10 Minute Solution: Tone Trouble Zones
10 Minute Solution: Tone Trouble Zones

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This program contains quick and easy workouts that address all those problem areas such as butt abs and thighs. TONE TROUBLE ZONES is flexible and customizable so workouts won t get dull. Also included is a 10 minute stretch routine to help you cool down afterwards.System Requirements:Running Time: 53 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: HEALTH/FITNESS Rating: NR UPC: 013131534290 Manufacturer No: DV15342

Customer Reviews:

  • Great product!
    These workouts are great! You'll be surprised how fast ten minutes of exercise can go! Amy Bento is really positive without being annoying, and all five programs on the DVD are fun with good variation.

    An excellent buy!...more info
  • Energetic
    This 10 minute solution DVD is very fast and hyper-active for me. she goes to fast that I couldn't keep up with her. My suggestion is that if you want to have your heart rate up tp the sky and you energy is equal to 10 tablespoon sugar this is your best fit. I love the 10 minutes solution workouts but this is not one of my favs....more info
  • Very effective
    I love the 10 minute solution series. This one is somewhat hard to follow the first one or two times you do the workout, but it's very effective and the moves are very original....more info
  • 10 minute solution tone the trouble zones
    As with all 10 minutes solution i was not dissappointed. Amy bento is great, informative,easy to listen to. Workout is challenging. I would own all 10 minutes solutions ...more info
  • Great workout but...
    I cannot give the entire package a 5 star rating because of the band that this video comes with. After a few uses my band has started to get sticky and it rolls up during some of the workout. Because of this I find myself having to pause the video a lot to unroll/unstick the band from itself....more info
  • low impact toning
    I like this video. The instructor is easy to understand, and changes up the moves so that they don't get boring, even after doing the routine multiple times. Occasionally she switches positions faster than most humans could keep up, but it's easy enough to jump in as soon as you get your band placed correctly. The only part I don't care for is the long introduction, but it's a good time to go get a glass of water. Happy Toning!...more info
  • Like My Arms
    I love working out with a band and Amy puts it to good use in this DVD. It has helped alot in getting my arms toned and I work on my arms and shoulders often. She is a good instructor and moves at a good pace. If you watch the exercises once before trying them it makes it easier the first time you do them. I really like the way my arms are looking....more info
  • I liked 3 of the 5 workouts, but it was still worth it
    The resistance band allows for doing regular toning exercises in a different way, which is good because it added variety to my workout.
    I liked 3 out of the 5 workouts which are for arms/upper body, lower body, and abs/core. The other 2 are for: stretching (which I didn't really care for although I do it sometimes) and the other is for entire body workout (I preferred the other workouts that work the different body parts separately).
    The band is a little tricky to manage at the beginning but you get the hang of it.
    I really liked the abs workout.
    Even though I usually only do 3 of the 5 workouts, I still feel the video was worth it.
    ...more info
  • Trouble Zone
    I like this video very much, Amy Bento is an excellent instructor, I highly recommended. Is good when you have to travel, just carry your band and the dvd and ready to go. I wish she could make more repetitions on each work out to feel the burn in your muscles.

    ...more info
  • transitions require more time to align band
    I own several 10 minute solution dvds, that I truly enjoy doing. The
    tone trouble zones, was a bit disappointing as she moves from one position to the next too quickly and it was difficult to get the band and posture right. I had to replay each segment twice in order to get the correct alignment of the band and enough reps to feel the work.

    Not a bad workout, just not as effective as the other dvds that I've tried from this collection. I recommend the pilates and kickboxing workouts from 10 minute solution....more info
  • A Must Buy - This DVD is GREAT!
    This DVD is my favorite. Amy Bento is an excellent instructor and makes it so much fun. The exercises works and actually not that hard to follow. A must buy! I am a beginner and working out with this video makes it fun and I can feel it works....more info
  • Not Intense- Easily pulls muscles
    I like the idea of resistance band excercising, but her movements just don't flow. Almost every time I did this video I ended up pulling a muscle. (I usually do weights/cardio 5 times a week and was going to use this to try to mix things up a little bit)...more info
  • good workout
    You will definitely feel the stretch and tone up with this workout I love that you can customize it to whatever you want....more info
  • Glad I bought it!
    This is my first 10 minute solutions DVD and I'm glad I bought it. I'm still trying to lose my baby weight, so I thought this was perfect since I'm limited with my time. Just one of the 10 minute sessions had me feeling great and motivated to keep at it. Thanks to everyone for all the helpful reviews....more info
  • 10 minute solution tone trouble zones
    I really like this DVD. you can do all the 10 min segments or set it up to do a couple. I folded the band in half on some of the moves to get more resistance. the 10 min stretch is very good....more info
  • Great Toning Video-Takes 2-3 times to follow!
    This video is great! I have only tried it once and have noticed it's hard to follow the first time, but I have felt muscles I haven't felt in a long time! Because it is only 10 minutes, I try to do a beginner step video & then do two of these sets. This dvd allows me to separate abs & back, legs & whole body toning. I would highly recommend it!...more info
  • Great workout
    LOVE this workout. I can really feel it yet I never get bored with it. Really enjoy the instructor and the creativity of the workouts. Would recommend....more info
  • good quick workout
    I love this workout DVD! It allows you to custom-tailor your 10 minute sections (pick one, two, three, etc., in whatever order you want) and comes with a latex band (necessary for the workouts). It really makes working out convenient. If you're used to workout videos, it's a nice video for a moderate exercise - more in shape folks might not find it that challenging. However, I found it quite good to use as something to do quickly in the morning before the shower, or before I go make dinner after work. A great addition to the workout DVD collection....more info
  • Love It!!!!!!!
    Although I have been an avid Amazon shopper for nearly 10 years, this is the first time I felt inclined to write a review. I love this DVD. I love that you can customize your workouts (i.e. Monday: Thighs and Butt, then Upper Body), Tuesday Upper Body, Ten Minute Stretch, etc.) to fit your specific needs and time frame. I usually add one ten minute session to the end of a cardio workout (walking, biking), and helps to rev up my metabolism even more! Amy is so great! She is very motivating - it seems like she is right there in the room with you encouraging you not to stop. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars was that there is not a lot of explanation of the moves, and she moved quickly from one move to the next...likewise, it may be a bit challenging for some beginners. To help with this, I would suggest watching it a few times through before trying it for yourself....more info
  • Nice workout, awful resistance band
    I love the layout of 10 minute solution videos! I bought several after years and years of trying out different exercise programs I just found impossible to stick to.
    Amy Bento is a pleasant instructor. Her cues are pretty good. I'm more into Pilates and yoga personally, but I find this workout really refreshing.
    The worst thing about this DVD is the band that accompanies it. Whoever can get adequate resistance out of this piece of rubbish? Go out and get your own band.
    I give the DVD itself four stars....more info
  • It works!!!!
    I absolutely LOVE this workout. I admit that the band that comes with the DVD was too light of resistance, so I ended up buying another band. I've had this video for a month now, doing it 3 times a week. I measured myself before I stared and then a month later. I lost 8 inches-no joke!!!!!! (with some cardio added in). Great workout and great instructor-didn't find her annoying at all. Definitely recommended!...more info
  • A Good Pick
    This is a very good quick excercise DVD. I didn't try to keep up at first just concentrated on learning the moves correctly. Now it's a snap. I mix up the different zones to keep my workout to 20 min., fun and alive....more info
  • Great 10 minute solution workout
    I bought this because I wanted Amy's new hot body 10 minute solution. I love the toning with the band in this particular 10 minute solution. I've been doing Amy Bento's workouts for about 6 months and love the fact she is innovative and choses different exercises rather then the same thing everyone else does. The ab section in this workout is the best I've ever done, I knew I had worked my abs two days later. You also get to have more control of the workout using a band. The whole dvd is great for those days you only have a short amount of time and need the energy buzz, pop it in do the 2 segments of your choice and you just completed 20 minutes. The cueing is excellent and pacing is easy to follow and understand. One of my new favorites. ...more info
  • Awesome Dvd
    This is an Awesome Dvd for my Pilates classes ... i saw some new moves w/the band that i hadn't tried before.. thanks for always having new and different Dvds to buy to vary my classes, so they aren't getting bored. Karen...more info
  • Good for a quick workout
    This is a good workout when you don't have a lot of time. This is the first time I have used a band, and I find it inconsistent. I prefer weights, but it is a good quick workout.
    ...more info
  • Great video!
    This was a great video with great tips. I love that you can choose a ten min. workouts if your short on time. Would recomend to others....more info
  • Unfortunately, not for me...
    I bought this DVD last year and have used it once so far. Here I would like to mention that I am not new to workout DVDs and I have been pretty regular with a couple of them in the past (one was Karen Voight) - even got results that I was happy with. I wanted to try something new and ordered three - this being one of them. I ended up disliking all three of my new choices (the two others were by Tami Lee and Denise Austin, respectively). This one does come with a band - flimsy as it is, it works ok. After having been disappointed by these three poor (boring and dull) choices, I have recently joined group exercise classes at the gym. ...more info
  • disappointed - D. Larson - Oconto, WI
    I purchased this dvd in December & after 2 uses the band has a lot of pinholes in it. It does not stay in place very well when doing some floor exercises. The exercises themselves are good, but she doesn't really take time to explain the moves, it may take a few times to understand the moves & be able to keep up. I prefer using my Richard Simmons Tone & Sweat video, I feel like I've really worked out when done with that tape....more info
  • Great for beginners
    I bought this DVD because of the reviews, and I wasn't disappointed. I needed something to get me started after loosing all tone and flexibilty from chemotherapy and being lathargic for almost a year. I did buy another set of resistance bands, but only because I wanted to start gradually and work up to more resistance. I'll definately buy more of the 10 Minute series DVDs....more info
  • It works
    I get in a quick workout that makes me feel like I'm getting something done. Obviously, this is a part of a bigger workout, but getting in a few minutes of effective exercise is a plus...more info
  • Bye bye trouble zones!
    This dvd will really banish your trouble zones. The band give extra resistance to the exercises and the moves are unique, which makes doing it fun. The instructer is good, she is motivating without being irritating. I love how I can design my own workout and if I am short on time can do one or more depending on my schedule. This is a great addition to my collection and I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Great Workout - Harder Than You Would Think!
    I'm pretty sedentary because I work at a computer all day, though I do walk and garden whenever I can. So I'd probably rate myself as a beginning exerciser. This DVD and accompanying band give me a nice stretch/wake-up if I just do a 10-minute routine, and an exhausting (in a good way) thorough workout if I do the whole 50 minutes. I think it's great for those of us who work at a desk, as the band helps you stretch out all the muscles that have contracted while you were hunched over. It helps me be more aware of my posture afterward too. I also think the strength I'm gaining will help me out in my daily life, with chores, gardening and just generally feeling more fit. Though the workout isn't intended to be aerobic, my heart rate and respiration definitely go up on the longer sets just from the intensity of the exercises....more info
  • Good addition to collection
    I have seen this video for a while now and I have been hesitant in buying it. I was reading over some of the other reviews and just rave things were not said about it. Well, I had to get another cardio type video and got this one. I have enjoyed it greatly. It is quick pace but you do get a lot done in a short amount of time. The instructor does use some interesting moves that I have not seen in other videos and I enjoyed that part. The only part that I didnt like about this video was that she kept saying "coom on" every few bits. Other than that, great video. I will get other videos in the 10 min solution series with this instructor....more info
  • Great easy to follow workout.
    This is my new favorite workout dvd! It is so easy to follow and gives a great workout in just 10 minutes. I love the results!...more info
  • Just OK - Not Challenging Enough
    I own all of Amy's workouts and I find her very inspiring. This workout provides some ideas on how to use a resistance band and would be a good one to take along when traveling, but that's where it ends for me. It is not challenging, the muscles don't feel worked and the segments are not long enough. The exercises themselves are ok, but it's definitely a beginner's workout, especially in comparison with her other videos....more info
  • Best toning workout
    I've recently perchased this dvd, and I love it. The exercises aren't that difficult but you can feel it works. I've found the resistant band works just as well as hand weights (depends how tightly you hold it). One low point is that the instructer seems to move very quickly from one exercise to another. Nevertheless its a good workout for total body toning. ...more info
  • Great workout ;-)
    This is another fantastic workout from 10 Minute Solution. There's no excuse for not doing some form of workout when there are these kinds of workouts on the market. This particular dvd is really good and will definately help to get rid of your trouble zones.
    Each of the segments uses a resistance band to help you sculpt various areas of your body - you get a 6 foot band with the dvd. When you change your hold on the band, you get different intensity with every move you do. You can make up your own routine by mixing up the order in which you play this. There is the usual upper body, lower body, abs, arms and shoulders and a complete body segment. Amy is a brilliant instructor who is enthusiastic and encouraging, but not annoying. She cues really well and that just makes this whole workout that much better.
    If you are short on time, then this is for you. You can do either 10 minutes alone or join a couple of segments together to get a longer workout. You will have to combine this with some cardio, but I can't recommend this highly enough because of the fun factor and the fact you can fit this in on any day. I love it....more info
  • Moves to fast
    This is my first video from this series, and I'm disappointed. She moves way to fast for me. She was half way through before I even got the band placed. I wish that I had bought a different video, but I'll keep trying....more info
  • A great workout!
    I have used my 10 Minute Solution: Tone Trouble Zones! DVD for about two weeks and absolutely LOVE it! I feel great after using the DVD and can already feel my body changing as a result of the workouts. I love the fact that with this DVD I can tailor my routine to fit the time I have and the areas I want to tone. I liked that I was able to follow the instructor easily and complete the moves confidently. As an instructor, Amy Bento is very personable. I found her comments and encouragement to be motivating. My positive experience with this DVD makes me eager to try other 10 Minute Solution titles....more info
  • Good Toning Moves
    This is my second purchase of the 10 Minute Solution Series. I like the way the DVD is formatted ... you can pick your 10 minute segments depending on how much time you have/what body group you want to work or do the combined workout segment that works a little of each. Some of the moves were tough (felt my muscles burn) while others seemed less effective. Overall I like the DVD and have shared it with friends who also like the DVD and format....more info
  • awesome workout!
    This is the best workout video I have ever purchased! Each workout is only ten minutes, but it is hardcore and I have results showing already!...more info
  • 10 Minute Solution: Tone Trouble Zones
    It is just alright. Nothing that challenging and if you need just a quick workout, it will do....more info


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