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Product Description

Leather CPR has the Queen of Clean Seal of Approval! She quotes "It is without a doubt the best leather cleaner I have ever found." Leather CPR conditions and cleans all type of leather, except suede. Leather CPR can be used on leather furniture, car seats, purses and bags, shoes, regardless of color! Watch our video! Features: &#149 Perfect for softening leather. &#149 Non greasy natural lanolin. &#149 Leaves no residue on leather. &#149 Removes smudges, dirt, stains on contact. &#149 Reduces the appearance of scuffs and scratches. 8 OZ. Jar with cleaning sponge included.

  • 8 oz.
  • Conditions and cleans all types of leather except suede
  • Cleans leather in one step with no greasy residue
  • Neutral cleaner
  • Can be used on leather furniture, car upholstery, purses, shoes, and equestrian equipment

Customer Reviews:

  • amazing!!
    Our leather couch was in horrible shape. It is only 4 years old but was dried out and lighter in color (usually dark brown) on seats that had been sat in the most. (Especially by my husband after he exercised-- sweat makes a couch ugly.) I was skeptical, but figured it couldn't hurt to try. It was amazing. It cleaned and conditioned the couch to look almost like new. (The scratches are still there, but aren't as noticable.) We have a big leather sectional so I used the whole containter. I highly recommend this and will buy it again when my couch needs a boost of conditioning and cleaning....more info
  • Best Leather Conditioner
    I have tried them all! This product is the easiest to apply and leaves no sticky residue! Years ago a leather "professional" told me to use a mild detergent like Ivory dishwashing liquid as a cleaner.

    If you need a "heavy duty" cleaner then find one. But you will never buy a better conditioning product than Leather CPR....more info
  • Saved a very old piece of furniture!
    Leather CPR is amazing! I used it on an very old leather chest that was on its way out to the trash. The chest is beautiful but looked horrible, the leather was starting to crack and looked dry and terrible from years of neglect. I had tried a few other products that cost much more and was not satisfied with the results. Leather CPR restored the leather on the chest! The chest still has cracks but the leather is now soft and looks really great. I also use Leather CPR on my car interior and my leather sofa and arm chair. I LOVE this product!!!...more info
  • Liquid gold for leather
    For the last few years, I have used this product on a leather sofa that has been abused by two dogs and the sun. Before I last used it, I had given up hope of ever restoring the sofa's original color and shine (largely because I had procrastinated so long before cleaning it). I was out of Leather CPR and tried something else that I picked up at the grocery store. I cleaned and conditioned, but the sofa still showed scratches and was light colored where the sun and a dog had abused it. I bought the Leather CPR, applied it, and watched my sofa come back to life. No, it's not in perfect original condition, but it's almost there. I love this product!...more info
  • Truly amazing
    I have to say I'm truly amazed with this product. I was extremely worried about applying a leather conditioner to my rather expensive leather couch and armchair, I was afraid it would either damage/discolor the leather, or leave a sticky or greasy residue. But the other reviews here convinced me to give this product a try. I just spread it on with my hand, didn't bother with the included sponge applicator. It soaked in quickly, brought the leather back to a nice color and feel, and left no detectable residue on the surface. I'm already back to buy more, I used this whole 8 oz jar to condition my armchair....more info
  • works great
    Leather cleaner/conditioner works great. Made old leather boots look like new. Only reason I didn't give a 5 star review is because of the price. A little expensive for leather cleaner....more info
  • Awesome product!
    This is an awesome product! I have tried several other items and not had very much luck! This product cleans and treats leather! I highly reccommend it! ...more info
  • It works!
    I'm a bit skeptical about leather care products - so many seem to make claims that they don't live up to. Leather CPR is an exception. It does just what it says it will. It's easy to apply, cleans and conditions the leather, and one tube has been good for two sofas, one recliner, and an ottoman, with more still in the tube! I'm very happy with this product....more info
  • leather CPR conditioning cream
    I was disappointed that my order was delivered in the newer packaging. This new squeeze tube offers less product and is not as easy to apply as the 'older' open-mouthed container. Your online photo showed the 'old' twist- off container packaging, which was why I ordered it in the first place. I won't be ordering again from you. I feel 'duped.' ...more info
  • Competley Satisfied
    Great company and fast service. I used this on 2 leather chairs with small water spots and tiny dog toenail marks. Chairs look great!...more info
  • A miracle worker!
    I have leather furniture that has been damaged by the claws of my cats. After using this product, things looked like new. I was very impressed, and wouldn't hesitate to use it again. Another thing I liked is that it was a cleaner and conditioner in one; thereby taking a previous two-step process, and turning it into a one-step process....more info
  • Leather CPR
    This product was recommended by our daughter, and we were delighted with it. We used it on our leather cover of our hot tub, and it really brought it back to life. We will use it on shoes, leather furniture, and the interior of our car. We will definitely reorder in the future....more info
  • Great Product
    Have been using Leather CPR for several years. Definitely makes my leather chair and ottoman look like new again. Reasonably priced if you search, and does what it claims to do! ...more info
  • Works Well
    Works well, did not blend in some cat scratches in my leather sofa. You need to really slather it on thick for it to work at all.

    Next time I buy, I'll save on shipping b/c I discovered WalMart has this on the shelf in the cleaners isle, cheaper....more info
  • stupid name, but good product
    i am a serious military leather jacket (and motorcycle jacket) collector and had done some research as to what conditioner to use for longevity and quality...i first used lexol, which has the main drawback of being liquid and soaking through your leather, to the other side, and into your liner, leaving spots that are not easy to remove, if they even can be.

    so i looked at all the pro saddle soaps, and the famous pecard's...all paste/cream types that would not soak through...it is arguable, but the problem i found with the most referred product, pecard's, was that it had petroleum product in it, which over time is said to weaken threads

    neatsfoot is often recommended, but also is said to weaken thread

    this left all the saddle soaps out there...all good i'm sure...i ended up choosing leather cpr, despite a name that did NOT suggest a professional grade product (more a convenience product for housewives and househusbands...nothing wrong with housewives/husbands, just folks looking more for convenience over technical qualities).

    all the saddle soaps had to be left on, then buffed after drying...leather cpr stated it had to be applied, and then almost immediately could be buffed/polished

    the truth was better than that, i was able to apply leather cpr to some very fine collectible jackets, some not needing much, some really dried out, and not having to buff...you do have to work the paste/cream in, and it might lather a bit as it's working in, but you don't seem to have to buff it

    aside from not soaking through to the liner, the product seemed to outperform lexol in that the leather looked more natural, rather than the slightly artificial look lexol seemed to give the leather (nice, but kind of like tire black applied to a tire...doesn't look for real...but this was a very slight effect, and more subjective as to whether you wanted a somewhat unnatural newish shine to your old jacket...i prefer it to look conditioned, but still like real leather that hasn't been 'conditioned')

    anyway, i've been very happy with leather cpr, though a bit embarrassed to recommend it because of the name, sounding like a supermarket product...unfortunately, leather cpr has gone one step further into looking like an untechnical convenience product...the first that i tried it, i got it in the tub, which came with a sponge, like all good saddle soaps (though it was available in a tube)...however, i purchased it again from bargain traders, or bargain hunter traders, one of the less expensive sellers here on amazon, and even though i ordered the tubs, i got the tubes...i was really angry (though there seemed almost negligible difference in the liquidity...was still creamy) as i wanted the sponge, and i enjoyed the tub...however, bargain traders stated that leather cpr does NOT offer this in tubs anymore...i have yet to verify that, but i'm not happy with that if it's so

    but otherwise, for ease of use, and non-destructivity of threads, this is a good product...as you might expect, if you have a really dry jacket, old dry leather, it might take several applications as the first application looks good, but then seams to be absorbed by the leather and it needs another application to look really conditioned

    from what i understand, the main ingredient is lanolin, vs. any petrol products......more info
  • Life saver of my bag!
    I used this product to clean my white leather bag. It worked wonderfully and I'm soooo happy! Great price too! I definately recommend this item!...more info
  • Surprisingly worked !!!
    I have a leather sofa, chair and ottoman that's made of a soft leather. The furniture is about [...] and I have never once cleaned or conditioned them. Being extremely busy with young children at home who would bounce from piece to piece, the burgundy color looked terribly worn with scuffs and cracks. From the minute I started applying Leather CPR it was almost as if the marks were being erased with an eraser. I was very pleased with the results although it's not back to a new condition, but about a 90% improvement. I thought this was well worth the [...] I spent at Bed,Bath,and Beyond with the 20% coupon....more info
  • Beware of switch
    I am disappointed that the product shown and described is Not the product sent. I have tried the original as shown, in a jar, with an applicator pad. It worked very well and I wanted more. However, I was sent an unsealed tube that looked used and it is lucky it did not leak during shipment. It is a lesser amount than advertised. I am returning it and do not know if it is actually the same product. Beware of the switch....more info
  • It's a beautiful thing
    I used this on my purse and it made it look brand new. My boyfriend even noticed the difference! Use plenty of product when using and be sure to rub it in good for a couple of minutes. I highly recommend this product, easy to use and does a great job....more info
  • Great Product
    Works great. Used on a pair of Red Laredo boots and was amazed with the results....more info
  • wonderful
    I bought this item because of my leather sofa and loveseat. The item was not that good on the sofa, but it did a wonderful job on my leather jacket....more info
  • leather cpr conditioner
    Good product. Worked very well and made my leather jackets look good. Thanks cpr. The outdoorsman...more info
  • Does a great job!!
    This product works great. Previously I have used other leather cleaners that only did a minimal job. Leather CPR cleans what the others left behind. Highly recommended!!...more info
  • A. ALLEN
    I searched and searched for a good cleaner/conditioner for my leather couches. The ones I tried left the leather feeling greasy and did absolutely nothing as far as condioning. With Leather CPR the leather felt supple and looked brand new! One particular area appeared cracked and dry. After Leather CPR both couches looked and felt remarkable! I can't wait to try it on my shoes, etc. Will definitely continue to use this cleaner. My search is over!!...more info
  • Conditioner perhaps - cleaner NOT
    This product absolutely does not remove stains/dirt as it indicates. Even when applied more than one time per specifications. It does condition the leather so part of its statment is accurate. If you are looking for a cleaner this is not it. ...more info
  • Can't rate
    Got an email from this company. They no longer carry the product?????...more info
  • CPR Leather Cleaner/Conditioner
    I purchases this for my leather couch. Having dogs who get up and down on it it had alot of claw marks and this product worked great. After using it the couch looked almost new.....more info


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