "House" is a medical drama, and it's every bit as formulaic as it appeared. Still, this is one of the most intelligently written, not to mention funniest, shows on TV, and they inevitably find ways to color this template in surprising and even moving ways.

    Though the first three seasons of House are very similar, Season 3 is probably the strongest of them, now that the characters are fully developed and the individual performances finely honed. At the heart of the show is Hugh Laurie's House, and so much has been written in praise of him that it's hard to add anything else without delving into clich¨¦. Simply put, he's one of the most entertaining, fascinating figures you'll find in a TV show. I view him as something of a nerd icon: though we nerds are generally not geniuses nor are we necessarily interested in medicine, House provides an extreme version of the nerd personality: someone who is more interested in things and abstract ideas than in the people surrounding him, and who doesn't have patience for superficial social graces. Even better, House is, indeed, a genius and possesses an incredibly caustic wit, two other traits any self-respecting nerd must long for. (He also finds hot women inexplicably drawn to him from time to time, which, while not terribly plausible, also fulfills obvious nerd wish fulfillment.)

    House is no mere one man show, however. The far more human and empathetic oncologist Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) is House's best friend and foil, and it's to the show's credit that he proves as intriguing as House, despite displaying a radically different personality. Beyond them we have Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein), the dean of medicine and House's nemesis/secret love interest, and House's three younger fellows, Foreman (Omar Epps), Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) and Chase (Jesse Spencer). Cuddy initially functions primarily as a sparring partner for House, but here she's given greater depth, particularly in her attempts to become a mother. One relative weakness of the show is the slight thinness of House's fellows (a fact well-illustrated in Airborne: "You disagree with everything I say, you agree with everything I say, you be morally outraged by everything I do.") Still, Epps, Morrison and Spencer give considered and nuanced performances that bring the sometimes underwritten figures to life. Chase is probably the most conventionally likable of them, and serves as a much more handsome stand-in for the nerd audience i.e. he admires House and wants to be like him/impress him. (Also, Chase's fabulous hair and powerful jaw has been known to give even the most staunchly heterosexual of male viewers a slight case of the vapours. I can only imagine what he does to women. . .) Foreman is harder to like, though he's probably the most complicated of the fellows; he's a former delinquent kid from the street who is endlessly determined to be the best, but fears the moral compromises and inhumanity sometimes necessary to get the job done. Finally we have the controversial Cameron, the quintessentially caring and emotional (not to mention gorgeous) female doctor who becomes to personally involved all too often. Lots of people (women) dislike her (bitter old hags, no doubt), but she's ultimately a necessary figure, since she provides the polar opposite of House, even more so than Wilson does. (This matters cause it's quite a philosophical show, and must represent a wide cross-section of viewpoints.) Anyway, regardless of what others think _I_ like her. (In fact, I like her more than it is either rational or wise to like a fictional character. . .)

    Since the show is so driven by dialogue and character, the individual episodes don't necessarily stand out as much as they would in more plot-driven shows. Still, there are more than a few particularly noteworthy efforts. "One Day, One Room" is probably the best episode of the season, a non-formula one where House is coerced into counseling a rape victim. This is a particularly philosophical episode, which I always like, and I'm impressed by how, despite being a generally misanthropic show, "House" manages to give a fair hearing for less bleak worldviews. "Insensitive" is another strong one, largely due to the comic subplot where House repeatedly disrupts Cuddy's date. (Possibly House's best line ever: (to Cuddy's date) "You must've meet online . . . that or else you have a friend who secretly hates you.") There's also "Son of a Coma Guy," where House awakens a vegetative patient (brilliantly played by John Larroquette) to help cure his dying son. (At its best, House is a great mixture of humor and pathos, and few episodes do that better than "Son of. . .") On the downside, the season has a rather humdrum finale, particularly when compared to the conclusions. Still, this is partially redeemed by the excellent multi-episode plot arc where the vengeful Det. Tritter (David Morse) tries to bring House down on drug charges. Morse gives a great turn as Tritter, who proves ever bit as obsessive and driven as House, and the general events does much to strain House's other relations, which is, again, always the heart of the show.

    "House" underwent a somewhat substantial revamping after this season and, as much as I enjoy Season 3, this probably isn't a bad thing. While the last season and a half haven't been quite as good as the strongest earlier material, they managed to preemptively stave off any staleness that would've emerged sooner or later. Whatever the case, the material we have is very good, and anyone who is interested in a funny, intelligent but surprisingly human show would be wise to check this out. (Though you should start at the beginning, of course.)
    ...more info
  • House is unique
    It is great. As good as he previous ones.
    Make us upset not to be able to know how it will continue......more info
  • Houselover
    As always the cast of House is great in season 3. Worth collecting the whole series. One of the best medical shows i've seen in a long time. ...more info
  • Can I give it 6 Stars?
    A one-of-a-kind series, House, M.D.: Season 3 brings to the screen more everyday encounters of a team of doctors at the Diagnostics department of the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey under the supervision of Dr. Gregory House.
    Hugh Laurie, Jennifer Morrison, Jesse Spencer, Omar Epps, Lisa Edelstein, Robert Sean Leonard, and the rest of this EXTRAORDINARY cast, have truly outdone themselves with their performances, which are outstanding to say the least. All the actors, without exceptions, give it their 100% and it really shows (the chemistry is AMAZING)! Very well written and very well presented, the series is without a doubt guaranteed to provide more than just a few thrills, not to mention a few laughs and tears. House, M.D. does a great job of describing people's different personalities, fears, and the problems they face. It is all about life, death, human relations, hope, pain, and inner strength.
    The acting, the setting, the plot (and subplots), the dialogues, and the music (!), which are just wonderful! It is indeed a rarity when an amazing series such as this comes by.
    In short, House, M.D. is a series definitely worth watching and one to seriously consider adding to your movie collection (if you haven't done so already)! KEEP'EM COMING!!!
    ...more info
  • awesome!
    season 3 of HOUSE M.D. is incredibly awesome! it was excellent and i saved a lot of money! ...more info
  • An Awesome Season!!!
    After he recovers from being shot, House is back to solve more tough cases. After a while, Detective Tritter gives House a hard time and starts an investigation against him. House's team begin to crack under pressure because of Tritter wants them to testify against house. If you love medical drama, you'll love HOUSE: SEASON THREE!!!...more info
  • Great Series!!
    Its a great series!! This season is very very good!!! Its great for your shelf, if you ever need medical reference, this is your series!! Very, very accurate. Very funny, great cast....more info
  • i don't know if this is necesary. everyone loves the show...
    i just finished watching it! great season! now i'm ready to watch season 4 and be mad cause i can't watch the season that's on now, cause i don't have tv, lol....more info
  • Fantastic!
    As if House MD wasn't good enough...there is HOUSE MD Season 3!! Loved it!! I have the whole collection and I am SOOO ready for Idol to be over so that House season 4!!!!!...more info
  • Stuck in the house with House
    Great way to spend a weekend - stuck in the house with a snowstorm outside....more info
  • Sharp dialogue
    I love the sharp wit of, not just house, but all the characters. Only series I've bought myself and will buy all the seasons when I can get for a decent price....more info
  • Great Series
    I got hooked on seasons 1 and 2. Once I received this is the mail, I could not stop watching it! The Tritter subplot was so suspenseful. I watched episode after episode to see what would happen to House! Very creative series....more info
  • The "House Party" continues!
    As dramatic, charismatic, and unpredictable as always, House is back for its third season. More bizarre but completely logical diagnoses, more deep insight into the presence that is House, more semi-legal procedures, sharp wit, and cane-antics! If you watched season 1 and 2, there is no more reason need be said to continue your collection. If you've not, go back to the first season and purchase it before returning here. Nothing more need be said. ...more info
  • State of Change!
    House is one of the deepest characters on television. The show although formulaic continues to explore its characters. Season 3 represents the end of the triumvirate of Chase, Cameron, and Forman. I highly recommend this show to anyone who hasn't seen it. I know good TV! and House is one of the best shows currently airing! I highly recommend the episode entitled "One Day, One Room", one of my top 3 episode of the series. You can't go wrong in giving up your valuable time to this show, sit back and be entertained!...more info
  • House's third season keeps the high standards of first two !
    The nastily brilliant and genius jerk Dr. House keeps up the high standards set by the first two seasons of such fantastic series. Further, the show's other regulars and guest stars deserve high praise - the WRITERS, PRODUCERS and DIRECTORS also deserve high praise. One of the all time best TV shows ever, in my humble opinion....more info
  • House problems?
    "House, M.D." series 1 and 2 were possibly the best thing to happen to television drama in ten or so years with it's well defined and well played characters, funny yet serious dialogue, and well written stories, and series 3 is not far behind. But it is behind.

    Although the main plot of each episode still is an unsolvable medical case and House still is a jolly, painridden misanthropist, the sub plots plays a larger role in series 3. House is about to land in prison and lose his medical license when he insults a policeman (played excellently by David Morse) who in turn goes out of his way to nail House. The drama and tension between House's underlings also raises to new levels ending the series in a true cliffhanger.

    This is all very nice, but I think the sub plots get a little too much attention in series 3 and the drama gets a bit too dramatic. I think they painted themselves in a corner with the ending of series 3, which will be very hard to get out of in a plausible way for series 4.

    Series 3 is, however, still seriously good entertainment. Hugh Laurie makes sure of that on his own. It is just not entirely as good as series 1 and 2, is all. But the difference is more akin to an Aston Martin being a better car than a Jaguar. That dosen't mean that the Jag is bad car, does it?

    Very high recommendations....more info
  • House
    I bought all 4 seasons of House for my 19 year old son for Christmas from I had already priced each season at Walmart and other stores, but found Amazon to be amazingly less expensive. Amazon must be a form of amazing, right? Our whole family is enjoying watching House with no commercial interruptions. Thanks Amazon, Sandy ...more info
  • House Season 3 Review
    This is the best product if you like doctor shows and it sells for a great price. ...more info
  • A good-looking man with only one redeeming quality...
    They said Hugh Laurie nailed this character in his screen test, and they were right (he wouldn't have landed it with his own English accent!). House is a good-looking yet selfish and demanding guy who has only one redeeming quality: he saves people's lives. The writing and research for the show are incredibly well done as is the acting by all involved. It's also great to see Robert Sean Leonard in a role that spans the widest range of acting abilities, from playing the tender, straight-and-narrow guy to the naive schmuck seemingly starved for House's friendship and becoming the butt of House's "practical jokes". Here's hoping for a long run! ~ Natasha...more info
  • Excelente
    Para todos aquellos que son Fans de Dr. House, es un art¨ªculo indipsneable para tener en casa y disfrutar de una serie amena. La calidad de los DVD es de primera clase, la presentacion es bastante c¨®moda y practica. El precio al momento de mi compra fue accesible. El ¨²nico problema es que no traen la version doblada al espa?ol, pero es de esperarse al adquirir el dvd re la region canada usa....more info
  • It's definitely hard... not to be a fan of this show
    I know some viewers might say the third season wasn't as good as seasons 1 & 2, but come on... what has changed here is completely natural, we know the characters a little bit more and the dynamic of the show has to be different (somehow). I admit some of the episodes might have been a little exaggerated, but in the other hand, House rules no matter what.
    I sincerely think this is one of the greatest shows on TV and I hope season 4 will give us more crazyness, wittiness and irreverence, courtesy of Dr. Gregory House....more info
  • Nothing limp about this series...
    Ever capricious, ever right, Greg House is an opinionated, intelligent and thoroughly insane diagnostician.

    The best thing about House is the way that the entire series shuns political correctness in every way and flies in the face of good taste. Addiction, sexual innuendo, abuse of anyone who dares to come near him and a way of twisting every bad situation to his advantage makes this anti-hero the most enjoyable television character for decades.

    In this set House becomes embroiled in a vendetta with a police officer who he insults and leaves in an embarrassing situation. The policeman decides to make an example of House who soon finds his life and indeed that of his associates is made miserable by the policeman who does all he can to have House thrown in jail.

    The series finale is a shocker with the departure of a popular member of the cast.

    Buy it! Enjoy it!...more info
  • Great Series
    DVD Series was great, shipped for free and was received realatively fast for free shipping....more info
  • HOUSE Best Drama Best Dr Series ever written Bar Non
    Ok, I actually started House with the end of the 3rd season .. saw the reruns on USA and a 6hr long marathon the Sat before the forth season started. When I discovered that, I thought, OMG! I've missed all first 3 seasons?! So I came to amazon for the 1st season. 1st season, was done with it a little before Christmas, Hubby gave me the 2nd season and with the cash I received for Cmas prezzies I bought the 3rd season, here of course! I've devoured them all several times over! .. extremely intellegent writing, keeps my attention, best Doc drama ever, Bar Non .. (JMO) but really, if you haven't seen it, watch just one episode. Greg House (Hugh Laurie) is halarious, love the Houseisums! You can see those on the fox channel and at YouTube! Me, Im as addicted to House as House is to Vicodin and that obsesively!...more info
  • very dramatic
    the third season is very dramatic. in fact the first part of the season has a little more drama than i care for. i still like the shows but i think they went a little too far with the dramatic parts. save the drama for your mama!! yes, i know any medical show is going to have drama but the first part of the season is a little to "general hospital" like. i still love the episodes as far as the medical puzzles. if you love a good puzzle and a lot of attitude house is the show for you. hugh laurie gives an excellent performance every time. "i'm curious, but i am not a cat so that's ok" ...more info
  • Awesome Show
    I love this show and I love this season! Amazon always gives the cheapest price too!...more info
  • Just as advertised
    This was another great season of an excellent show. Shipping was quick and product was in new condition....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    i like shows like this one. can't wait for the next season to come out....more info
  • House M.D season 3
    Obnoxious more than ever! Dr. House... the only man on the planet that can help you... like the Jack Bauer of medicine... but strangley enough I keep comin back for more... I really like the finalization and outcome of the medical cases that they encounter... Everyone has a medical doctor inside of them I think... watch it... that's entertainment!...more info
  • season three, black friday
    its what you would expect from house. good stuff.
    shipping was quick, don't need to pay for next day....more info
  • Season 3 House
    This was a great value when I shopped around. House is a very funny show with a great main character!...more info
  • One of my favorite seasons!
    The many cases throughout this season further look into the mentality of House and his colleagues. Season Three finishes off with a very dramatic and suspensful 2-part finale....more info
  • Bravo
    In Season 3 the characters are developed a lot more to the point that you change a lot of your original opinions from seasons 1 and 2. There is a side story which runs for House over several episodes encompassing some quite dramatic scenes. House reveals more about his past, his vulnerability and his own psyche and all those around House have their loyalty, morality and duality tested to the extreme. Although there is still a case to solve each week as well as the side plot, the downside is that House is not in Clinic much for about 6 episodes. This has always been one of my favourtie parts and where I find most of the comic relief. Later in the season there is one of the most beautiful miracles of medical science built in to a case. It involves an unborn baby and like all the other story lines it really did happen. This season experiments a bit more with different settings and a lot more layering of the relationships and personalities. However, House (Hugh Laurie and writers et all) are simply brilliant as always and I enjoyed his rapier, cutting wit once again. So if you enjoy this bad boy and his logical if not bizarre thought pattern you will not be disappointed. Encore!! ...more info
  • Love it!
    I love watching House. I like his unorthodox way of getting to solve medical mysteries. ...more info
  • Best show ever
    My daughter, aged 16 loves this show. She introduced me to House M.D. a little over a year ago and I like it too. My daughter has watched every episode many times. She falls to sleep most nights with a portable DVD player next to her bed with House playing.

    I am in nursing school and the students in my class and I have learned a lot from just watching this show. It is an excellent show to watch to learn how to take a good medical history as well as how to do good patient assessments. Some of the less common medical conditions are portrayed very well on the show. They have very good writters for the show that have a lot of medical knowledge.

    We own all three years of House M.D. and will be the first in line to buy the forth season when it comes out....more info


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