Lasko 42" Wind Curve W Remote

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Product Description

This innovative fan allows you to sit back, relax and take a breath of fresh air. With its sophisticated Wind Curve Profile, Fresh Air Ionizer technology and oscillation, this fan provides fresh air throughout your entire room.
Ideal in your home or in the workplace, the Wind Curve utilizes minimal space while providing maximum air distribution. And to top it all off, it comes with a remote control, 3 quiet speeds, and a convenient electronic timer for up to 7.5 hours.
You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

  • Lasko 2554 42" Wind Curve Fan

Customer Reviews:

  • very impressed
    this product so far is working amazing, no odd noises, actually no noise at all, incredibly silent, plus it moves a great deal of air. remote is responsive and fits well into the compartment in the back. this product is very sturdy as well. so far i recommend this product, to all looking for a good tower fan. but i hope to write a review down the rode when my family and i have used it for a few months.
    update-its been some time and my family and i are fairly impressed with this product, it still is incredibly silent and is running strong i am very impressed with my purchase...more info
  • What a great fan!
    I love this product! I have actually bought 6 of these Wind Curve fans in recent months. The design is pleasing. It doesn't take up much space, operates very quietly, oscillates, ionizes the air, and has a remote control. What is not to like?...more info
  • Saves on Electricity
    I am a huge advocate of saving electricity which is why I bought the fan. I like to sleep in cool temperatures and living in the deep south only allows that luxury with the AC cranked and running all night. The fan does a GREAT job of pushing air and I now sleep with my AC 7 degrees higher than I used to saving a bundle on my power bill. (It costs less to power the fan than it does the HVAC system) If everyone turned up their HVAC system by 2 degrees(in summer - down 2 in winter) it could help to lessen the effects of Global Warming greatly. Mission Accomplished. The fan is sleek, powerful, the remote is handy, its inexpensive, and quiet! Great Buy!...more info
  • I love it.
    I bought this fan today at Walmart (for $47.94). I needed something to cool my medium size office (18'x18').

    The fan was easy to put together. I placed it across the room from my desk and within five minutes temperature had noticeably dropped.

    The remote control is great and the timer feature means I don't have to remember to turn it off before I leave each day. ...more info
  • Great Fan
    I purchased this fan because my sister got one first. It was great! The fan is extremely quiet and pushed plenty of air. Best of all is the tallness of the fan. It circulates a greater amount of air, keeping our living room much cooler. I have not used the ionizer, but if you are looking for a great quality fan, look no further.
    ...more info
  • Good Fan
    I have never purchased a tower fan before so I have nothing to compare to, but I would say this is a good fan, not great, but good. It does move a ton of air. Maybe even too much, I don't put it on a higher speed than 1 because the 2nd and 3rd speed is very strong and blows papers and other things all around the room. The ionizer I use very little. It gives me a headache, and I have heard nothing but negaitive things about ionizers so I don't use it, but that is not why I purchased this fan anyway. The main reason I chose this fan over other tower fans was for looks. I love the wood on the front, and it looks very pleasing to the eye, unlike most fans. I think one of the worst parts of this fan, unlike previous reviews, is the noise. The fan itself makes little noise but the air it pushes around makes a lot of noise, even at low speeds. It is not something terrible, and can sometimes be relaxing, almost like the sound of a constant breeze or wind, but can sometimes get distracting/annoying Overall I would recommend this fan to anyone who wants to buy a fan with ionizer and great looks. If the ionizer and looks aren't important to you I might go with a cheeper fan....more info
  • Circulates air well but sometimes makes noises
    The product works fine and at first it was pretty quiet but then when we put it on at night while we're sleeping you notice it makes some clicking sounds every once in a while. Other than that it has 3 different speeds, can be used as an ionizer (but I can't tell the difference), oscillates and has a timer control. Over all I'd say it's a great product for the amount of money I paid. It's also pretty tall which is nice and has a remote control....more info
  • Died
    After about 7 months, the entire internal housing (the vertical fan itself) collapsed inside the unit. I took it apart (NOT a fun job) and tried to fix it. The unit was dead.

    It all started, like others here have said, after it started making noise one month prior. After investigation, it appears it was a cheap Made-in-China part that holds the entire fan atop the mechanism/moter, and it just gave out. Another Chinese conspiracy to make products that go bad within the year so we will obviously go buy another one....more info
  • Amazing
    It is definitely tough shopping by looking online only and reading peoples reviews. It's always half positive and half negative.

    Bought this fan and it is great... noise level is fine, air movement is fine, features are great, and man the remote i thought to myself "a remote for a fan, who needs that?" I use the remote all the time..

    Very nice fan great look, great quality, great function...more info
  • Great Fan
    I liked the looks of this fan, read the other reviews and decided to try it. The fan is not noisy at all which is what I wanted because I watch TV in the room it is in. But I also wanted it to cool the room quickly. The ionizer is plus because it also takes care of the smells from the kitchen that carry into this room. The remote is a plus! Easy to assemble, easy to use, has a remote, is quite, and helps with odors....more info
  • Great fan
    This is a great fan I run it 24-7 and I never have problems with it and it also looks koo....more info
  • Good fan
    There are some days when the temperature isn't high enough to run your air conditioner. So I decided to buy this Lasko fan. Must say, this fan not only looks great, but also circulates air well. But the best part is, I now use my air conditioner only during peak summer days and this fan has helped cut my electricity bill drastically. My parents bought one for the living room too. This fan looks great if you have wooden walls and/or floors. Highly recommend this product....more info
  • Good fan but don't buy from Amazon
    This is a good fan but it was left on the front porch, just sitting there, wasn't even in a shipping box, just the box it is manufactured with and you can also get it for about $35 cheaper at Walmart or Kmart....more info
  • Very pleased!
    Tower fan is very nice, works wonderfully, and adds to a room's decor without standing out too much! Shipping was on time and I am very pleased with purchase...just what i was looking for!...more info


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